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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 6)

Itchy and needy yet again, Lynda plots her threesome but looks to a younger man for immediate relief
Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 6

Don Abdul ©2010

Working in close proximity with the 20 year old intern Jack was becoming rather too painful for Lynda as his continued presence around her was driving her nuts with desire. Most times she would often fantasize about pouncing on him right there in the office and tearing off his clothes, and then impaling herself on his extremely hard youthful cock. By the time she got to the point of riding him hard and rough, her pussy would be so dripping wet that her panties would have soaked through. Nothing short of a quick trip to her en suite bathroom in the company of her loyal vibrator which she kept in her desk drawer was ever enough to address the ache in her soaking wet sex.

It had been painful but she had instructed her secretary to send him a memo reassigning him forthwith. Lynda sighed at the difficulty of that decision, and then she quickly turned her mind over to scheming her next lusty adventure. ‘How in hell do I convince Giovanni to play along and let his sexy secretary in on our Thingy,’ she wondered. Her sexy lips spread out and birthed a naughty smile as the outlines of a plan began to form in her devious mind.

Just as she was savoring the ingenuity of her nascent plan, her office door flew open even before she had heard the firm know on it.


Jack had gone to Mrs. Bigg’s office to protest his unfair transfer from her office to the cubicles downstairs. Although she was the boss and he just a lowly intern, she had been less than warm with him lately, and he was sick and tired of it.

What really irked Jack was the fact that she had been nice and quite warm when he had started work in her office, but then after a couple of weeks of working quite late together on some project which turned out great, she started to give him a cold shoulder instead of some kudos.

‘She might be the boss, but I’m also a damn good intern too, so she ought to treat me with some courtesy as well.’

He had rehearsed the confrontation until he was going insane, then he waited until the others had left for the day. As she walked into her office, sparks instantly began to fly; like the stuck up bitch she had turned into in the past couple of weeks, she attacked him right away.

“What the hell do you want? Didn’t you get the memo; you’re not my intern anymore.”

Then she reached for the intercom on her desk and pressed the button; “Melanie, didn’t you tell Mr. Webber that he now works in the cubicles downstairs?” Her words were greeted with silence, and so she glanced at her wall clock. ‘Damn! Of course she’s gone home for the day,’ she thought as she remembered that she had told her Secretary she could go home earlier.

“Um… That’s kind of what I’m here about if you’ll just hear me …... he never got to complete the sentence before she shut him up.

“Well I’m not interested,” and then she moved towards the door and held it open. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got tons of work to do.” She said with a steely finality in her voice.

Jack’s next move shocked the hell out of Lynda Bigg. As he came by the open door, he suddenly took her face in his hands and kissed her hard on the mouth in one very fluid movement. He slipped his tongue through her shocked open mouth; at first she seemed too overwhelmed to resist, and then she seemed too pleasure stricken to want to resist. Jack was pleasantly surprised when she began to kiss him right back, and very passionately too.

When they paused for a breather, they were both panting heavily. As Lynda resumed their kiss, Jack slid his hand up her skirt, and emboldened by her cooperation despite the odds, he frantically pulled at her silk thong with his shaky hands tearing the fabric in his haste. The tearing sound only seemed to turn her on even more.

Lynda fumbled for his zipper and in no time at all she had his pants down around his ankles. She took his awesomely hard youthful cock in her hand and hefted it briefly. Although she was dying to wrap her lips around his girth and suck him until he jazzed in her mouth, what she really needed right at that moment was a deep hard fuck.

“Oh fuck me Jack!” she commanded him.

With ever growing confidence, Jack picked her up and carried her to her desk. She wrapped her hands around his strong shoulders while he cleared stuff off her desk onto the floor. He laid her atop the desk and promptly penetrated her long-suffering pussy with his throbbing 7 by 3” cock.

Briefly forgetting where she was, she screamed out at the heavenly sensation that ripped through her whole being. They both lost track of time and propriety as he plunged his energetic erection in and out of her wet hungry pussy over and over again.

They fucked harder and faster, surrendering completely to their primitive sexual instincts. He groaned like a beast and she made cries like a bitch in heat as she met his thrust for thrust. They carried on at it gasping and moaning from the depth of their souls until her pussy walls tightened around his swollen cock.

His head flew back and then he let off a deep animal growl as the first spasms of orgasm possessed them both. He heard her love cries grow louder until her body began to convulse against his. Her ass bucked wildly and she trashed about uncontrollably as her warm orgasmic juice bathed his cock. The feeling of extreme excitement drove him over the edge, and he shot her hot pussy full of his young and potent seed.

Lynda was the first to fully regain her senses, and she felt his warm sperm leaking out of her well fucked pussy, down the crack of her ass and onto the desk.

The bitchy angel inside her head screamed; ‘See what you went and did. How could you fuck a 20 year old intern? That’s like cradle snatching.’

Then the sweet little angel in her head countered; ‘Didn’t I tell you he’s got the power? He fucks like a storm too uh? LOL…. I told you not to fire him didn’t I? You’ve got to get him back now…’

She searched his face with her eyes, not quite sure what she hoped to find. ‘Damn! He’s such a sexy, handsome man…. That was exactly the reason I needed to keep him at arms length….. Oh well, to hell with all that now…. I need more of that youthful stamina of his.’ She smiled as she began to clean herself up.

To be continued...

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