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Me and her

I got her attention and she was mine.
This is the story to narrate, how I got the attention of this lovely chick. I work at a Departmental Mall, and so does she. Nadia is her name. I must say, she's the most beautiful creature on earth. I love her because the shoulder-length blonde hair, the vivacious face, and the nice curvy figure make her a celestial being. A pair of 36C tits, as round as her hips, are set proportionately with her slim waist. The close-fitting dresses accentuate the voluptuous curves of her body; it always impresses me that she follows this fashion deliberately to get the attention all around her.

I use to lay off till 8.0 pm; sometimes, my overtime goes as late as twelve midnight. It happened so one night. I yawned and turned my eyes to look at her. She was at her desk, checking the entries. I told myself, 'Go Alan, talk to her! You've got the chance now.'

So I got up and walked over to her desk. My mind was racing for the battle of ideas and, perhaps, it was the reason I stopped before her. Her voice, sweet like her smile, started me. "Are you ok, Alan?"

"Erm-me? Oh-yes, I'm ok."

"Seems like, you are too tired to do anything." She smiled, observing me. "Just don't be that much busy, Ok! It's bad for you."

"I'll try to," I said, smiling back at her. "Erm-I think you aren't on the overtime, often."

"Oh, that's just a change of routine. I needed to get through these entries. But, I think, the rest may be checked tomorrow." She got up but a wave of her hand caused some pages to fall off; it was accidental apparently. "Oh my," she said.

"I'll help," said I and we knelt together. Instantly, my eyes fell on her cleavage. It looked deeper and sexy. My hand froze in the mid air as if some invisible force had held it. So she collected all the pages and looked at me. Her lips curved into a smile and she got on her feet. I followed her example, shook my head, and turned to my desk for packing things up. She was doing the same thing. I was almost done but her voice started me, “Do you like what you've seen just now?"

I was dumbfounded and turned around. She was grinning. Her hips swayed as she came to me. Then, she grabbed my collar and yanked me toward her, "Naughty boy, don't just go hard in your pants. I know what you want with me."

And she kissed me. My eye flew open but my hands, as if they belonged to an automaton, moved around to cup her ass. I was kissing her too. We closed our eyes, getting engrossed in the magic of reciprocal pecking. My hands moved up to her tits. I squeezed them, without breaking the kiss.

Nadia moaned and I thought she wanted to say something. So I stared at her. She looked, blinking her eyes. Her face was flushed for the passion and she asked huskily, “What are you up to?”

“What do you want me to do baby?”

“Will you just stand here and ask me silly questions?” She rejoined. A furrow creased her forehead.

“No baby! I hope you won’t be offended if I take you to my place,” I suggested.

Nadia laughed and I grinned. We french kissed each other and left for the parking lot. She accompanied me to my bike. “Will you leave your car here for the night?” I asked her, gesturing at her Porsche.

“Never mind my car! Let’s go.” She replied coldly.

I kicked the bike and it groaned to life. She sat behind me and we headed off. The two wheeler roared in the night, picking up the speed. The wind was hitting us violently and she hugged me tight. “Thank you,” I said to the wind, for it was a great favor for me. “What?” Nadia shouted but I said nothing.

We reached our destination in 15 minutes and went over to my bedroom. No one lived with me; hence it wasn’t necessary to lock the room. “Here we are. Though, it isn’t the place of choice to match the taste of a lovely girl like you.”

Nadia looked around. Everything in the room was a mess. “Oh yes it is! At least, no one will disturb us. And,” she said snaking her arms around my neck, “I don’t want you to loiter.”

“All right baby.”

Our lips met again. I poked my tongue into her mouth and let it twirl with hers. The kiss was broken by her. “Undress me,” she said.

“Your wish is my command, mistress!” I said, grinning at her. Her tight hugging blouse and the stretch skirt went off in a minute. Then, she let me unhook her bra and unknot her G-string. When I was about to unbutton my shirt, she held my hands. “I’ll do this,” said she and a mischievous smile curved her lips.

“Ok.” I said and watched her as she fumbled with the buttons of my shirt. After unbuckling the belt, she opened the zipper of my pants. I mouthed an oh, when she felt around my hollow. “Hum-the beast is ready to burst out,” she said.

I laughed and stepped out of my pants. She pulled my underwear down. My weapon sprang out, ready to ravish her. She stared at the shaft; it measured 7” in length. I held her about the shoulders and said, “I must not stand idle or ask silly questions.”

I shoved Nadia and maneuvered her to lie on bed, before joining her. Our naked bodies rubbed against each other as I proceeded to kiss her body, from head to toe and then in reverse. I took her nipples which were already swollen, sucking one and pinching the other. She moaned and murmured to encourage me for what I was doing. So, I went down and pushed her legs apart to devour her pussy. It was already wet, oozing her sexy aroma out. I was intoxicated to run my tongue there and taste her delicious wetness. I sucked her swollen labia and probed my tongue into her orifice. My tongue was driving her crazy. Her moans turned into squeals of pleasure. She arched up her torso as I took her swollen clit to suck it. When my mouth was soaked into her juice, I decided to get out of the bed. Hence, I took her wrists and pulled her to arise with me.

Nadia knelt before me and began to stroke my cock. Then, she put it in her mouth and sucked it. I was in the bliss, for she was a good cock sucker. She rubbed my balls and slapped them, running her lips along the length of my shaft. She was driving me to the edge. I grabbed her head and guided her to deep throat me. But I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so I managed to say, “Get on all fours!”

Nadia complied with me on bed. I knelt behind her and moved to lick her wet pussy. She hissed as I fingered her lightly. I carried on licking and fingering her until she said, “Take me, please! I can’t stand anymore.”

Therefore, I positioned my cock at her buttocks and pushed it into pussy. She let out a loud moan as I began to fuck her. She loved the feeling of my push, withdrawal, and push back. I kept up with my tempo, slow and steady. With the gradual development of force, I made thrusts up to her hilt until the friction of her walls squeezed my shaft to unload. She egged me on to fuck her. I drove into her with all the might I could muster until gushes of hot spill oozed out of me. She screamed as a violent climax shook her all over.

We collapsed on the bed and my cock slipped out of her pussy. Then, we snuggled up into a warm embrace and kissed each other, knowing that we would make out surely for the nights to come.

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