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Maddie - Part 1

The night after a horrible date, Madelyn runs into a guy she saw from the night before.
Madelyn walked through her front door and immediately threw her keys as hard as she could against the couch that sat opposite of the doorway. Pissed off, a little tipsy and rather horny, she made her way to her bedroom before ridding herself of the dress that she selected for Him – the modest sun dress with a hint of sexy added in.

She made her way to the bathroom to relieve her aching bladder before slipping into the safe confines of her warm bed. She didn’t want to succumb to the horniness that happened to plague her at the moment, but she knew if she didn’t, then it would be a long night. For some reason, she can’t sleep if that aching need exists within her loins.

Ah, fuck it…

She reached over and withdrew her trusty silver bullet from her night stand and began to satisfy herself.

“At least I have you to rely on other than the guys who think they are real men.”

She was beyond frustrated with the date she had just been on. Yeah, he was attractive and all, but he didn’t seem all that focused on her. He kept glancing at every girl that walked by their table as they ate. Lucky for her, she had the wine – bought by him, of course – to somewhat keep her at bay. If the prick would’ve just paid more attention to her and not every bimbo that passed by, then the date might’ve been bearable at best. But as things were, she couldn’t wait for the date to be done with so she could get home and to bed to forget about this day.

Madelyn continued to run the vibrating bullet up and down her pussy, only stopping to tease her pulsating clit. She needed the sweet relief her body craved to get some sleep. Had she not consumed all the wine – out of boredom, mostly – then her horniness wouldn’t have reached this level. And there was no way in hell she was going to let her arrogant date make the attempt to satisfy her either. Thank goodness for her little vibrator.

After circling her clit a few times, she held it against her little love button as it sent vibrations and pleasure rippling through her lower body. She let out an audible moan that eventually increased in pitch and tempo – not that she cared or anything. The stimulation to her clit caused it to throb and go crazy. Her hips started to gyrate, as if she were being fucked. Oh how bad she wanted to be fucked at that moment. Maybe I should have let him fuck me. It would’ve been a onetime thing, right?

Pushing the thought to the side, she held the bullet against her clit with one hand and plunged two fingers as far as she could into her aching pussy with the other. She curled her two fingers upwards and began rubbing and massaging her sweet spot. Within minutes, the sounds of buzzing and her moans began filling the room. Her pussy was buzzing and on fire as she drove her two fingers in and out as hard and as fast as she could, her clit being stimulated by the vibrating bullet.

The waves of pure pleasure began crashing over her body as her pussy clenched her probing fingers very tight. She tensed up as her pulsating pussy began cumming hard, almost knocking her unconscious from the powerful impact. She rode wave after wave of pleasure that coursed through her slender frame. When she finally came down from her orgasmic high, she was too tired to move. She was basically in a catatonic state as a blissful smile managed to make its way over her pretty face.

“Damn,” was all she was able to say as she suddenly was over taken by sleep.


By the time Madelyn woke up, the sun was beaming across her face. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the most unwelcome glare. She rolled over to avoid the blinding light and tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use. Her head was hurting from the wine she drank and, for some reason, her body ached as well. After tossing and turning for next fifteen minutes, she decided to get up and grab some coffee to ease the tension that was spread throughout her body.

She made her way to the kitchen as silently as she could, so she didn’t wake her roommate. She loved her roommate, as they were best of friends, but right now she wanted nothing but solitude. She wanted to keep her thoughts to herself and graciously sip her coffee in hopes of it curing her headache. But no sooner as she started the pot of coffee, her roommate came bounding in the kitchen, all bright eyed and bushy tailed – metaphorically speaking, of course.

“Hey, Maddie! How was your date last night?”

Madelyn couldn’t fathom how someone could be so cheerful and happy in the mornings like Mia was. Maybe because Mia didn’t drink the night before? Or maybe it was just in her nature. Either way, it drove Madelyn nuts and solely because she didn’t want to deal with it at the moment. And now she’s asking about her god awful date with the douche bag who decided to pay attention to every other girl except for the one he was there with.

“Ugh, don’t even remind me of that self-centered prick.”

Madelyn wanted nothing more than to forget about the bastard and just move on.

“What do you mean? He sounded like he was amazing last night. You woke me up…” Mia trailed off.

“Oh God, no! He kept checking out every girl in front of me! And you heard me as a result of myself. He didn’t step one foot in this place.”

Madelyn began to blush at that. How was she not careful enough to suppress her own moans? In her drunken state, she had to of forgotten that her roommate’s bed was just on the other side of the wall from her own bed. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that she was heard.

“Oh shit! That would make sense though…”

“Yeah…I feel like shit though. I drank a bit too much wine, so I wouldn’t be all that bored. Fucking prick…”

Madelyn continued to sip on her coffee while Mia got up to pour her own cup. As pleasant as she was to be around, Madelyn wanted her peace and quiet. She wanted to sit and stew in her coffee that was, surprisingly, helping with her headache. As she sat and continued to drink the coffee, her mind went back to the previous night.

Why had she been so turned on by the arrogant prick? Or was it even him that did it to her? She knew the consumption of the wine helped, but was there something she missed while he was being a typical male? Then it hit her. She remembered seeing this guy with a couple of his friends that were sitting a few feet away. He kept looking her direction and, when she caught his eye, he’d smile at her. She immediately blushed and couldn’t help to slyly return the smile. Not that she cared whether or not her date noticed or anything, but she remembered the looks and smiles became more frequent with the more wine she drank. The more she drank and the more smiles she received, the wetter her panties became. That’s what made her so horny when she got home.

“…were kinda loud, so I assumed… Maddie! Are you even listening to me?” This question brought her back to reality.

“Oh, what? I’m sorry; I was lost in thought for a second.”

The two roommates just stared at each other in complete silence before Mia started laughing.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were thinking about last night,” Mia said with a devilish grin.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…what were you saying though?”

“Oh! Yeah…I heard you storm in, throw your keys and go to your room, so I thought you brought Him home.” She winked at Madelyn.

“Nah, I would’ve been more subtle about it. In fact, you might’ve not even known,” she winked back before continuing, “just like last time.” A naughty smile spread across her pretty face.

“What?! You’ve brought a guy home right under my nose and I didn’t even know? I’m impressed!”

“It’s how I do things.”

Her retort was subtle with an air of confidence. She knew she could land any guy she wanted. The dilemma – which one was worth it? Not to trouble her aching head any longer, she ventured back to her bedroom before drawing her curtains shut.

Fuck the sunlight right now.

Madelyn’s thoughts were on the strange at the restaurant from the night before. As she lay in bed – nursing her wonderful hangover – she kept thinking about him. What caught her attention so well? It had to of been his eyes. She’s a sucker for amazing eyes and his were no exception. Or maybe it was the fact that he actually noticed her and wanted to give her the attention she wasn’t receiving from her asshole date. She lay there and continued to ponder why before she fell asleep.


“Maddie…psst, Maddie. Wake up…” Mia whispered to her.

She woke up very groggy and confused as to what was going on. She sleepily stared at her friend before rubbing her eyes and making the attempt to sit up.


“Do you feel like going out tonight? We could hit a couple clubs or just stick to some bars?”

Still feeling groggy and trying to register the question, she just stared at her friend. Then it became clear to her.

“Oh, yeah…um, yeah, sure. That sounds like an excellent idea actually.”

“Okay, great! We probably should get ready soon. It’s already 6 o’clock.”

“What?! How long have I been sleeping?”

“Four or five hours. You crashed right away. I don’t blame you though. But c’mon, get up and get showered!”

She sat in her bed for a few more minutes to try and wake up before going to the shower. She couldn’t believe how long she had slept for. Had she gotten in that late? Or was she that hungover? Deciding it was best not to worry about it; she got up and headed for the shower.

The warm water was very comforting as it ran over her body. She could feel the warmth of the water travel over her nipples, teasing them ever so slightly in the process. She figured it was probably best if she didn’t linger in the water too long, in fear that she might succumb to the arousing feeling it was creating. That would be last thing she needed while getting ready for a night out.

Madelyn rushed through the rest of the shower before stepping out and drying off. By this time she was wide awake and ready for the night ahead. She felt well rested and figured that she may be able to stay out a little longer than she may have normally been able to with all that extra sleep. But doing so may have screwed up her sleeping pattern for the next few nights.

“Damn, girl! You’re looking sexy as hell…” Mia said as she gave her roommate a once over as she came out of her bedroom dressed and ready to go.

She walked out of her room wearing a low cut, strapless mini dress that barely covered her ass. The sheer material was snug against her frame, showing off every single curve her body had to offer. Her cleavage was just right and her breasts filled out the front perfectly.

“You like?”

“Yeah! Are you trying to bring a guy home tonight?” Mia asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, kinda…I saw this guy last night. I think that’s why I was so damn horny when I came home. I’m just hoping that maybe I’ll run into him tonight…” she blushed as she said this.

“Aaahhh, cause you want him to fuck your brains out tonight, huh?” By now Mia was teasing her roommate.

“Not necessarily! I mean, he’ll have to earn it first…”

“Oh, so you’re gonna play that game tonight…if he keeps up then you have a winner…”

“I sure hope so…”


The two girls quickly discovered how packed clubs can get on a Saturday night. They ventured from club to club, only to find long lines to get into all of them. Determined to get inside at least one, they toughed it out and waited in line.

Madelyn was desperate to know if she’d run into that mystery guy from the night before and where he might be. She was hoping that he might be inside this particular club because this happened to be the place where everyone went. But trying to find him in a sea of people would be a very daunting task. And hopefully one that she would be willing to be up for.

Finally they were able to enter the club, only to find it very full. There was a sea of people on the dance floor, all of them gyrating and dancing with someone. All around the dance floor and the DJ’s booth were occupied by bodies. And trying to find a place at the bar was pretty much impossible to do as well.

“Mia, this place is too fucking packed! Let’s just try a couple bars.” Madelyn shouted over the music to her friend who replied with a simple nod of her head.

The two girls began to fight their way towards the exit. And once they were free of the sea of people and the deafening music, they quickly made their way down the street to another popular bar. This time, they were able to get inside and get to the bar with no problems.

Madelyn had just ordered her drink and was turning around when she spotted the guy from the restaurant. She almost dropped her drink out of pure excitement and nervousness. She quickly downed the drink before he could see her in hopes that if he spotted her with an almost empty drink, maybe she’d get a drink – or quite a few – out of the deal.

She turned back around to point him out to Mia, but as they both turned to look, he was gone. She felt very disappointed and somewhat upset at his sudden departure.

“Which one is he?” Mia asked, gesturing to the area where he was.

“He’s not there anymore. I swear he was there and as soon as I turned around, he was gone.”

She felt very disappointed by his disappearing act. That was until someone whispered in her ear.

“Let me buy you a drink. You drank your last one pretty quickly.”

She jumped from the unexpected voice in her ear and quickly turned around, only to stare the mystery guy dead in the eyes. She melted right then and began fumbling for something to say, anything to say back to the gorgeous man she lay her eyes upon. And how he spotted her downing the drink so quickly was a mystery to her, considering she hadn’t even noticed him looking her way at all. Unless he was using the reflective surfaces trick. And in that case, good for him.

“Oh, um, yeah, sure!” she began kicking herself for not coming up with something a little more intelligent to say than just that.

“I’m Shane by the way. And you are?”

“Madelyn, but my friends call me Maddie. It’s nice to meet you. Oh, and this is my friend, Mia.”

“Nice to meet you, Mia.” He smiled at her as he shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you too,” Mia returned the smile.

Madelyn beamed at him, unable to hide the excitement she felt for actually running into him. And her jumpy nerves were very clear when he tried to hand her the drink.

“Whoa, easy there.” He was able to catch her drink before it fell to the floor.

“Oh my! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I’ve only had one drink, I promise!” She said in self defense that accompanied a series of giggles.

“I’m not gonna say anything.” He smiled and took a sip of the beer he was drinking. “So, I think I’ve seen you around before. Seems like very recently actually.”

“You know, I think I’ve seen you somewhere as well. I just can’t quite remember where.”

That was a bunch of bullshit and she knew it. But of course she wasn’t going to come out and say that she happened to see him last night. Nope, she wanted him to think he wasn’t glued to her memory like he really was. She didn’t want to seem so eager and thrilled to finally be in his presence. She didn’t want him to know that he had already soaked her panties.

“Wait…I think I saw you last night.” He gave her a stern look before his eyes lit up, almost like a light bulb turning. “I did see you last night!”

“Oh yeah? Where?” Clearly she knew.

“The new restaurant over on 5th street. You were with another guy. Your boyfriend, I’m assuming?”

“Where were you sitting?” She tried her best to hide the smile that threatened to show up. “And God, no…that jerk was a date that my friend set me up on.” She quickly gestured towards Mia.

“Probably three or four tables away. I remember making eye contact a few times and smiling at you.” He gave her the same exact smile from the night before and she couldn’t avoid from blushing like crazy. He noticed this as well. “I also noticed that he kept staring at everything that walked by…”

“Oh, okay…I remember you…” she just looked up at him and gave him that knowing smile. Her cover was quickly deteriorating but she didn’t seem to care.

“Care to dance for a bit?” He asked, extending his hand towards hers.

“Buy me another drink and I’ll think about it.”

She made the attempt to keep a straight face, but he quickly snuffed out her bluff, only causing her to blush and have another giggle fit.

“I’ll buy you another drink because that was a clever attempt.” He winked at her and ordered her up another drink.

Madelyn had completely forgotten about her friend, Mia. Totally forgot she was there with her. She only realized this as she began dancing with Shane. She looked towards the bar to see her friend standing there alone, appearing to be slightly pissed off and lonely.

“My friend looks lonely…”

“I can fix that.” He quickly walked back to his friends and got the attention of one of them. He said something to him, pointed towards the bar and then walked back to Madelyn. She noticed his friend got up and approached Mia.

Madelyn watched her friend’s face light up when Shane’s friend approached her. She felt much better about leaving her by the bar and went back to enjoy the provocative dance with Shane.

Shane pushed his body into hers from behind before wrapping his arms around her waist. She immediately backed her ass into the crotch of his jeans and began swaying with the beat of the music. It didn’t take long for the two of them to become lost within one another. As the music played and the alcohol coursed through her body, the more she wanted the man that had dick pressed between her ass cheeks. She wanted him to take her home and ravish her body, to make her his, but she didn’t want to give him that satisfaction – not yet anyways. She wanted him to work for it, to earn it. And if he was willing to put up with her bull shit, then he could do what he wanted to her. Time for the fun to begin.

A naughty smile formed on her face before she quickly pulled away from Shane. She turned back around, winked and then headed for the bar. She had hopes that he would follow her, but when she looked back, he was already sitting with his friends. She walked back up to the bar and re-joined Mia before looking back at him to see what he was going to do next.

“Damn, girl…Shane and his friend are both fine as hell!” Mia said as Madelyn approached her. Shane’s friend saw her coming so he wished her well and walked off.

“I know and now I’m trying to see if he’ll prove his worth. If he can, I’m all his,” she replied with a naughty wink to her best friend.

“Ohhh, you’re gonna play that game with him, huh? Well looks like Mr. Shane is making his way over here. And oh fuck, so is his sexy ass friend,” she shut up real quick and her face turned red as the two guys approached them.

“We were wondering if you two ladies would be willing to join us instead of standing here by the bar.” Shane asked, looking directly at Madelyn.

“We’d hate for you two to just stand there and not socialize with us,” Shane’s friend spoke before turning his attention to Madelyn. “And I’m Kyle by the way.”

“I’m Madelyn, nice to meet you.” She smiled brightly at him.

The guys led the girls back to the table they were sitting at before both them decided to be gentlemen and pulled out a couple chairs for the girls. This made each of the girls blush as they casually took their seats.

The introductions went around the table and she learned that the others at the group were Shane and Kyle, of course. Then there was Mike and John, two girls named Aly and Rachel. They all said their hellos and went about their drinks and conversations.

Madelyn quickly became intrigued with the playful banter and humorous jokes that were being tossed around between the guys. Just when she thought one of them got the other with a good burn, one of the other guys with jump in with a playful insult of their own. She quickly forgot that she was supposed to be making Shane work to get with her.

Think of something, Maddie. What can I do to get him to chase after me? Hmm…

She began looking around the group of friends. She could try and get one of them to dance with her and see what Shane does. Or she could find a random guy, but that would be too risky. She couldn’t take the chance of pissing him off and getting absolutely nowhere. But what was she to do?

She looked over at Kyle who happened to be in conversation with Mia. That could work, but how would Mia react? Would she realize the intentions of her friend? Or would she get pissed and seek revenge by going after Shane? Surely, Mia wouldn’t do that, right?

Taking her chances on her plan working out, Madelyn stood up, attracting the attention of the rest of the group.

“I’m gonna go dance. Who wants to join me?”

No one said a thing. They just stared at her for a few seconds – which felt longer than that to her – before Kyle stood up and took her hand to lead her towards the dance floor. This was a total surprise, considering he was supposed to be interested in Mia. If she wants her plan to follow through, she’s just going to have to deal with it and let it be.

They walked out to the dance floor hand in hand, the thought of Shane’s reaction clearly taking charge. What was he going to do? Was he going to just sit there and watch his friend dance with the girl he was trying to get with? Or was he going to be proactive? The questions began to swirl through her head as the two started to dance just like she had with Shane.

The booming bass of the music, the alcohol she had consumed and the feel of Kyle pressed against her ass caused her to lose all sense of reality. Her game was fading as quickly as her arousal was setting in. She kept staring at Shane with sultry eyes, as if daring him to get up and take her from his friend and have his way with her. She wanted him so bad and resolve was all but gone. But no, she had to maintain her composure. She must keep control of her inner conflicting feelings – the feelings and desire that was just screaming and begging to come out.

In hopes to create some sort of reaction from Shane, she began to really dirty up the dancing. She bent all the way over and lewdly rubbed her ass all over Kyle’s crotch. Her goal wasn’t to necessarily turn him on, but that seemed to be the effect of her actions. But if it caused Shane to get up and do something other than just sitting there, then she was all for it.

Just as she was about to give up, Shane stood from his seat and grabbed Mia before leading her out to the dance floor. Excitement began to overtake her. Her plan was beginning to unfold and he was falling right into her trap. And the closer he came to her and Kyle, the wetter her panties were becoming. She wanted him so bad, but she wasn’t about to allow her lust and arousal to ruin what she’s already worked at. That would be way too easy.

Shane turned Mia so she was facing her friend before coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. His eyes flickered as they met Madelyn’s, as if to say I can play this game as well. And before she knew it, her friend was dancing on her. The four people created a sandwich in a sense – the two girls as the filling. Madelyn and Mia were forced to dance with each other since the two guys quickly closed the gap. And while they were dancing, Madelyn hadn’t noticed that the boys switched spots until she looked up and saw Kyle’s face behind Mia. She leaned back hard against Shane’s chest and lewdly ground her ass into his covered cock.

She could feel it quickly expanding and making its way between her supple ass cheeks, further turning her on. She didn’t care at this point. He did come after her and took back what was his. Even though it wasn’t much and didn’t take long, Madelyn didn’t care. She had him against her and that was all that mattered to her at the moment. She had to have him, so quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Madelyn spread her legs and straddle his leg before reaching up to kiss him full on the mouth, her fingers beginning to tangle themselves in his short, shaggy hair. He eagerly returned the kiss while she started grinding her panty covered pussy on the leg of his pants. The stimulation was driving her crazy. She purposely let a moan slip between the kiss, just loud enough for him to hear it and no one else.

She continued her grinding, gradually increasing her speed and force as an orgasm threatened to make an appearance. It was as if the beat of the music was picking up in speed simultaneously with her grinding. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she came on his leg. And someone he knew what was about to happen and started to move his leg back and forth, creating his own friction for her. This drove her nuts as she was only able to bury her face in his neck and let out a loud moan that was drowned out by the music as her orgasm violently rocked her slender frame. If it were Shane being there, she would’ve already been on the ground.

After finally settling down from her orgasmic high, Shane took her hand and led her back to the table with the rest of his friends. She hadn’t noticed that Mia and Kyle was already back, Mia in his lap. The girls exchanged a knowing look with a naughty grin as Madelyn sat down next to her friend.

“So, Maddie, did he play your game right?”

Mia stared at her with a big grin on her face before leaning in closer so no one could hear them.

“Because it sure looks like it,” she said with a wink.

“That obvious, huh?” She began with a laugh, “I can’t believe I folded that quickly.”

“I don’t blame you though. After feeling what he has to offer, I would’ve done the same thing. You better fuck him tonight or I’ll be fucking him and Kyle,” Mia said playfully.

“You wouldn’t! Don’t worry…I’m gonna let him have full access of my body tonight.”

“Good girl.”

The girls exchanged smiles and giggles once more before they turned back to their respective guys.

It was starting to get late, but Madelyn was still somewhat riding the high that was caused from the orgasm she had on the dance floor. She was also fully awake by now, considering she slept for most of the day. And it didn’t help matters that she had consumed alcohol. If she were planning on any sleep, she would definitely have to exert herself for the rest of the night to use up some of that energy she acquired. Exerting herself is exactly what she had planned for the rest of the night.

She continued to consume the drinks and this only added fuel to the fire of lust and desire that she was feeling. She was more than ready to leave the bar and take Shane home to satisfy her aching need. After the little tryst on the dance floor, she was definitely feeling the need for some cock. But who knew when that was going to happen? The guys didn’t seem in any hurry to leave or seemed that interested in getting laid. They continued their playful banter, but this went on with more slurred words instead.

Madelyn decided to slow down on the drinking. It’s usually never a good idea to get too drunk when a person plans on a wild night full of sexcapades and other dirty festivities, and she clearly wanted to avoid being too drunk. A drunken, sick mess is definitely not attractive. So after finishing her last drink, she decided she had enough alcohol for the night.

“Are you about ready to get these guys to leave? I’ve been ready to get the hell out of here for awhile. I’m fucking horny…” Madelyn asked Mia.

“Dude, I didn’t think you’d ever ask,” Mia quickly responded.

Laughing, “Well let’s convince these two that they need to go home with us. Then we’ll have our fun with them.”

She gave her friend a naughty wink before turning back to Shane.

“So, I think you and Kyle should go with Mia and I back to our place…” Madelyn whispered in his ear.

“We didn’t drive – Mike did.”

“That’s fine. One of us can take you guys home. Just ride with us.”

Madelyn turned his face towards hers before kissing him hard and deep. She slipped her tongue in his mouth before tangling her hand with the hair on the back of his head. He returned the kiss, his hand cradling her face before softly stroking it.

Her arousal was peaking, her panties soaked, as the kiss continued. A jolt of energy shot through her. She was feeling something for this guy and she enjoyed it. She didn’t want to let up on the strong bond that held these two together for the moment. It wasn’t going to last much longer, but she knew she was going to get much more than this. Much more of his lips against hers, and, if fate would allow her, she would feel much more of him on and, hopefully, inside her. She shuddered at the thought of him being buried balls deep within her pussy.

Breaking the kiss and looking in his face, she smiled. She couldn’t help being taken over by the kiss that they just shared. His eyes told her that he felt it too. Everyone else in the room seemed to disappear as they just stared at each other.

“I think it would be a very good idea if we went back to your place now,” Shane said, breaking the silence and the gaze the two held for just a couple seconds longer.

“I completely agree.”

Shane and Kyle said their goodbyes to their friends – it was slightly obvious what was going to take place that there was no need for an explanation – before leaving the bar with Madelyn and Mia.

Madelyn was beyond excited. She couldn’t believe her fortunes had taken this road. Just last night she was flirting with this guy from a distance and tonight she gets the chance to actually be with him. How much better will this get for her? Will he be as good as she’s expecting? Or will he be another disappointment? Her pussy tingled at the thought of what was to come.

Lucky for Madelyn, Mia drove them to the bar. She was able to sit in the backseat with Shane and perhaps fool around with him if she chose too. Perhaps it would be foolish to make him wait. Without saying a word, she reached over and grabbed his cock through his jeans, feeling his member quickly grow beneath her touch.

She didn’t look over at him. Instead, she continued to feel and squeeze his hardening cock while they drove down the road. She could feel him beginning to squirm under her touch. She fought back the smile, only to feel him lean in and kiss her neck. A moan escaped her mouth – mostly out of surprise.

Shane started kissing her neck with wet, soft kisses before giving her a gentle bite. His hand came up and began fondling her breasts. It took everything she had not to moan out and let the two up front hear her. She wanted him so bad, to feel him deep inside her. And as if he could hear her thoughts, the hand on her breasts went straight for her pussy.

He hit the top of her mound before she quickly spread her legs, allowing his hand to travel further down her soaked panties. She didn’t care if he noticed how wet she was. She was soaked because of him, because of the way he touched her, the way he was around her. And when she felt his finger run up her wet slit, she about lost it. She had to bite her hand to keep from screaming out.

His finger slipped past her slippery folds and into her inner wetness, threatening to bring her to an early orgasm. The feeling of the rough texture of his finger was almost too much as he effortlessly guided it deep in her wet pussy. He began probing her insides, looking for her sweet spot. He knew he hit it once she leaned over and buried her face into his shoulder to muffle her scream. He stayed right on that spot and soon felt her shudder and release her liquids all over his hand. With a smirk, he continued to play with her pussy.

“Baby, what are you doing to me?” Madelyn moaned into his ear so only he could hear her.

“Just giving you a preview of what’s going to happen tonight,” Shane whispered back.

“Oh, God…”

To be continued...

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