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Me and the Hockey Team Chapter 3

Continued From Chapters One and Two
I saw him and i made a mad dash for his bedroom. I knew he was chasing me by the sound of his footsteps... that and his cock was hard again and made a slight slapping noise as he ran. Up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the left. His room. Damn, he was spoiled, but all I cared about was his bed. King size bed, imported, softer than soft sheets, five pillows. And now me, lying on my back, naked as I waited for him to catch up to me. I didn't have to wait that long, two or three seconds later he was in the doorway staring at me, a smile on his face.

"So you want to play that way do you Emily?" He asked me as he took a step into the room and towards me. "What way?" I ask him innocently, putting my baby face on again. "You know what I mean emily." By now he was at the foot of his bed, standing over me. I was propped up on my elbows and my eyes travelled down his body to his cock, which by now was hard and sticking straight out from his body. I desperately wanted to just lean forward to lick and stroke his cock and taste his cum as he shoots it into my mouth.

I looked back up at his face. "So, IS that how you want to play?" He asked as he climbed on the bed, over to me and on top of me, forcing me to lie down on my back. "Is it?" He asked again, kissing my neck lightly. "Hmm?" Kissed me again. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh. I giggled and gave a little moan as he went from his light kisses to sucking and licking my neck. "Is that how my little slut of a girlfriend wants to play? Making me chase her?" He kissed and licked his way down my neck to my chest. By now i was breathing very hard, his cock teasing me against my thigh and his kissing was killing me. I wanted him inside me, whether my mouth or in my now sopping wet pussy, I just wanted him inside me NOW.

He sensed this and smiled as he palmed my breast. He was driving me crazy with desire as he rolled my taught nipples between his fingers. Then he started licking and sucking on them. It almost sent me over the edge. Almost. I started grinding my clit against his thigh and he groaned as he started to feel how wet i was.

"See what you do to me Nicky?" I managed to gasp out. He smiled and shifted his hips so his cock was pressed against my clit. "See what you do to me Emmy?" He repeated as he pressed his cock against my clit. I gasped at the unexpected pressure on it. I was so close to cumming. I was panting and trying to get Nick to put his cock in me, to fuck me, to make me cum.

Then, he pulled my hands from their positions in his hair, clutching his head to my chest. I moaned in protest, but he was stronger than me, not that I put up much of a fight. He held my hands above my head with only one of his. "Mmm. I love the way your tits look when I hold you down like this. So round and perky. Mmm." At this, he bent his head down and took one of my nipples in his mouth again. This time, however, it was not just licking and sucking. This time, he bit down on it, making me moan in a little pain that only intensified the pleasure.

"Please Nick." I begged him. "Please let me have your cock. Please fuck me." I couldn't stand the teasing any longer. He couldn't either because he obliged, but not how I wanted him to. He went agonizingly slow. With his free hand he guided his cock to the slit of my dripping pussy. He teased it at first, getting his swollen head wet with my juices.

Then, he eased his head into my pussy and brought his hand up to rub my clit. The effect was almost immediate. I came on his cock. He groaned as my pussy clenched around his cock head. When my orgasm was near the end, he chose then to thrust deep inside me, pushing every inch of his cock into me. He knew this would prevent my orgasm from fully stopping, and he was right. It only pushed me higher again. "FUCK! Ohmygod Nick!" I screamed out. After he was all the way in me, he just stilled and actually let my orgasm end. I opened my eyes to look at him. We both had beads of sweat forming and I was breathing really hard and fast. He smiled down at me.

"I want to see how my sexy girlfriend lides me to fuck her." All I could think was 'Oh gosh.' He pulled out of me gently, slowly and eased back in. "Oh gosh Nick." I moaned out. It was too easy for me. Not enough sensations for me. "Do you like it nice and soft Emmy?" He gently slid in and out one more time. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip, moaning. "Or does my slut want it hard and fast in her pussy?" With that, he slammed in and out of me a few times. "OH FUCK!" That was the feeling i needed from him. I wanted him fucking me hard and fast. "Hard, fast, Nick. Please, ohmygosh. Please."

"Oh, so that's how you like it huh?" He grinned at me as he began to fuck me in earnest this time. No more of that damn teasing from earlier. "Yes! Fuck yes Nick!" I cried out.

He was holding my hands above my head still, but now he used both arms. I saw his strong arm muscles flexing as he pounded in and out of my pussy. He leaned forward and kissed me roughly while he kept fucking me. "Harder Nick. Fuck me harder!" I moaned as he started to pound even harder in and out of my pussy. I could feel his balls hitting my ass and every time he pumped in, our pelvic bones met, hitting my clit. "Fuck Nicky, I'm cumming! I'm cumming on your cock! FUCK MEE!" I screamed out. He kept on fucking me through my orgasm. I felt him tense up before I heard him pant out "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum in your pussy!"

"Yes Nick YES! Cum inside me! I want to feel you cum inside my pussy." That threw him over the edge and he was cumming. He tensed even more and I felt his hot jets of cum deep in my pussy. "I love your cum inside me Nick."

Finally, he stopped and collapsed on top of me. He released my hands and I wrapped my arms and legs around him to hold him to me. I did not want to move. I wanted to stay like that forever. Him in my arms, his cock still in my pussy.

He picked up his head and started kissing me. As he did, he shifted a little and I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy, down my ass and onto the sheets below us. Suddenly, he broke our kiss. "I love you Emily." He said, catching me off guard. I stared into his eyes as if looking for something there that would tell me that he didn't mean it in some way. I didn't find it. Instead, I found there was not one drop of another emotion than that of his love for me. Seeing this, I answered back, "I love you too Nick." And I meant it. He smiled really big and leaned down to start kissing me once more.
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