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Lynn’s Wedding

Lynn’s Wedding

At a friend's wedding, I get luckier than I had any right to expect
On Saturday, August 23, 2014, I attended the wedding of my friend Lynn and her boyfriend Steve (well, Steve is her husband now). My girlfriend/lover Kat couldn't attend this wedding. She doesn’t really know Lynn, and her husband might get suspicious if she disappeared for a whole weekend.

Besides her husband Frank (who she doesn’t sleep with) and me, Kat also has a boyfriend on the side, named Dave, who she has known longer than she has known me. And has been fucking longer than she has been fucking me. Since I broke up with my old boyfriend Tom, Kat shares Dave with me from time to time. But sometimes it's nice to get some cock that's just for me! I manage to find a few one-night stands from time to time, but most of them aren’t anything special, just a scratch for my pussy itch.

My friend Lynn's wedding, as you shall see, turned out to be the perfect opportunity for me to score some grade-A prime cock that, at least for one night, was mine alone.

Lynn is a little bit chunky, and she's what used to be called a tomboy, but a very sweet woman; we've been friends (no, not lovers, just friends) for many years.

Steve is short, thin, and very nerdy. And they love each other very much. It's clear from how they look at each other and behave toward each other.

I'm part French and part Irish; my Irish side gives a red tinge to my brown hair. The day before the wedding, I decided to go all Irish, and I shampooed in red hair coloring into my hair. Into all of my hair. Yes, even into my hair "down there."

For the wedding, I wore a simple leopard-print dress, but with the leopard spots in pink. Simple, cute, sexy, without looking trampy or slutty. Plus earrings and a string of pearls for elegance. Simple white bra and panties underneath.

Anyway, back to Lynn. A woman's wedding day is the one day in a woman's life when she positively, 100% guaranteed knows for sure she's going to get laid. Everyone attending a wedding knows it, they're all thinking about it. Sex is on everyone's brain at a wedding. I could even see in Lynn's eyes the happy thought that in a few hours, her Steve would be banging her mercilessly.

So besides my sincere happiness for Lynn and Steve, I also had a pretty good hunch that, with sex already on everyone's brain, this would be a great place and a great time for me to find a no-strings-attached, one night hook-up.

So I showed up at the chapel already thinking about it, kind of on the prowl for the hottest hunk at the wedding to fuck my pussy very hard and very deep.

But first I congratulated Lynn on finding love and happiness.

I found Steve, the groom, and told him he had found a great gal, and he'd better treat her right. I of course already knew that he would.

While I was talking to the groom, a handsome man walked up and said hello to Steve. So Steve introduced me to Mike, one of his co-workers.

Mike was tall, probably about 6'4", slender but not overly skinny, nice eye candy. But he didn't give me that tingly sensation, none of that wonderful spine chill I feel from a man when I think I would just die if he didn't fuck me.

While I was talking with Mike and Steve, another man walked up and told Mike, "Lynn needs your help. Something about one of the decorations fell down and she needs a tall guy to help her put it back up."

This new guy then asked Mike, "And who is this stunning woman?"

Mike smiled. "Oh, sorry. This is Justine. I just met her. Justine, this is my brother Vince." With that, Mike toddled off to help Lynn, and Steve departed to greet other wedding guests, leaving me alone to chat with super-hunky Vince.

My eyes drank Vince in from head to toe, and toe back to head again. He was tall, not as tall as his brother Mike, but a good six feet to my five feet ten inches. And muscles everywhere! He definitely gave me the "This is the man who is going to fuck me hard all night, and I’m going to absolutely love it" tingle, a feeling which his brother simply hadn't given me. I thought, "Bingo!"

Vince gave me a strange look. "Why did you say Bingo?"

Oh no, had I said my thought aloud to him?

"Nothing," I giggled. "Just never mind. It's nothing." After a pause, I said, "So, introduce me to your wife? Is she here?"

Vince had the answer I had hoped for, "I'm not married."

We began to chat. Vince told me he's thirty-five, a nice age to go with my thirty-nine years, for a hot one-time hook-up.

We talked about our jobs, our schooling, and our hobbies. I looked at him, listened to him, and began to lick my lips.

"Are you okay, Justine?"

"I'm fine, Vince," I tried to reassure him. But what I wanted to say was "No, Vince, I'm not okay. I'm not okay at all. You make me very horny, and I won't be OK until you fuck my brains out!"

The wedding ceremony was about to start, and Vince asked me to sit in the pew next to him.

At the reception afterward, Vince sought me out, and he asked me to sit next to him at the table with his brother Mike and their friends.

The band was playing, people were talking, laughing, dancing. So I knew people wouldn't be watching or listening to me as I bit Vince's ear lobe and whispered. "You make me sssooooooooo horny!"

I rested my hand palm down atop his crotch and told him truthfully "You’re the hottest hunk in the room!"

Vince kissed me and touched my breast over my dress. At his touch, an electric shock shot all through me and straight to my pussy.

I told Vince, "They say the grace with which a man moves on the dance floor, is indicative of how well he will move in bed."

"Care to dance?" Vince grinned from ear to ear.

Vince was a very good dancer, like he could be one of those hot shirtless male instructors on TV's Dancing with the Stars. So I knew he would have amazing moves in bed, too. That happy thought had my pussy dampening now.

"I have a room in this hotel, Vince," I grinned. "Care to dance me straight upstairs into my room, and then dance your way deep into my very wet pussy?"

So after one last good wish for Lynn and Steve, Vince and I discreetly left the wedding reception, which was kind of winding down by then anyway.

In my room, I began to strip Vince. I raised his t-shirt and put my hand on his chest. When I saw and felt those arms, that chest, I knew that I was about to get fucked nice and hard by a true hunk!

Vince peeled me out of my leopard-print dress, revealing my elegant white bra and matching white panties. His big, strong hunky arms wrapped themselves around me from behind, and I felt so happy that I was about to spend all night wrapped-up in those arms! Mmmm!

Vince removed my dress now, and he had me down to just my bra and panties. When he called me his hot Irish Leprechaun, I told him "Taste my lucky charms. They're magically delicious."

Vince's strong hand very gently pulled my panty aside to get at the "lucky charm" I offered him to taste. After a few of his licks on me, I simply had to taste Vince's yummy Italian sausage. As I did, his big strong hand gently stroked the back of my head, caressing his lucky leprechaun's Irish-red hair.

Vince asked me if he could have a look at my ass. This Irish leprechaun lass was under the Italian stud's magical spell, so how could I say no? I lay face down and let him admire and worship my ass, with his eyes, his hands, his lips, and his tongue. Vince liked my ass so much that he insisted on fucking my back door before he would agree to give in to my pleas to stuff my sausage-hungry pussy.

I'm not normally a big fan of anal sex. It's okay, not great. But Vince's massive cock gently easing into my ass felt wonderful. As Vince's big Italian sausage slowly pumped in and out of my ass, my pussy opened up, hoping he would enter "her" next.

Inspiration struck me now. Riding a hard cock with my pussy is always such fun, so how about riding Vince's wonderful cock with my ass, instead of with my pussy? Great inspiration....this felt so good! Riding my ass on Vince's magnificent cock bent his thick manhood almost to the breaking point, but oh my god what this did to my lust level! Just through the roof!

By now Vince's cock was as big and as hard as a baseball bat. He climbed on my ass and mercilessly pounded me back there. I trembled through four intense orgasms. OMG, can this hot hunk ever fuck! I momentarily wondered if Lynn, the bride, was getting fucked anywhere near this good on this, her wedding night. Somehow I doubted it.

"Vince," I begged, "Pull out of my ass now and please, please, please fuck my pussy!" Finally, mercifully, Vince relented and moved his huge cock down from my ass into my hungry pussy from behind. At long last, my starving pussy was devouring Vince's massive cock, and at least for one night, all was right with the world - at least, with my world.

Next, Vince gently put me on my back, carefully spread my pussy lips open, and prepared me for a hot missionary fuck. Then he just plunged right in, and brought me straight to heaven. When Vince finally pulled his huge cock out of me, there was so much come in me (his and mine), his slow withdrawal was like uncorking a champagne bottle. The excess came pouring out of me. I was in seventh heaven now, even if I couldn't breathe!

Although Vince was no longer in me, my pussy kept contracting from having just been fucked so very hard. I trembled into one last orgasm, which sent the last of Vince's come pouring out of me, mixed with my own.

Finally, the ocean of our mixed come stopped pouring out of me, and a nice little puddle was left in me, for me to savor and remember this magical night of a leprechaun lass and a hot Italian stud.

The twenty-one photos in my Lynn’s Wedding photo album show the action I have described here.

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