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Massage in Unexpected Places part 2

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I smiled as you pulled me forward into a kiss. I didn’t have a clue what was gonna happen next but I knew I was gonna love it!

“Show me how magic your fingers can be,” I said as you kissed softly down my neck. Your hands rested on my hips, kissing down my shoulder. You pulled me close to you making your hard cock slid between my legs. It had a little pre-cum on it.

Slowly moving your hand down my body, making its way to my already dripping wet pussy, I moaned as your lips hit the right spot on my neck to get me going.

“You like that?” you whispered in my ear, nibbling it afterwards. I smiled. Your hand was teasing me, only going in slightly and moving along my slit. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Go in deeper,” I moaned to you. You started to go in a little deeper. Pushing your fingers in and out, going slightly deeper every movement. I wanted him to pick up the speed a little.

“Faster.” I was holding on to your shoulders now trying not to dig my nails into your skin.

“Not yet,” you told me and I groaned. You pushed back to stand up in front of me, never taking your fingers out of me. Pushing me up to the wall, my breathing increased. You looked down my shirt at my perfectly tanned boobs. You kissed down my shoulder to my cleavage then started to unbutton my shirt with your teeth. This was so hot and I tried to control myself but my hips said otherwise. They started to thrust along with your hand as it moved in and out of me.

Once my shirt had fallen to the floor, with your free hand you reached around my back and unclasped my bra, having no trouble at all. My nipples became hard quickly because it was very cold in the room.

I loved the way your freshly shaven face was placed just between my boobs. I rested my head on the wall as you kissed and licked my hard nipples.

I hadn’t noticed that your hand had quickened pace. I moaned as you went in and out of me. Removing your hand from my pussy, you replaced it with your cock. I gasped when you went all the way inside me.

“Oh, that’s good.” My eyes rolled back as you pounded me.

“You like that, don’t you, you dirty little whore,” the wording was a surprise to me but I didn’t mind. I was kinda getting into it.

“Yes fuck me!” I moaned.

“Shut up, slut!” you covered my mouth with your hand. “Yes take it!” you said over and over again. I could feel you getting bigger inside me, knowing you couldn’t last much longer.

You kissed down my stomach to my pussy, licking just on the out of it. It felt so good when you shoved your tongue all the way inside of me, after tongue fucking me for a few moments. When you stood up your cock slid up inside me.

“Whoa.” I moaned and eyes rolled back in my head.

In one swift move, you pulled out of me, shoving me into the table, boobs pressed to the cold table, and pushed your hard cock back into my pussy from behind and fucked me as hard as you could.

I moaned loudly when you grabbed my hair and pulled on it. “Yeah, you better cum, you dirty little whore.” Right at that moment we both came hard.

We both fell to the floor tired and out of breath. After moments of cuddling and kissing we got dressed and you left.

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