Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 3

By DonAbdul

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Lynda is receives her first black cock but would one cock be enough to sate her hunger?
Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife (Part 3)

Don Abdul ©2010

Suddenly Lynda recognized the advancing black sex gods to be the very objects of her most recent fantasies, Wyclef and Eddie the bar tender. Lynda felt an intense warmth rise from her core and spread quickly rippling through her body until once again her pussy was moist and her nipples hard in anticipation of a great night ahead.

When they sighted her, they waved and then hurried over. “Lynda, meet my boy Eddie, wicked bar tender and ladies man!” Wyclef introduced his friend with a mischievous laughter in his voice.

As Lynda rushed up to her feet, the piece of clothe that had been covering her waist fell away and as she felt a sliver of moisture running down her inner thigh, she blushed slightly as she realized it was Wyclefs sperm.

Meanwhile as Wyclef chuckled at her slight embarrassment and carried on with his introductions, Eddie shook her hand, holding onto it slightly longer as his eyes trailed her slim waist and her silken thighs. He seemed to be following the dripping cum with his eyes but beyond a naughty mysterious smile, he said nothing other than “It’s an honor to meet a sexy lady with a definite taste for chocolate.” To Lynda, his words were less potent than the accent in which they were delivered. That distinctive Caribbean lilt just made her so hot.

“Um... Well guys, a lady has got to clean up a little…” she said gesturing at the grains of sand that clung to her body and the cum that ran down her thighs. It was as though she had snatched back the initiative. “Skinny dipping anyone, she chuckled as she walked away towards the ocean. The guys whistled as they watched her swinging ass as they followed in her wake.

They swam and played naughty little games which involved fondling, kissing and heavy petting, first with Wyclef, and then Eddie got eased into it as they all got comfortable around one another.

After breaking the ice and laying a solid foundation for their impending ménage trios, the threesome got out of the water and decided to take their party elsewhere.

They all got dressed and packed up their picnic; Eddie offered to drive after they agreed to retire to a discrete motel half a mile away. Wyclef and Lynda took the back seat, and even before Eddie pulled out of the parking lot they had started fondling each other. It was a short drive but by they time they arrived at the motel, Lynda had had an orgasm and Eddie had an erection the size of the island itself.

Once he had parked the car, he stepped out and headed for the reception, with a hand in his pocket firmly holding down his massive erection. He couldn’t wait to get them all settled in their room for the night. He smiled with excitement and anticipation, knowing it would be a long night of torrid, and down right dirty sex. ‘That’s what these white rich tourist women want.’ He thought. Like several other young and strapping island boys, Eddie and his boy Wyclef knew how to play their part in the sexual drama just fine.


Once in their very comfortable motel room, Lynda made her move on Eddie. “Come here you pretty man!” she said as she took his big hand and pulled him closer. “You deserve to be rewarded for driving us here and then finding us a lovely room."

She melted into his warm embrace and turned up her face pouting and inviting him to claim her mouth. She went instantly weak in the knees when she felt his full chocolate lips on her soft pink ones, she gasped and moaned as he parted her lips slipping his tongue into her mouth. They kissed tenderly at first, and then deeply and very passionately too.

‘Whoever taught him to kiss did a damn good job too.’ She thought as she felt herself getting so wet kissing him, the fact that Wyclef was sitting across the room watching them made her even hotter and hornier too. Her tight clothes clung to her butt and breast making her body so sensitive to his caresses. She was so excited as the night promised not only her first black experience, but also her first double penetration opportunity as well. She felt so excited and so apprehensive all at once, as it was also her very first threesome.

She willed herself to calm down and stay the course, knowing she would forever regret it if she didn't follow through. ‘No way am I going to pass on this awesome experience, not with all the sexual deprivations I suffer from Andrew!’ she thought as she slowly worked her way to kissing his neck. She gasped as she began to feel giddy from a mixture of sweat and his very sexy smelling cologne.

Eddie paid her glowing tribute with his caresses, he made her feel so beautiful, so wanted and she really got into it too, grinding against his bulging erection and slowly caressing his chest with while sucking all over his neck and licking his ears.

She couldn't wait to take off his shirt and kiss his chest and to get a taste of his huge cock. She helped him take off his shirt and it made her so horny to see the boy wink at each other totally at ease, she was reassured that her greatest fantasies were about to happen at last.

Lynda quickly undressed and as she caught a glimpse of Eddie’s timber of a cock, she gasped and squeezed her thighs together. Her pussy was already wet and quivering in anticipation of having his and Wyclef’s big black cocks inside both her holes. ‘Thank goodness I brought the KY-Gel along.’ She thought with her eyes still wide from the unbelievable size of their gorgeous chocolate cocks.

Wyclef was also naked and stroking his cock while watching them, meanwhile Eddie shook his head and whipped his dread locks into place over his shoulders, and then he pulled Lynda into his arms. His mouth found hers and he swiftly swept his tongue deep inside. As she melted under his expert caresses, he worked his long finger in between her thighs, feeling her smooth, wet pussy. 

She pressed her naked hard nippled breasts into his hairy chest, and as his chest brushed against her hard and sensitive nipples, she gasped and moaned humping his finger. She was clearly primed for him. He could feel it, he could smell it too.

Lynda was lost in the moment, and held captive by Eddies kiss when she suddenly felt hot heavy breathing on her neck and then steely male flesh pressing hard against her soft pert ass.

With one hand on Eddie’s stiff cock, she reached behind her with the other and softly caressed Wyclefs as well. Her smooth white skin broke out in goose bumps when she felt his chest hair tickle her sensitive back.

Wyclef pulled back and spanked her playfully on the buttocks and announced, “Let’s take this to the bed people!” So eager was Lynda to maintain the magic of the intensely sexual moment that she ended up leading the way with each man’s cock in either hand.

The boys laid her out on the bed, with each man lying down on either side of her. She could feel their hard cocks against her sides as each lover took turns kissing her.

"You're sure you want to do this Lynda?" Wyclef asked rather rhetorically, whispering into her ear.

"Yes honey!" She answered softly.

He moved his face again and nibbled her lower lip. Meanwhile Lynda could also feel Eddie’s lips travel down her neck and close over one hard nipple. He licked and teased her with his slithering tongue, and then sucked hard, drawing a gasp from her. His mouth was wicked. His lips sucked hard, his teeth nibbled and pulled, his tongue flicked and lapped. Lynda’s soft gasps turned into moans as she brought her hand up and placed it on the back of Eddies head, holding him to her breast.

As if pre programmed, Wyclefs also blazed a trail of wet kisses from her ear lobe down her neck until his lips found her other breast and repeated Eddie's sweet sensual torment.

Lynda had never felt anything so sexually intense like that before; though her tits had always sensitive at that instance they were practically on fire. She arched her back, pushing more of her breasts into their mouths, and she moaned out loud as she felt their hands slide down her body until they began to stroke the smooth mound of her pussy.

"Dayum baby! you are so fucking wet." Eddie said against her breast, his accent making her even hornier. She was however beyond words as she felt him dip his finger deep inside sopping wet pussy. When she also felt Wyclef’s finger following in the digital penetration of her body, she involuntarily began to hump both men’s fingers lifting her ass clear of the bedding with each thrust.

She watched through lust glazed eyes as Eddie brought his coated finger up to her nipple, coating it in her pussy juice and then sucking on it.

"Mmmmm....delicious." He said, smiling down at her.

The words were scarcely out of his mouth when Wyclef pulled his finger out of her wetness and coated her lips with pussy juice, and then licking it off her lips and sharing it with her in a brief French kiss.

Lynda’s eyes closed of their own accord as she melted away in the heat of their mind blowing sexual ministrations. She felt their big hands all over her body, grabbing her tits and her ass, one fingering her dripping pussy, while the other thrust his finger in and out of her anus. Her moans got louder as both of hr holes were being fingered and then licked.

Suddenly she felt one of then move away, and her apprehension instantly returned, ‘am I ready to take on his oak tree of a cock right now?’ she though with some lingering trepidation, but before she could even open her eyes to see what he was about to do to her, she felt his weight rock her sideways on the bedding.

Her eyes starred straight up into Eddies as he swung his knee and positioned himself astride her chest. His huge member loomed like a Tank’s gun turret above her face causing her jaw to drop and her mouth open in amazement.

Seizing the moment, Eddie shoved his throbbing black cock into her mouth until his shiny bulbous head found her tonsils. She cautiously began to relax her mouth as he started moving back and forth, until her arousal overcame her caution, and she began to suck on him hungrily. 

The heavy rain of pleasure was threatening to drown her senses as Wyclef had positioned himself at the other end of the bed and applying sweet torture to both her holes. Her pussy and asshole were being bombarded with pleasure, as he ate her out and finger fucked her puckered rose bud. Lynda’s inhibitions flew out the window, and she finally lost all control, she was writhing and moaning so loud her sexual music filled the room.

Eddie also began to moan and then groan deeply as Lynda artfully swirled her tongue around his cock, flicking the head as her head bobbed up and down. Her hands seemed to move of their own accord, and before she knew it, she was rubbing her engorged clitoris and practically screaming her delight. The neighbors would probably have called the police were it not for Eddie’s cock which muffled her screams as she gorged herself on his precum which was flowing so freely.

“Rastafari! This ‘oman know ho to suck black cock, wow!” Eddie moaned regressing deeper into his Island accent. “Mmmmm! Aghhh!” Lynda moaned even louder as though in acknowledgment of his glowing compliment of her oral skill. Then as Wyclef swept away her hand from her clit and clamped his mouth over it, she purred, and her toes curled as a shiver rocked her body.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” She cursed and chocked Eddies cock in her right hand while pushing Wyclefs head deeper against her cunt. She trembled so violently almost taking Eddies over the side of the bed with her as she climaxed.

Her pussy squirted like it had never done before as she orgasmed bathing Wyclefs black smiling face in the nectar of her release. As her tremors receded, she jerked Eddies cock and licked his head and then sucked him until he was balls deep in her mouth and fucking her throat while his partner watched.

“Aireeee! He shouted and his back arched and his cock kicked in her mouth unleashing his cum. Lynda tried to swallow all of it, but there was way too much, and a load of it dribbled down her chin and onto her gorgeous tits.

They all piled onto the king sized bed and took a breather, and chatted some. Lynda praised the boys for starting off so gently with her, and hinting that now that things were in full swing she’d want it a little harder and rougher.

Eddie was the first to get off the bed, as he went to the mini bar to fetch them something to drink. While he was gone, Lynda retrieved her bag and took out the tube of lubricant gel, which she handed to Wyclef.

They downed their drinks and then reaching for the gel Wyclef squirted a dollop of it in his palm and rubbed hit over Lynda’s puckered rear portal. He gently worked the lube into her asshole drawing moans of pleasure from her as he slid his lubricated finger in and out of her well greased asshole.

It was a perfect signal that the short break was over, and they quickly swapped places. Wyclef laid on his back resting his head on the soft downy pillows, while she climbed astride his crotch and lowered her dripping wet cunt over his rigid black cock.

“Oooooh!” she whimpered as she felt the surge of pleasure right through her as his thick long manhood spread and stretched her pussy filling her up as her husband could never manage in a million years.

Wyclef reached up for her tits, and tweaked her rock hard nipples causing her to begin to rise and fall on his cock as though she was horse back riding. Her cunt enveloped his cock so snugly that his thickly veined manhood teased her engorged clit as she impaled herself again and again on his throbbing flagpole.

She cried out in mixed pain and pleasure as he began to meet her with thrusts of his own, and worked his way deeper, sliding in and out. Her body was wracked with ecstasy as she rode his big cock faster, arching her back and moaned out loud, but she was stunned by the sharp cracking sound of Wyclef’s hand spanking her round pert ass. Although she hadn’t really thought about it before but something about being spanked and manhandled by these gorgeous black men turned her on even more, and she found herself saying things she had only dreamed of.

“Oh shit! That’s great; fuck my tight little pussy harder! I can’t get enough of your big black cock!”

“Don’t you worry sugar, you’re gonna get plenty of cock before we’re done with you,” she heard Eddie respond from somewhere behind her, and then she suddenly felt his hands on her shoulder caressing it. He pushed her forward a little until her ass pushed out back at him.

She could tell he had applied the lubricant gel to his cock because he left some on her shoulder. He traced his finger down over her spine causing her skin to break out in goose bumps and then she felt him caress her ass cheeks, and then spread them open.

When she felt the tip of his hard cock pressed against her puckered little asshole, she moaned and urged him on. “Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck my little tight ass baby! I need your chocolate bar in there!”

Without further ado, Eddie began to slowly push his way into her asshole.

Wyclef meanwhile had slowed down to give his mate time to adjust. Once Eddie was all the way in, he held his pulsing cock still for a moment allowing her ass to accommodate his girth, and then the real fucking began. The boys started alternately thrusting into her holes, picking up the pace and building a rhythm until eventually they were going balls deep in and out of her with their weapons of mass distraction


“That’s it! You bastards, fuck my white slut holes!”

Even before the words left her mouth Lynda was shocked she had voiced then out. She feared more about embarrassing the boys more than embarrassing herself.

If Wyclef had heard her he only showed his in his increased thrusts; not so Eddie who responded yet again to her lust induced dirty talk.

“What a mouth you got on you sexy white woman,” she heard him comment. Any response she might have made was however cut short as he shoved his cock deeper up her ass, as he worked harder and faster to make her wishes come true. His increased pace changed their collective rhythm as Wyclef also paced up to catch up.

The Guys teased and caressed her breasts, ass and back as pumped away crazily. It went on this way for another 15 minutes. The whole room reeked with the pervasive smell and sound of their highly intense sex. They were all moaning and groaning, and even the reserved Wyclef eventually joined in the dirty talk as they all neared their climax.

“Oh fuck I’m cummming!” Wyclef groaned as he grabbed her jugging tits and arched his back, filled her pussy with his copious creamy cum. Lynda suddenly realized she wasn’t on the pill, but she didn’t care, she was past caring, all she cared about at that point was Eddie hurling her through the last few feet towards the mind blowing orgasm that had been building up deep in her core.

Although Wyclef had ejaculated, his cock remained stiff inside her well fucked and cum filled cunt, so she decided to make the most of her good fortune. She bent forward lower crushing her clit against his shaft while pushing her ass back at Eddie and granting him greater access to her secret anal paradise.

"Fuck my ass harder Eddie! Please darling, fill it up with your cum!" Lynda panted, on the very edge of her orgasmic precipice.

Eddie growled and squatted right behind her and shoved his cock balls deep in her ass fucking her with such wild abandon. His face was completely shrouded by his thick long dread locks which feel to her back and tickled her in ways she had never known possible. His warm sweat fell upon her sexually charged body like pouring rain.

Lynda’s moaned wildly as her climax loomed, and as she began to scream as though beckoning on the tidal wave of orgasm to sweep her away, it was Eddies turn to plead.

"Come with me baby. Milk my black cock." He raved even as his infectious energy made Wyclefs cock began to harden inside Lynda’s cunt. Together the boys fuck her harder and faster as she also rode both their cock like a driven soul.

“Oh Eddie… Wyclef… Mmmmm! Lynda chanted their names as her passion reached critical mass. Her thighs quivered against his Wyclef’s sides and her anus tightened around Eddie’s cock until suddenly she exploded with a cry.

Her orgasmic cry coincided with Eddie’s deep animal groan. He had finally let himself go after she started to tremble as her climax hit. Her pussy tightened and sent Wyclefs cum leaking from her now slackened pussy, and soaking his cock and balls.

"Fuck yeah!" He roared, throwing his head back and dumping another hot load of cum deep inside her.

The all collapsed on the bed exhausted; after resting up they took turns taking a shower and then ordered some food via room service. They ate and then settled down to watch a soft-core pay-per-view porn movie on cable TV.

The movie made Lynda quite horny again and when they end credits began to roll she turned to the boys and said in a very seductive voice, “Come on boys, only four more hours until sunrise.”

To be continued…….