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Me and Maria

the day I went to her house.

The sun reflected colors off of the pools water onto the body of the lone girl laying by the pool. She had a simple sun hat on. A yellow tank top, blue shorts and sunglasses that reflected the glare from the pool. She was so wrapped up in the book she was reading she didn’t hear me sneak up behind her. I reach down and wrap my arms around her body and whisper “guess who?” in her ear. She laughs softly and spins around kissing me on the lips. “none other than my baby” she whispered back in my ear.   I look at her and smile. She was amazing, she had a wonderful personality that matched my own, her eyes so full of love, a smile that would make any guy melt, but what topped it all off was her amazing body. With a 38D chest how could I complain. I loved her for her not her body and she knew that.

“so whatcha up to Maria?” I asked looking at her outfit

“oh nothing much just reading and waitin for you to show up.” She replied with a wink.

I looked her up and down again, she wasn’t   wearing a bra, and probably no underwear either.   I wrapped my arms around her and asked “what now baby?” kissing her again. She walked me a few steps back and said “oh maybe just go for a little swim.” She looked up with an evil smile and pushed me into the pool. She started laughing and looked into the water. She couldn’t see me because of the glare coming off the pool so she bent down to get a better look. I took my opportunity and jumped out of the water pulling her in. She pulled lose of my grip, stood up and splashed. “that wasn’t funny Paul look what you did to my clothes.” I look her over. The water made her tank top see through, the water was just cold enough to make her nipples nice and hard. I look down and her shorts were clinging to her pussy showing a perfect outline of it. This made me hard, but she hardly noticed, she already turned around heading towards the edge of the pool.

I move up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I whisper in her ear in my sexy voice that she likes “where u goin baby it’s just starting to get fun.” I grab a nipple in my fingers, they start going around it in circles, pinching it lightly. She lightly moans pressing her body fully against me. She feels her ass against my hard dick so she starts moving it up and down. We haven’t   had sex together, and since her mom was out for a while this might be our chance. My other hand moved down to her pussy and I start rubbing her clit in fast circles, she moans louder when I do this. She pulls both my hands off of her and spins around.   “were both wet from the pool, let’s go dry off. But there’s one area you’ll have to dry off   for me.” She says with a wink. She grabs my hand and leads me to the stairs that go out of the pool. Then she pulls me inside.

I pull off her tank top causing her wonderful tits to be in full view. I moved down and pull her shorts down to her ankles. I was right, no underwear,   and she recently shaved too. Just the way I like it. I start rubbing her clit again but she stops me. “nuh uh, not yet. Let me undress u first.” She pulls off my shirt, running her hand down my chest as she moves lower to my shorts. She pulls them down very, very slowly. Lingering around my dick, then reluctantly looks away when she pulls them all the way off. She stands up again and presses her naked body against mine. Her pussy’s on top of my dick and she’s sliding it back and forth on my shaft   looking up at me. “So, big boy, whatcha wana do first?” she asked. “How about we go to your room?” I ask looking down at her pussy. She gets off and walks to her room. She sits on the edge and pats the spot next to her. Here we are both naked next to each other, and we’re really horny. She leans over and starts kissing me. My hand reached down to her pussy while hers reached down to my dick. We both started rubbing each other. I moaned lightly and she moaned louder. She was so wet and I was so very hard. I pushed a finger slowly into her, she gasped and sped up her stroking. My finger slid in and out so very easily so I pushed in a second. She gasped again, this time louder. It was a little harder but the still slid in and out very easily. I started rubbing the top of her pussy, she started breathing heavier, her grip tightening a little on my dick as another moan escaped her wonderful lips. Her hair fell down her back, on her chest. She looked amazing. I found her g-spot, I felt her walls tighten around my fingers. She moaned a lot louder than before and her breathing sped up. “baby I can’t take it anymore, I need you to eat me.”

I lay down on her bed she puts her pussy up to my face,her juices start dripping down her legs, and she puts her face down by my dick. Without waiting she starts to lick my shaft up and down, swirling her tongue around my tip. I slip 3 fingers into her pussy, now that’s really tight. I then start licking her clit, running my tongue slow then fast around it. I wrap my lips around it and start to suck. Her head pulls back as she moans. “baby that feels so good don’t stop” I do just as she says and I don’t stop. She brings my dick up to her mouth, part her lips and starts taking me into her mouth. She takes six inches before she starts to gag so she pulls her head off then she tries again. Lowering her head slower this time. Taking me into her mouth inch by inch, running her teeth along my shaft. She buries my entire dick into her mouth, then slower then she put it in, pulls her head up, running her tongue up its entire length till I’m fully out of her mouth. By now, I’m breathing hard and I’m moaning out loud.

“baby how’d u learn to do that?” I ask amazed.

  “don’t   you remember you told me and I just did what u said.” She replied with a smile.

“well don’t stop it feels amazing.” I say with a smile and a wink.

She starts bobbing her head up and down again. It feels great, so I work even harder at making her cum. I’m still sucking and licking her clit. My three fingers are going in and out so fast that I can tell she’s going to cum soon, and so was I.

“I’m gonna cum soon.” I say between licks.

“Me too.” She replies between sucks.

“are you gonna squirt?” I ask in my sexy voice.

“all over your face baby. I gotta squirt so bad.” She said back.

“where do u want me to cum?” I ask still using my voice that she likes.

“Cum in my mouth baby, I wana swallow it all.” She replies in the voice that I love.

I keep going faster and faster and so does she. Until she tells me “Oh, oh ohhhhhh baby I’m cumming, baby, baby, oh I’m cumming.” This send me over the edge and I cum too. She squirts into my mouth because I pushed my mouth over her pussy. It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. She finally stops shaking from the orgasm. She sucks one last time on my dick to make sure she got every last drop of my cum. She rolls over onto her back I get on top of her, and look her in the face. She’s wearing a mask of pure joy. My dick is probing lightly at her hole, and I ask a simple question “do you want me to put it in?” and she replied “Baby I want you in me so bad” she kisses me one more time. I run my dick along the inside of her pussy lips. “baby stop teasing me push it in me” She begs. I smile at her and how horny she is. I line it up at the hole then I Gently push it into her hot hole. It stretches her to her limit. She gasped then moaned out loud. She wrapped   her arms around my neck and pulled me towards. Our lips lock in a passionate kiss as my thrusts grew faster and faster. In and out, in and out. Her body taking all 8 inches of me deep inside her. I slow down and gently rub my dick on her g-spot. Her walls clenched down making an already tight hole even tighter.   Her breathing grew faster and her nipples got harder. I leaned down taking a nipple into my mouth swirling my tongue around, sucking gently. She moans even louder it’s so easy for my dick to slip in. so I pull out for a second, move down to her pussy and suck all the juices out. Pushing my tongue as far in as it can go, and scoop it out with my tongue. She gasps at what I do. I pull my tongue out and there’s more juices than there was before. “Oh well” I thought gleefully.

                I slowly tease her with the head of my dick. Making that be the only thing in her. She looks up at me “Baby please put it in, my pussy needs you” I pull completely out again, hold her lips open and slam the entire thing into her. She moans even louder at this. I pull out nice and slow, inch by inch. Then I slam it back in. I continue this for a while then I suddenly stop. “Why’d u stop baby?” she asked. “wana do it with u on top?” I ask with a playful grin. All she did in return was smile. I laid down on my back and she slowly lowered her wet pussy onto my dick until it was all the way inside her. She started lifting her body up and down, each time doing it faster and faster. Each time she pulled up I went up after her slamming it in. then pulling out she would fall back down on top. Her juices were gushing all over the place causing my legs to get soaked, I didn’t care I was in heaven. She started to slow down and said “I’m gonna cum soon baby, I want you on top when I do.”


        Without even pulling out I flipped us over. And started thrusting it into her again and again. She screamed “Ohhhhhh baby I’m cumming, don’t pull out cum inside me.”   I kept going, her pussy unbelievably tight now. I shoved my dick in as far as I would go and let out the most cum I’ve ever shot in my life. It filled her up and spurted out of her pussy. After her orgasm stopped I pulled out and bent down to her hole and started cleaning up the mess. Scooping out most of it and sucking until she told me to stop. “I like the warm feeling inside.” She said with a smile. I moved up next to her, she laid her head on my chest and we fell asleep that way, her naked with cum dripping from her pussy and me naked covered in pussy juice.     


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