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Massage Service for Her

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Tough job, but someone has to do it
I knocked on the door, my third call of the evening.

She seemed a little uncomfortable as she opened the door and then let me into her hotel room. She closed it quickly as if she didn’t want anyone to see me enter. I wasn’t surprised. Many women are like that, especially if it’s their first time. I went inside and immediately started breaking the ice.

“I can setup the massage table over there, or we can just use the bed if that’s more comfortable for you?” I asked her. She looked confused, not expecting the choice.

“This is your first time, isn’t it,” I stated, knowing it was. She smiled, and blushed like a little girl doing something really naughty for the first time.

“Yes,” she answered looking embarrassed. She had probably expected a female to massage her, but she hadn’t stipulated that either, my luck. I smiled back.

“Great, you’ll love it, just leave everything up to me,” I said to her enthusiastically. “I’ll get the bed ready while you get undressed.”

“Undressed,” she said, looking more nervously at me. She was attractive, in her late thirties or early forties, shapely and fit looking in loose sweats and t-shirt.

“Well I can’t give you a massage with your clothes on, can I? Just use the bathroom and wrap a bath towel around you. Don’t worry I’ve seen and touched plenty of naked women before, I barely notice it now,” I joked with her. She smiled nervously and went to the bathroom as instructed. I opened up my massage bag and took out an extra large towel and stretched it out over the sheets of the bed. The mattress was nice and firm, perfect for this.

She returned wrapped in a bath towel that covered her body from her breasts down to her thighs. She looked really sexy and I imagined what she looked like underneath, guess I would soon find out. I pulled out the massage oils from my bag, opened them and put them on the nearest night table. Then I turned off the main room lights to darken the room, and turned towards her.

“Lay face down so I can work on your back first,” I said pointing to the towel on the bed. “You can use a pillow for your head,” I said as I got some other towels out of the bag. She went to the bed and lay down as I asked, the towel still covering her back.

“If you don’t mind I’m going to change into some shorts and a t-shirt so I don’t mess up my clothes, be right back,” I said and headed into the bathroom. Her sweats, t-shirt and bra were lying on the floor by the counter where she left them and the room smelled of body perfume.

She was looking at me, or rather at my body, when I came back out and headed towards her on the bed. I work out regularly and carry a nice package in my shorts, so I wasn’t surprised by her long stare. I slowly walked over to the bed, giving her plenty of time to size me up, and looked down at the length of her body.

“I’m going to fold the towel back now,” I told her while gently pulling it out from underneath her sides, and folding it to cover her butt. She was naked except for a pair of panties that I could see under the towel and she did have a very nice body. I wondered how far this shy first-timer would let me go. I poured and rubbed some oil on my hands.

“You have a beautiful body,” I said to her as I started working her upper back down to her shoulder blades. Women love compliments, especially at times like this when they feel exposed and vulnerable.

“Thanks,” she said. I worked down one side and then the other, firmly rubbing and applying downward pressure that I knew would create some friction between her breasts and the towel on the bed underneath. The rise from her lower back to her butt and then back down to her thighs was quite spectacular.

“So what brings you to this town,” I asked her trying to get a conversation going.

“A convention, it’s been going on four days. I’ve been sore from standing so long and a friend suggested I get myself a massage. I asked the concierge about one and he gave me your number,” she explained.

“Well I hope you won’t be disappointed,” I joked. “So, you’re married?” I blurted out, not seeing a ring on her hand. It was a bit personal, but appropriate at this point.

“Was, we’ve been separated for three months,” she replied after a pause. Well that’s good news, I thought to myself, probably hasn’t had any sex in a while.

“Oh sorry, that’s too bad,” I said as I started working on her lower back from her shoulder blades down to her panties. I applied a little more oil and started working those muscles more deeply, especially those lower down where her waist meets her ass. I didn’t want to rush it and was careful to keep a good distance to her panties.

“How does that feel?” I asked her.

“Feels nice, you do that quite well,” she answered in a dreamy sounding voice that told me I was hitting the spot. She released her arms from the pillow and relaxed them more comfortably on the bed. As I pressed down on her bottom of her spine, where it meets her butt crack, her legs relaxed as well, slightly spreading her thighs by a few inches. This was going exactly as planned, even better.

“Do you want me to do your legs too?” I asked her. Some women don’t like that because it can be too stimulating.

“Please, they’re so sore from standing,” she answered. I put more oil, moved further back on the side of the bed and began massaging them starting at her ankles. I then worked my way up her calves, bending each one at the knee so that I could work all around it. Then I started on the back of her thighs, focusing on the sides. She was completely relaxed, breathing slowly and evenly.

“I can work the muscles on the inside of your thighs too, but you have to let me get in there. Most women like it, but it’s up to you,” I offered not knowing if she was ready for that. She hesitated and then adjusted her legs, parting them a little more to give me room to get my hands in between there.

As I worked my way up and down along the inside of her thighs, I could see the muscles in her butt reacting whenever I approached her crotch, at which point I would pull back to let her get more comfortable with my touch, and then work the outside for a while before returning. The effect was to further spread her legs and raise the towel over her butt until I could clearly see the crotch of her creamy panties nestled up between her inner thighs.

I could also see a wet spot developing in the middle where it touched her slit underneath. She was sexually aroused, there was no longer any doubt about that. I continued working her thighs, returning outside and then back inside, and the wet spot was slowly increasing in size as her breathing became heavier. She was acting like she had it all under control, but I knew better as I detected an unmistakable scent cutting through her perfume. 

“Time for the other side, here’s a towel to cover your breasts,” I said and turned around to give her some privacy. When I turned back she was lying on her back looking at me, one towel over her panties and the other over her breasts. Her eyes looked glassy, as she gazed my way. I put on some more oil and started with her legs this time, reversing the path I had taken along her back.

“It’s perfectly normal to become sexually aroused from a massage, don’t worry about it, it’s happened many times before.” I threw that out there to see how she would react. “Some women even have orgasms. It’s not a big deal and I really don’t mind. We’re all human.” She kept her eyes closed and didn’t respond. I was working the top of her thighs again, working my way up towards the towel where they met with her crotch when my hands slipped underneath from the oil and she suddenly gasped a little.

“Sorry about that,” I apologized immediately, and moved to her belly. As I worked along the side of her waist I noticed her hips occasionally pressing into the mattress, a natural involuntary motion that signals a physical desire to fuck. I continued, working my hands towards the breast towel and massaging her there until my fingers would just slightly touch and press against her lower breasts, all the while establishing a synchronized rhythm between the movement of my hands and the slight movement of her hips. She was still trying to suppress it by tightening her legs together, but I could tell she also needed me to go further.

“Would you like a breast massage too?” I said nonchalantly as if most women opted for one. It was a daring move on my part as a refusal probably meant the end of the session, but it was worth a try.

“Really?” she said surprised.

“It’s up to you, more than half the women I massage insist it’s included.” She paused and thought about it, as I continued rubbing my hands just below them and then around to the side, slightly caressing the more sensitive skin of her breast.

“What, what if, you know, what if...”

I knew exactly what she was trying to say. I had planted a seed that had grown with her contemplation. She knew her body well enough to know that she would probably have to come if this went any further.

“Look, no need to be shy, just relax and enjoy yourself, think of it as a service and I’m just here to serve your needs,” I said trying to put her at ease, and rather than waiting for an answer, which was obvious by the fidgeting of her hips on the bed, I slowly and gradually slipped my hands underneath the towel, over her breasts and erect nipples. She gasped again and sighed letting me know all was okay.

To say a breast massage, properly done, is erotic is an understatement. With the right techniques, and the right rhythms, it’s even possible to induce an orgasm in a fully aroused woman. As I worked on her she brought her legs up by bending them at the knee, giving herself more leverage to release sexual tension with a now more obvious fucking movement of her hips. I could tell she was in heaven and that at this point it wouldn’t take much more to get her off, but now I needed to come too.

“If you want I can get on the bed with you and lie in between your legs while you make yourself come against me if you want; pants on, no penetration, just full body to body massage,” I whispered to her in her ear, and then kissed and sucked on one of her nipples. Her legs were opening and closing uncontrollably and her breath was becoming heavier and more ragged. I knew she needed to come, and she knew it too.

I got on the bed down by her legs, spread them wider which revealed a large wet spot that covered most of the crotch of her panties, and settled my hips in there until my erection was tight up against her pussy. She immediately started fucking against it, as I returned to working on her nipples with my mouth. I would have loved to fuck her for real at that point, but the contact from her pussy through the soaked crotch of her panties was nothing to complain about either.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” she said as she grabbed my shoulders.

Pretty soon she went from a smooth rhythm to more insistent movements with bursts of crotch rubbing followed by bucking and wrapping her hips around mine, her head moving from side to side, and her hand grabbing my back for support. Every time I pulled my cock away from her crotch only caused her to arch and press and grind her pussy even more firmly against it. She was on fire, deep in fuck-fuck land looking for her release. I really love women when they get like this.

“I’m, I’m going to come,” she said through her breath in ragged bursts.

I would have offered to fuck her, but I figured there would probably be a next time, so I just let her continue rocking herself against me until her orgasm finally exploded through the soaked fabric of her panties against my cock just as I ejaculated inside my shorts. Afterwards we just lay there side to side as I massaged above her breasts and her neck, gently caressing her mouth and lips as the final waves of bliss worked their ways through both of our quivering bodies.

“Thanks, I needed that,” she finally whispered to me.

“I’m really glad I could be of service too,” I answered.

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