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Lust at 35,000 Feet

An unexpected surprise on a business trip.
I was on my way to jolly ole England on a Pan Am red eye, business you know how it is, sucky flight times and always overcrowded flights. Well this time was a pleasant surprise; we lifted off from JFK with barely half the 747 full. Apparently some weather made connections a bitch from the Midwest. Who was I to complain, I was in the last row in the coach section with not a sole in sight for about 14 rows. Occasionally the flight attendants came by and asked if I needed anything but I told them I was pretty set.

It was about two hours into the nine hour flight when I was about to turn in and catch a nap. When a Flight attendant I had not seen before walked by, she was stunning a statuesque beautiful chocolate colored angel with wings even, her name tag in the Pan Am wings was Danielle. I kind of waited hoping to see her walk back to where ever she came from, she startled me when she peeked round the corner asking if I needed a drink or anything. She saw me jump and we both chuckled.

She said, "Hi I'm Dani, and my section is completely empty so I came down here to see if anything needed to be done." I told her I was fine but if she was bored she could always sit down and take a load off. She to my surprise did just that.

We got to talking and before I knew it an hour had gone by we were talking about this that and everything like we were old friends. Then at one point we hit an awkward silence the kind that can kill a conversation, and I in no way wanted this angel to leave my side, so I said the first thing that came to mind which is in almost all cases with men a stupid thing to say.
"So Dani, I said how many times has such a lovely woman such as yourself joined the mile high club?" I asked her out of the blue.

Seeing her reaction was priceless, this lovely black woman blushed so red I couldn't believe it, for a moment I thought she was going to get up and leave thinking I was some sort of pervert. But instead she looked me dead in the eye and said, "I have never had the chance it's always too busy on these transatlantic flights."

Continuing my stupid thought blurting out the only thing I could think of as I looked at her
cleavage, "Well there isn't anyone near here for 14 rows.", as I gave her my best grin.

She got up and walked back into the attendant area, and I thought you dumbass boy did you blow that, when she came back around the corner she lifter both the seat separators and almost leaped into my lap kissing me fiercely. She slid her tongue into my mouth kissing me hot and heavy, as this was going on she opened my shirt sliding her hands over my chest. I started to get into it and slid my hands up her thigh groaning at how perfect her ass was as I grabbed her cheeks in my hands.

Dani, when I grabbed her ass let out a moan so loud I thought we would be heard. I also noticed she wore garters and stocking and best of all no panties. She whispered hungrily in my ear that she needed me and that she had been waiting for this kind of opportunity for four years, ever since she became a flight attendant.

Leaning back she opened her blouse and pulled her bra up over her tits as I leaned in taking the right nipple in my mouth sucking it hard as I licked it with my tongue in my mouth. Dani cradled my head to her chest moaning softly as I kept licking and sucking her nipples. Those chocolate nipples were so hard I could have sucked on them all the way to Heathrow.

After sucking on her nipples and kissing her, she was ready and reached down undoing my slacks, I was so glad I had on the comfort fit slacks as she pushed them down exposing my raging hard cock. She moved over to the next seat and leaned down taking me in her hot mouth sucking me all the way down in one gulp, now it was my turn to groan as she sucked my cock like it had never been sucked before, she sucked it with a hunger I had never seen. After a couple minutes I told her I was going to cum if she didn't stop, at that point she pulled her mouth off my cock and climbed into my lap poising her soaking pussy above my cock and looking deep into my eyes as she slowly slid my cock all the way up inside her tight pussy. She was so tight I couldn't believe it, once I was all the way inside her she sat there for several seconds adjusting to my size, I'm not huge but I am above average.

After what seemed an eternity in that hot wet box she started riding up and down on my cock grabbing me tightly in a hug, kissing and biting my neck and ears as we fucked. She rode up and down on my cock fast, slow and she even did this thing where her hips went in circles, like a belly dancer. After what must have been about five or six minutes of this molten hot sex, she bit into my shoulder screaming as her body spasmed and she came hard over and over. I just held her and let her go, I was almost there myself but she was having what appeared to be a religious experience and I was enjoying the show.

When she calmed down a bit she looked at me and said, "Now it's your turn!", she reached down and pulled my cock out of her soaking pussy and she then turned around in my lap facing away from me. She then grabbed my pussy juice slicked cock and slid it right into her ass. Burying my hard cock deep inside her ass as she leaned back against me, I grabbed her tits as she rode my cock some more this time hard and fast in her tight ass, as I pinched and twisted her nipples she was moaning loud, I thought for sure we were going to get caught but she didn't seem to care as she kept pounding my cock into her ass, after all this excitement I had reached the breaking point, it was my turn to bite her as I grunted and groaned loudly I exploded hard and deep in her ass. When she felt me explode inside her ass she came again she bit her arm to keep from screaming as she ground her ass on my spasming cock.

She stayed like that until my cock shrank and plopped out of her ass. She turned kissing me deeply, softly, and thankfully. Straightened up her uniform and went into the back again, coming back with a warm wash cloth she got on her knees and cleaned my cock up, with mouth and the cloth put me back in my pants and zipped me up, smiling the whole time.

She went back forward after that leaving me drained and amazed. I fell asleep shortly after that waking when the captain announced our approach to Heathrow. I awoke thinking it must have been a dream. We landed without incident and I grabbed my carry on, being the last guy off I didn't see her till I got to the door, Dani reached out shook my hand then she tripped and hugged me tightly to prevent falling down, I felt her put her hand in my pocket, as I helped her back up, I said, "Are you ok miss?" 

She gave me a devil may care grin, and said, "I will be later tonight." The other flight attendant looked at me with a glint in her eye as well. As I went up the jet way I heard them break into giggles. I reached into my pocket and there was a note, she wrote thanks for making her fantasy come true and that she and her roommate wanted another go later tonight. Looks like this business trip won't all be business.

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