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Makeover Gone Good......Real Good!

Jamie's makeover changes him forever......

Here is another story that I have decided to write. If anyone has any suggestions that I should write about, please feel free to send them to me and I will make sure to mention you as a way of saying thank you. Enjoy!!

Talk about getting picked on all of the time. That is how Jamie Willis felt every day that he went to school. Jamie was an average guy who was not bad looking at all, his crystal blue eyes made him stand out but he was more wrapped up in his studies and playing Halo 2 online than thinking about what every normal teenage boy thinks of growing up........Girls and sex.  IT was the last day of school and Jamie had went through all of his classes with a 3.8 GPA. It was normal for him but to others good grades do not get you laid. That was a painful fact. Plus, Jamie never thought about getting laid at all. On his way home, Jamie was walking home from school. He was walking with his friend Rose. Rose was a cuban girl who was a very attractive girl and she was always nice to Jamie so he helped her out in class all the time. As they were walking, they noticed a car pull by. They noticed it was Hector, Marcus and Dom, the three jocks who played sports and got all of the attention. Jamie never liked them as he felt they were crude and arrogant. Hector wanted to get at Rose for a while but she always rejected him because he was an asshole.

"Yo Rose, come here ma!" He yelled out loud. Hector wanted to get her in his room naked as did a lot of the boys. Hector had a girl who was a cheerleader, but she dropped his ass after she caught him fucking another chick from a different school ata party three months ago.

"Nah papi, I got shit to do." She said back to him hoping that he would leave her alone.

"YO, fuck that nerdy ass fool you walk with every day. You need a cat that's got it!" He replied. Hector was a spoiled kid who got whatever he wanted all the time. Rose hated guys like that because she was taught that women would get treated like shit by guys who do not earn what they get.

"Yeah bitch, you gotta roll wit us. Real talk." Marcus told her.

"Fuck your boys and fuck you Hector. I'm out." Rose snapped back.

"Fiesty, I like that! You'll be with me. Watch!" Hector said speeding off as he pulled out his cell phone.

"I fucking hate that guy." Jamie said to her.

"Me too, so are you ready for the summer? You got plans?" Rose asked him.

"Not anything special. Just hang out and stay relaxed." He told her. Rose knew Jamie very well, he was gonna spend it playing Halo and reading books. They made to her home ane he walked her to the door. Rose liked him too becuase of his eyes and his heart which made their friendship all the worthwhile.

"Alright boy, I'll see you when I get back." Rose was going to Miami for the summer and she was going there after she graduated to the University of Miami. It was also one of Jamie's school's too but he was still considering it.

"I'll see you in three months." He told her as he gave her a hug and went home.

Jamie got inside and his mom and dad were talking and he noticed that his cousin Rachel was sitting on the couch talking. He ran in and hugged her tightly. Rachel was a beautiful woman, 5'9", 135 lbs with a killer body to go with a killer smile. It did not hurt she had 36D breasts to go with it. Which Jamie had masturbated to a few times when he saw her pictures on the internet.

"Hey cousin, what are you doing here?" He was surprised as she was supposed to be on a photo shoot for FHM.

"My shoot got done early kiddo so I came to spend time with family." She said to him.

"Hey Jamie, I would like you to meet my fiance Rob." She said to him.

Rob was a football player who was ready to go pro and Rachel  tole him all about Jamie and his life so he felt like he knew him already.

"Hey, what's going on?" He told him.

"Nothing much, just got done with school. One more year to go." He said with excitement.

"Cool dude. I'll catch up with you guys later. Gotta go meet my agent over some deals." He said. He gave Rachel a kiss and headed out the door.

Dinner went by and Jamie and Rachel were talking about school and life. Jamie was a shy kid who had wanted to talk to girls but he could not get the nerve nor the confidence to do so.

"Rachel, is there something wrong with me?" He asked her with deep concern.

"No sweetie, what would make you think that?" She asked him back.

"It's because I always get picked on by the jocks and girls always reject me. Truth is I want to find a girl and I do know one but I don't think that she would want me as a boyfriend. She is a great girl and I am scared that if I asked her that I would get laughed at again." Jamie had always asked girls out but he would either get turned down politely or very rudely. Rachel saw this opportunity to help her cousin out. Since she had the whole summer she had all the time she needed.

"Jamie, I am your cousin and I love you sweetie. If you need help I will help you." She gave him a assuring smile and Jamie knew he was in good hands. Rob had come back and listened to Jamie. It had reminded him of his childhood as well.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry but I couldn't help but overhear what was said. I'll help you out too bro. We'll let Rachel work on the style and wardrobe and I'll get you in shape to bulk up a little bit. Get you around 25-30 pounds muscle on you so those assholes won't bug you anymore. Sound good?" Rob said to him.

"Sounds great, when do we start?" Jamis asked with eagerness.

"Tomorrow sweetie, get some rest." Rachel said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and went off to bed.

The next day was the start of Jamie's transformation.

He and Rob were at the gym working out. So Rob had to build him up slowly. They went through the entire gym and completed every exercise possible for weight lifting. Jamie was very sore but he was willing to give it his all. After 2 hours of non-stop working out they headed home.

"Not bad, we got some work to do but you'll get better." Rob told him in confidence.

"Thanks." Jamie replied back. They arrived home and Rachel was waiting in his room. She saw he had a typical bookworm's room. His clothes were average so he needed a wardrobe change too. 

"Wow, this is going to take a lot of work. Jamie, we gotta get the clothes up to date sweetie. Get some rest." She told him.

As he slept he was hearing noises from the next room. He crept down to the guest room and he nooticed that the door was cracked open. He saw Rachel and Rob fucking their brains out. He stood there frozen for 15 minutes and retreated to his room. He had to masturbate to getth etension off and he quickly came and went back to sleep.

The next couple of months consisted of working out with Rob and grooming and style tips with Rachel. She told him a girl does not like a hairy guy so she taught him how to shave all of his body hair off. He was shaving his cock and balls off in the bathroom and Rachel walked in on him and noticed that he had a huge cock attached to him. He stood there frozen and came back to reality. He was scared shitless!

The summer went by and the makeover was a complete success, Rob and Rachel had done their job well. She had taught him how to dress and groom as well as be confident with women, while rob helped him add on those extra pounds of muscle to his frame which gave him a swimmers build. He had been keeping in tough with Rose and she was back in town so he asked her to meet him at the mall to talk about her vacation.

When they met he recognized her immediately, while she almost did not recognize him. He was not wearing his glasses nor his usual old wardrobe that he wore. He was reformed and for the first time he was getting looks and he was loving it.

"WOW, Look at you. You look great!!" She said with a smile.

"Thanks, so do you. I just got back from working out. Let's get a bite to eat." He told her and they went to eat. Rose was looking stunning with her beige skirt on and white t-shirt and flip flops. Jamie could not believe how good she looked and his cock was getting real hard. They talked about their summer and what happened and everything was going real well.......that is until Hector showed up and kissed Rose on the cheek. Rose was pissed and Jamie was getting really pissed as well.

"That's mine homey, roll out." He said arrogantly. His boys laughed with him.

"I didn't hear her say anything so unless I hear her say otherwise, that means she is not yours." Jamie told him back looking dead at him. Another thing that Rob taught him was some self-defense moves that he had practiced at the gym.

"Boy, I will fuck your ass up in this mall. Don't you dare play with me!"Hector screamed out.

"You know Hector, I used to be timid of guys like you. But I realized that you are all talk and you hide behind what you have. Now, if you want to try and knock me out, go right ahead." Jamie said. Rose was scared for Jamie, but Jamie knew exactly what to do. He had practiced many scenarios over his summer.

"Your lilly bitch ass is mine!!!!" Hector lunged forward with his right hand ready to hit Jamie. Jamie calmly sidestepped him and clocked hector with a right of his own. His boys tried to grab him but he had kicked Marcus in the knee and Marcus was done. Dom tried to get him from behind but Jamie spun around and knocked his face in the table. Hector was shocked that his boys got knocked down so fast.  He had gotten up to go after Jamie again but he was caught with a three piece combo to his face and he was done. Rose looked on in amazement at Jamie. Jamie was smiling inside but he was stone faced towards Hector.

"Now, if you try to mess with me or Rose at all this year, I will make sure that you will not remember your name." Jamie said to him. "And this is how you give a woman a kiss." He leaned in and gave Rose a passionate kiss that sent shockwaves through her body.

Hector had gotten up and his boys followed suit with him. A lot of the kids from school were there and the news was flying. Hector was fucked when he got back as his reputation went downhill from there.

"That was amazing, let's get out of here. My mom is not home so we have some time to ourselves." Rose was turned on by Jamie and she was getting wet by the secone. They had went to her house as her mom went to a movie with her dad. Jamie was led to her room and she threw him down on the bed and started kissing him.

"Rose, I have to tell you something before we continue." Jamie said.

"What is it baby?" She asked him back.

"Rose, ever since I met you I have always been attracted to you and have fallen for you because you were the first girl to never reject me, you accepted me for who I am and I have always been grateful for that. I wanted to ask you out two years ago but I was scared to. What I am trying to say is that I love you Rose." Jamie said with the utmost sincerity.

"I know you always have. And to be honest I feel the same for you. I was wondering when you were going to ask me. But now I am very happy that you did. I love you too Jamie." She said back to him. She took off her shirt and she had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen on a woman. Jamie brought his mouth to them and he started to suck on her nipples softly. Rose noticed he was being aggressive at first but he calmed down and changed his pace to a softening one. He sucked on both nipples for a good while and he caressed her body with his hands.  Rose was feeling like she was floating in the sky, Jamie was being gentle with her and she enjoyed his touch. Jamie then stood up and took off his shirt and pants. His cock was still limp but it was at least eight inches long and think as Rose's wrist. She gasped at the sight of it. She never thought that she would see a cock this big. She was drooling at the sight of it and her pussy was dripping wet.

"Oh my god, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want it in my mouth." She told him.

"It is all yours." Jamie told her. He walked over to her and she started to kiss the head of his cock. She then ran her tongue along his shaft before taking him inside of her mouth. Rose learned a few things down in Miami, so she was eager to show Jamie what she had learned. She got his cock in her mouth and Jamie got hard quickly as his cock grew to be eleven inches fully erect. She was bobbing her head back and fourth as her honey colored eyes widened with joy. Jamie was standing there as he was enjoying the cocksucking that he was getting from her. she wanted to taste his cum and he quickly shot three quick loads in her mouth. Rose swallowed it all real fast. she pulled his cock out her mouth and look at it. It was still fully hard.

"My turn." Jamie laid her down and took off her skirt and panties. He looked at her shaven pussy and it was a beautiful site to see. He kissed it first and licked his tongue on the lips and her clit. His tongue was going feverishly fast, Rose was loving it as she was cumming.

"Ahhhh, I'm a cum right now." She told him and she shot her cum all over his lips. he licked it off and he had her spread out on the bed.

"Fuck me Jamie, fuck me right now. I need to have it in me." Rose wanted Jamie and he carefully got on top of her and placed his cock at the entrance. He pushed the head in and it had streched her real wide. She gripped her sheets tightly. Jamie went real slow until her pussy muscles could accomodate his size since he had seven inches in already. His cock made her cum again and he was able to get it all the way inside of her. Rose's eyes went into her head and she was on dream street.

"OOHHHHHH, YOUR COCK FEELS SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!" She screamed out. Jamie went slow at first so he could get a good pace going. He then went faster and with that Rose's orgasms increased rapidly.

"UHHH,UHHH,UHHH, FUCK ME JAMIE, FUCK ME!!!" She said to him in a high pitched voice. Jamie slammed his cock in and out of her repeatedly. She was cumming over and over and her legs hung in the air as her bed rocked. He slowed down and pulled out. Rose went on all fours and he started fucking her from behind. Rose's pussy never felt so full from the cock she was getting. She was crying tears of joy as his hips thrusted against her ass. Jamie was keeping a great pace and he just kept pounding away. After forty minutes of fucking, Jamie was ready to cum again.

"AHHHH, I"M CUMMING!!!!" Jamie yelled out.

"CUM ON MY TITS JAMIE!!! UHHHH" She told him.

He pulled out and she squeezed her tits together and he let out so much cum that it completely covered her chest. Rose licked some of it up and then licked his cock clean. They bot hwent to the shower as they cleaned up and played with each other some more. Jamie was now a changed man and he had his cousin Rachel and Rob to thank so he made a mental note to email them to say thank you.

"I love you Rose." He told her.

"I love you." She whispered to him as he stood behind her and kissed him as his cum went down the shower drain. They had gotten dressed and Rose and Jamie made a date for tomorrow. Jamie now had a girlfriend. And they have been together from that day on. Jamie accepted a scolarship to the University of Miami and so did Rose. They had both graduated. Jamie majored in Sports Management and Rose majored in business. They married after they graduated college and their lives have never been happier.

Part 2 Coming Soon.

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