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Martin and Sally

This is my first story in ages, may be a bit too long, so comments please.

Sally is a 24 year old nurse, petite in stature, but a giant in experimentation, Martin is 52 and eager to please, and the teller of their tale.

You drive home from work, eager with the knowledge I was waiting for you. You had given me a key to let myself in, but you knew, it was your house, your pussy, so your rules, no matter what I devised, you knew ultimately you could stop anything you might not like.You had worn the corset all day to ensure the anticipation lasted.

As you came into the house through the back door into the kitchen, I was sat at the counter finishing my wine, you noticed your key on the side, all ready to hand to me, the next time you desired my attention.

I stood straight away, held you tight and kissed you, I had been drinking your favorite wine, so you enjoyed the taste of my tongue as it touched the tip of yours. My hand went down and lifted your skirt, I took hold of your pussy, your panties were soaking wet, you hadn't even realized how wet you were.

"Ummmm" I said, "You've been thinking naughty thoughts, I need to do something about that".

I raised my wet hand to my nose to smell your juices, then licked my fingers to taste you, divine, so very much nicer than the wine I had just finished, but that is not the point, you need reminding that wet panties have to be removed. I take a firm hold of you and immediately you are across my knee, I sit back at the counter, you struggle a little, but you know it is useless, and besides, you know what is coming and you know you'll enjoy it.

I give you one firm slap, then pull you panties down to show the hand print. You wish you could see if it looks as good as it felt. I know exactly how hard you like things, you feel my hand on your butt cheeks, 2, 3, 4 more times. Then you feel my cock hardening through my shorts, pressing against your stomach. Your ass is a glorious red colour, you know it wont stay red long, but the memory of the spanking will linger all night.

With you still across my knee, I now remove your panties fully, easing them down your legs. I take what seems an age to pull them down, ensuring I caress every inch of your thighs, behind your knees and all around your shin, over your ankles and finally across the soles of your feet. You never felt a tickle at all, it was pure eroticism all the way down. Your shoes had fallen off when I first lay you over my knee.

We both stand, you're naked from the waist down and I see your pussy for a second before your skirt falls back into place. We kiss again, as best we can, as we're both smiling so much. My hands are on your naked butt, and I can feel the lingering warmth of the spanking. I move my hands to the waistband of the skirt, unbutton it and pull the zip down, you lean back just enough to maintain the kiss and allow the skirt to fall. Before your skirt even hits the floor, my hands are back on your peach of an arse, a description made more apt thanks to its newly acquired pink glow. You now move your hands to the bulge in my shorts, totally aware that you are the sole reason for my raging hard cock.
As we maintain our kiss, your hands move up to my waist and in one movement you pull my shorts right down, and you immediately grab hold of my rampant cock. You explore the whole length of it, and all around my smooth shaved balls and groin. It is only the heat of my skin which identifies it as a real cock, its so hard it could be mistaken for a solid latex dildo. You work your hands all, squeezing and pulling as though it was were clay. You are really enjoying the pain and ecstasy you are dishing out.

We are now dressed alike, both naked from the waist down, with light short sleeved shirts. I run my hands up from your bottom over your back. Through the thin shirt cotton I can trace the out line of your under garment. It is not something I've seen before, but I can tell the support it is giving your perfect tits, is minimal.
 Your corset is mainly for visual stimulation, and without even seeing it yet, it is definitely working. You know how beautiful and sexy I think you are, but you still add to my enjoyment, with your choice of lingerie.

My hands carry on up into your hair, I grab a handful as if I was about to set it as a pony tail, I pull slightly, just enough to end our kiss, "Sally, you've been naughty and I spanked you for it ", I say. "Now you're being very good, so now you get a reward".

Your eyes seem to be smiling as broadly as your mouth, " I know what I want" you say, and start to drop to your knees, all the time continuing with your hands on my cock.

As soon as your mouth is close enough you open wide and ram as much of me in as you can. Your hands continue to work on my balls and at the base of my shaft.

You now are using your tongue as only you can, and are getting into a rhythm, sucking and licking my whole cock, moving your head back and forth, enjoying the pleasure you're giving me.

As much as I am loving your mouth and tongue pleasuring me, it is not what I had in mind, " Sally," I say, "stand up".

 You get the tone of my voice and know what ever I have in mind will be worth taking a break from the sucking you are enjoying, for a break is all it will be, you know later in the day you will be sucking and handling my cock again. You empty your mouth of my cock, but keep your eyes and hands fixed on it, "I'll see you soon," you say.

You go as if to stand, but can't resist one last bob of your head, to kiss and to gently bite the rich purple head staring back at you. A giggle worthy of any beauty escapes from your lips and this time you do stand, still clutching my steel like, rod. I laugh out loud, wondering which of us is enjoying all this the most.

Your smile and giggles are infectious, but won't distract me from what I have in mind. As I turn you, I bend to kiss and inspect your arse. Forcing you to release your grip on my cock, you give a mock sigh, as if you're disappointed, but you know you'll have hold of me again soon, and there's a treat coming now.

The pink glow is still shining bright, with only the trace of my hand print disturbing the colour. I kiss and nibble on your butt cheek. There's a clear patch on your right cheek, I start sucking on it right away, and very soon the small bruise of a love bite appears.

Your arse is now a dozen different shades, from baby smooth white, to the purple of my bite, in a few hours only the natural colour and my bite mark will remain, but through the next days, my love bite makes your arse mine.

As I lean back to view my handy work, I see a trickle of your juices running down your inner thigh, you are so wet you're leaking. It is such a beautiful sight I literally have to lick you up, you taste superb.

I stand again and position you bent on the kitchen counter, I have to ram my cock right in your pussy. My shaven groin pounds against your arse, as I thrust time and again, inside you.

Your handbag is open within my reach, I see right near the top your little pink vibrator, I grab it, turn it on and pass it to you, right away you know I want you to work on your clit, while I thrust away. You're almost screaming with pleasure. I feel my spunk welling up about to burst.

I pull out of you, you're continuing with your vibe all around your clit, exactly where you like it.

I explode my load all over your arse, 2,3 times it shoots all over you. I squeeze out more drops 3 more times. As my last drops are squeezed out, my hand starts massaging my spunk into your arse cheeks as if it were moisturizer.

I smother it all over, my hand working it right between your cheeks, right into your crack. My fingers running over your anus, ensuring everywhere gets a share of my cum.

You put your vibe down and tell me, "give me a taste, I have to taste your spunk".
There are a few complete drops still on your thigh, I scoop them up with 2 fingers and offer them into your mouth.With my other hand I continue working my juices over your arse and round the front onto your cunt as well. The mixture of us both is now what I must taste. I lick my fingers, then my whole hand.

"Give me some, give me some," you demand.

We are now both running our hands all around your pussy, your arse, your thighs, down your legs, over my cock and balls, anywhere a trace of us may be. When we think it has all been devoured , I lift you onto the counter so I can really get my tongue inside your cunt and suck out as much of us both, as possible.
I do not swallow any now, as soon as I feel I have some in my mouth, I stand upright as if to kiss, but I am sharing the nectar we have made. When it comes to the point I am satisfied we have not wasted a drop, we just kiss. You sat on the counter, my cock already beginning to stir, swelling at the sight of the beauty before me.

You reach down to help my cock to readiness. I start to unbutton your shirt from the top down, exposing your corset, throughout all our fucking, sucking and licking, you tiny beautiful tits have been neglected, I am about to remedy that.

As I undo the last button and slip the shirt from your shoulders, we notice the wet, we immediately suck on the material, hoping for one last taste. The taste is there, but no where near as lovely as it was when taken from skin, either our hands or directly off your cunt and arse.

We discard your shirt to the floor, once we realize there's no more juice to be sucked from it. Now we both have on just 1 item of clothing, but you in the corset are the classic beauty. Your tits just nestling beneath the material, your shaved pussy seems to glisten with wet, but how can it ? We have devoured every last drop.

You tell me, " take your shirt off".

I ask, "Don't you want to finish undressing me ?"

"No way," you reply, " I'm not letting go of this cock again for a while"

You really are a gorgeous cock hungry slut. My cock hungry slut. My naughty, spunk loving, spunk sharing, little girl in a woman's body.

You slip off the counter to once again offer your mouth to my cock, or so it appears. I start undoing my shirt, then all of a sudden I squeal with pain, enjoyment, surprise, pleasure, and even more pleasure. Your grip on my cock is giving me all this. It has been barely a few minutes since I shot my load over your arse, but already you are restoring my rod to its intended state.

If I were rock solid, your treatment may be more pain than pleasure, but you know exactly how to handle me.

You bend, twist and pull in all directions. Only pausing to shove me in your mouth, so you can suck, bite, nibble, and all but chew, on me.

Then its back to bending and twisting. You carry on swapping between the two acts for minutes on end, knowing just when pleasure becomes ecstatic pain, a pain so glorious, it only prompts my cock to harden more.

When you feel just the right amount of hardness, you continue to wank up and down my shaft, on every down stroke, you either lick, kiss or bite on my throbbing purple head.

The up strokes you savor, trying to encourage a few drops of cum out. As my pre-cum starts to build to full bodied spunk, you lick and swallow every little drop. What is coming out now, is not mine to share, but all for you.

From my position above you, the sight of your tits is just another of the reasons which make you a beautiful, dirty, spunk loving, pee drinking, fuck and suck machine, and you love every minute of it. I look down and can see your nipples, rock hard, as if trying to force their way through the material.

You now start using your other hand to squeeze and tug on my balls. The whole combination of your mouth and both hands, working furiously, determined to both give pleasure and pain, is bringing me to a climax again.

I tell you I can feel it about to burst forth, at the perfect moment, you pull down on my cock with one hand, and squeeze so very hard, my balls with your other hand, aiming the head of my cock at your chin, neck and the upper part of your cleavage.
As I shoot my load, you maintain your tight hold on my cock and press it firm against your body, forcing my cock right between your tits.

You loosen your grip just enough to allow more spunk up the shaft, then hold me tight again, to rub the spunk onto your left tit.You then do exactly the same thing to allow your right tit a share of my spoils.

You do this time and again until you are satisfied you have milked me dry. Then to ensure no trace remains on my throbbing cock, you suck and lick my whole length.

You stand, "Now lick me clean, and pass every drop into my mouth," you order.

At once my head drops to your neck, chin, chest and still corset covered tits. You used a stern tone of voice, knowing what you have just ordered is one of our greatest pleasures, and didn't even need to be said.

As I start to transfer my spunk from your body to your mouth, my hand explores your wet again cunt. On every possible occasion, when ever I near a nipple, I ensure I roll my tongue all around it, in a pretense of recovering spunk, but knowing it is now clean, I also can not resist a bite to ensure your nipple remains hard.
Only after we agree that you have been licked clean, do we both stand, and you allow me a full on kiss, without you just sucking my spunk from my mouth.
We now move out of the kitchen..........

As we step out holding hands, you stoop for a second to pick up your little pink vibe, just in case you need it later.

Through the door straight into the living area. There's a large living/diner, and before you left for work that morning, you did prepare the room a little for our encounter.

The dining chairs are exactly in position, the remote controls are laying side by side next to the TV, the magazines are neatly piled together, the room is generally tidy.
Over the sofa you have placed a large bath towel, making it obvious where we are heading for now. Next to the towel is your used underwear from yesterday, white lacy panties and matching bra, but I already knew that. You knew I would arrive before you, and that I would be horny as hell, so you left me the little gift, a gift I had already used to wank into.

The anticipation of the day, and the lingering smell of your pussy, and somehow, a remaining warmth in the bra, ensured as I wanked away, the only thoughts in my mind were of you.

I had shot my first load of the day nearly an hour before you arrived home. I made sure to capture it all in your panties so I could get my taste of us, to remind me how amazingly sexy and slutty we are together.

I immediately sit on the towel. You look at the underwear and pick it up. You knew it would have been used, and sucked dry, but you also knew our smell will have remained.

You stepped up onto the sofa, a leg either side of mine, and leaned your cunt right into my face, "lick me, bite on my clit, suck on your dirty little girls cunt" you order.
My hands went straight to your arse cheeks pulling you right to my mouth and did as instructed.

You hold your panties to your nose, hoping that I had left a trace of my spunk.
I had missed some, it was dry now, but a second in your mouth and you retrieved the last of my first load.

 You now sink to your knees, but still astride me, and we start a gentle, caressing, stroking time. Just enjoying each other, a tender time, a thousand butterfly kisses, a thousand touches of our fingers over each other.

 So far today I have wanked into your panties, fucked in your pussy before shooting my load on your arse, and had a third load, lovingly, expertly, deliciously painfully, drawn from me.

Nature ensured I had to have a little recovery time. My cock was still far from limp, a mixture of hope and expectation, along with the redness my cock still showed due to your lovely rough handling, resulted in a half erect cock nestling nicely against your pussy.

 As we kissed and stroked each other all over, I would hold you tight to me, still feeling your tits and nipples hard against my chest.

Your phone rang, "Ignore it," you said, and we continued kissing and touching tongues.

A woman's voice sounded from the answer machine, "Hi Sally, its just Jenny, called for a chat, see you later." Then the tone of the call ending.

Jenny was your friend from work, you also used the same gym, and despite how content you are with what nature gave you, and all the pleasure your tits give me, if you could choose, it would be Jenny's tits you would want. You see the whole variety in the lockers, but you think Jenny's are exactly right, despite what I tell you.

You end our kiss and declare, "I need to pee."

"So do I," I reply, but neither statement is matter of fact, we both know what this means, and we head up stairs to the bath room.

You've slipped off from astride me, and I've stood from the sofa, we both are showing an urgency which has been missing the past half hour.

Our half hour or so on the sofa, was a pleasure session. We ensured we rushed nothing, every kiss and touch had been carefully drawn out, each stroke of the skin and playful bite meant something, each bite only given as a source of enjoyment, hardly a mark had been added to our bodies. My cock had been nestling quietly, recovering, next to your pussy and against your thigh.

Our move towards the hall and stairs, out of the living room door, was the fastest we had moved since I spun you round and spanked you on your arrival.
You reached the stairs first, and bounded up the first few steps, then you had one of your wonderful moments, knowing exactly what could make our day better.

You stopped in full flight, with me just two steps behind, "How does my arse look now ?" you asked.

My dirty little girl is stood before me at a perfect height to fully inspect her peach of a bum, and my first instinct is to bury my face right in it and bite on a cheek, only the one bite though, I need to let you know how your arse is, well my arse actually, as on days like this, you merely carry it around.

It and the rest of your body is mine to do with as I will. It is an arrangement which works both ways, as my cock, my balls, my arse, even everything I produce and consume is yours as you wish for the day.

I take hold of your hips, which allows me to hold steady and move as required one of your many glorious features. Much of the pinkness from the spanking has faded now, there are still quite a few red imprints of my fingers where they made contact, almost like they had been drawn on with a lip stick, one cheek was pretty much completely its natural colour. It seems most of my slaps made contact solely with your right cheek, and there right in the middle of your perfect right arse cheek stands boldly my love bite.

Still a perfect bruise where I had sunk my teeth, and sucked as though I could draw your cunt juices all the way through.

I described the sight before me and you simply purred and said "umm, must check in the mirror."

For a second you did not move, so I took the opportunity to again nibble and suck, this time on your left cheek, but before I had time to brand you again, you continued up the stairs and simply said, "pee."

As we entered the bathroom, you still leading, you reached round and took hold of my cock, to check I was not too hard for you to manipulate, as when it is rock solid, it will not bend to you satisfaction.

My recovery time is perfect, hard enough to allow a full handful, but soft enough to pee, and bend and pull to ensure a proper aim.

I get into the bath first, and lay back. Me and my dirty little girl fit perfectly in the bath. You still have your corset on, but your tits and nipples poke proudly through the material.

You squat astride me, our eyes looking lovingly into each others. You are positioned right over my chest and then you start to empty your bladder. Your first warm gush bursts onto my chest and you immediately adjust so my face is getting your treat.

I open my mouth and catch what I can. My cock is now ready to join in the fun, as soon as I start to piss, you adjust your body again. Now your cunt is right on top of my cock, you are expelling the last of your bladder, and you can feel my pee like a steady flowing tap. My pee trying to force its way up your cunt, but merely hitting your pussy lips and clit, and falling back on me.

The bottle of wine you left me earlier, has provided us with a vintage nectar.
I am still pissing all around your cunt and you grab hold of my cock, aiming my flood exactly where you feel it most.

When I am finally empty, you continue to pull and manipulate my cock, this time I am really starting to get hard, rock hard, to shove right into you.

As you position us to fuck, you have one more surprise for me. As I think I am about to enter you, you ensure just the tip of my cock parts your pussy lips, and you release what this time is the last of your bladder. Your hot flow being yet another treat for my rampant cock.

When you are satisfied your are finally empty, you lower yourself, impaling your body on my cock. The produce from our bodies lays all around us, all over us. We both use our hands to wet all exposed flesh. I am careful to keep your corset dry, I still have plans for that later.

As we suck on each others fingers, we do not care which taste originated from whom, we just know that together, we produce a delicious mixture.
All the while you are slowly raising and lowering your cunt on my cock. I know for the fourth time this afternoon I am about to shoot my spunk again, and tell you so.
You raise yourself right up and move back a few inches so you can finish me with your hands and watch my spunk shoot out.

When you succeed in drawing my load, you are able to bend your body and take it full in your mouth. You swallow in time with my spurts, but I notice some trickling down your chin. That's mine to kiss and lick off your face.

As you stand, I lay a moment longer, from this angle I am looking right up your legs. With my eyes I survey every inch. Up from your shins, over your knees, your superbly shaped thighs, leading me to your pussy.

However you keep the hair away, is certainly worth the effort, your cunt is as smooth as your arse would have been 20 years ago, not a trace of bristle.
From this angle, my dirty cum loving little girl, could actually be a little girl, but as I continue my gaze upward, your hips, waist and tits are all woman. I want to sit up and once again kiss your silky slit, but the bath is too restricting.

I stand as well, and you remove the shower head from its holder. We may enjoy the taste of our mixture, but for our next venue we want to start clean. As you turn on the shower, you aim the head directly at me, for a moment or two the water is very cold, I call out in that shrill tone we all know.

You can't contain your laughter, you knew exactly what would happen, I now laugh with you, you naughty, naughty little girl.

Even during our highly erotic, wildly sexy, beautifully painful afternoon, you never fail to lose your sense of fun. By the time I grab the shower from you, the water is lovely and warm, and I wash all around your pussy and down your legs, and over your feet. You are fully aware I am spending way more time than necessary washing over your cunt, my fingers tracing ever inch of your pussy lips, around your clit and especially inside.

As you stand there letting me wash and finger you, you can see my handiwork on your arse. The mirror has not steamed up, and you smile at the results of your spanking and my irresistible urge to leave my mark today.

"I really do have a nice bum don't I," you state.

"Absolutely no question," I confirm. You smile and put your hands to your tits, juggling and adjusting them within the corset. You smile a lot and often.

I have before me a beautiful young lady, with a glorious happy smile, pretty face and dirty filthy mind, who loves her sex, rough, gentle, often, sensual, wet, and with me. Nothing could be better.

You reach over and turn the water off and I replace the shower head, satisfied we are both clean. We step out of the bath, and taking a towel each, we dry each other off. I am fully naked so you have the bigger task, which again allows me the excuse to towel your pussy and thighs time and time again. Although in fairness, if you had towel dried my cock and balls one more time, it would have resulted in my fifth ejaculation of the day.

You really do like spending time on my cock. I'm sure I was fully dry, yet you still loved the feeling of rubbing the towel. That roughness you get when you continue on an area already dry. You kept toweling me until you feel the stirring which we love so much. The beginning of yet another erection combined with more rough cock handling.

The mirror was still clear and you glanced at your hair and gave a little shriek, and quickly grabbed a comb. As you combed your hair, I am content to once again take hold of your hips from behind, and let my cock nestle down the length of your arse crack, my balls pushed are hard as I could between your cheeks.

My hands leave your hips and I gentle hold your tits, the image of you juggling them a little earlier, still in my mind. I love to watch you play with all parts of your body, as much as I love to play with them myself.

When you are satisfied with your hair, you look in the mirror and smile once more.
You put the comb down, reach round to your arse, take hold of my cock, and as if holding a lead, pull me in the direction of the door, its bed room time.

Sally drags me by the cock right into the bedroom. Holding me so very tight, it feels if I had wanted to escape, she'd have ripped it off. Good job I'd never want to escape.

As we enter the room, I am no longer her slave to be dragged around by the cock.
As you close the door, you let go of me. "Now, about that cold water," I say. "That was naughty, and naughty little girls have to be punished. Come here you spunk guzzler, its spanking time"

"Oh Martin, have I been naughty? Am I going to get spanked?"

"Oh yes Sally, you're going to get what you deserve."

I pick you up and drop you on the bed, not just a simple over my knee spanking this time. Four of my silk ties are hung on each corner of the bed. A large king size bed, with metal head and base boards, allowing easy places to tie and restrain naughty little sluts.

I quickly secure each hand and foot, not really a struggle, as you want this as much as I do, as much as my cock does. It is now as solid and rampant as that first time in the kitchen, I'm as hard as I ever can be. You are now secure, but with enough room to turn, when I desire it, but first, your corset needs to come off.

Your perky little tits are coming out to play. I start undoing the corset from the top. After the first pull of the lace, your little tits are free, and I stoop to fully suck on them at last.

My mouth is working furiously, sucking, nibbling, almost chewing off the nipple. Your tit almost fits wholly in my mouth. My hands finish unlacing the corset, and as it falls to your sides.

I move from your tit, and bury my face in your cunt. Sucking and biting on not only your clit, but your whole pussy. The baby soft, smooth cunt is becoming red from my treatment.

"Is there room for me?" A woman's voice asks.

In our passion neither of us had heard the door open. We hadn't heard Jenny enter the house. We didn't her call your name as she wandered the house.

"Bloody hell !" I exclaim, "I'm sorry, we didn't hear you."

"Oh don't apologize, just answer my question "

You answer right away, "Of course Jenny dear, there's always room for you."

I am now on a bed with my cum drinking, piss swallowing, naked little fuck toy, and her nurse girl friend asks can she join in. My cock finds a whole new level of hardness.

Jenny is very different from Sally. Jenny is almost 20 years older, and has a full buxom figure. As she undresses, her ample breasts are beautiful, I see right away why Sally loves them so.

Sally has told me about Jenny before, now I am going to find out for myself.

Jenny has stripped naked and all I've done is watch, still stooped over Sally's cunt, which I could only admire how red it had become.

"Move over," Jenny commands, "let a real expert show you how to suck on a cunt".
Looking at me Jenny adds, "If you need somewhere to put that ?"

She points at my cock, "Stick it in me, let's see if its as good as our little Sal has said"

As Jenny adopts my position, you are still powerless to move. "My hands" you say, "I need my hands".

I stand out of the way and just for a moment think I've died and there is a heaven. I don't stand for long, I'm missing valuable time, two naked nurses are in front of me, one is sucking on the cunt of the other, and I have holes to fill.

I untie your hands as requested, and you go straight for Jennys tits, molding and squeezing them, with the same vigor you have used on my cock.

With Jennys arse in the air, I see my target, right beneath her bum hole, her shaven pussy beckons my cock. I ram my rod in. The angle we are all positioned allows me to also grope, massage and pull furiously on Sallys tits too.

I try and copy every tug and squeeze you are giving Jennys tits. Your hands have more to work with, but I keep up.

 Then all of a sudden your hands stop and you move one to Jennys arse hole. As I am pumping away in her cunt, you start to work your fingers in her arse, but always letting part on your hand feel the length of my cock as it probes into your friend.

 "I'm going to cum" I shout. "I have already" Jenny states, still sucking and biting furiously on your soaking wet cunt.

"Your spunk is mine" you demand. As I feel it welling up my cock, no matter how great it is to be in a big titted nurse, with the fingers of my lover up my arse, I know my spunk belongs to Sally.

I withdraw from Jenny and ram my rigid cock into your mouth.

You work your fingers in my arse even harder, as I shoot my load time and time again.

I have so much to share this time, even you can not swallow so much so quickly, and your face holds all the surplus.

Jenny has turned from her cunt sucking position and starts licking your face.
With my cock still in your mouth, Jenny also has a bite of my shaft.

I seem to have emptied my load, so Jenny takes the opportunity to transfer what she has collected to my mouth, and raises herself up to kiss and pass to me, the spunk you let get away.

My hands are now busy sharing, one each for my two spunk loving sluts, I feel both sets of tits.

As I try to decide which I prefer, I know there is no comparison. Each single tit is a glory to hold. Each nipple the source of my enjoyment, but no, I have the answer, one pair is better than the other.

One pair belongs to Sally, proving the best things come in small packages, and although Jennys are fuller and fun, they are not Sally's.

Sally can wish for bigger tits. Sally can play with Jennys tits, but Sally knows that I will always love her tits, her cunt, her arse, her hands, her fingers, her mouth, the most.

With these thoughts in my head, Jenny leans up and says, "that was fun, let's do it all again"..................

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