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Luck Happens, Part 1

After a long drought, luck brings new joy.
I've been in the doldrums for the last few months. Not that things were bad, it was more like things were blah. Everything was blah - my writing, my social life, just my whole demeanor. I knew that I needed to change this outlook but it seemed that every time I tried to shake loose, it was all for naught. I needed to break the pattern, I needed some luck, too. I needed some spice, I just couldn't find the heat.

I think it started some months back when my friend, Sally, took a job in Cabo San Lucas and moved away. Sally and I were fuck-buddies and nothing more but we sure had tons of fun together. Sparks flew between us. Our romance was all about our wild activities together and with others. Sexually, we were perfectly matched. We were partners in search of fun and pleasure. Once she moved away, I began to withdraw and within a short time, my life, as well as my sexual activities, seemed to go into cold storage. Except for masturbation which kept DCB (the Dreaded Cum Backup) under control, my sex life was on hold.

I'd met a few people and tried a few new and different things to stay active. One night, I went to a jam session with a half-a-dozen other musicians. I'd played with a couple of them before and they were cool as well as great musicians. There was this spectacular amazon at this jam who, I was told, was an amazing singer. One look at this woman and all I could think of was mountain climbing - she was a stunner. That is, until she opened her mouth to sing and it became evident that she was dreadful. I soon realized that this jam was not about music, but about ego. The lead guitarist was pretty good but he was one of those guys who keep turning up his volume knob until you couldn't hear anyone else. Plus, he played endless and pointless solos. That's kind of how my life was going.

Come the off-season, it turned cool along the Gulf Coast. Not that I minded, especially considering that there was a foot and a half of snow in my old hometown, but now it was in the 50s and 60s and a bit too cool and breezy to hang at the beach. I became somewhat of a hermit and hardly left my apartment. As the end of the month neared, the temperature began to rise again up into the high 70s. Suddenly and happily, it was warm again. It was a late Saturday afternoon, the sky was cloudless so I decided to drive the five minutes over to Coquina Beach to watch the sunset.

The air was warm but there was a bit of a cool breeze blowing in from the Gulf. As I walked the soft white powdery sand, I noticed that the recent weather had formed a dune a few feet high that ran along the beach parallel to the water. At one place, the wind had carved an indentation into the dune. To me, this looked like the perfect place to sit protected from the wind. I laid out my blanket and sat inside the indentation. Yes, this was an ideal spot. And, as an extra treat, since there was no wind, I easily lit the joint I brought and began to smooth out.

A few minutes later, a stunning black woman walked by. She was exquisitely built with a perfect butt, narrowed hips and a fine rack. Naturally, my mind immediately imagined her naked and I felt my penis throb as she casually strolled by. As she passed me, she noticed my perfect location and stopped.

"You found a perfect place to sit. Do you mind if I join you?"

"No, not at all. There's plenty of room here and no wind. And it looks like tonight's sunset will be memorable."

"Thank you. My name is Aliza but my friends all call me Leez." I detected a slight British accent.

"Hello, Leez. I'm Ray. Care for any of this?" I waved the half-smoked joint her way.

"That would be nice. Thank you. I have some white wine in my thermos. Care for a sip?"

We sat and watched the horizon as the sun slipped lower in the sky. We shared small talk and I learned that she was thirty-eight years old, was born on the island of Jamaica, had lived in the U.S. for nearly thirty years and was a registered nurse at a hospital in Sarasota. I found that I couldn't stop looking at her gentle features and flawless cocoa skin. Several times, I felt my dick throb again and crossed my legs to hide it. I wasn't sure that she hadn't noticed.

The sun slipped lower and lower until the sky began to band with a spectrum of radiant colors; blues, oranges and reds. What a show. All to soon, the sun was gone and the sky quickly began to turn dark. We both got up and began to leave.

"Have you had dinner yet, Leez?"

"No. I thought I would pick up some Chinese food on my way home."

"Care to go over to The Beach House? My treat." She quickly agreed.

Dinner was delicious and we found ourselves chatting in a more relaxed, intimate way. I learned that she was single and had broken up with a long-time on-and-off boyfriend several months earlier.

"When I learned he was cheating on me with one of my friends, I ended my relationship with both of them. I've been alone ever since. And what about you, Ray?"

I filled her on the key points of my situation without going into the specifics and I sensed that she could feel my loneliness.

"So you have no girlfriends?"

"No, and at my age, girlfriends are not easily found."

"What do you do for relief?" she innocently inquired.

"Relief? Why, I masturbate, of course."

"Same as me." Her voice dwindled off with a detectable sadness.

"Hey, it works, doesn't it?"

"Sure but it's not the same." I felt her loneliness, too. Suddenly, she leaned down and began to rub her calf.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, but earlier today while I was jogging, I tripped and pulled a muscle. It's blooming now and really hurting me."

"So when you go home, draw a hot bath and settle into it. That will help. Also, you might want to book a massage. Come on, Leez, you're a nurse, you know all this."

"No, you're right, I do. A warm bath and a massage sound heavenly. I think I will do that. I could use being pampered."

"Excellent. And if you need a masseur, call me for an appointment." I am such a cheeky bastard.

"You give massages? Are you professional?"

"No, not professional. I had a girlfriend once who was a professional and she taught me lots of techniques. I really enjoy giving massages."

"Well, I will keep that in mind."

We finished dinner and exchanged phone numbers. I told her that I would love to see her again and she was equally enthusiastic in her response. We said our goodbyes and each of us drove back home. Back at my apartment, I quickly pulled out my cock and within a few strokes, my cum was pooled in my palm.

The next night, she called me to tell me how good her bath was. "I felt like a princess. What did you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, did you take a bath, too?"

"No, Leez, I didn't, although a cold shower might have helped after being with you."

Her voice sounded very sensual and I detected a hint of mischief so I took a chance.

"When I returned home, I thought about you... how beautiful you are, how nice you are, how nice we got along... and I... um... jerked off."

"Mmmm. I did the same. It was good. I thank you for the inspiration."


We spent the next half hour speaking in double entendres until she began to yawn.

"I must say goodnight. My shift starts at six a.m. and I must get some sleep."

"Will you call me again? I would very much like to share the sunset with you again."

"Yes, Ray. I want to see you, too."

I wished her a good night. Soon, I was deeply asleep with visions of Leez and dancing sugarplums.

Over the next few days, she called me during her breaks. Her muscle pull wasn't getting any better. Later that week, she said, "With all the standing on my feet and all the running around, it is not getting any better. Sometimes, it really aches."

"I prescribe more hot baths... and maybe a hot tub."

"I have been taking baths but I must say, a hot tub sounds divine. You have one?"

"No, but the clubhouse has one. It isn't set too hot... and I like it hot so I rarely use it. How's this for an idea: when you have some time, come over and let's try it out?"

"I get off at three today. Could I come over then? Maybe get a massage, too?"

"Of course you can. I'd be delighted to lay my hands on you."

I gave her directions and discovered that she only lived a few blocks from me, down the road closer to the hospital.

"I'll see you then."

I rushed out to the market to pick up some food and a bottle of wine. As the afternoon progressed, I cleaned up my apartment and inflated a queen-sized mattress in the living room, wrapping it in sheets. I placed some candles around and placed my favorite bottle of lavender scented massage oil into a pot in the sink. I was ready for my new friend.

At a quarter after three, my doorbell rang. Leez, still wearing her nurse's uniform, stood at my threshold looking marvelous, her dark skin against the white fabric made her soft features stand out. She walked in with a slight limp, favoring her right leg.

"Please come in and welcome to my mancave, Leez."

I uncorked the wine and offered her a glass which she quickly accepted.

"Okay, here's the agenda. You go into the bathroom and change into your suit and then we'll drive around the block to the clubhouse. After the tub, we'll come back for your massage."

She looked down at the mattress and the candles and smiled.

"That sounds wonderful. I so want this muscle pull to go away."

She walked into the bathroom with her bag. When she came out, she looked even better clad in a yellow one-piece that made her breasts look so beautifully round and soft.

"Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom and get into my suit."

Once in the john, I began to pee. I stared down at the pile of her clothes on the floor. I lifted her white panties to my nose and inhaled her scent, a sweet powerful musk. I quickly put on my suit and joined her. I forced myself to maintain decorum as we drove to the hot tub.

Once in the tub, I asked her to show me where the pain was localized.

She rubbed the top of her thigh, saying, "Here," and then down along her calf, "...and here."

I positioned her so that she could lean back against the coping and I placed her leg alongside the jet. Gently, I felt along her calf and immediately felt the knot. Carefully as to not allow my hands to wander, I felt her upper thigh and detected the knot located there. We sat quietly in the tub for about twenty minutes until she complained that she was getting too warm. I took her hand and we heading back to my place.

"I suggest you shower first. Then I'll take a shower. Now, the next part is all up to you, Leez. You can wear your underwear but since this massage oil is rather viscous, I suggest that you strip down and get under the sheet on your stomach while I heat the oil."

She seemed to consider her options before going off to shower. I set the massage oil into the pot and ran the hot water over it in order to heat it up. I put some mellow music on and then I went off to my bedroom and changed into a small pair of gym shorts. When I returned, she was under the sheet. I knew that she was naked because the sheet clearly defined the fine bubble cheeks of her ass. I closed the blinds and darkened the room. I lit the candles. Finally, I sat down at her head.

"Have a few more sips of wine and toke on this."

She lifted her head and propped herself on her elbows as she sipped and smoked, all the time looking at me with that sweet face. I had a hard time making eye contact as her breasts looked so lovely resting on the mattress.

"Good. Now just set your head down and relax. You will love this, I promise."

Moving down to her feet and pouring some oil into my hands, I began to apply long strokes up her leg paying special attention to the knots. At first, she winced but after a few strokes, she groaned in appreciation. I worked a long time on her left leg until I felt the knots begin soften and blend back into her muscle. When I was satisfied that my massage was effective, I moved to her other leg and repeated the strokes. My movements had moved the sheet higher up her butt and I could not remove my eyes from the pink peeking from the folds of her barely visible vagina.

When I was finished with her feet and her legs, I moved back up to her head and began to work on her neck and her back. Her skin was soft and she felt malleable, the oil making it gleam in the low light. Her skin rippled under my touch and each curve brought new sensations.

Several times, I ran my hands up her leg, under the sheet and over her cheeks, along her back to her shoulder and neck. I did this on each side. As my hands ran up the inside of her thighs, I lightly brushed her crotch causing her to sigh and part her legs a little more.

The lavender scent filled the room. Her eyes were closed but by her little moans, I knew that she was enjoying this as much as I.

After about forty-five minutes, I lightly tapped her butt. "How do you feel?"

"I think I am dead and in heaven. That was wonderful. Are you all done?"

"Only if you want me to be. If you like, you can turn over and I'll do the front."

"Mmmm. Sounds good."

She rolled over and shed the sheet. Now she was spread before me and looking simply drop-dead spectacular. Her breasts (which I figured to be 34Bs) where round and full. Her areolas were large and black, her nipples were nearly a quarter-inch long and tipped upward. Her stomach was flat and tilted down to her prominent and puffy mound. She was closely trimmed and while I expected her pubic hair to be stiff and curly, it was the opposite. Like the hair on her head, her black pubic hair was fine and silky and it framed her vagina with a short patch above. I let out a small but audible gasp.

"You like?" she asked.

"You are magnificent, Leez, and I promise to control myself."

"You're doing just fine so far."

I began to work her shoulders slowly moving down to oil her breasts and to gently massage around the sides and underneath, occasionally cupping them. Several times, I ran the back of my fingernails over her nipples and felt them stiffen in response.

As I rocked on my knees caressing her chest, she looked up into my shorts where my stiff cock was pointing downward. I felt her hand curl around it as she caressed it. This woman had a happy ending in her future, to be sure. But I still had work to do and I gently removed her hand and placed it by her side.

"This is for you, my beauty, just enjoy it."

"Ray, you are amazing. Your penis is very handsome."

"Thank you, Leez. You like it, it likes you."

She giggled.

"Now forget about my penis. For now, luxuriate in yourself."

I worked on her hands and arms. As I finished with them, I ran my oily hands along her arms to her shoulders, then down the sides of her breasts, along her hips, down along her crotch into the inside of her thighs, along her legs to her feet. After a few minutes of this stroke, I moved down to her feet. Soon, my standard massage was complete, however I was not finished yet. I advised her that if any time she wanted me to stop, to just say so.

Sitting at her side, I drizzled some warm oil along her stomach, her pubic bone and down to the top of her slit. Her vagina was completely exposed to me and its pink interior glistened just as the dark skin around it gleamed. The lavender scent of the oil was suddenly subsumed by the scent of her arousal. Slowly, I rubbed her pubic bone before gently caressing the area of her ovaries. My hand slid down her vagina until my palm cupped it. I held there there for a moment as she deeply exhaled. Then I slowly moved my hand back up only this time, my fingers formed a vee and dragged up and outside her outer lips. She sighed again. With my index fingers I stroked her outer lips and watched them puff up. Then with my index fingers and thumbs, I pulled along her lips.

"Oh, that feels so good..." she murmured.

I knew that it did. My intention was to give her the best vaginal massage I knew how to give. Gently, I continued the vee stroke before moving to her inner labia. As my fingers reached the top, I tugged at the hood of her clit and it popped up, hard and firm like a miniature penis. Methodically, my fingers made circles around her clit. She trembled. Languidly, I worked it. I was in no hurry and I wanted to give her a memorable orgasm.

I entered her with one finger and then two, methodically moving in and out as I crooked my fingers to slide over her g-spot, which unlike many women, was clearly prominent and easy to locate. Each time I touched it, she twitched. My other hand circled her clit and she arched. I could feel her swelling with excitement.

She reached over and pulled my shorts down. My cock popped out and she moaned, "So nice, baby, so nice."

Her hand wrapped around it and she caressed it with long strokes. I could feel her trembling again and knew she was getting close. I was now intent on making her cum and I picked up the pace of my ministrations.

She was dripping and writhing under my touch. I leaned down and placed the tip of my tongue on the tip of her clit. That was all it took. She began to bounce up and down, her vaginal walls gripping my fingers. Her juices were flowing and the sound of her squishing excited me beyond the feeling of her gripping me. She was coming hard and when I felt her hand pushing my head down, I opened my mouth and sucked her clit as my tongue swished circles around it. She cried out, arched up and exploded, bouncing up and down until she could now longer take any more. She gradually subsided and I picked my head up. My hands now cupped her sweet pussy as I heard her breathing relax.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm. Fantastic! But you haven't cum yet."

"It's okay, Leez. I really enjoyed making you cum."

"Well, I certainly did, too... A few small ones and then that last earth-shaking one. That last one was wonderful."

"I'm glad."

I lay down next to her and kissed her, quickly discovering what a sensual osculator she was. We lay together for some time, caressing and touching each other.

"I taste myself on your lips. I've never tasted that before."

"Do you like how you taste?"

"Yeah." She thought for a moment. "I really do. But I want you to cum. Let me make you cum. It's been a very long time."

"We have plenty of time, there is no rush. I like lying here with you just like this. But what do mean by 'a very long time'? Talk to me."

As we lay entwined, she began to whisper to me. "I haven't been totally honest with you. Actually, you were the first man to ever make me cum."

"What do you mean? I thought you recently broke up with your boyfriend?"

"Yes, it's true, but he never gave me an orgasm. Our sex was a big nothing. He would get me all worked up before jumping on me, cumming in about a minute and then falling asleep. I would sneak off to the bathroom and finger myself. It made me feel inadequate."

"I'm sorry to hear that. What a shame."

"I really didn't mind when I dumped him. And, while it empowered me, it didn't do much for my insecurities."

"It was good that you dumped him. Hadn't you had good sex before him?"

"No. Never. I'd had a few boyfriends but nothing lasted more than a few dates. Except for one relationship, I never felt wanted."

"Tell me about that relationship."

"Alright, but this takes some guts. I've never told anyone this before. I hope you won't think badly of me."

"I'm listening."

"Having such a poor sex life, I have always fantasized a lot. I've often read dirty stories to get off... they feed my fantasies."

"What kind of stories turn you on."

"I like all kinds but lesbian stories always seem to do it for me. Does that bother you?"

"Not at all. So you had a lesbian experience?"

"Yes." She took a deep breath. "I had a friend... a nurse who worked with me... and I confided my sexual frustrations to her. One night when her husband was on a business trip, she invited me over for dinner. We talked a lot and then things turned to things and she seduced me."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh, yes, very much. It was a very important moment for me. I felt empowered that I could make her orgasm. It did wonders for my confidence. We met and had sex a few times, always when her husband was away. I always enjoyed it and looked forward to those infrequent meets. But his company reassigned him and they moved to New York. I never saw her again and never had another relationship with a woman. Still, I often fantasize about our time together when I play with myself. Are you shocked? Are you disappointed in me?"

"Disappointed in you? Oh, no, not in the least. I'm glad you acted upon your desires. It helped increase your self-reliance."

"Thank you, Ray. I was worried that you would think less of me."

"Hardly, Leez." Now I was whispering to her. "I have also had experiences. I have had a very varied sex life...and enjoyed it all."

"Tell me about it."

"First, let me tell you that I have written many erotic stories about these adventures. Perhaps you once read one online and you came from reading it. That is why I write relive those experiences as well as to allow readers, and myself, to get off."

"I'd like to read them. What are they about?"

"I'll give you some URLs and you can delve into them privately but the topics range from male-female encounters to group sex and bisexuality."

"Are you bisexual?"

"That's a difficult question but the answer I suppose is yes. I have had sex in many variations. I would say that I am mostly hetero in that I prefer women but I have had some wonderful encounters with couples. I don't ever meet with single men alone."

"Tell me more... please. You're turning me on again."

She took my hand and placed it back on her very damp vagina. Her hand covered mine and we caressed her pussy together.

"I am a very oral person. I find that the sensation of making another person cum is exhilarating, whether that person is male or female. When I am with a bisexual couple, I love all the hands, the tongues, the organs. I like the feeling of a man filling my mouth with his cum..."

"Oh, that is so hot. I've never experienced that." Her pussy was dripping under our fingers. "Go on. Have you ever had anal sex?"

"I tried it couple of times but it didn't work for me. For butt-fucking, I prefer to be the pitcher, not the catcher. You know, it is not often that I can find a willing couple but when it happens, it is the best. My girlfriend and I had several bisexual encounters, with a couple or in groups. That's one reason why I miss her so much."

"I would like to experience that with you. Having a man and a woman at the same time is one of my favorite fantasies. I am so turned on right now. I want to make you cum, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want you to fuck me too, Ray. Do you have any condoms?"

"Don't need 'em. I had a vasectomy and I shoot blanks. I also had a physical a few months ago and I am disease free."

"You're killing me. I am so horny again."

She began to kiss my face all over. She traveled down my body kissing and licking me wherever she moved. Finally, she was kissing my cock and licking my balls. I closed my eyes and let her explore.

"Leez, that feels wonderful."

"I'm using the techniques I've read about. I'm glad you are enjoying it as much as I. I guess I'm doing a good job."

"Pleasure is not a job. You're doing great."

She sucked and licked me for about ten minutes. Her caresses were so soft, her tongue so gentle. She began to stroke me while sucking on the helmet.

"Keep that up and you're going to get a mouthful."

She intensified her efforts. I could feel my orgasm rising. I began to tense up. I was fucking her mouth and she couldn't get enough of it. When she circled the helmet and tongued the underside, I started to shoot volley after volley of my milky goo into her. She moaned and took it all.

She was still making love and worshipping my cock as I deflated. I pulled her up to my face and we kissed, sharing the remains. Without a word, I scrambled down to her pussy and began to eat her again. She rolled me onto my back and began to hump my face vigorously, almost like a feral beast. My hands held her ass in place as I liked her from her clit into her winking ass rosebud. The first time my tongue entered her ass, she screamed and pushed back at me. With her mouth, she devoured me and got me hard again. I felt her cum again. It was a small subtle orgasm.

I rolled her over and scooted around, pressing my stiff cock into her sweet vagina. It fit like a custom-made leather glove and damn, if it didn't feel good. We humped and fucked as if we were possessed. Moans, grunts and little words of appreciation passed between us. We were both sweating bullets. All inhibitions and restraint vanished. We fucked wildly, our bodies in an allegro pas de deux. Our rhythm was perfect and when I felt her pussy walls gripping me and pushing up against me drawing me deeper, all the thoughts in my mind disappeared, I was tripping. She arched and I felt her orgasm flooding over me. I began to shoot again and again. She cried out in maximum pleasure. Covered in sweat, we collapsed panting and shaking.

Her breathless words cooed, "That was the best orgasm I have ever had, even better than when I do it myself. That was everything I've always dreamed of feeling. We were very into each other. Did you feel it, too? That was wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You make me feel complete."

"And thank you. That was the real thing. You're right, we were very, very into each other."

We fell asleep in each others arms for a while. When we awoke, she said that she had to leave because her shift was starting soon. We showered together and it was divinely erotic. As I stood behind her, she wiggled her ass against my dick.

"Another time for that, Leez. You have to go to work."

"I want to do this soon as possible. Suddenly, I feel insatiable. I want more. Can I come back after work?"

"I would love that. Making love to you is connoisseur love-making... it is the real thing. You are wonderful and you feel so good in my arms."

As she dressed, she said, "Ray, I want to explore with you. I want to experiment. I want to do it all. I want to try a threesome with you..."

"With another woman?"

"Or another man. I want to see you suck another penis. That would turn me on so much. I want to share a penis with you. I would like to taste another woman again. I want to play out my fantasies with you. I trust you that much."

I smiled. "And I promise you, we shall do it all. I am so glad we met on the beach. You make me feel whole, too."

Thus began my relationship with Aliza which continues to this day. We have done much together, all without fear, jealousy or judgement. We are both complete. We have real affection for each other and I believe we are in love.

There is more to tell and in future installments, I will tell all. If you like it, vote for it. Also, your comments and private messages are welcome.

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