Making plans

By vance

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I love it when a good plan comes together
I received a letter through my door from Jill. She wanted to know if I was still interested in helping her get her new Tumble dryer; she left her phone number and told me to call her with my answer.

I replied that I was still very interested and she should pop around the next morning to sort out when she wanted to pick it up.

Next morning I was woken up by someone knocking on my door. I answered it still half asleep to find Jill standing there in a dress. It was 9:30 a.m.; she had taken her son to school. Jill looked really nice, and I didn't want to tell her to come back later so I asked her to snoop around while I had a quick shower to wake myself up.

After my shower I brushed my teeth, put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and as I walked into my bedroom I was greeted by the sight of her standing there in just her knickers and bra. She has a great body and her perfume was sweet and sexy.
"I thought we could talk about things later, as I only have a couple of hours," she said.

She walked over to me and we started kissing, slowly and softly at first, our lips barely touching. Her lip balm tasted of strawberry but it didn't distract me. As we got more passionate our hands started to run over each others bodies. She was warm and firm, with a shapely hour glass figure which she pressed against me.

She pulled my top off and ran her nails down my back, making me go all goose pimply. We carried on kissing and getting more excited. Her hands slid inside my shorts and she started fondling me, stroking me, making me harder still.

"Let me see if you did a good job washing yourself ".

She knelt down in front of me, sniffing and smelling me; I could feel her breath on my dick as she teased me. Finally she took me in her mouth, deep — all the way down to my belly. The whole of my cock was inside her. Jill raised a hand, then pulled back my foreskin and began licking my head, sucking on me tantalizingly, wanking me and sucking me until I grabbed her hair and forced myself in deeper.

She stopped and looked up at me, then smiled, "I think you did a good enough job". She stood up and pushed me onto my bed.

"Move up and lie down for me".

I lay there as she took off her bra and climbed up the bed on top of me. Once again we started kissing; this time it was quite frantic, our lips mashed and our tongues played.

"Suck my nipples," Jill directed, and so I did. I cupped her breasts and sucked each nipple, biting and nibbling until they became erect and firm. "That feels so nice," she told me between deep breaths.

"Take my knickers off ".

She wriggled out of them as I helped her. The tip of my dick was by her wet entrance.

"Not yet," Jill said, and we started kissing again. She lay down on me and I could feel her wet pussy lips on my shaft as we got really passionate.

"Poke me, put your fingers in me".
I pushed her onto her back and she opened her legs for me. I ran my fingers over her tight curly pubic hair, damp and warm with her juices, before my fingers strayed to her waiting lips. They were slick, and I easily slipped inside her. Slowly I teased her clit, making circles on it...she closed her eyes and sighed. I hooked my fingers and found her sweet spot...Jill let out a gasp and a moan. She pushed her hips up to meet my fingers as I moved them in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes of heavy breathing and gentle moans, Jill froze and held her breath. Her pussy spasmed and contracted around my fingers, and she got very wet and sticky as she let out a deep groan.

"Stop! I've gone really sensitive," she said.

She pulled my hand away and rolled me on my back and began kissing me again. Our saliva was everywhere, sloppy hungry kisses, our bodies rubbing against each other. She wrapped a hand around my cock, and I groaned as she looked at my pre cum. Jill went down and gently used the very tip of her tongue to lick it away.

"Lick me," she commanded as she spun around and placed a knee either side of my head.

I have to be honest, I was taken aback by her brazen demands, but to my surprise I complied. As her hands and head worked on my dick I lapped at her like a dog, long heavy strokes of my tongue along the inside of her pussy lips. I could smell her aroma as I pleasured her, the tip of my tongue quickly flicking the sides of her clit. I noticed she slowed down sucking me, then stopped altogether. I took this as a good sign and carried on what I was doing.

"Oh yes, that's good," I heard her say. Her thighs tensed, then fluids leaked onto my cheek. She made little tiny movements with her hips to make me lick exactly where she wanted me to.

Jill swapped position and held my dick as she lowered herself down onto it, she squirmed and wriggled around on me.
"I want you deeper in me, I like the way you fill me up".
I could feel myself building up to cum as she rode me, her hands on my chest, her bum rising and falling as she used me to please herself. My balls were wet with the juices trickling out of her, and our pubic hair became covered in her fluids. The sounds of her pussy squelching as she fucked me really turned me on.

I placed my hands on her waist, pulling her down onto me. As I pushed my dick up deeper inside her, she sat up straight, all her weight forcing her pussy onto my cock. Jill started panting, breathing deep and heavy. She reached behind and placed her hands on my knees, her hips pushed forward. I could feel myself sliding into her slightly differently; she felt tighter. I watched as she closed her eyes. She made strange noises and suddenly started going really fast and grinding forcefully against me. I couldn't help myself — long spurts shot into her as I came inside her. Jill kept riding me, I gritted my teeth, and a few seconds I felt her legs wobble a little and she began to pant.

My thighs became wet and warm. She opened her eyes, and we looked at each other. Her cheeks were flushed pink; I think she looked a little embarrassed.

"I've not felt that for quite a while," Jill said.
I admit that I had a huge ego boost and felt very pleased with myself. She rearranged herself and lay down on my chest. We shared a kiss, then relaxed.

"So when do you fancy like helping me pick up my Tumble dryer then?" she said with a smile.