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Master and Kitten Together Again

They ended the marriage but that doesn't mean they can't have fun.

Marriage problems had driven Kitten from her master and after eight weeks apart they felt the attraction for each other once again. It got so hard to not flirt and tease each other.

One day while visiting Master to allow him to see their daughter, the temptation became to much. When their baby fell asleep for her nap Master followed Kitten to the back room. He pushed Kitten against the wall, one hand going to her throat the other to her waist and kissed her passionately. Not the soft sweet kiss but the one that said he was hungry and he would take what's his.

His hand moved under her shirt and up to her tit and squeezed tightly. The hand on her neck moved to her waist as he growled in her ear, "God I've missed you, Kitten!" Just the sound of her name on his lips once more was enough to make her shiver with anticipation and make her wet. Kitten moaned begging him to slide his hand down once more.

He slide his hand down her panties rubbing her clit softly causing Kitten to moan loudly, her legs going weak.

Master spun her around and stripped her, almost ripping her clothes with how rough he was. Kitten moaned as she tried to get a glance at his body as he stripped behind her. The excitement she felt was so much her heart felt as if ot would burst!

"Bend over Kitten," Master growled as he pushed her head toward the wall and pulled her hips to him. Before Kitten understood what was going on he was on his knees burying his tongue deep in her pussy. Kitten gasped, she forgot what it was like being his. She moaned loud and bent over more, wanting to get him deeper inside her. She softly whimpered when he nibbled on her clit.

He stood and rammed his dick deep into her cunt. They both moaned as he slid in. Master grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back then wrapped his other hand on her throat making her head spin slightly. Pounding hard, Master moaned with pleasure.

"Does Kitten like that?" he growled in her ear.

"Oh god yes! Please Master fuck me!" Kitten whimpered.

"Oh fuck Kitten, I've missed you!" Master whispered as the hand on her throat moved down to her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipple. Kitten moaned and whimpered with each thrust.

Suddenly, Master turned Kitten around to the bed and bent her over it. Kitten had forgotten just how big he was until he rammed in and filled her. She cried out softly, loving it. She found herself crying out more and he fucked hard and randomly spanked her hard. The sting of her ass and soreness of her pussy was just what she had been missing the past two months.

Master suddenly pulled out and dropped to his knees eating her out once more. Kitten moaned and pressed back against his face wanting more. He focused on her clit sending waves of pleasure through her. Kitten whimpered at his assault on her pussy and was disappointed when he suddenly stopped.

The disappointment didn't last long however because before she could even groan with frustration he buried his cock deep in her pussy once more. Grinning softly at her sharp gasp, he spanked her the same time he rammed in. Master fucked her hard and fast, pulling her hair and choking her, moaning with pleasure. Just when Kitten thought he would be cumming he pulled out and told her to get on the futon mattress they had laid on the floor.

On all fours she waited for him to insert once more. As he began fucking her, Master reached around and began vigorously rubbing her clit. Kitten couldn't kept from laying out as he sent her into a orgasm.

"Cum for me Kitten!" Master growled in her ear. Kitten came hard on his dick as he continued to fuck her hard. She rolled to her side as he pulled her knee up to get deeper into her. Kitten buried her face into the mattress to keep from screaming and waking the baby. Suddenly Master flipped Kitten on her back bent her knees to her shoulders and buried deep inside her, kissing her passionately then began kissing down her neck to her tits and biting softly on her nipples.

"God I've missed you Kitten... You know this is gonna have to be a regular thing, right?" Master said between breaths.

"Yes Master! Every week!" Kitten replied with enthusiasm.

Master came hard inside her cunt as sweat dripped from his brow. Kitten smiled softly up at him wishing she could tell him she still loved him but was content with the same look coming from his eyes as well. Though they knew they weren't good as a couple, they knew there in that moment they would always be good together and would never stop loving the other.


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