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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife 7

Lynda accompanies hubby to the east on business, there she rekindles the embers of young lust
Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 7

Don Abdul ©2010

As the Lear Jet banked to its left in preparation for the commencement of their descent into Kuala Lumpur; Lynda’s slight frowning expression suddenly changed, as if in response to the change in the heading of the aircraft. A slight wrinkle graced the corners of her mouth, accentuating her dimples, while a naughty faraway glint in her eyes hinted at a reminiscence of erotic episodes of times past.

A slight shiver ran through her body as she pressed her thighs tightly together and felt the moisture o her sex soaking through her panties. Linda hadn’t slept in the same bed with Andrew for the past one month until they rendezvoused at the airport earlier that morning for their previously scheduled trip to India. Andrew and his Indian associates had been working their business on the subcontinent with the opening of two additional factories.

Linda honestly couldn’t care less about Andrew’s business; it all sounded extremely boring to her as his only motivation was profit and the expansion of his already gargantuan fortune. She wondered how any person could love money so much as her husband did; the man simply had no scruples when it came to acquisition of more money.

As the plane banked to its left, the deep furrows of her brows which were the outward expression of her pent up sexual frustration and hunger suddenly faded away. A slight wrinkle graced the corners of her sexy mouth and a naughty glint lit up her beautiful eyes which assumed the faraway look that could only be a product of a sexual encounter of a bygone time recollected so vividly as if it only just happened.

Lynda felt a slight shiver run through her as she pressed her thighs tightly together and then closed her eyes; with the flight only 15 minutes from landing at the airport in Kuala Lumpur for a two day stop over for another series of Andrew’s endless business meetings, Lynda surrendered herself to the pleasure that her most powerful sex organ, her naughty mind could provide her.

It was only her second time of visiting KL ever, and she knew from her last visit that certain members of the staff at their hotel could be seduced into her web of naughty sexual games, and it made her even hotter and wetter just pondering how she would seduce them. Her heart started to beat even faster just imagining the risky approach she would have to take to get laid in a country where folks could still get caned or even stoned to death for fornication and adultery respectively.

The high risk factor set her sex on fire as she paced up her alternating flexing and relaxing of her wet throbbing pussy in her uniquely stimulating way that left her practically gasping and yearning for release. She was so horny already that it didn’t take her too long before she brought herself to a small orgasm. Her release was quite minor and only sufficed to pique her appetite, and calm her high strung body a little; it however did very little to sate her desperate hunger for the hardness of a live cock.

By the time they landed at the airport, Andrew had kissed her and told her she would be driven to the hotel where she would naturally occupy the Presidential suite and have all the creature comfort at her disposal. He on the other hand would be attending a series of meetings and wouldn’t be rejoining her for the next 48 hours.

Other wives would probably have thrown their expensive designer shoes at him but not Lynda. She had expected nothing better from her husband who was naturally tone deaf to her needs as a woman. If truth be told, she was happy to be rid of him. She was still feeling very horny and in desperate need of some major league scratching of her itch; now she can safely concentrate on the business of sating her hunger and finding a capable man to quench the fire of her burning sexual desire.


Upon disembarking from the Limo and stepping into the hotel, Lynda was greeted rather more warmly than usual by the concierge, and then she was greeted personally by the manager whom she didn’t like very much. The manager assured her that he would be honored if she would call him should she require anything at all. Meanwhile he instructed the concierge to see her to her room personally and ensure she settled in comfortably.

While Lynda listened politely and smiled faintly, her mind was on reactivating her old acquaintance with the concierge who was crucial to her plans for getting laid that night. Once they were in the elevator alone, her luggage having gone ahead, she pressed a couple of hundred dollar bills into the hands of the concierge who was obviously gay.

Just as she had prepped him during her last stay at the hotel, the concierge understood that he had to ensure that she received a warning phone call the moment her husband stepped through the front door of the hotel. He also knew that he would be generously tipped at the end of her stay even if the warning call turned out not to have been necessary.

Once inside the suite, Lynda stripped and prepared for a shower but first she placed an order for food to be served by room service even though food was the last thing on her mind. While placing the order, she also hinted at her preference of waiter by asking after the young 23 year old stud by name. That was something Lynda especially loved about being rich people become so sensitive to your needs that a simple hint was often enough to get what you desired.


Lynda had met the waiter Abdul during her previous visit; he was a rather shy Malay boy with very beautiful intelligent eyes and a handsome face that looked so innocent until he smiled. When he smiled it was as if he became a totally different person; his lips part slightly baring his fangs like a ferocious animal about to pounce on its prey. His eyes seemed to sparkle with a previously hidden fire that bespoke of a wild passionate inner freak about to be unleashed. It had taken Lynda a couple of day of intensive prepping to achieve the privilege of uncovering the duplicity of Abdul personality but she had persevered because of the first hint she had about him.

He had been wearing his black pants and white shirt, with a black waist coat uniform when he entered the room with her breakfast. Lynda had been dressed only in her bathrobe which was only loosely belted at the front. He had served her meal and was about to withdraw when Lynda offered him a tip as she was about to pass the bill to him it fell down to the floor.

Lynda had bent down to retrieve the money when her robe opened at the front and fully exposed her big soft breast. Her nipple had been ripe and hard at the time and poor Abdul eyes had involuntarily become animated with such desire that his cock had instantly become swollen to full erection in his pants.

Although she hadn’t intended for anything of the sort to happen, Lynda had taken advantage of the risqué situation to assess what might be. She herself was so turned on by the ‘bathrobe malfunction’ that her sex suddenly became quite moist as she imagined herself pouncing on the young man and having her way with him right there and then.

The poor waiter coughed nervously and shifted his posture in a desperate bid to hide his embarrassing arousal. Lynda slowly covered herself whilst assessing the size of his package out of the corner of her eyes. She looked up at his face, and that was when she noticed his complete transformation. She dropped her gaze lower to his crotch and she could tell the guy was hung like a horse and she resolved to get a piece of him no matter how long it took.

Over the following couple of days, Lynda had laid an elaborate trap for the young waiter which had culminated in him helping the crazy American woman apply lotion on her back and getting a raging hard on that left him compromised an unable to resist her advances when she unzipped his pants and grabbed his 9 inch cock and wrapped her hungry lips around it.

She had swirled her lips around the blunt head of his huge cut prick and licked the oozing precum from his slit and then she had taken him deeper into her mouth until she was deep throating on his meat pole and gorging herself on his man meat and almost gagging on it.

Her jaw ached but the heat and energy of his throbbing manhood in her mouth and the uniquely fine taste of his precum in her mouth left her gasping and moaning even as her sexy love cries were muffled by his awesome girth.

Meanwhile, his initial timid disposition changed radically as she grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him closer and sucked his cock in long deep strokes, taking him so far down her throat that her chin nudged his balls on the downward stroke.

Abdul’s soft moans got louder and his hips thrust faster until finally he began to rant in his native tongue, and his tight balls erupted sending great spurts of thick creamy cum shooting out of his cock into Lynda hungry mouth.

Lynda shivered as his cock spurt copious cum into her mouth, he filled her mouth quickly and she gulped it all down with just a few drops leaking from the corner of her mouth. It was as if his man juice held the promise of much better nourishment for her than the food she had ordered.


Although on that previous visit Lynda had not fucked Abdul the room service waiting beyond the blow job she had given him, as she jumped into the shower stall she knew he was the perfect candidate to scratch her unrelenting itch most satisfactorily.

She quickly showered with her mind on the clock, deliberately resisting the temptation to play with herself as she thought an orgasm in the shower would detract from the totality of her enjoyment of the Waiters youthful huge cock.

After drying herself, she ignored the bathrobe in favor of a towel which she wrapped around her chest. Just as she was done rubbing her body lotion and putting on her light make up, the door bell chimed and she went over to let the room service waiter in.

The moment he saw her smiling face, his shy demeanor changed; it was a Jekyll and Hyde transformation that left Lynda breathless with anticipation.


The moment he dropped his pants, this awesome meat pole tumbled out. ‘Holy shit!’ she thought as her eyes widened as it seemed even bigger than she remembered from the last time she gave him a blow job. Abdul smiled with a hint of shyness, but his eyes had that wicked flame burning bright at that point. ‘Is this what you’re craving bitch?’ his eyes seemed to ask as they dared her to reach for his awesome cock.

He stroked it raunchily, teasing her and driving her already sex crazed mind even crazier as the damn thing grew even bigger until it was threatening to burst apart like an over inflated balloon.

‘Damn Abdul your god did you a huge favor honey....’ Lynda thought again as she felt her pussy juices spill over and flow down her inner thigh. She moved in on him and dropped to her knees and started to rub his balls and gently stroke his pulsing cock.

Her mouth watered as she licked her lips in preparation for the great meal of cock and cum that awaited her discerning palate. She wondered what unprintable names her husband and his high society friend would call her should they ever catch her like that, kneeling in worship before a hotel waiters lowly cock, salivating like a dirty bitch at the sight of a juicy piece of steak. ‘Oh fuck yeah!’ she thought as she stroked her way from his balls to higher up his brownish body to his perfect six-pack.

She couldn’t bear to wait for it any longer so she sailed her hand to his tight modest butt and pulled his hip even closer to her face, that perfectly aimed his steely erection at her wide open mouth. She closer her mouth over the blunt head of his hard hot male flesh and began to swirl her wet tongue all over it. The salty smooth taste of his oozing pre-cum added to her desire and sent a powerful thrill right through her body.

“Mmmmm!” he moaned as she began to take his cock deeper into her mouth; his moans and his gentle hip thrust made her even hotter and she dropped her free hand to her crotch and began to rub her very wet and slippery pussy. Her growing hunger led her to take his cock deeper and deeper until his cock was kissing her tonsils. As she pulled back and his cock almost came out of her mouth, she inhaled a lungful of air and then took him even deeper into her throat until her chin was firmly pressed against the close cropped mat of jet black pubic hair.

“Oh yesssssssss!” Abdul groaned and then placed both his hands at the back of her head. He guided and followed her head movements as it bobbed up and down, back and forth on his rock hard cock. The rhythm of his hip movement matched the pace of her oral ministrations as she worship her new found god, and being a sexually savvy woman Lynda knew he couldn’t stay in control for much longer.

Whereas her oral appetite for cock was huge, the persistent itch at the very core of her sex was even greater and desperately needed the kind of scratching that only his cock in her pussy could accomplish, so she slowly pulled him out of her mouth and traced the tip of her tongue down the underside of his shaft. That kept him hard and throbbing but also to recover as the building rush towards ejaculation receded.

Rising to her feet she led him by his stiff throbbing cock to the bedroom, where she sat him down on the bed and then pushed his upper body back onto the mattress. She hastily climbed in after him and vaulted her led over his prone body until she was astride his crotch. She lowered her dripping wet sex over his thick meat pole, and then as his blunt head parted her lips and sliced through her sex like hot knife through butter he united with her in a delightful moan and then took over by grabbing her waist.

Abdul held onto her waist as if he was afraid she might run off, and then he thrust his hip up and tore through her most intimate nooks and crannies. She exhaled loudly and then gasped as she felt the air knocked from her lungs. His cock fitted perfectly in her cunt; it was a very snug fit with almost no room left for expansion. At first each thrust of his cock up her pussy infused her mind with pleasure and pain, but as she wriggled her waist and went with the flow, the line of distinction between the two sensations became blurred and ultimately merged into one potent mixture of mind blowing pleasure.

As she became one with her youthful lover in rhythm and passion, she reached down between them and teaser her clit hood and then teased it back exposing her erect nubbin. Lynda then leaned forward, not only bringing his tits closer to his questing mouth and bringing her clit in contact with his stroking shaft.

He licked her nipples which juggled in and out of his mouth with her hip movement and then he began to suck on them one after the other deeper into his mouth. The harder he sucked on her nipple the harder and faster she rode his cock. And then when she bent lower to bring her tits closer to his mouth, his penis rubbed her in the most exciting of ways. His knob was grazing her g-spot and steadily drowning her in a sea of pleasure.

Lynda moaned louder and louder as she twisted and turned and squirmed giving his hard cock head better access to g-spot. It didn’t take long before he had her feeling rush of an on-coming orgasm, and by the feel of it, one with a force that she hadn’t felt in ages; something that she would never ever feel with her husband even if he could somehow manage to stop working long enough to fuck her.

Meanwhile, he was also lost in the heat of their shared passionate lust as she twists and turns bent his cock into angles that left her vaginal walls rubbing and massaging his cock so closely that he was swept up into a whirlwind of unadulterated pleasure. He moaned and groaned as he was swept ever closer towards an inevitable climax even though he was determined to hold on until her hunger had been sated.

Their moans grew in both passion and volume as they fucked and pleasure each other beyond words; they both knew the suite was sound proofed so they threw caution to the winds and indulged in the loud verbal expression of their sexual enjoyment as he fondled and kneaded her breasts with both hands.

“Oh yes baby! Mmmmm!” She cried out as she rode him harder and faster with her ass rising and falling at all sorts of crazy angles. Suddenly she cried out even louder and then grabbed his hands; she quickly moved them down onto the bed linen above his head and pinned them down. That movement left her body bent for far over his face that he claimed her breast and sucked harder on her nipple. She began to shiver and tremble even harder as her clit was squashed over his shaft and stroked deep and hard with each thrust of his cock.

Losing control of his senses, he bit hard on her nipple sending a massive rush of pleasure through her sexually super charged body. She suddenly screamed out loud as she climaxed! She let go of his hands and straightened her body and then her head shot back and she howls up at the ceiling in the throes of her awesome orgasm. Her breasts heaved and her nipples tightened, pointing out like the tips of arrows as she trembled and her wildly bucking hips sent her ass grinding against her lovers crotch!

He quickly followed in her wake as her vaginal walls kneaded his shaft and teased the male juice from his tight balls. He let off a deep primal groan and grabbed her hips so tightly until his finger nails dug into and broke her delicate skin as he shot his load of copious cum into her well used cunt.

Completely spent and breathing heavily, she collapsed onto oh him with his cock still embedded in her pussy. After they had rested, she kissed him and then whispered into his ears. “You were awesome baby… and I wish you could stay with me tonight.”

He smiled almost shyly and then nodded in agreement, and then explained to her that he had to return to work first and then come back after midnight. He got out of bed and began to get dressed again. Lynda watched his put his clothes back on and then suddenly her eyes lit up. It was as if she had come to a decision that greatly excited her.

She sat up in bed as he zipped up his pants and began to buckle his belt. Lynda smiled as she thought to herself, ‘Now that you have scratched the itch in my pussy, how about you satisfy another burning desire of mine uh?’

She got up from the bed and went over to give him a hug and then a kiss on the cheek. She whispered into his ear and whatever it was she whispered to him made his eyes widen and then fill instantly with great excitement and that wicked mischief that lay hidden beneath his shy exterior.

“Yes I would love that too…” He said as he led the way back to the living room and then out of the suite.

To be continued……

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