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Lust and Love

When you want someone, there is no way to stop it.
We push our way through the door with your hands running through my hair, you pull me closer to you. There is no need for words: Our bodies know. The feeling of your lips on mine sends a shock wave through my body. I wonder if you feel the electricity too, but it’s obvious you do. It’s obvious by the way you grab my ass and knead it and the way I wrap my legs around your waist as you lift me up and push me against my door. The lust for each other making us wild; you rip my low cut shirt over my head and squeeze your hands on my breasts, pulling them out of my red, lacy bra.

I push my hands through your hair and arch my back as you suck on my nipple. You squeeze and pinch the other, making each one point up, hard. You place your hands back on my ass, carrying me to my bed and tossing me onto the lavender sheets. You rip your shirt over your head and kick your shoes off, along with your socks. I reach around and undo my bra clasp, my breasts bouncing free and pushing my skirt off, quickly. My flip flops are long gone in the hallway. I reach for my panties but you tell me to leave them on as you push your jeans and boxers to the floor.

My want for you is intense and burning through my body. I’m flushed and red, everywhere. I moan as you get in my bed, on top of me, kissing my lips hard. Your tongue plays with mine and I run my nails down your back lightly. Your lips move down my neck and suck gently, causing me to moan out loud. I roll you over underneath me and straddle you, kissing down your neck and sucking on your nipples. I love the way you moan and pant as I do this and I kiss my way back up, loving the feeling of your stubble on my cheek. The feeling of your cock on my pussy is overwhelming. The heat is intense and all that separates us is my thin panties, see through with my moisture.

You push me back over and take the elastic of my panties in your mouth, pulling them down my legs. Then from the bottom up you kiss and lick, driving me wild with want for you. I beg you to go faster, I need you, but you take your time, thoroughly enjoying making me wait. When you finally reach my inner thighs, I’m so wet it’s running down me and I am panting and moaning and crying out for you to touch me. I’m red with desire and open like a juicy peach. You do, with your tongue with one full lick from the bottom of my pussy to my hard, swollen clit. I gasp loudly and grip your hair with my small hands, urging you to do more. All you do is lightly blow and send shivers up my entire body, making my nipples throb more. You lick again, but stopping on my clit to suck and nibble it, making me squirm and exclaim, “Oh yes!”

You push your middle finger deep in and slide it back out slowly, thrusting it back in just as slow, but hard. I’m panting, I love the way you take your time with me, build me up until I’m crying out for you to make love to me. You move your lips down and stick your tongue into my tight hole, fucking it with quick stabs. I start to moan and cry, telling you I’m going to explode and you slow down, making me cry out with exasperation. You move your body up mine and rub the head of your cock against me, leaking your precum onto my already soaking pussy. I stare up at you and you see by the look in my eyes how bad I need you inside of me.

In one solid thrust you push into me, groaning at my tightness and the way I lock my legs around you, urging you in deeper. You lift my legs over your shoulders and stroke your cock in and out of my open, wet pussy. My right hand is kneading my breast and the left is gripping the headboard. You start to move faster inside of me, making me moan and beg for it harder. You oblige and slam into me, slamming the headboard into the wall and the bed to squeak. I’m getting close you feel the walls of my pussy gripping you tightly, making it harder for you to keep your speed up. You put one hand over my right, holding that breast too and you use your other hand to grip my dark hair and stare straight into my dark green eyes. I moan and pant, not breathing, tightening on your hard cock as I cum. You growl deep in your throat and I feel your hot, fiery seed shoot into my tight pussy. Our eyes stay locked in a lust filled moment and then you slowly let go of you grip on my hair and I move my hand from the headboard to the back of your head. You pull your softening cock out of me and the mixture of my juices and your cum slowly seeps out of me.

You lay down next to me and I kiss you softly on your lips and say, “I love you.”

You kiss me back and tell me you love me too.

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