Lushing our neighbor – Part I

By Lover_Eternal

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Having some hot sex after work is the best way to spend an evening
First part of a series in which our neighbor becomes part of our Lush fun time

Lushing our neighbor – Part I

I was driving in the slow traffic, listening to music to drown all the annoying sounds of a busy city, when all of a sudden, I realized I had this huge smile on my face. From the moment I left the office I could not think of anything else but you. I was so eager to arrive home and be swept by your arms and greeted by your smile.

I was wondering… would you say “I love you” first or would it be a silent greeting but letting me know how you feel with the way you hold me. I giggled at the other ways you have of welcoming me home when you are in what we call your mean mood.

I did not know what to expect but I was dying to see you. It had been a long day for me and all I wanted to do was cuddle with you and watch a movie.

The sun was still up and you had called me earlier in the afternoon letting me know you would be home early. That did not happen often so I was glad because we could have a little more time to spend together.

I arrived home and found the door locked. I opened it waiting for you to jump me any minute but nothing happened. No sounds, no signs of you. I knew you were home because your car was in the driveway. So not worrying too much I took off my shoes and my jacket and left them on the sofa before I went peeking inside each room looking for you.

“If not inside then you must be out in the backyard.” I thought to myself as I stepped out of my skirt. I was so ready to relax this whole weekend and getting rid of the cumbersome office attire was the first thing to do.

Wearing just my blouse that barely covered my butt I took a glass of cold water and went outside. It was a beautiful warm afternoon with clear skies.

I found you in the garden. You had been trimming the new roses and you were resting on the grass with your eyes closes and your hands under your head as a pillow. You were wearing just a pair of shorts and your bare chest was sweaty and smeared with dirt.

I came closer and I heard your soft snores. You were deeply asleep. I was about to turn around and go back into the house when I changed my mind. I wanted you. I wanted to talk to you, see your eyes, and hear your laughter.

I was drinking cold water and my lips and mouth felt so fresh. Grinning to myself I moved closer to you very quiety and knelt next to you. I saw your chest rising up and down with your breathing and I wanted to run my hand down your belly and inside your shorts. I love looking at you and caressing you. But I just took a sip of cold water and placed my lips on your chest and let the cold water ran down to your belly.

Startled you woke up with a gasp and were about to get up when your eyes found mine. I could not help but giggle at the look on your face. I gave you a toothy grin as I poured a little more water on you but now right on your shorts.

I should have known that things were not going to stay that way. You pulled me to you and gave me a deep kiss that left me dizzy and gasping for breath. Then I saw that mischievous look that I know so well; and before I could do anything, you poured the rest of the cold water over my head and chest.

It was my turn to shiver and gasp and you took advantage to suck on my right nipple which stood out clearly though the wet fabric of my blouse. I was shivering so much but was laughing together with you. We embraced and sucked at each other's lips and tongues while our hands rubbed and caressed backs and arms.

You slowly licked my lips with your tongue and covered my face with tiny kisses. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that ran through my body when our tongues played together. Your fingers entwined with mine and you pressed your chest against mine feeling the softness of my breasts.

Placing your hands right behind me you pulled my top up. You kept your lips glued to mine as you wrapped your arms around my belly to hold me close to you. You touched my tender skin around the belly with your palms. Your heart started beating fast as you felt the excitement in your body. Your ears started to become warm as you continued kissing my cheeks then neck.

“I love you," you whispered and started to nibble on my earlobe very gently.

That sent shivers through my spine and at the same time aroused me even more making my cheeks grow red.

I held and hugged you tight wrapping my arms around your chest. I brushed your cheek with my lips before our eager mouths found each other and we started kissing gently but with passion.

I covered all your face then chest with kisses as you rested your back on the lawn. My fingers ran through your hair and my mouth started moving down. With my soft lips I slowly kissed your belly and planted soft wet kisses all over as I caressed you

My index finger found its way to your moaning lips.You kissed it before flicking it with your tongue. You touched that finger with nose and cheeks before starting to swallow it with your mouth.

You brought you hands down towards my hip slowly lifting me with your hands as I straddled you. My breasts brushed your stomach as I moved towards your face.

“You look so hot in blue bra and panties,” you whispered as you caressed my still wet hair with your hand.

The shape of my buxom breasts was showing up through that tight bra. You looked at my cleavage and pulled me close in order to bring my chest close to your face. You smelled me between the breasts and rested your forehead gently on my chest, feeling the softness of my breasts through the bra with your cheeks.

I pressed my chest on your face. Your hands held my hips firmly when I touched your ears with my hands, then held you at your shoulders trembling in your arms.

We both were hot and wanted each other. Even though we had plenty of time in our hand as it was Friday and we were not working next day, we could not wait any longer.

Your hands hungrily pulled my bra and threw it on the lawn carelessly as you moved down to kiss my breasts. Your lips felt the softness of my breasts. You were gentle with the nipples; slowly circling one with your tongue and rolling the other one in your fingers.

“I love you my sweetheart,” you smiled and said before slowly started to suck my left nipple in your mouth.

While you were playing with my breasts, I started pulling at your shorts. I wanted to touch you, I wanted to pleasure you and make you feel all my passion and love for you.

You lifted yourself a bit to allow me to pull down your shorts and I could clearly see the pergola in your undies; you looked down at it and we both smiled.

With passion you started fondling my breasts, lifting them with both hands and sucking on them. My nipples got erect and you could hear the sighs coming out of my mouth.

Our bodies were sweating by now. I placed my hand on your bulge and started rubbing it gently. It was getting hard to stay patient and not let our hunger be satisfied.

You whispered while kissing my belly, “Love, I want you. I want to be sucked.”

I giggled and slipped my hand inside your undies and pulled the undies elastic. Looking down inside your undies I could see your cock was as hungry for my touch as my lips for your lips. Without wasting time I slid my hand inside your undies and pulled your hard dick out. You were fully erect by then and getting impatient.

Your one hand rested on my hip and the other on my cheek as you leaned forward to kiss my lips with passion. Locking my lips with yours I started rubbing your cock in my hand. The skin on your flesh moved back and forth.

I broke the kiss and started kissing your chest and moved down until I reached your testicles. While I kept rubbing your shaft with one hand, the other got hold of your balls and slowly caressed you. A soft moan of pleasure came out of your mouth and as you looked down at me we both smiled.

You caressed my head as I played with you gismo.

You held my head in both hands and brought it close to you cock and asked me, “Honey! Suck me please.”

We both were extremely hot and were not able to hold the desires. Just in those 10 minutes your cock was glistering with pre-cum mixed with my saliva.

You shifted yourself in a way that now I was straddling your head. You touched my thighs and massaged them gently. Kissing my legs you moved your hands up to my inner thighs and gently spread my legs. You had this wonderful vision of my shaved pussy which was already wet. Your thirsty lips were eager to devour the wetness.

You looked between our bodies and noticed that my mouth was already occupied sucking your thick pole. You loved watching my lips pulling your whole shaft inside my mouth and pulling it out again. You wanted me right there, without delay.

You placed your middle finger just above the entrance of my vaginal cavity and rubbed my clitoris in a circular motion.

I lost the grip of your cock as I moaned with the pleasure that I derived from your touch. Still keeping your cock in my mouth, I closed my eyes and licked the tip of your cock inside my mouth.

I felt your cock tremble inside my mouth as you grabbed my hips and pulled me down to claim my pussy with your mouth. Moaning around your hard on, you devoured me with your mouth. Knowing so well how to bring me close to orgasm, you used your tongue and teeth. You were thrusting your hips keeping pace with your tongue delving inside my vagina. The erotic sight of your hard cock between my hands was clouding my mind with my desire and lust for you.

I felt you tense underneath at the same time you pushed your fingers deep inside my pussy. You groaned out loud as your cum came out in a rush coating my face. Hungrily I sucked your dick back into my mouth wanting all of your cum and for your orgasm to last.

You chose that moment to start finger-fuck me hard as your tongue flicked my clit fast. I could not hold anymore and I pulled your cock out of my mouth as I exploded in your mouth.

Holding on to you my whole body trashed and squirmed as you did not let go. You kept pulling your fingers in and out of my quivering pussy. Not until I was left breathless and unable to move did you pull your fingers out completely. Then you gathered me in your arms and held me close as we both rested gently caressing each other in a contented silence.

After a little while you got up and held your hands out to help me up.

You pulled me close in a tight hug kissing me slowly; and then with a bright smile you said, “Welcome home honey!”

You took my hand, and still naked we walked into the house smiling.

Just as you were about to close the door you looked outside for a moment.

Then you closed it as you turned back to me giving me your mischievous grin and saying, “Sweetheart, I think we were not the only ones having an orgasmic evening.”