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Martial Arts workout

After my wife died I took up training in MMA to have something to do and get back into shape. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to get into better physical condition. AS you know it involves both standup and ground fighting. Anyway I have a female friend I'll call her Mic for this story who studies Brazilian -Jujitsu. Mic is 3 years younger than me and very well put together. I would guess she measures about 42-28- 36. We used to work together and always joked that if we ever became single at the same time we would have to go out with each other. Well after the first of this year she sent me an e-mail saying her and her husband were getting divorced.

Skipping ahead she called a few days ago saying her gym was having open mats and asked if I wanted to roll with her. I jumped at the chance mostly because she is a higher belt than I am but just being so close to this woman could be enjoyable. Classes don't let men and women roll together for oblivious reasons, but this was open mats. Once we got on the mats and started feeling each other out , it didn't take her long to take the first shot. I sprawled and locked on a tight guiteone choke and quickly tapped her out. The next time I shot on her took her to the mat and after some scrambling I finally took the top and was caught in a butterfly guard(this put us almost crotch to crotch). I caught her smile and tighten up her guard, I was glad I was wearing a cup so she couldn't feel my erection growing. I went for another submission but somehow she managed to catch me in a triangle choke and really started to crank on it. This choke had my face close enough to her pussy that I was getting a good whiff . It was so nice I almost forgot to tap. We went like this awhile longer back and forth and all of a sudden Mic caught me with a beautiful arm bar. When she locked it in the back of my arm could feel the moist heat coming from her cunt . On our last roll I managed to take her back(basically doggie position or a spoon) and took a little longer that I should have to lock in a rear naked choke. After we finished we walked to our cars and Mic asked if I wanted to come by her place for a while and just catch up on what had going on in our lives .

When we got to her place it didn't take long for us to wind up in the bed . Her body was more beautiful than I had imagined . Her tits sagged some but their size and her huge aureole more than made up for it. Her belly was flat and her pussy was neatly shaved with just a landing strip of hair. I went right for her tits sucking them like a vampire. My free hand went to her already moist pussy and quickly found her swelling clit. She was quietly moaning and starting to hump back. She moved her hand to stoke my cock. She changed position into a 69 and I got a taste of her sweet juices that were flowing from her cunt.As I licked her clit I slowly slid one, two, three and finally four fingers deep into her womanhood She was sucking me so good I didn't know how long I would last. All of a sudden she just stopped sucking and pushed her cunt back onto my face and fingers and started bucking her hips with an orgasm. After she finished I rolled her onto her back and pushed my swollen dick into her. I really wanted it to last but she got her legs around my back and was really fucking back squeezing my dick with her pussy. We fucked like this for about 10 minutes. Unfortunatly,I told her to stop so we could change positions and let me have a break. I got her on her hands and knees and started fucking her doggie style. Her tits made great handles to pull me into her and I even grabbed a handful of her blonde hair like a set of reigns . As we fucked I got a good look at her tight, sweet ass. Man I really wanted to fuck her in that virgin ass,but hopefully it will happen later stillit was tempting. Fantising about her ass it didn't take long for me to feel my balls start to rumble and shoot a huge load of my sperm into her . I don' t remember when I came so hard and even she said she felt it hit the back of her pussy.

We just lay together for quite a while talking cuddling and kissing. I told her she was well worth the wait and she surprised me by telling me I could have fucked her three years ago when we ran into each other Christmas shopping for our spouses. We agreed we needed to get together more often and I hope there is more to tell.

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