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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 2

Lynda is abandoned by her husband in the Caribbean; she finds a big black stud to scratch her itch.
Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 2)

Don Abdul (c) 2010

Lynda and Andrew had flown into the coastal city for what he had described as a working vacation but on the eve of a party he had organized for his business associates he was called away on an urgent business. Knowing he couldn’t just cancel the party on such short notice, Andrew asked Lynda to receive and entertain their guests and wait at their rented villa until he sent back the Lear Jet to pick her up.

She was intent of making the most of her vacation however short it turned out to be. Although the villa was situated in such an idyllic setting, an awe inspiring corner of paradise if ever there was one. Intoxicated by the beauty of the island, she packed her beach bag and headed out to the beach the next day.

As she parked her rented car, she saw a sign posted that announced “Nudist Beach!” Just reading that sign turned Lynda on. As she scanned the beach to pick a perfect spot she found the beach bar and walked towards it. “What’s your pleasure madam?” The bartender asked her with a heavenly smile on his handsome dark face. His long dread locks framed his picture perfect features so well she instantly felt breathless with lust. Even in his bartenders uniform she could see his muscles ripple with the beautiful ruffling of his white shirt.

Lynda had never been with a black man before, and it was definitely one of the top items on her list of fantasies. ‘Well why ever not?’ she thought as the thought crossed her mind that he was a perfect black male specimen if ever she wanted to fuck one.

Fluttering her eyelids and bent on sending out the right signal to let him know she was “available”, she affected a sexy catwalk towards the vacant barstool. She was just about to order a chilled soda when a voice from behind greeted her warmly. “Mrs.Bigg isn’t it?” Turning around Lynda found herself starring at a very handsome young man with the enviable physique of an Olympic athlete.

“Yep! Lynda Fox-Bigg!” She said, slightly dazzled by his instant charisma. Her face lighting up with a warm smile, she recognized him as one faces at her previous the night. His name was Wyclef, and he was a native Jamaican student who also worked for the catering company that sorted out her party. Lynda had eyed his crotch all night and she smiled as she remembered how desperately she wished she could have him in her bed.

‘Oh man! Does she now?’ he smiles as his very naughty mind processed her name as a corrupted sentence “Lynda fucks big!”

She offered him her hand which she shook and then held on to as she mentally stripped his clothes off his black lithe and very tempting body. He had certain naughtiness about his sexy brown eyes, and when he smiled his perfect row of bright white teeth are beautifully framed by his tempting full brown lips. The mischievous sparkle in his eyes suggested that he was enjoying the way her eyes caressed his youthful body.

Wyclef greeted the bartender in the local patois, and as only long term friends could, the secret handshake did not escape her notice either. The handsome Wyclef signaled for a drink and paid for her as well before carrying both drinks and guiding her to a spot he described as exclusive, if one could say so on a public beach. When they arrived, Lynda immediately saw why he had claimed exclusivity too. The area was shielded from the rest of the beach by an outcrop of rock which formed an alcove that only got filled with water during high tide.

Lynda stripped down to her sexy 2 piece bikini while Wyclef took out her blanket which he helped spread. When he was done he began to strip off his clothes too. “Mmmm! Nice bod!” she whispered when his shirt came off exposing his perfect abs, but it was when he slipped out of his shorts that she gasped and felt her pussy tingle.

‘Oh my God!’ Her mind screamed as she felt woozy for a moment; she was breathless from realizing that he went commando. ‘He’s so well hung too!’ she thought as her hungry eyes focused on his thick, 8 inches of prime black male flesh.

As his erection grew even bigger, she gasped in excitement as she beheld the emergence of the shiny blunt head of his uncut penis from its shroud of foreskin. Lynda involuntarily licked her lips hungrily as her pussy flooded with the lotion of her arousal. Wyclef looked at her, smiled and gave her a naughty wink. He obviously knew she wanted a taste of his man meat and he wanted to let her know he was game.

No sooner had they settled down than Lynda began to flirt with him, and then she handed him her sunscreen lotion which he squirted into his big palm and rubbed together while she took off her bikini. She laid on her stomach and he began to rub the lotion on her body. Lynda moaned and crooned as he rubbed the lotion on her back and when he reached the back of her thighs, he could actually see her wetness running down onto the towel she laid upon.

When he was done she turned over and he did her front as well, she moaned and then shocked him by asking; “So you and that sexy bartender are thick as thieves uh?”

If she had been expecting to shock him she clearly failed to. Wyclef just laughed and whispered to her, “I would’ve have kicked myself in the balls if you hadn’t asked about Eddy, ah the bartender. I saw the way you were flirting with him before I came along you know. Clearly he floats your boat, doesn’t he?” he concluded with a rhetorical question.

At first she tried unsuccessfully to feign indignation, but very quickly dissolved in a throaty sexy laugh and admitted her lusty interest in the man.

“But that was before you showed up, you know.” They both laughed and then their chit chat took a candid almost confessional turn and she began to talk dirty to him as he did her tits and then her sexy tummy.

Wyclef himself was so turned on, his cock throbbed and oozed precum and he kissed her and moved his hand to her breast again, this time kneading and fondling it, and then deciding to kiss it and then kissing her again.

Her Pulse quickened as he swirled his tongue about her rock hard nipple, and as her pussy flooded and began to drip sweet nectar, she felt the shroud of inhibition fall away from her minds eye. Her heart thumped hard and fast as she struggled to voice her wildest desires to the young Adonis who was mercilessly stoking the fire of her lust passion.

“Maybe we should get together and do something tomorrow, all three of us, something interesting, what do you think?” she asked him in a husky voice that dripped carnal desire. He sighed and then took a deep breath and answered her.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? You want to take on both of us all at once?”

“Why settle for one when you can have two gorgeous black gods.”

‘Oh my God!’ her mind screamed shocked that she just said that out loud.

“Well in that case, why the hell not!” he said after looking her in the eye and being convinced she was for real.

“Just one thing though,” he said causing her heart to skip a beat. He took his time, letting the suspense build up, he was clearly teasing her on purpose. When she couldn’t bear the suspense anymore, she asked; “And what might that be?”

He laughed, and then said “why wait until tomorrow? There’s a lovely half moon on tonight and the beach comes truly alive with calypso and sex and great fun too.”

“Perfect! But right now I need that gorgeous cock of your inside my wet and hungry pussy… later tonight would sort itself out.” She concluded with urgency in her husky voice.

“Bring it on Sugar!” he enthused already infected by the urgency of her desire. She felt his full manly lips, kissing her shoulder and blazing a trail over her chest, and intoxicating her with arousal as he licked and then sucked her breasts. His hand stroked her mound, and she put her hand on his penis, causing him suck her tits even more intensely as she touched and caressed his swollen manhood.

He moved closer to her, and as their sexually over charged bodies lined up in a perfect spooning position, she inched her ass back at his crotch and parted her cheeks inviting him to take her right there and then.

Wyclef reached down between them and guided his big hard uncut penis to her dripping wet pussy lips, jamming it right in. She sighed deeply as the air rushed out of her lungs with his powerful cock thrust, and then moaning, she sucked it in deeper with her pussy.

Cupping her breasts and kissing her neck he held his cock deep inside her body and they both stayed still for a moment, savoring the strong pulse of his throbbing male flesh inside her. Eventually he began to move again, pulling back and thrusting it back deeper.

They fucked with passion and lust until their feet shifted the blanket and thrashed about in the sharp white Caribbean sands which stung her delicate skin and fueled her lust even more. They were both sweating with intense pleasure and when he slipped his tongue into her ear she gasped and leapt into the arms of a powerful orgasm.

She gripped the top edge of the blanket and held on to it, shuddering and gasping as she climaxed. Wyclef wasn’t far behind, as he groaned when her vaginal muscles spasms massaged his shaft, kneading him as he ejaculated into her deeply fucked cunt. He tried to catch his breath again, lying on top of her and drenching her in his sweat.

So powerful was her orgasm that Lynda fell asleep right there on the sand which had magically turned warm and soft and the sun was relaxing. Wyclef thought it better not to disturb her nap, so he just sat in the sand, admiring the sexy sleeping beauty, and then looking out at the calm water of the sea.

When she awoke, it was to the sensation of the cool evening sea breeze kissing her half exposed breast. ‘Oh my God!’ she sat bolt upright as she realized she must have overslept. As she looked about she saw the nude figure of two ebony hunks walking out from the sea towards her. All she could think of was how gorgeous their perfect male bodies looked, even as a sudden craving for chocolate pervaded her lusty mind.

Suddenly she recognized the advancing black sex gods to be the very objects of her most recent fantasies, Wyclef and Eddie the bar tender. Lynda felt an intense warmth rise from her core and spread quickly rippling through her body until once again her pussy was moist and her nipples hard in anticipation of a great night ahead.

To be continued...

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