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Married Sex

A man comes home early and remembers the woman he married.
It was a typical day in suburbia hell; the grass was cut to exactly the same length, all the houses looking the same with their two car garages and white picketed fences. My name is Xavier; I am married man providing all the things a man should provide for his family, but god how I hate this neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong it’s all very nice, the people are friendly and it’s safe for the kids. All in all it’s boring and I hate boring.

I decide to surprise my wife Kathleen hoping to actually spend a quiet moment with her. I manage to get out of the office a little early; I work for a security firm in the city encrypting networks for larger firms. I pull in the drive walking in the house through the garage. All seems pretty quiet so I wonder around a bit dropping my keys and stuff on the kitchen counter. Kathleen was nowhere to be seen so I figured maybe she was out running errands so I decide to shed my suit for a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. I make my way up the stairs but as I get closer to the door I can hear noises coming from our bedroom.

My ears immediately keen to those sounds waking the predator for the first time in a long time. At first I knew my ears were deceiving me those couldn’t be the whimpers of my wife. Don’t get me wrong my wife’s and I’s sex life wasn’t dried up by any stretch of the imagination, but it did manage to turn into the quickie we could squeeze in whenever we have ten minutes to ourselves. Hoping for the best and fearing the worst all in one breath I creep closer to the door.

Kathleen lay in bed her legs spread wide as she slaps the lips of pussy before slipping two fingers inside. The most devilish of all smiles crosses my face as I remember when she used to do this for me. My cock was instantly hard with desire the need to take her, to make her remember, who she belonged to. Looking on I fully take in the site of my wife’s decadence.

Kathleen lays in bed her milky white skin glowing in the light coming in the open windows. The cool afternoon air blows in hardening her nipples demanding the attention of a man. Kathleen removes her finger from her pussy moving to tease her swollen clit. Her auburn hair was cut short she would joke that it was her way of taming the flames. Personally it seemed the shorter she cut it the fiery she got. She grabs her C cup breast as she twists her nipple causing another whimper to escape her lips.

I shed my suit jacket in the hall yanking my dress shirt off in the next minute not wanting to have to deal with too many clothes. I open the door making as much noise as possible not wasting time I crossed the room to her. She didn’t scream or try to explain herself Kathleen simply grabs my head bringing me down between her legs.

“Thank god your home Xavier now eat my pussy make me cum all over your face.”

Like a man lost in the desert finding his way to water I attacked my wife my tongue teasing her clit sliding my way inside her scooping cream into my mouth. I was a starving man remembering the deep needs that I had suppressed as I became a husband and father. The devil inside stoked the fire and I was going to indulge in this meal. My hands pushed her knees high giving me better access to her pussy. I alternate between long slow licks to quick lashes against her clit.

I can hear the whimpers of my wife as I feast, with one deceive lick I start at the entrance of her pussy letting my tongue swirl inside before I move to just under her clit letting my tongue rest there. My mouth slowly captures her clit as I raise my eyes to her showing her all the fire burning inside. Her hand strokes through the curls of my hair.

“Fucking make me cum Xavier damn it you bastard.”

I smile against her clit as I start to hum making her thrash against my face. I shove three fingers deep inside her arching them stoking her G-spot. She bucks against me wildly holding my head in place as she rides wave after wave of her orgasm. Without warning Kathleen brings me up to her, our mouths colliding in carnal rage. This is no kiss, our mouths attack one another in a frenzy of lust and need.

Her hands find my belt as she rips at my pants a shade of anger passing over her face as she is having trouble the simple buckle keeping her from the object of her desire. Finally freeing my cock from the confines of its prison Kathleen quickly engulfs me inside her mouth. This is no lazy blow job this is pure hunger. Her mouth works in tandem with her hand keeping a pace that has my eyes permanently glued to the back of my eye lids. I could hear her spit on my cock the slick noises filling the room as she jerks me.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of this dick Xavier, but first you’re missing something.”

Before I even register the words spoken Kathleen snaps on a leather cock ring. The shiny black leather with the silver snaps holds a deep contrast against the deep shade of red as the blood rushes to my cock. I’m not overly huge standing at 7 inches but what I may lack in length I make up in girth.

“Now you’re going to fuck my-”

I start thrusting my hips before she can finish. All I want to hear is the sounds of her gagging the feel of her drooling down my cock. I shove my cock deep to the back of her throat before pulling out. She gasps as she spits on my cock jerking me off as she fights for breath.

“Holy fuck, you son of a bitch, bend me over now I want you to really fuck me! God just fucking take me.”

Needing no further instructions I pick Kathleen up off the floor tossing her on the bed. I don’t even let her get to her knees I just grab her legs keeping her spread open for me as I climb on top of her. I impale her with one solid thrust her screams filling my ears as I waste no time in assaulting her cunt. The stiff peaks of her nipples taunt me as I bend down pinning one between my teeth. I bite and suckle that nipple causing a string of curses to tear from Kathleen’s throat pushing me to fuck her harder.

With each thrust I can feel the cock ring growing tighter and tighter the pressure it is putting on me is so close to torture. I can feel the need to cum building as my wife’s pussy spasms around my cock; by now I know the whole neighborhood can hear us and it just fuels me to fuck her harder. I give my wife one more solid thrust as I suckle her nipple as her orgasm passes over her.

I flip Kathleen, bending her over like she demanded, my mouth again attacking her clit as I stroke myself. Her pussy is overflowing with cum as I do my best to lap up every drop. My need to fuck my wife takes over as I bury my cock back inside her demanding pussy. The cock ring is almost cutting me with the pressure that is building. I know my load is going to be unreal as I feel my balls slapping against her clit. With each thrust her grunts and screams become more primal I can tell she is already on the cusp of another big orgasm, helping her along I push my thumb against her asshole letting it slowly slip inside.

“Oh you dirty bastard playing with my ass while you fuck me.”

“That’s right you dirty slut now fuck this dick I want the neighbors to know just how much you love this dick.”

Kathleen roars with pure fury as she bounces that ass on my cock. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out as my vision blurs with need. My balls are aching against the strain of the cock ring. I fuck my wife with everything I have my body on fire as I fight to keep my control. Her orgasm crashes over her as her pussy clamps down hard on my dick the pain almost unbearable.

I pull my cock free from the vice of her pussy grabbing her by the hair dragging her down to the floor. My cock is purple and angry as I rip off the snaps of the cock ring with its restraint freed my cock erupts. Stream after stream bathes my wife as I pump my cock. I try to find my breath as I come down from my orgasm Kathleen lays against the bed. Her hands glide along her body mixing my cum with her own as she plays with her pussy.

I gently push her mouth on my cock letting her tongue caress me cleaning the last bit of cum. Kathleen gives a few gentle sucks before she releases me. Bending down taking her in my arms I move us to the bed exhaustion taking us. After a few minute Kathleen stirs in my arms

“You think we have time for one more.”

“Probably not, what time is it anyways the kids will probably be home soon.”

“You need to come home early more often.”

“I think I can work that out as long as there is sex involved.”

Kathleen punches me in the ribs as she hugs me before getting out of bed. She gives me a wink before heading into the bathroom. I can hear the shower going as I sit up stretching out. I let myself sit for a moment before heading into the bathroom my cock already rising. Maybe married life isn’t so bad after all.

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