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Mary comes alive - Part 2

Mary goes to France, and leaves her old life behind.

After that night with Carlie, there was still a fortnight before the term ended. Apart from hungering for the next lesson and her drinks in the pub after with Steve, she had little to do but to busy herself with all the arrangements, making sure that there was food in the freezer for Tom, and getting herself a passport for the first time ever. She also thought she should get some clothes for the sun, and bought a rather (to her) risqué two-piece swimming costume, and some shorts and T-shirts. Had she imagined Steve’s reaction when he said she would come as being more pleased than it was? All sorts of thoughts were going through her mind, but she didn’t forget to pack some of her toys, as she was sure she would need them, if the effect of the sun that she had heard about were true.

She met Steve as arranged at Gatwick airport, and they checked in, but didn’t get to sit together. Her nerves took a new peak as the plane took off, the bumping along the runway worrying her, and that initial surge as the plane took to the air and shook its way through the low clouds made her wonder if all was well. But looking across the cabin, she saw Steve reading his paper, without a care in the world it seemed, so she relaxed, and as the flight became smoother, she started to enjoy the experience. At Nice airport, they collected their luggage and picked up the rental car, setting off for the farm, about an hour or so away. They first hurtled, first along the Autoroute, and then more slowly down over the hills, past vineyards and small farms, the total contrast to everything she knew delighting Mary to the core. As they drove through the last Provençal village, with its white washed walls and ochre tiles houses, she felt as though she had left her old life behind her. They turned into a farm entrance, and pulled up outside a typically French house. Steve jumped out, greeting the old lady, dressed in black with a pinny of red checks, who emerged at the sound of the car, and exchanged kisses with her on both cheeks, and collected a set of keys.

The apartment turned out to be a conversion of an old barn, a distance from the farmhouse. It was nicely done, with a large lounge and open plan kitchen, and a corridor that led to three bedrooms and a bathroom with a huge walk in shower. “Where’s your friend?”, Mary asked. “Oh he’s away at the moment”, Steve replied, “He always goes away during the summer months, which is why I can use the place as I like”. Mary felt a mix of emotions washing over her, some trepidation and some anticipation. Steve showed her which her room was, and going into the room opposite, he left her to unpack saying, for her to join him for a drink on the patio outside when she was ready. That evening passed in a bit of a haze, as they ate a simple bbq and salad and downed perhaps rather too much of the local rose wine, and as she settled into her soft bed, she was asleep in minutes.

The next day, Steve announced at breakfast that he was going to shop and then go to the nearest beach, inviting Mary to join him. Her joy at the local shops was profound, as she tried to understand what was being said, but Steve handled everything smoothly and they set off to the beach. She had put on her bikini under her top and jeans, so when they arrived and found a space on the beach, she lost no time in settling on her towel to soak up some rays before cooling off in the sea. “This is bliss”, she said to Steve, who just smiled at her obvious pleasure.

“You must put on a good layer of sun lotion”, he said, “this sun is not like in England, and you don’t want to fry”. She spread the lotion over her body and lay back, looking out of the corner of her eye as Steve then also stripped off to his swimming shorts and coated his body in a similar way. He was slim but wiry, with a good set of muscles, and already lightly tanned. She kept peeping at him, so unlike her rather flabby husband, and started to daydream about what might be. She was aware though that Steve also was checking her out, and this made her rather hotter than was just due to the sun, so she had to go into the sea to cool off.

The day passed leisurely, as they swam, sunbathed, and chatted about their lives and how different things might have been had they made other choices. Then in late afternoon, they took a final swim, and dried off before driving back to the farm. They went to their respective rooms to change, and Mary stripped off her slightly damp bikini, already showing a difference between her covered bits and the rest of her, and wrapping herself in a towel, went next door to the bathroom to shower. As she was drying her hair, the door opened, and Steve walked in, naked and ready to shower, and stopped immediately he saw that the bathroom was occupied. She took in the sight of him, her eyes going straight to his crotch and his long thick cock, dangling limply from a mass of curly greying brown hair. Oh, Mary, oh I am sorry”, was all he said before turning and fleeing back to his room. Mary was unable to speak, and quickly finished her hair, knocking on his door as she went back to her room telling Steve the bathroom was free.

In her room, she lay on the bed naked, and immediately took out her bullet vibe and brought herself off, her body shaking as she climaxed, her mind full of the lovely sight of Steve’s cock. She took extra care getting ready putting on a bra that gave her full breasts an extra uplift and a low cut t-shirt, with a long flowing skirt, and went to the lounge. Steve joined her in a short while, and looking straight at her apologised for walking in on her. “I forgot I was not alone”, he said, “I usually am, and often don’t wear clothes as I like the freedom that nakedness gives me”. “Oh, don’t worry”, she replied, “There was nothing that I haven’t seen before!”, lying in her teeth as the onlt cock she had seen before was her husbands, and Steve’s was so much longer and fatter. “I’ll be more careful in future”, he said. “Damn”, she thought, and then the evening passed much as had the previous one, a meal with some wine, but this time Steve said they would talk in French so her language would improve. By about 9, the sun had set and they were still outside in the fading light. Mary was feeling the effect of the sun, perhaps she had not put on quite enough sun lotion, or maybe she had spent too long out of the water, and said that she had better get to her room and put on some after sun lotion. Steve watched her as she went, and said to her back “if you want any help, just call”.

“What did he mean”, Mary thought, as she started to rub in the cream, was this an approach, or was he just being kind? She had managed to get most of her body covered, and as she looked in the mirror, she could see that her skin was already bronzing, though a touch on the pink side, but she couldn’t reach an area between her shoulder blades. “Should I ask him?”, she thought, and sat there debating with herself. “Yes, why not”, and called out “Steve, I do need some help, could you...?”.

He entered her room, and saw Mary lying on her bed, face down, a towel covering her bottom half. “I’m sorry”, she said, “Could you put some on my back where it is a bit red?”. The touch of his hands as he stroked the cream across her skin was like heaven, and she pushed her head into the pillows and gave a little moan. Steve stopped, and asked if it was painful. “No.....please carry on”, she whispered, “that feels so good”. And so he did, and seemed to be taking more care and taking longer as he rubbed the cream into her skin. “ have good hands”, she said, turning her head to look at him seated on the bed beside her, and immediately seeing that his shorts were tighter than usual, and saw the outline of his cock under the fabric. “Don’t stop”, she said, as his hands moved lower down her back, and then up to caress her shoulders. “Mmmmmm.......”. After a while, he stopped, and said that he thought she was done. She turned to thank him, totally forgetting that she was naked from the waist up, and saw a light in his eyes as he took in her full breasts and her nipples that had hardened from the sensations he had been giving her. “Oh, I.........”, was all she managed to say before his lips closed on hers in a kiss that made her toes tingle and her pussy get wet.

“That was great”, she said, and kissed him back, moving to press her body against his, and as though they had a mind of their own, her fingers worked on his buttons, to bare his chest, their skin touching, her breasts soft against him. The towel slid off her as she turned, and now she was naked, and hungry for his kisses and his touch. Steve’s hands moved across her body, stroking her breasts and pulling gently on her nipples, making her moan in pleasure. Her hands went to his shorts, undoing the waistband and diving down to grip his hard long cock. “Oh wow...that is a lovely cock”, she said in his ear, “I saw it before, but now it is so big and fat....” She pushed him back off her, tugged his shorts off him, his boxers coming off at the same time, and holding his cock in her hands she stroked it before licking off the drops of precum that had appeared. Steve groaned and gently put his hand behind her head to encourage her, but she needed no encouragement, as she opened her lips to surround his purple cock head and to suck it gently, her tongue working round and over, the tip working at his peephole. Steve simply groaned in pleasure and watched her slowly suck him deeper into her mouth, feeling her tongue stroking all the time around its length. Mary had never felt such a big cock in her mouth, as Steve was at least half as big again as her husband. She wondered if she could manage it all, but bit by bit she sucked and worked at it, her throat starting to gag as it pushed against her tonsils, but she managed somehow, maybe it was the wine, maybe the sun, but she managed to relax and to reach the bottom of his cock with her lips, his whole length firmly seated in her mouth and throat. She held it there for a short while, simply loving the feeling, and then gave a few small gulps, which made Steve groan again in pleasure. She now started to work her way back up is length, and then down again, steadily building the pace, her hands gripping his swollen balls. Steve’s hips were working with her now as the speed and intensity of their actions increased. She squeezed his balls and sucked harder, her tongue lashing underneath his cock head when it was close to her lips, and gulping on it when it was in her throat. They were both moaning now, and she could feel her pussy dripping with her juices, and felt herself drowning in a sea of pleasure, focused on his cock but feeling it not only in her mouth but in her whole body. At last, Steve groaned, and said he was about to cum, he couldn’t hold back, and she did something then that she had never before done to a man. She slid a finger from gripping his balls further under him, and pushed it hard and fast into his asshole. She had had pleasure from this with Carlie, but was hardly prepared for Steve’s reaction, as he shouted out “Oh fuck, oh fuck”, and his cock spasmed and jetted a steady stream of his semen into her throat. Again and again his cock spasmed, each time filling her mouth until his creamy cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

“Mary, Mary, that was amazing”, Steve said as he slid his now softening cock out of her mouth, and wrapped his arms around her. “I have wanted you so much, since the first class we had together”. “Me too”, said Mary, “and when I saw you in the bathroom earlier on, I hoped you might feel the same”.

“Now it is your turn”, Steve said, and slid down her body, parting her legs and spreading open her pussy slit to reveal her fully to his gaze. “You are lovely”, he whispered, and licking slowly along each side of her pussy lips, had no difficulty in sliding in first one and then two fingers into her wet and slippery hole. Mary lay back and savoured the feeling, knowing that he would soon be bringing her to climax, she had almost climaxed when he had cum in her mouth, so she knew it wouldn’t be long. Steve’s fingers curled and stroked inside her as his tongue worked up and down her pussy lips, flicking gently at her clit, now fully exposed from its hood, making her gasp and clench her pussy muscles on his fingers. Working faster now, he hit her g spot and as his lips closed on her clit to suck it into his mouth, she felt the heat rising and her body losing control and all sensation focused on that spot as she climaxed. Her pussy gripped Steve’s fingers tightly, then relaxed, only to grip again as her climax came in waves, seemingly never ending. Steve continued to work at her and she heard her voice, as though from a distance, saying obscenities and much more, and she just kept cumming, until finally the last wave broke and she squirted her cum over his hand and wrist, and his face.

The night was spent in a sequence of orgasms, as they alternatively dozed and woke to make love again, sometimes fast and furious, other times slow and sensuous, as the mood took them. When the morning light filtered through the shutters, they lay entwined on her bed, Steve’s long cock still inside her, clasped together and curled into each other. Mary was the first to wake, and lay there still, feeling the fullness of his cock, and thinking of all they had done. However still she tried to be, her little movements communicated themselves to at least one part of Steve, as she felt his cock swelling inside her. She felt the ridge between his cockhead and the long length of him scrape along her cunt, and continued to stimulate herself against it. Slow movements, loving the feel of it, warm and moist in her pussy, so much better than the cold and inanimate huge dildo that Carlie and she had played with.

She became aware that not all the movement was hers, as the side of his cock slid against her anus, and when a pair of lips pressed against her neck, she squeezed her bum muscles as hard as she could. “Oh Mary”, Steve whispered, “Do you like this?”. “I love your cock being there”, she said, admitting to him that she had never been fucked doggy style before. Steve somehow managed to stay inside her, as they moved into position, Mary presenting her round ass cheeks to him, leading to the sensual curve of her spine. Steve slid his cock deeper in to Mary’s pussy, as he gripped her hips and squeezed her bum. “Oh, yes...”, Mary groaned, as he continued to work on her, his other hand now underneath her and stroking her clit. She was pushing back onto him, as he pumped his cock deep and hard, his hand working on her clit, as it emerged from its hood. Feeling adventurous, Steve balanced just on his knees as he moved his other hand to stroke down between Mary’s ass cheeks, and lightly pressed against her asshole. “Mmmmm.......that feels better than a vibrator”, Mary grunted, and soon he was stretching her ass with a couple of fingers and Mary was groaning and gripping them tight.

Steve now started to move faster, making Mary gasp, but she urged him on, and soon he was driving his whole length in and out of her pussy. He resumed his stroking of her clit, and knew that he couldn’t keep this up long. Despite having emptied his balls so often during the night, he felt like a teenager all over again, and told Mary he was close. She reached under her and grabbed at his balls that were slapping against her pussy lips, and said “fill me up”. The squeeze of her pussy muscles on him tightened and as she started to milk him, he felt his balls start to empty, his semen feeling like fire as it erupted out into her. Mary felt him spasm, and then felt his hot ejaculation, sending her over the edge as she climaxed in a hard and fast orgasm, different from but just as good as all the others. He slowly reduced his pistoning of her, and as he withdrew, she collapsed on the bed, his body lying on top of her.

“Good...morning”, Steve whispered into her ear. “yes, it is, and it was”, Mary whispered back.

Two weeks later, they were at Nice airport as Mary was due to leave, though Steve was staying until the end of the summer. The combination of sun, swimming and lots of sexual exercise had worked wonders on Mary. She truly looked fabulous, a little slimmer, but overall somehow she exuded an aura of confident femininity, which had its effect on others at the airport as they waited to check in, judging from the looks that she was getting. They hugged and kissed and as Mary turned to go through emigration, the tears flowed from her eyes, which she dabbed, hoping that Steve wasn’t looking. They had become so close during these two weeks that she couldn’t imagine being anywhere without him. It wasn’t only the sex, although that had been fabulous, but the freedom of mind and body that she enjoyed.

Steve left the airport departure lounge feeling utterly rotten. He had known a few women since his wife had died from cancer five years ago, but none had made him feel as renewed as Mary had done these last few weeks. He felt torn, uplifted in spirit, but saddened that it was over. He drove slowly back to the farm, hardly realising where he was, and wandered around the rooms despondently. In a few days, he had returned to his normal routine there, some beach time, some sun time, and once more he returned to his writing, though more often his thoughts returned to Mary.

Mary had been back home for about 10 days, and though Carlie had been very happy to see her and to hear about all her excitements, Tom treated her as though she had never left. She had felt that she should show some enthusiasm when, on the night of her return, he had turned to her in bed and moved to lie above her. But somehow she felt nothing, though she dutifully accepted him, opening her legs and letting him into her for the few minutes that it took him to cum. As he rolled over and grunted, she felt dirty, for letting herself be fucked by a man who she no longer cared for, and suddenly realising that she hadn’t cared for him for a long time now. She felt trapped by the mundane nature of her life stretching out into the future.

That morning, Tom was away early the next morning, on the road to wherever he had to go, and remembering her time in France, she wandered naked around the house, something she had never done before. Shortly after midday, there was a ring at the door, so she hurriedly put on a robe and opened the door just a tad. “Hi”, said a heavily tanned Steve, “I’ve come to get you”. “What?....what do you ..”, she stammered, as he took her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly. She felt her body moulding to her, and as they franticly kissed, she kicked the door shut and grabbed at his belt, undoing to draw out his lovely fat cock, which grew to its full erect size in no time at all. They made love right there, against the front door, her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist as his cock pistoned into her, their bodies crashing into each other, his pubic bone rubbing hard against her clit, and in no time at all she was orgasming, her whole body shaking, almost losing her grip on him, as she hung there impaled on his sword. He then let go as well, and his semen spurted out in jets, some of it running out down her legs.

“Now, my love, go and pack!”, he said, tucking his cock back into his pants and rebuckling his belt. “Don’t wash, I want to know you have my semen on you and inside you, just pack want you want and bring your passport.”. She did as he said, and they left, driving straight to the airport, where later that day, they flew back to France. Steve had refused to say anything about what or why, just that he knew what he was doing and would she please do what he asked.

At the airport, Steve didn’t pick up a hire car but went to the car park and they piled her luggage into a new Citroen, and drove back towards the farm. As they pulled up outside the barn, she could see that there was a light on inside, and assumed that Steve’s friend was back. He was, an older man, some 10 years older than Steve, French and he greeted her with a typically Gallic gesture, taking her hand and kissing it. “Madame”, he said in very good English, “I have known this man”, putting his hand on Steve’s shoulder, “for many years, and I have never seen him as happy as he now is. I have made a lot of money in my life, and vowed some time ago that if Steve wanted to retire here, then he could have this barn”. So saying, he took a bunch of keys out of his pocket and gave them to Steve. “And now, I must go, I have business in Paris in the morning”, kissing Steve on both cheeks, and doing the same to Mary now, giving her a wink as he went through the door.

“Will you live with me here?, Steve then asked as the door closed. Mary looked at him, their eyes locked in silent communications. She silently undressed, to stand there naked with him, as her answer to the man that had undressed her, but also opened up so much more in her life.

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