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Lust Crazed Fools

Lust Crazed Fools

Couple shares a sexy, sultry night under the stars.
Nikki's phone lit up and she blushed as she read the message.

"What time are you leaving? I am so horny."

Trent was an amazing lover and she found herself wanting to be with him as often as humanly possible. He had to cancel their date earlier in the week so Nikki was anxious and desperate to have him devour her.

Nikki replied, "Leaving about 9:30. Can I see you then?"

"Hurry up!"

Nikki wasn't able to pay attention to her friends after this. She hurriedly finished her drink, paid her tab and slipped off into the night. She wished she had drank a bit more so she would have been good and naughty for Trent but worried about driving as well. Another time she told herself.

She pulled into the dark deserted parking lot across town, saw his truck and climbed on in. They both knew they were there to fuck so they wasted no time. They drove around the corner to his workshop and locked themselves in as to not be found or interrupted.

It was a dark and mild night and not a cloud in the sky. They sat in his truck sharing a beer and listened to music. Nikki removed her sweater and climbed upon her knees to share a kiss with Trent. He was a devine kisser and her arousal grew stronger ever second.

Trent was exploring over Nikki's curves and unhooked her bra. She quickly removed her tank and bra discarding them to the floor. His hand disappeared down her pants and that was Nikki's anxious queue to add her pants and panties to the collection on the floorboard.

He opened the moonroof on his truck to allow a breeze in as Nikki climbed onto his console. She propped one foot on his back seat and the other on his open moonroof allowing far too easy access to her drenched, wanting pussy.

"Gawd, I love how wet you get," he whispered into her ear as he fingered her pussy and pinched her nipples.

"I need to be inside now. Climb into the back seat."

In an instant they were both in the backseat.

"Your turn to strip," she instructed Trent.

"Not a problem," he said and shed his clothes and shoes quicker than it took her to tell him.

There they both were and without thinking about it Nikki straddled Trent and slowed guided him into her pussy. She used the headrests as her support to raise and lower herself on his hard cock. Gawd he felt amazing. She leaned her head back and slowly slid up and down on him feeling him fill her full. Her need for him, for his sex, was growing constantly.

She alternated slow grinds down on him twirling her hips around and around and raising herself up and down on him. Then Trent supported her ass with his hands and began pounding into her. Fuck he felt good. Nikki thought to herself that truck sex with Trent was going to have to become a habit.

It was nice and cool before they began having sex but the truck was now hot and the two were dripping with sweat.

"Let's take this party outside," he said opening the door setting off the alarm on his truck.

The two began to laugh as they frantically searched for the keys as to not draw too much attention to their hiding spot or their good time. Trent eventually found them tossed to the side in the front seat. The pair then giddily made their way to the back of the truck.

Trent lowered the tailgate and told Nikki to bend over as he entered her from behind. She laid her torso on the truck bed and arched her ass up to allow him to enter deeply as he griped her hips tightly pulling her back onto him. Fuck, he felt good.

He told her to flip over and lay on the truck and he began pumping away at her even harder. He pushed her further into the truck bed and climbed on top of her and fucked her aching pussy even harder. Trent switched positions once again and stood, legs spread fucking down into her. After a recollection of the nights events, she discovered by an internet search she had been pile driven (yet another first for the pair).

Trent told Nikki to stand up in the truck bed as his knees were getting scraped up. She stood and bent over the cab of his truck and he once again enter from behind. She had learned on a previous encounter that this was his favorite position.

"I think I am falling in love with your pussy. How is it possible that you keep getting wetter and wetter?"

He had grazed Nikki's asshole a few times as he re-entered her pussy. She knew that he had never had anal sex. The two had talked about it and she wondered if he wanted to give it a try tonight.

"You can fuck my ass if you want," she said as she arched her back to look at him. He was a hard one to read sometimes.

"I think that's what you want me to do." Trent sexily said back to her.

"Of course I do," she purred back to him.

She had never had a cock as large as his in her ass and she wondered what it would feel like. She arched herself back and supported herself against the cold cab of the truck. She relaxed her ass and felt him slowly press against the entrance of her ass. He pushed a little harder and she felt him enter and her ass relaxed more to allow him in. Holy fuck he felt good.

"Gawd, it's so fucking tight. This feels amazing," he said in sheer bewilderment and excitement in this new sexual venture.

He fucked Nikki's ass in slow long strides before picking up the pace. She turned to ask if if he liked fucking her ass and he replied with a "gawd yeah." She loved being his first anal experience and this was making her dripping wet.

"Do you want to cum in my ass baby?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Fuck yeah I do, fill me full of your cum babe," Nikki moaned.

He picked up his pace and she knew he was near. She felt every stream of cum shoot into her ass and it felt amazing. He stroked a few last passes into her ass before leaving. Nikki stood but shared that her legs were weak and shaking like crazy. Trent went to the tailgate and let down a step and helped her from the truck. Nikki just chuckled and the gesture. After all, it's not often you fuck hard in and on top of a truck and need a tailgate step's assistance to climb down nude and in the pitch dark.

Trent handed Nikki a towel to clean up and she noticed he was not naked as a jaybird as she was. He was still wearing his socks.

"Are you seriously still wearing your socks?"

"I always wear my socks."

"Well we are gonna have to remedy that babe," she said with yet another chuckle.

The pair dressed and had a beer to quench their parched throats.

The next day Nikki woke and showered and noticed a few lines and marks along her back from the fucking while laying on the truck bed. Her hips, ribs, tailbone, back and neck were all so sore but the good kinda sore. The lingering aches from a great fuck are always welcome in Nikki's book.

She hoped she hadn't scared him off by telling him he would need to play with her nipples rougher. Nikki loved rough nipple play but Trent joked that he didn't want to rip them off.

Nikki received an email from Trent mid morning that made her laugh. He informed her when he was backing up this morning he noticed two perfectly round smudges on his rear window where my breasts had been the night before. He had to laugh and then share with me of course.
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