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Magic Number Eight

It had been yet another good night. No, scratch that. It was a great, amazing, incredible night. With Lucas they’re always great, but this one seemed to top the others just a little bit. It could be the sixth orgasm talking, which is usually four more than normal. So I was surprised when I woke up in the middle of the night (the alarm clock on the bedside table blinking 4:13 red in my face) I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling. Feeling a little worn out and rather well used from last night didn’t shatter the urge that was building up inside of me. Looking over at Lucas sleeping, naked, only half covered by the sheets, did not exactly help. Laying there, he was so cute, and handsome and so incredibly hot… but also looked to be sound asleep, I figured I wouldn’t be selfish and let him sleep.

Considering we fell asleep only an hour ago and I wasn’t the only one who had a long and very intense night. I wrapped up my feelings, edged closer to my man and cuddled up close against him. The smell of sex was still strong on his body. I took a deep breath of the magnificent scent he bore. It was a mix of a lot of stuff, but the main ingredients were yesterday’s body spray that was truly fighting the sex sweat (making a rather amazing scent), and each other’s cum.

I tried my hardest to fall back asleep, but it was useless. My brain was fixated on sex, or rather, my vagina was. Having my bare body draped around his, listening to his steady breathing, smelling him… sent me to a frenzy. Slowly I started stroking my hand across his chest. The pressure of my touch starting light as a feather, barely touching him, evolving into a “must have” or “must do” with a slightly heavy palm, sliding from his neck to the belly button. As my fingertips felt the outlines of Lucas’ abs, some goose bumps appeared under my skin.

He has the perfect amount of a six pack, if I can put it like that. You can see he has it, it’s there, but there are no valleys chiseled in between each muscle. And that is something I absolutely love. That, and the fact that he doesn’t have bigger boobs than me, despite the fact that he is, in fact, ripped. I suppose that is where being 6 feet tall and slim comes in. With the dark hair framing in his face, enhancing the icy blue eyes. God, he’s so sexy.

With the touching and thinking, I couldn’t restrain myself from kissing Lucas’ neck and chest. He squirmed slightly, moved a little bit and turned his body more towards me, I wondered if he was awake. Along with the kissing, I moved my hand down and softly placed a fingertip on his flaccid penis, sliding it down the length. Pre-cum was already starting to come out of the tip, something that brought a smile to my lips. Before mounting his stomach, I pushed him onto his back.

“Hey,” I whispered into Lucas’ ear, leaning forward and brushed my hard nipples against his warm, smooth chest. I pressed my lips on the rim of his ear, trailing kisses down his neck. He moved some more under me. Yet another turn on; rubbing my pussy lips and clit against his torso. “Wake up, Luke, I want to play.”

A couple more minutes of kissing and whispering into his ear later, he finally opened his eyes. He was pretty out of it.

“What time is it?”

After giving him an answer, I leaned down and kissed him passionately on the lips. It seemed to wake him up a little; at least he kissed me back and put his hands at my sides. I’d been gently grinding my hips on top of him the past three minutes and the longer I kept going, the more aroused and wetter I got.

“I’m really horny,” I whispered directly into Lucas’ ear.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” he laughed and kissed my collarbone. “Didn’t you get enough earlier with your five orgasms?”

“Six,” I corrected him with a grin on my face, and sat up straight, still moving my hips in a slow, steady circular motion. “And no, you only woke the beast with your awesome sex moves.” I placed my hands behind my ass, one for support and one to slide down to his semi-hard cock.

“Oh what ever have I done?” he mockingly replied and gave my thighs a light squeeze. He stroke his palms up and down my legs. “You make me feel really old, though, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to go again.”

“Aw no, really?” I pouted, still rubbing his stiffing cock between my fingers, firmly wrapping them around the shaft. “But I want you so bad right now. I want to feel your warm breath on my pussy when your tongue is teasing my clit. And my boobs are already craving for someone to play with them in all kinds of ways. And what I really want and need, is your big, throbbing dick inside of me, whether it’s in my pussy or my mouth. But the thing that I need the most is to cum and I don’t want to do it all on my own. Please don’t leave me hanging, baby.”

There was nothing semi-hard about his penis anymore. It was a full on, rock solid boner. Even without having my hand wrapped tightly around his knob, I would have known he was turned on by looking him in the eyes. They were full of lust, yearning for some action. As if he had been sexually deprived for weeks. I also would have known by feeling the twitching cock, softly tapping me on my ass cheeks. I placed my hands on each side of his head, rested my weight on them and leaned forward, jiggling my boobs above his face.

“You had me at ‘I want you so bad’.” I loved how easily convinced he was. In a swift movement, he grabbed both my boobs and sucked and nibbled on my nipples, one at the time. Moans immediately poured out of me, encouraging me to grind harder and faster. “I want to taste you. Sit on my face.”

There was no need to tell me twice. I turned around and positioned myself above his face. I asked him how bad he wanted me, made him beg for it. Several times, I lowered myself down only to straightening my legs again.

“God, Zoe, you’re such a tease.” He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me down to his mouth.

“Oh!” I exclaimed immediately as he wasted no time burying his tongue in me. He lapped up every drop of juice inside me, sucking me as dry as he possibly could before he moved on to licking and flicking my clit. “That feels so amazing,” I managed to stutter as he was causing my legs to quiver like an earthquake.

I bent forwards and started playing with his dick. The head was slick with pre-cum and I used my right hand to spread it all over his penis. Just as I had started jerking and sucking him off, Lucas pushed his fingers in my fingers. My mouth filled with his cock muffled my cry of pleasure.

“You taste so fucking delicious,” panted Lucas in between sucking my clit.

“Ah! You do, too. I can’t get enough of you.” I was rather out of breath, but as soon as I shut up I slid him back into my mouth, taking as much of him as I possibly could. Taking deep, long breaths, I managed to lower my mouth all the way down to the base of his shaft. I’ve struggled a bit with my gag reflex, so every time I can do that I feel proud. Luke’s moans coming from behind me gave me quite a confident boost as well.

I sat up and focused on my soon up and coming orgasm by grinding my pussy on Luke’s face again. His arms wrapped tightly around my thighs, keeping me steady and grabbing my cheeks with his hands, it seemed like he was enjoying himself. I let myself go and within half a minute, I came all over my boyfriend’s face. A flood of relief flushed over me and through my whole body and moans erupted from my mouth. I then fell down next to Lucas to relax and get my shit together for a second.

“You’re welcome,” he said, the smugness in his voice clearly visible. I lightly shook my head, smiled as I got back up, and leaned over to kiss him passionately on the lips.

“Now it’s your turn, hot shot.”

I straddled him at his hips, my back towards him, stroke his dick up and down a couple times, used some more spit to lube it up and then slid forward to grind my pussy on his shaft. I started slow, pushing my lips down on him. Lucas was taking deep breaths and letting low moans escape. His hands were quick to find my ass and caress it. He’s an ass-man, so he particularly enjoys looking at and touching my perky little butt. Which is also why he loves the reverse cowgirl and doggy style positions when we have sex. It always gives him the little extra push to get him over the edge.

Along with holding his hands at my ass, he placed his thumbs underneath his dick, pushing it up against and into the crease of my butt. Every now and then, his cock would slide between my pussy lips and make my body shiver. Luke pushed his dick tighter against my skin and I went faster and harder. His breathing got heavier and louder so I slowed down for a second before jiggling my butt at him. Just as I started grinding again, he swiftly and easily slid his cock in me, and immediately started fucking me hard. It took me by surprise, but it felt so good! I instantly felt a new orgasm approaching me, so I reached my hand down to my clit and rubbed it fast.

“I’m cumming,” Lucas groaned as he tilted his head back for a while.

“Cum for me,” I commanded him, completely out of breath and awaiting the arrival of the eight orgasm that night. “Cum inside of me.”

No more than two seconds later, I felt his cock contracting and pulsating inside me, followed by a warm liquid moving around. Feeling Lucas cumming inside of me pushed me over the edge and I came right after he did.

I was exhausted, to put it nicely. I spent ten second recovering, getting my breath back, and then I fell back onto his chest. My long, dark, and now sweaty, hair flowing around, I pushed it out of the way. Lucas kissed my neck, still breathless, and slid his hands up my slender body. Caressing every curve, stopping especially at my breasts. A little while later, I could feel his penis, which was now soft as a Kleenex tissue, sliding out of me. I rolled onto the bed and stayed on my stomach, just looking at him. I honestly didn’t want to get up and clean up our mess. I didn’t want to ruin the perfect post-sex moment.

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