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After Gail and Gina and Me Came Mara.
Thanks for all the nice comments on my previous story "Gail and Gina and Me". Some of you wondered where my road went after that story ended, so in this story, I continue my path to rehabilitation and mental happiness.

After Gina and Gail moved down to Florida, I was bereft of their friendship and saddened for a time but glad that I had known them and even more appreciative of their care for me. I was enlightened to the fact that there are humans out there who do care for other humans and their lessons brought me to a new place, a place of deeper understanding.

My relationship with Lauren was good but Lauren turned out to be somewhat ditsy and I found myself frequently put off by her meandering mind. Also, she did not want a relationship with any strings at all and we often dated others and didn't see each other for weeks. I realized that I was just one more booty call for her. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her enthusiasm and her seemingly boundless energy but sometimes I found that she was mentally and physically exhausting.

But Gail and Gina introduced me to a world unlike the one I had grown used to in the Hamptons. While I had never really been part of the glamor and shallow materialism that pervaded the area and seemed to be its' primary lifestyle, it seemed to be difficult to ignore. Yes, everything was more expensive and with my withering bank account, I found it difficult to date since the average cost of dinner and a few drinks could easily run over a hundred dollars. I began to isolate myself in my house and concentrated more upon reestablishing myself and earning money. It was not easy and I was not succeeding. My frustration increased and my self-esteem began to fall. And then I met Mara.

Mara was a vivacious and beautiful natural blonde. ("Oh, no," I thought, "not another blonde!") About twenty years younger than I, she was an acupuncturist and a masseuse. We bumped into each other at an outdoor concert on Sunset Beach in Shelter Island one warm summer weekend afternoon. I knew that she looked familiar but I couldn't place her.

"We met one night at Gail' remember that stormy night?" Did I ever! Yes, now I remembered. She was one of Gail and Gina's sybarites. I recalled how I had shared the hot tub with her and a few others and how we had felt each other up.

"Yes, now I remember. You were there with Deborah and Ervin, right?"

"Well, I came with them but I was more there by myself. That was a fun night and one I needed badly. I loved Gail and Gina and they knew how dissatisfied I was, they knew I needed a good blow out."

"I understand completely. They invited me for the same reason. They are both wonderful friends and I owe them so much." We continued to chat and drifted over to a small beachside café. I had a cup of coffee and she had chai. We found that we both had things in common including a lust for uninhibited sex. I also told her that I had liked acupuncture and was curious to know if each practitioner brought their own unique gifts to the treatment. She explained the varieties of treatments to me. As the air was warm and the sunset was beginning, I suggested that we get a bottle of wine and go down to the beach.

The beach had these large two-person canopied chaise lounges that afforded a certain amount of privacy to them and we settled in to watch the magnificent colors arc over the horizon. We quietly sipped our wine and snuggled. I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven. It was blissful. As the sun dipped away, we kissed. All was so fine.

"Come on, let's go for a dip!" She jumped of the chaise and began to strip down to her peach colored bra and panties. There were a few others on the beach but they were a good distance away, closer to the bandstand. Not one to miss this fun, I stripped down to my snug cotton Calvins and ran after her into the water. The water was just right, not cold but not Caribbean bathwater either as we swam through the calm rollers in the twilight. Like children, we splashed and giggled. Soon, it got dark and we ran towards our chaise.

"How will we dry off? If you like, I can run over to my car for some beach towels."

"No, forget the towels. Come here and lay down."

As I lay down on the chaise, she jumped onto me and began to crawl up my body until she found my lips. In that dark, beautifully moonlit envelope, we made out all wet and soppy. My mind flashed on Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr but for only a moment. All of my attention was diverted to this wonderfully exuberant woman and her delicious lips. Deeply in the moment, we caressed and nuzzled, we nibbled and licked, giggled and played as two innocents. My penis ground into her dripping panties as she wriggled against me. I began to feel my orgasm rise.

"I have to take a break, Mara, or else I'm going to cum."

"Shush break, not now."

She placed her hand on my cock and gently squeezed it several times. Evidently, she knew her pressure points well. Then she began to whisper to me. "Ray, I want to make love to you...I want to feel your cum all over me... Will you follow me home?.. My son is with his father this weekend... My cottage is empty. I want to wake up next to you...Just relax for now and breathe with me."

We began to take relaxing breaths together as we both slowed the pace down. As she rolled off me, she took my hand and we walked to our cars. I was entranced by this woman. I could fall in love with her. Or maybe I was already. I knew the last ferry to Sag Harbor would leave without me.

She lived not too far away and in about five minutes we pulled into her driveway. Her cottage was set back off the road and in a large clearing surrounded by tall pines. It was a lovely little house filled with comfortable pillows and lots of plants. We stood in the living room in our damp underwear with goofy grins. "Pour some more wine while I take a shower."

I heard the shower running as I entered the bathroom. I placed the glasses on the vanity. Sliding open the shower door, I entered still wearing my underwear. To be honest, I was so deeply under her spell, I'd completely forgotten to take them off. She looked at me and began to laugh. I looked at her and took in her gorgeous body. Her full, round breasts had long supple nipples, her hips were slim and defined, her pussy lips had a blond furrow that continued into a landing strip. I didn't need a landing strip to find my way. No, I used more of a heliport approach. My penis was tenting my boxers and I suppose I might quite a sight as she laughed at me.

She stripped me and began to soap me down. Her hands were strong yet supple as she rubbed, stroked and fondled me. The soap slipped from her hands and as he bent down to retrieve it, she kissed my helmet. I groaned. She giggled. She handed me the soap and turned her back to me.

I lathered and rubbed her back. I ran the soap along her ass and placed my cock between her cheeks. She molded into me. I reached around and lathered her breasts, feeling their fullness and rolling her firm nipples around my palms. My favorite part of a woman's breast is the soft curvature beneath her breast and her chest. I love to lightly caress and lick that area around the breast and into the cleavage. She cooed and radiated under my touch, clearly she liked it, too. Then we rinsed off, turned off the water began to kiss again. Taking my hand, she led me out of the shower and we began to towel each other. I gave her the wine and we toasted.

"I want to make love to you now." She said. "Do you have protection?"

"Always," I smiled, "But I'm clipped – no cooties and no babies from me."


She wiggled her ass at me as she took me into her bedroom which seemed cramped due to the large king-size bed. She hopped onto it and, on her hands and knees, wiggled her ass again.

"What are you waiting for?"

I leaned over and began to kiss and caress her beautiful butt. My tongue trailed down the crack and circled her anus. She moaned in appreciation. I continued down and slurped along her 'taint' and into that deliciously puffy pussy. She moaned some more as I placed my lips against hers and blew into it. My lips found her clit which was large and hard. I sucked it in and pulled at it.

She rolled over and pulled me on top of her as I easily slipped into her wet crack. I stroked and pumped as she matched my rhythm and in just a few moments, our built-up excitement boiled into two energetic orgasms. She began to grunt in deep-throated gasps and arched up as I filled her with my spunk. And then we both collapsed.

"I don't think I've ever cum so quickly," I said.

"Nor I," she said, "but it was wonderful...and we have all night!"

Indeed we did. We never slept that first night. When the sun began to rise, we were still at it. We were like kids that night, exploring each other and delighting, no – wallowing in each other. We did everything to each other. She was insatiable but in a soft and sensual way. There wasn't a position we didn't achieve. I had never been with such a lustful, uninhibited creature and I reveled in the sex. She continually surprised me with her invention. After I had brought her to a series of oral orgasms, she liked my face off. After she had sucked me off, she fed me my cum.

At one point, while I was sprawled out on the bed and recouping my strength, she crawled behind me and started to lick and rim my butt. It felt divine as she snaked her tongue up my chute. She moved lower and proceeded to lick the base of my sac and roll my balls around in her mouth. She hummed a soft droning song and my cock seemed to innately know the tune. He mouth engulfed my cock as he sucked me deep, so deep that her nose tickled my pubes. Slowly, she withdrew and performed a quick flicking trick around my piss slit. It was as gently as the wings of a butterfly. If I could have grown another inch of gristle, this was the time. She pushed me onto my back and slowly lowered her ass onto my cock. At first, she was easy and took long slides up and down. It did not take her too long before she was bouncing up and down on it. She bucked and twisted like I was a mechanical bull, and I certainly did feel like one. She started to grunt. I knew it would not be long. I reached down and made attempts to hold onto her pussy as it dripped and soaked my fingers but it was losing battle. She rode me to a shattering orgasm as she filled her pussy with her fingers and licked them. I arched my butt and pushed myself deeper into her ass. She clenched her sphincter several times and pushed down. That was it for me. My streams of cum sprayed her bowels up to her eyeballs. She pulled off me and rolled off. We were spent. Still, not long after, she was riding my face again. My best memory is that all night, I remember her giggles, her groans, her moans, her wails and her gasps.

We caught the ferry around midday as she had some appointments. I never felt so happy and so sore. Mara and I dated regularly for about six months and during that time we did it all. I often felt like a child in wonderland as we practiced her favorite therapies which beside acupuncture, mediation, massage and tantra, included group sex, bisexuality, dp, exhibitionism, light bondage and mutual masturbation. Throughout it all, I felt like I was in playland.

Today, we bump into each other occasionally in Sag Harbor. She is still living in her cottage but she has a full-time partner these days. Every time I see her, she reminds me of those flicks on my bic as I watch her flutter down the street.

If you like my memoirs, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.
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