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Lust or love, Does it really matter?

When something feels good and right, there is nothing wrong with giving into your desire.
Something a little different. I am not native english speaking, so if there are sentences that read a little weird, it's because of that. I hope you can enjoy the story despite of this. Feedback is always appreciated.

An instant attraction to romantic interest usually occurs within the first few minutes of meeting. And so it was that they were sitting next to each other on his couch. She wiggled a bit uneasy in her denim skirt, looking at his full lips moving while he talked. Her mind was full of thoughts, hardly grasping a word of what he was saying.
And he, he was looking into her eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of her emotions, hardly thinking about the words he spoke, fully focussed on the beauty that was sitting next to him.

They had met just a few hours before. By chance she ended up tripping and falling into his arms while walking down the street. Her cheeks had turned bright red, lying in his arms when he caught her. She was embarrassed to the very core of her body, but somehow it felt good, almost comfortable. She had smelled his musky scent when her face bore in his chest. She had inhaled deep, almost melting in his arms, before struggling back on her feet.

He was stunned by her appearance; a brunette with long wavy hair just literally fell into his arms. His heart had raced when he caught her, held her in her arms as if she was the most fragile thing alive. Slowly putting her back on her feet, already not wanting to let her go, but he conceded and drew his arms away from her. They started talking and once the ice was broken they kept walking and talking. Hour after hour they shared their thoughts, their ideas, their adventures. The attraction was undeniable and the connection was strong. It felt weird but so good and once they had reached his apartment, he shot her a questioning look and she nodded her head that it was alright and followed him inside.

And now they are sitting next to each other, two glasses of red wine in front of them on the table. Rays of the evening sun are beaming through the blinds, lighting up the living room in a soft yellow glow. He sees her wiggling uneasy on the couch, a soft smile forms in the corners of his mouth. Questions were shooting through his mind. “She must be nervous, but why is she here in the first place? Is she that into me?” While he continues to talk about his travels, he leans back into the couch.

“Am I crazy? Why am I doing this? I should excuse myself and leave now.” Her mind was racing to come up with a good excuse for why she was doing this. She wasn’t a girl who acted just on impulse or so she thought, let alone following a guy she just met a few hours ago into his apartment. “Oh, who am I kidding, I want him.” She had noticed him leaning back and couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed. “Why is he leaning back, am I not interesting enough? Did I say something stupid?” She crosses her legs, facing more to him, the toe of her shoe brushing over his leg. Letting his words wash over her, she bends forward, resting her elbow on her leg.

Her position shift doesn’t go unnoticed. As her white tank top is falling down a bit and more flesh of her breasts are exposed to the slowly dimming light in the room, he has trouble focussing his eyes on hers. He clears the lump forming in his throat and sips on his wine before continuing his story, turning a little bit more to her, feeling something stir inside his pants

“Hmmm, I seem to have his attention again,” she grins in her mind. She looks at him with innocent puppy eyes, blinking her eyelashes ever so slightly. She picks up her glass and sips on her wine before putting it back on the table. Returning her hand, she lays it on his knee, resting it lightly on his jeans. “Let’s see what he does.”

He jolts a little by the touch. “Stay calm! Why does it feel like her hand is burning its way through my pants?” He tries to continue the story he was telling as if nothing has happened, but the hand softly pressing on his knee is too much for his mind to ignore. A weird feeling boils up in his stomach, that fluttery feeling was already there but it’s starting to get a lot stronger. He lays his arm on the back of the couch behind her, knowing she is almost within his grasp. He wants her in his grasp, if she leans back, his hand will touch her shoulder.

“Oh, getting more confident, are we?” She grins in her mind. She smiles at him as she leans back, her hand slides up over his thigh. She feels his hand touch her naked shoulder, sending a shiver through her body. Her skirt creeping up a bit by her moving, revealing more of her smooth tanned thighs. As she notices his eyes darting down to her legs, her smile widens and she uncrosses her legs, just pausing enough to give him the slightest view of her white string before closing her legs together.

He swallows hard, reluctantly tearing his eyes from that sun touched pair of legs, returning his gaze to a wide smiling mouth. “Oh you tease,” he thinks as he sees a satisfying look in her eyes. “You knew exactly what you were doing.” And he had to admit that she started to get him excited, aroused, horny even. The growing bulge in his pants was proof enough.

Dodging his gaze she looks down. Only to be surprised by what has been forming in his pants. Pleasantly surprised as she feels herself getting wet at the sight of it. That longing in her guts was getting stronger, almost uncontrollable. How long could she keep her cool she was thinking to herself. She wanted to have him grab her, pull her close and devour her lips with his. She had made up her mind. Looking up into his eyes again, she bends slowly forward, tilting her head slightly to the side, closing in on his face.

Just at that moment he decides to stand up. “Something to eat.” He says, no states. “Some snacks.” He walks to the kitchen and gathers pieces of cheese from the fridge.
The increasing desire was getting to him, the desire to push this girl down on the couch and take a bite from every part of her deliciously shaped body. He needed some distraction, if only for the now completely hard arousal to calm down, if it even was possible to calm down.

She leans back disappointed. “Damn, did he do that on purpose?” The evidence that she excited him was there. Or maybe he just got aroused, not necessarily because of her. Guys can get boners at the weirdest times. Her thoughts get interrupted when she sees him coming out of the kitchen with a platter of snacks. She smiles at him. “Why does he have to be all cute and attentive? As if I don’t want him enough already.”

As he walks back to the couch, her beauty stuns him again, her loving smile from ear to ear. In the fading light she looks like an angel, glowing in the twilight. Putting down the platter on the table, he takes a piece of cheese and holds it in front of her face. She moves forward and opens her mouth. Slowly closing her mouth around it until her teeth and lips touches his finger holding the cheese. Sinking her teeth ever so slightly in his skin before pulling back, making sure her lips suck softly on the tip of his fingers before she let it slip out.

Again a lump forms in his throat and he has a hard time swallowing this one. He sits back down and quickly grabs his glass of wine, takes a gulp, but before he can put it down her hand is on his. She guides his hand slowly down to the table while bending her body towards him. The glass connects to the table, but his hand does not move. Stunned at her sudden boldness he freezes in place and watches her lips closing in on his, touching softly like pillows bumping into each other. She feels the moist of the wine still on his lips. The sweet taste of wine or is it his sweet taste? She lets out a sigh, their lips start moving in sync with each other. Sweet pecks become longer, more urgent kisses.

He snaps out of his frozen state and puts his hand on the back of her head, pulling her face to his. Their kisses becoming more and more intense, lips bumping, tongues clashing, their mouths moist from their greedy kisses. Her hands trail down his chest, searching for the buttons on his shirt. But before she finds what she’s searching for, he wraps his hands are around her wrists and stops her. She breaks the kiss and frowns. “Not here.” he explains while standing up.

Sliding one arm under her legs and one arm around her back, he lifts her up and carries her towards the bedroom. She giggles loud, hooking her arms around his neck, pecking away at his jaw line. Carried away, not into the air, oh how she would like that though, straight to heaven, but the destination is the bedroom. Although the flight ends sooner then she wants to as she lands softly on the bed.

Standing next to the bed, he bends over her and lifts her top over her stomach, kissing her belly, licking his way up. He gulps at the sight when he exposes her breasts from under her top. They are shaped so firm and smooth like hills on a landscape, moving in rhythm with her breathing. He starts to climb one of those soft hills with his lips, leaving a trail of wet kisses behind. Reaching the top, he licks over the waiting nipple that stands proud and erect. She moans at the touch of his tongue on her nipple, slowly circling around it, on it, flicking it. She arches her back, wanting more of that wonderful feeling his touch evokes, so much more. And he gives her more, surrounding the peak with his mouth. Engulfing it with ecstatic pleasure as he starts to suck on it. The wet warm feeling sends shivers through her body. Her mind is on fire, no her whole body is on fire, not to mention the burning almost painfully aching desire in her loin.

She pushes him back, sits up, and starts attacking his shirt. There is no time for tenderness now, the need is urgent. If this fire in her doesn’t get extinguished soon, she might actually evaporate on the spot. She pulls his shirt off and throws it away. Kissing his chest, biting his nipple, her hands clawing at his jeans. Unzipping and pulling them down including the boxers as he still stands at her side. Springing free is the delicious cock she has been wanting for a while. She looks at it with approval. It is shaped almost perfectly, the thick head slimy with pre cum. Her mouth watering as she puts her hand on it, her fingers encircling it, feeling it pulsate, radiate heat in her hand.

He watches in trance how she bends forward, opens her mouth wide and swallows the head of the cock inside. A loud groan rolls over his lips as he feels his head surrounded by the wet warmth of her mouth. She starts sucking greedily, lips pressed hard around his shaft, sending that same lustful feeling through his body as he did to her. His legs unsteady as he sees her looking up into his eyes, smiling a perfect smile with her lips surrounding his mushroom, before taking more of him into her mouth. A lot more as he feels his shaft slide into her throat. A curse escapes his lips, feeling his cock getting pushed further inside, her tongue lapping away at the underside. She starts bobbing her head up and down over the hard shaft. The feeling is so good, too good. If she keeps devouring his cock like this, he will explode in her throat soon. Fighting his desire to coat the inside of her throat with the love spunk he has in store for her, he grabs her shoulders and pushes her back.

She shoots him a questioning look and he answer with a mischievous grin. Pushing her onto her back, he crawls onto the bed. The skirt is barely an obstacle for the destination he wants to reach. Together with her skirt, her thong is also send flying through the air as he bends down between her legs. Licking and kissing the inside of her thigh. Even in the heat of the moment he can’t resist to tease her, pull the flesh of her thigh with his teeth. She grabs his hair, pushes her hips up, desperate to be touched on her now soaking wet pussy. A high pitched squeal of desperation is coming from her throat. She is about to burst into flames. His kisses finally reach the destination. With a long slow lick, he licks up over her pussy lips. The relieve of finally feeling something, especially something wet and warm, sliding over her burning pussy is almost too much for her. Her whole body is shocking as his tongue reaches the swollen love bud. “Oh my god, oh my god…” is all that is coming out of her mouth, those words over and over. The cropped up feelings of desire, of need, were coming out of her mouth, out of her body, streaming out of her pussy. Her mouth wide open in surprise as his fingers penetrates her vagina. His tongue flicking harder on her clit, up and down over it with lightening speed. Fuck, she has to stop him or she would cum very soon. He was moaning on her clit, vibrating moans, rippling from her clit spreading out through her body. “God, this feels so good” but she wants him in her.

She locks his face between her hands and pulls hard, with all her strength and willpower. He does not resist and slides over her, pressing his naked body on hers. Reaching her face, she starts to kiss greedily, tasting her own juices on his mouth. She holds up her arms in surrender and he puts his hands on hers, locking their fingers together. His rock hard pole pokes at her pussy, searching for the entrance of her desire. Finding it, he waits. She feels his cock head in position, ready to pull the trigger, but she senses the hesitation. “Don’t you dare!” she groans, unable to take any more teasing. Understanding that waiting any longer is not an option, he pulls the trigger. With one hard thrust, the bullet pierces her flesh, splitting her pussy open. Both are moaning loud at the delicious feeling that they have wanted to feel from the moment they saw each other. The feeling of his cock buried deep inside her. But not for long as he lifts his ass, feeling it slide almost out again. Only to be slammed down even deeper. He penetrates her over and over with long slow deliberate strokes, driving her mad with lust. She moans loud, screams “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh god, harder.” Her nails digging into his back, putting more fuel on the already blazing fire. He looses control and starts pumping hard. With all his might he trashes his body onto her, giving her all he has. Squeezing her hands so hard, her fingers turn almost bloodless white. She doesn’t care, doesn’t even notice. She only feels her pussy getting drilled, shooting off sparks throughout her whole pussy as his cock slides in and out of her. If she thought her pussy was on fire first, now it really is. The feeling is too much for her. The wave that was building inside of her has reached the height of a tsunami and was finally hitting land. She screams at the top of her lungs as she cums hard. Her whole body is riding this wave as it spasms uncontrollable, emptying her lungs of air. The feeling of her pussy contracting around his cock, the waves of pleasure that wash over her, her delightful screaming are too overwhelming for him that he doesn’t resist the feeling that’s coming straight from his balls. With one last thrust, he penetrates her pussy as deep as he can before exploding deep inside her. Rope after rope of cum splash inside her as he grunts out loud. His body is shivering and shocking from the orgasm. His cock still twitching inside her, he drops down on her body. Panting hard, their hearts racing, they loosen the grip of their still locked hands.

Slowly recovering from this amazing experience, they look into each others eyes. Was this mere lust or is love already blossoming inside their hearts? Their lips find each other in a soft, tender kiss. What life has in store for them is for both unknown, but one thing they can be sure of, no one will take this moment from them, not now, not ever. He rolls off her and takes her into his arms. She smiles content, no need for words as they exchange glances. The fire in them is smouldering, but will soon light up again and again through the night. What will follow after this night only time will tell. But if they had the possibility to stop time at that moment, they would in a heartbeat.

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