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Mating Season, Early

Valentine's Day from one year to the next introduces unexpected changes

It's February 14th, Valentine's Day, as I write this. I've always considered the day as the beginning of mating season. You know, sentimental cards, roses, romantic poems, wine, candlelight dinners, kisses, all a prelude to an evening of love making. So, tonight, I'm going to observe the ritual by romancing my almost girlfriend.

Now the idea would be perfect if we had met before. Actually, we had met online, but not face to face. She's eighteen, pretty, sexy and unattached. I'm older with, according to her, a little better than average looks and unattached. We both enjoyed telling about our fantasies online, one of which is sex. She said she was between boyfriends. I asked how many. She said a few and that led to how many she had sex with. It sounded like more than a few. She seemed honest and uninhibited in that way. So here's hoping I get lucky.

I'd say we both were feeling a little sorry for ourselves, something they used to call the blues. So we both were looking for companionship and that's how we decided to hook up on Valentine's Day. I only hope she meant "hook up" the same way as I did.

We're meeting tonight at Drury Sports Bar. It has a relaxed friendly atmosphere and a great place for singles to hang out. That's where she'll meet me tonight promising to wear a red sweater with a plunging neckline without a bra. She said bras only get in the way later, as she put it. I'll be in my alma mater's sweatshirt, giving me a younger look, although she said she liked dating older men. "They last longer," she said. Hell, I've already lasted ten years longer than her already, but I don't think that's what she meant.

This wouldn't be much of a story if the reader had to wait a day to find out what happened tonight. So, I'll let this one simmer for a while and write about it later if it's equal to my expectations. Let me tell about a few other Valentine's Days.

It started long ago. I met my wife on Valentine's Day at a church dinner. Felicia was eighteen and just graduated from high school. I was twenty. I was not her first choice that night. Felicia is far too beautiful to have given me a second glance. First, she and her younger sister were tight with each other and rarely left each other's side. Secondly, Felicia already had a boyfriend who was never far away. I merely drooled at the thought of dating her. My fantasy didn't stop there. I dreamed that when we had sex the first time, she was a virgin. Felicia certainly had the looks of a virgin.

The next time we met was at the grocery store. I got up some nerve to say hello. She gave me a dazzling smile and said, "You're Tim, right?"

"No, it's Dan."

"Oh sorry. You look like a Tim. Are you at the University?"

"No, I'm at our community college."

"Hey, that's where I'm going, but I wish I could afford to go to school in California where Richard, my boyfriend, is going."

"Yeah, that's a bummer, but you'll love going to school here. It's a great campus and terrific professors."

"I heard that, but California with Richard would be better."

I saw Felicia on campus over the next several months and into the winter. The college was giving a Valentine's Day party a year after I'd seen her at church. With a great deal of nerves, I asked her to go with me.

"Felicia, I know you have a boyfriend, but maybe he'll understand that you need to get out from time to time."

She looked a little bewildered, even sad, when I said that. "I don't think I'm ready, Tim. Richard and I broke up at Christmas."

"It's Dan. Look, think it over. I'll call you in a week."

I called and she had thought it over and said, Yes. I was in heaven.

Although I might not be handsome like her Richard, I'm pretty good as a conversationalist. She said she liked that I was laid back and had a sense of humor. So, we had a good time.

Much of the time at the party, guys were hitting on her. I often felt like a third wheel. Finally, I said, let's get out of here and go get some ice cream. She said, "No, I need a gin and tonic."

At the bar is when she confessed her anger with Richard and how he cheated, even in high school. "On Christmas Eve," she told me, "we were doing it in his house while his parents were at church. That's when he said, and I'll never forget this, he said, 'You're a good fuck, Felicia, but nothing like Cynthia'. Oh my god, he was fucking Cynthia, my best friend! That ended it right then.

"I thought we would get married after college and have, you know, 2.6 kids and a house with a picket fence. Okay, I idolized it, but that's how it was supposed to be with me and Richard."

I sympathized and said that every fairytale doesn't end with a happy ending. "Tell me about the 2.6 kids."

She laughed. "I know, it sounds silly, but that's the joke in our family. The average number of kids born in our town is 2.6, so we go with that."

We both laughed, then she cried.

I hugged her, then without thinking, I kissed her and she kissed back. We went to my pad that night and my fantasy was nearly realized. Felicia stayed the night. It's just that she wasn't a virgin.

After we finished the first time, Felicia looked up at me with a wicked grin and said, "I'm a good fuck, aren't I, Tim?"

"It's Dan, and you are a good fuck, Felicia, but we have to try it again to be sure."

She laughed and said, "Okay, whenever you're ready."

I was soon ready and mounted her for a second time. We continued until dawn.

From then on, we were friends with benefits. By the next Valentine's Day, we were such good friends that we couldn't get enough of each other's body. That Valentine's Day she told me what she was giving up for Lent that began on Ash Wednesday. Felicia said she was giving up sex until Easter. I gave her a fake laugh and said, "You'll be sex-starved and die of malnutrition." She laughed.

I had hoped she was kidding. She wasn't, but Felicia happened to like sex, so that didn't last long. We were friends, then lovers, then married.

She said she loved me, but I suspected she loved someone else even more. Richard was still on her mind and each time we made love, it was Richard she was remembering. I only found that out after the divorce. That part comes later in the story.

We got along fine as a married couple. Felicia had a job with an accounting firm. I was a programmer for a start-up company and worked a lot at home. We were making a good living for a couple our age.

In our fourth year of marriage, Felicia's father retired and her parents moved to Florida. There was a catch. Felicia's younger sister, Ashley, was still in high school, and they wanted her to finish at the school she was attending. After all, her friends were there, and it would be very hard for her to start all over. Their parents asked if Ashley could stay with us until graduation. We had the space at our home and the picket fence Felicia always wanted, so why not?

Everything started well at first. There was an adjustment period, of course, and we weren't sure about setting rules like homework and being home at a reasonable hour. Ashley was a typical teenager who liked to press our buttons and challenge the rules. We remember our teenage years and put up with it as best we could.

One thing that really irritated Felicia was Ashley prancing out of the shower without a robe. Felicia repeatedly told her sister that there were other people in the house and one of them was her husband.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Ashley would reply. "He's old enough, right?"

Felicia just shook her head and said, "Don't do it anymore," but she did it anyway to my delight.

Ashley was only sixteen but already had ample breasts like her sister's. In addition, she was shaved so by the looks of it and her uninhibited attitude, she probably wasn't a virgin. Felicia had been screwing Richard at that age, so Felicia was tolerant of her sexually active sister and never made a point of making an issue out of it. The only concern she had was when she said to Ashley, "I know what it's like in high school and boys will be boys, girls will be girls. Are you on the pill?

"Of course, Sis. Mom put me on it before they left for Florida."

"Well, don't make a habit of doing it. We all have reputations to live down."

I suspected she was making a habit of it. It being screwing the boys.

My suspicions were confirmed the morning Felicia was at work and Ashley and I were home together. I was still in my pajamas when Ashley walked into my office after her shower with wet hair and nothing else.

Looking like a drowned kitten, she said, "Do you like the way I look, Daddy?" She started calling me Daddy right from the first day she moved into our house. It was always said in a baby girl voice to tease me, so I began calling her Baby. This time it was more than just a tease.

"You look fabulous, Baby."

"I know but do I look sexy?"

"Yes, you look sexy."

"Do I look desirable, Daddy?"

"Yes, Baby, you look very desirable."

"Do I look desirable to you?" she purred with her baby voice.

"Of course."

"Well?" she asked.

"Well, what?" I asked knowing full well what she was up to.

At that, she hopped on my lap looking up at me with those innocent puppy-dog eyes. "You want me don't you Daddy? I know the way you look at me. You want to fuck me, don't you?"

I stuttered a few words like, "You are a very very beautiful girl, Baby."

"But you want to fuck me now, don't you?" At that, she slid off my lap onto her knees with her head between my legs pulling at my pajama bottoms. My cock popped out in a flash and Ashley let out a squeal. "Oh my god, you are big like Trevon at school!"

"So, you've been fucking a black boy?"

"Oh Daddy, don't be so conventional. We fuck the guy we're with if we like him. I like Trevon. It doesn't matter if he is black or white, big or small." Then she took me in her mouth, her hot. slobbering, slurpy mouth.

She ran her tongue gingerly along my veiny shaft, down the base of its trunk and back up to where she kissed the bulbous head, causing me to jump.

“Come on, relax Daddy, we can work this out,” Ashley said softly looking up at me and slowly taking my cock back inside her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed as my hard shaft slid along her tongue drawing it towards the back of her throat. Ashley was no amateur at giving blowjobs. She was already an expert at deep throat. She slowly released me from her soft lips, exhaling her hot breath against the head of my cock, and took me back in.

“Oh fuck," I moaned as my cock twitched against the roof of her mouth.

There was only time for one more thing when the doorbell rang. I released the pressure that had built inside my gut bursting out massive batches of cum, traveling quickly down her throat.

I pulled on my pajama bottoms, slipped on a robe and answered the door just as she swallowed the last drop. It was the FedEx guy needing my signature. When I returned to my office, Ashley was nowhere to be seen.

That night at dinner, Ashley kept poking me with her foot and at one point had her hand rubbing my thigh. She smiled like she was doing something naughty and she was. It all added up to a non-stop seduction that had to be satisfied.

Friday, I had a meeting at the corporate office. I worked late and stopped at a bar before going home. I needed a quick pick-me-up before grilling steaks for me and Felicia. Ashley said she had a date, and wouldn't be home for dinner. Yes, it was true. She had a date. It was with a man a dozen years older than her. She was sitting in a booth when I walked in, but she didn't see me. Ashley was drinking a cocktail and like a teenager, she laughed a lot making the stranger believe he was funny. Sixteen year olds were not legal, but Ashley could pass for eighteen or twenty at any bar. Instead of making a scene, I quietly left for home. It was past two in the morning when she finally stumbled in the door.

"You have to talk to her, honey," Felicia said that morning. "We said one was the latest."

"Okay, I'll talk to her."

Saturday afternoon was an ideal time to have the talk. Felicia was at the store. Ashley was fixing her nails, and I was installing new LED light bulbs around the house.

"I saw you last night," I said for openers.

"Where did you see me? I didn't see you."

"You were at a bar with a guy nearly my age."


"First, you're not legal and don't belong in a bar. Second, you should be dating guys your own age."

She laughed in my face. "Okay, tell me about it, Daddy. Let's talk about our little arrangement in your office the other day."

"We're talking about last night."

"He's the manager at the restaurant where I work. He asked me out for a drink. Guys are hitting on me all the time there so why not the manager?

My response was none too brilliant. "Did you fuck him?"

"Of course, and he gave me a raise. He said I deserved it."

"You fuck for money?"

"Not usually. I didn't ask for a raise. He just told me to keep my mouth shut."

"So you figured the raise was to keep your silence."

"I suppose. Are you jealous?"

"Damn right, I'm jealous."

"Well, you should be. I can tell you the guy last night lasted a lot longer than you." God, how well she knew how to yank my chain.

"I see," I said. "Maybe you'll want to give me a second chance."

"Maybe," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

She was turning me on just by the way she mocked me when she said, maybe and the seductive way she sat and looked at me. Self-control is not what I'm good at. "Maybe, like in maybe now?" I asked.

"It could be."

"We don't have much time. Felicia will be back from the store soon."

"No, Daddy. She said she's going to stop at the library before coming home. You know what that means. The library to her is where she hides out looking for old manuscripts for her Bible study. It takes her forever.

I held her hand and we swung our arms like little kids as we headed for her bedroom. We left our clothes on the floor when she leapt into my arms wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She kissed me with a deep passionate kiss and said, "I need you, Daddy. I need your big fat cock inside me."

Standing with her wrapped around me, I managed to maneuver myself so that I found her gash and slid myself easily inside her. She hardly moved with me holding her impaled by my stiff hard cock. We kissed again and again, then fell into bed with her legs spread far apart wanting me deep, deep and deeper.

She simply could not get enough of having me slide in and out of her tight wet pussy. "My god, Daddy. Don't cum too soon. I need to get off. I need an orgasm. I need to cum," she whimpered. "Help me cum, Daddy."

She stayed on her back as I pounded into her. She knew what to say to get a man hungry for her body. "I want you, oohh, ooh, you feel so good. I want you to stay inside me forever!”

Or she would cry, "Fill me up, Daddy. Cum for me, cum inside your dirty fucking Baby. Cum inside your little girl."

Ashley's orgasms came early and often, and she cried for more and more. In the end, I had lasted about as long as a man can hold out while fucking a teenage slut. The finish was spectacular, and she giggled each time I shot another wad into her cunt.

I was out of breath, yet she was ready for more. I asked her to check the clock. Felicia would be home soon. We needed to suspend our affections for another time. When my wife arrived home a half hour later, Ashley and I sat in the living room trying to act normal. It wasn't easy.

After dinner, Felicia asked me if we had our talk. I said we did but Ashley made no promises. "She just said she'd try her best."

There were weeks when Ashley and I hardly talked. That is when I was insanely jealous each time Ashley went out on a date. Felicia noticed and asked me what was wrong.

My answer was, "I don't know, dear. I worry when Ashley is on a date, especially when she comes home late."

"She'll be okay, honey. I don't think her morals are being compromised. She's almost seventeen and pretty well grounded. She has a job at the restaurant and her grades are okay."

But protecting her sister with those comforting words was because of a secret they both shared, which I'll explain later. Ashley and I had our secret, of course. Felicia had her own. Sometimes I would pick Ashley up from school, and we'd have a quickie in the car but mostly it was Sunday morning when Felicia was at church. Each time it got better and better. One time I asked her what she wanted to do after high school. "Do you want to go to college, Ashley?"

"Maybe," she said, but that was her answer for everything. "You know, Daddy," she said. "I'd like to get into movies."

"Really? An actress, huh?"

"Well, not really. I'm thinking of porn. I'm really good at it. I met a man who said he could get me into the business. He even gave me a kind of audition. I really had fun doing it. He said I was a natural in front of the camera."

I couldn't stop imagining her in a porn video. It turned me on in a way I simply couldn't stay away from her. And we got careless.

It happened to be on a Sunday of Felicia and our fifth wedding anniversary. Felicia was at church. Ashley and I were fucking each other as we often did on Sunday morning. However this time, we didn't anticipate Felicia coming home early. Apparently, there was a small fire in the church and everyone was advised to leave.

Ashley was on top pouncing on my red hot poker crying out, as she often did when having orgasms, "Fuck me, oooh, harder. Don't stop, don't stop. I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

Watching her tits bounce up and down as her tight pussy lips wrapped around my hard cock put me in a nearly unconscious daze. That's when Felicia opened the door to Ashley's bedroom where we were enjoying our own type of worship service.

She looked at us for a minute trying to absorb what she was seeing, then turned to leave saying nothing, but her shock was palpable. The ironic part of this fiasco was that I can't remember ever cumming so long and so powerfully before, knowing my wife watched me fuck her sister. The cum just poured out of me like someone turned on a spigot that couldn't be shut off. I left Ashley in a daze with cum streaming out of her pussy while I tried to come up with an explanation for Felicia.

My first try was that it never happened before. It was an accident. No matter what I said, Felicia wasn't buying it. Women's intuition seemed to have given her the impression this had been going on for a long time. She just wasn't willing to believe it. Now she had no choice.

Most stories are not complete until revealing the hidden secrets. In this case, there is more to the story than was apparent at the time. On a Saturday afternoon when Felicia was at the library researching manuscripts, Ashley was on her own mission of mercy with a man she met on the Internet who had promised her an acting (of sorts) part in an adult movie. They were meeting at the motel known for rendezvous of that sort.

The thing is, Ashley saw her sister leave the motel with a man, Richard, my wife's former boyfriend. Felicia wasn't at the library preparing for Bible study like she said. In fact, she wasn't even at Bible study most weeks.

Confronting Felicia with her discovery, Ashley discovered that her older sister had been cheating for some time with Richard. Felicia asked her sister to keep the indiscretion between the two of them. In return, Felicia promised not to tell their parents what had happened between us on that infamous Sunday. Ashley didn't say yes; she didn't say no. She said, Maybe.

But teenagers being teenagers, the whole situation was never the same again in our home. 

So here I am, divorced, on Valentine's Day in the home with the picket fence and looking for a romantic partner. Ashley has graduated and is in California working with the adult entertainment industry. As I later learned, Felicia moved in with Richard.

Okay, time's up. I'll have to stop here and hurry if I'm going to meet the girl with the red sweater. There's one more thing to add before I go. I'm still hopelessly in love with Felicia. Isn't that the way a Valentine's story should end?



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