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Cumming Out Of My Shell
This is a work of fiction, pure fantasy put to words J . Enjoy.


After divorcing my husband of ten years I needed an outlet. I was a homemaker, caring for my children and my home on a daily basis. My ex-husband and I had a typical marriage; he worked, I stayed at home and our intimacy, well it was usually few and far between. He and I usually shared scheduled sex sessions that never stepped outside the boundaries of what I consider to be normal sex. We would always make love in missionary position rarely ever taking time for oral play and things like that; anytime I tried to “change things up” I was shot down. Even with the desire to explore my sexuality I stayed true to him, only to find out he was not true to me.

A few months before my divorce I learned he was having an affair; an affair he had carried on with for almost a year. My heart and soul had been crushed by the rumors and proof that soon started to come to light. I went straight to him and asked for a divorce without even asking for an explanation; I didn’t care why he did it I just wanted him out of my life. I was soon grated a divorce and well, after ten years of being with someone, I began to feel alone. I tried the on line dating scene and quickly realized there wasn’t a guy on there I wanted to date. Finally I decided I did want to be alone for a while and would explore some of my sexual desires on my own.

I downloaded a few books to my iPod that showed me many ways to masturbate; I thoroughly enjoyed each position I tried. As I searched for books pertaining to self pleasure, I came across an erotic novel filled with short stories. I was instantly intrigued by each story and began to download more and more; reading the stories often heightened my self-pleasure. When I had read most of the books Apple had to offer I began to search the internet for more. I wandered onto a website that offered amazing stories, great friends and the chance to put your own fantasies into words. This website really changed a lot about me and my sexuality.

“Lush Stories,” I thought to myself. I explored every aspect of the site and immediately decided I had to have an account. I had always been a modest person; never revealing too much skin and never openly talking about sex. I created my profile and even added some naughty pictures of myself. I felt so good showing off my body to people I didn’t even know, discussing sex with them and listening to their fantasies as well. My mind was filled with so many ideas that I had to start writing them all down and soon one story would turn into over twenty.

Over the course of a few months I began to develop some great relationships with fellow Lushies. I had fans who loved my stories as much as I loved writing them. Lush brought me out of my shell and allowed me explore my sexuality the way I had always wanted to.

Over time I allowed myself to become close to a fellow Lushie. We talked on the site often, gradually allowing each other into our real lives; I was glad to have found someone who lived in my state. To this day I am happy we met.

Never in a million years would I have gone and met someone I had only known on-line; had it not been for months of communication it probably would have never happened. I needed an adventure though, I needed to feel alive and this was my way of doing it.

“I’ll be there in an hour Thomas,” I said nervously into the phone as I drove.

“I can’t wait to see you Leigh,” He replied sounding nervous as well.

Thomas and I had agreed to meet halfway between our cities in a public place. All kinds of emotions streamed through my mind. I was nervous and scared, but I also felt exhilarated by the unknown.

“Are we still meeting at the hotel?” I asked.

“Yep,” Thomas said. “I will see you there.”

“K’, I will be there,” I said before hanging up. I gripped the steering wheel a little tighter and drove to the hotel.

I arrived at the hotel a little later than expected; traffic had gotten heavy and I was unfamiliar with the area. I left my bags in the car and headed into the lobby to look for Thomas.

“Leigh,” I heard Thomas’s voice yell behind me.

I turned to see one of the best looking guys I had ever come in contact with; sure I had seen pictures but they did him no justice. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck and said, “It’s so good to finally meet you.”

“Yes it is,” He said pushing me away slightly to look over me. “Beautiful.”

“Oh,” I said blushing at his comment; I had never been good at accepting compliments.

“There you go blushing again,” He said. “At least I can actually see it now.” Thomas often made me blush over the phone.

“So, Thomas,” I said. “What are our plans for this evening?”

“Dinner, drinks and then what ever you want after that,” He replied with a devilish grin.

I brushed my long, dark hair behind my shoulder and leaned to his ear. “You know what I want,” I whispered.

Thomas giggled and when I looked at him I could see his cheeks turning red. “You’ve made me blush Leigh,” He admitted and grabbed my hand. “Shall we have dinner now?”

“Yes,” I said and winked at him.

Thomas and I talked and laughed through dinner. We both had so much in common and really did hit it off; the more I talked with him the more my fears faded away. Our dinner came to an end and we went to the bar to enjoy some drinks.

I sipped on my jack and coke and looked at Thomas. “I want you to know…” I said looking down. “…I have never done this before.”

Thomas grabbed my chin with his soft hands to bring my eyes to his. “I know, neither have I,” He said in a soft tone. “We will make this a night to remember.”

I smiled at him feeling so much better about my decision to meet him. He was kind and courteous, just all around a great guy. I could feel my second drink tingle my body as I watched Thomas finish his second also. “Do you want to go upstairs?” I asked.

“Sure,” He said and then ordered a few more drinks to be delivered to our room.

I placed my hand in his and trailed behind him to our room. I felt a little tense as he closed the door behind us. I walked over to the plush sofa and took a seat; taking a minute to let reality sink in. Before Thomas could follow me, room service was at the door with our drinks. I listened as he thanked the man and closed the door again. I closed my eyes as Thomas’s footsteps got heavier behind me.

“Here’s your drink babe,” He said leaning over the couch.

I grabbed it from him and took a big gulp. “Thanks,” I said. Goose bumps covered my skin as Thomas started to massage my shoulders. “Mmmm, that’s great.” I sighed as I began to relax.

“You are so tense,” He observed.

All I could do was tilt my head from side to side as I allowed him to knead each muscle. His hands felt amazing on my skin as he allowed them to slowly make their way under the neck of my shirt. Something came over me and I swallowed the last of my drink down fast. I spun around and knelt on the couch towards Thomas.

“I want you!” I exclaimed grabbing his face and kissing him aggressively.

Thomas responded by plunging his tongue deep into my mouth, caressing every inch of my tongue and cheek. I moaned as he kissed down my chin and sucked on my neck and ears. “God, Thomas I need this bad,” I said.

“I know baby. I do too,” He muttered between kisses. Thomas snatched me up from the couch and carried me to the large bed. He laid me down softly and pressed his hard body against mine. I whimpered as he groped my breasts and then tore my button-up shirt off; I could see buttons fly across the room. He wasted no time releasing my tits from my bra and burying his face between them.

I grabbed his hair tightly and began to push him toward my crotch; I wanted to experience every aspect of sex in this one session. “Eat me Thomas,” I said softly. He slid his body down mine and grabbed the waist of my pants and panties, pulling them off at the same time. My body pulsed as I saw his face at my shaved mound. I could feel his warm breath wash upon my flesh and I became anxious to feel his tongue there; the thought prompting my juices to flow.

Thomas pushed his fingers through my wet folds and it caused me to moan. His gentle touch was something I had never felt before. I spread my legs wider allowing him as much access as he needed. “You are so wet,” He told me. “And you smell so sweet.”

I lifted my ass off the bed prompting Thomas to push his face to my pussy. I squealed in excitement as his tongue maneuvered through my lips. He worked through my folds finally landing upon my swollen clit.

“God, that feels amazing,” I let out, tightening my grip on his hair. I rolled my hips against his face aggressively as Thomas plunged two fingers into my hole. I released his hair and spread my arms across the bed. I clutched the sheets and pulled on them as he gave my pussy great pleasure.

He fucked me hard with his fingers as I felt an orgasm creep upon me. “Yes, I’m gonna’ cummmm,” I yelled clenching his head between my thighs and his fingers within my cunt. My body twitched as I ripped the sheets off the edges of the bed. I was paralyzed as pleasure waved over me and Thomas still plunged into my pussy hard.

All of a sudden, my body went limp as I sucked in air quickly. “Thomas…” I said between gasps. “…That’s was magnificent.”

Thomas crept up to me and kissed me. I kissed him back making sure to taste every drop of myself; I had never tasted myself before. “So that’s was good?” He asked.

“God yes,” I exclaimed.

We kissed for a minute more and then I helped Thomas remove his clothes. I pushed him onto his back and then I straddled his lower legs. I grabbed his rock hard member and licked the pre-cum that has escaped on to his head. I teased his cock gently with my tongue and felt his cock twitch between my fingers. I stared Thomas in the eyes as I licked him from base to tip; this made his cock expel even more pre-cum.

“Suck me,” Thomas said with meaning. I heeded his words and plunged my mouth over his swollen member; I felt thrilled as I let out the sexual beast I had hidden within me. I assaulted his cock with my mouth and tugged at his shaft with my hands. “God, Leigh, yes,” He exclaimed.

My hands and mouth were in sync as I pleasured Thomas. His words of encouragement soon turned to sounds of pleasure. He moaned and grabbed at my hair as I bobbed up and down. I was so into sucking him off that I don’t even know if he announced that he was coming. I felt his cock swell within my mouth and the first jet of cum coated my throat. His cock jerked a few more times adding more of the sticky mess to my mouth. I swallowed hard as his warm deposit slid into my belly.

“Dear God!” Thomas exclaimed barley able to breath. “Where did you learn to do that?”

The truth was I hadn’t learned; this was only the second time I had ever had a cock in my mouth. “I don’t know,” I replied still licking some of his goo from my lips.

Thomas leaned down and grabbed my face. He kissed me hard to enjoy his salty residue. “We taste great together,” He told me.

I didn’t say anything. I just crawled up to the head of the bed and lay in the crook of his arm. Thomas stoked my hair and I listened to his shallow breaths. I became more aroused thinking that I was the cause of his sporadic breathing. I reached down and took Thomas’s flaccid cock in my hand.

“Ready to go at it again?” He asked.

I giggled. “Absolutely,” I said with certainty.

As I stroked him with my hand he became hard again; I couldn’t help but think about finally having him inside of me. “I want you now Thomas,” I said straddling him again.

“Me too,” He replied.

On top of Thomas I rocked my hips back and forth, rubbing his cock with my wet pussy. He moaned out a little and then grabbed his shaft. I felt a knot in my belly anticipating his cock; Thomas’s was much bigger that what I had been used to. When I felt his bulb at my entrance I closed my eyes and waited for him to push in.

“Ohhh,” Thomas moaned as the first inch or so was inserted.

I lowered my body over the rest of his shaft, engulfing every inch with my pussy. “Ohhh,” I moaned out as well as I felt his tip touch my deepest point. I sat still for a moment allowing myself to become adjusted to his size. Before I realized it, I was bouncing up and down over his length, enjoying the pleasure it was giving me.

Thomas reached up and took my tits in his. He kneaded the gently as he also teased my nipples with his thumbs.

“God Thomas…” I let out. “…Your cock, it feels so good.”

“Yes baby…” He replied through thrusts. “…Your pussy is so tight—so wet.”

I continued to plunge up and down for a few more minutes until Thomas rolled us over. He now lay on top of me forcing his member even deeper within me. I threw my legs on to his should and he grabbed my ass cheeks; this new position definitely rubbed my most sensitive areas.

“Fuck!” I yelled out grabbing at my tits. “Yes.”

Thomas sucked air through his teeth as he continued to ravage my hole. I could hear my juices slosh as he was sucked back in with every outward thrust. Another orgasm was almost at peek.

“I’m gonna’ cum again,” I cried out. Thomas reacted to my words by rubbing my hard clit with his thumb. I withered beneath him as my second orgasm broke through. “Gaaaawd,” I screamed as my body contracted; Thomas’s thrusts never slowing.

“That’s it baby come on my big cock,” Thomas encouraged.

I did exactly that. My orgasm was so intense that it was almost painful. I had to struggle to quickly pull my legs from his shoulders. “Hunh, hunh,” I muttered as I tried to breath.

Thomas wasted no time in flipping me over. I assumed the doggy-style position and held on tightly to the headboard. He drove himself deeper within me that the other positions. I yelled out as the pain quickly turned to pleasure.

“Pull my hair,” I ordered Thomas. “Be rough with me.” Thomas grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. He started to fuck me with new meaning. Thomas’s touch went from gentle to aggressive; this only heightened the pleasure I was getting.

I still felt the remnants of my last orgasm when the third snuck up on me. “Fuck, I’m gonna’ cum,” I shrieked.

I don’t think Thomas even heard me. He continued to plow me hard through my third mind-blowing orgasm, even slapping my ass cheeks a few times. My body wilted, I couldn’t hold on to headboard because my orgasm had crippled me.

Finally I heard Thomas cry out, “I’m c-c-cumming.” His cock became even more engorged before releasing his seed.

Thomas’s shafted jolted as it spewed warm cum all over my insides. He held himself within me for a moment before collapsing on to the bed beside me; I to collapsed next to him. We lay there trying to catch our breaths and I looked down to see the glistening remains of his semen. I quickly took him in my mouth and cleaned every inch, savoring the taste.

“Whoa…” Thomas laughed. “…That’s sensitive.”

“I know,” I smiled. “That’s why I did it.”

He laughed at my remarks and pulled me closer to him. I lay upon his chest completely satisfied.

“Thank-you Thomas,” I told him. “I have enjoyed every inch —um—I mean moment.”

Thomas chuckled and said, “So have I.” He kissed me on the forehead and the two of lay there talking of things to come.

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