Me for Dessert

By SandD

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Tonight I prepared for what I thought would be just a normal evening on a double date with me boyfriend, his best friend and his date.   Little did I know I was walking right into a yummy situation.   I dressed in black stockings, garter belt and panties black bra and a slinky black dress.   My boyfriend really liked this outfit and I liked wearing it knowing it turned him on.

            I showed up at the appointed time at my boyfriend’s best friend’s house.   They answered the door together and they had this look on their faces that caused a wet spot in my panties.   I knew something was up but wasn’t sure yet what it was but I had a funny tingling between my legs in anticipation, and that I was going to probably enjoy what was about to happen.    They invited me into the living room and gave me a vodka cooler.   I was wondering where Kathy was after all this was supposed to be a double date not just me and two guys going out for supper.   Whose was I to complain after all they both were very good looking guys.

            After about a half hour Kathy still hadn’t showed up and the guys wouldn’t wipe those silly grins off their faces.   I was starting to get nervous but excited at the same time.   I finally decided to ask about Kathy not being there and that is when they broke the news.   They said that about a week ago Kathy and Ned had broken up but since I had been looking forward to the evening we had been planning almost a month they couldn’t break my heart and cancel the evening.  

            They went on to explain that a few plans had changed but they were both going to be at my beck and call to do what ever I wanted.   They had made a beautiful dinner and had even set the table nice with candles and everything.   All through dinner they served me, getting my drinks, cutting my meat, treating me like a real lady actually I would say more like a Queen.   While we ate both need Ned and Rick rubbed their feet over my feet and up my legs very gentle.   As the dinner went on, one or the other would reach under the table and caress my leg running their hand up my leg reaching the edge of my short black skirt.

            After dinner we moved into the kitchen to “Do Dishes” or so they said, they wanted me to sit and visit while they did dishes.   So we went into the kitchen, on the counter there was containers of different sizes.   I later found out there was different types of fruit and sauces in them.   They put the dinner dishes on the counter; Rick walked over to me and took me in his arms giving me a long slow kiss.   Soon Ned came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me as well, I was now sandwiched between them, I didn’t fight it I actually enjoyed it. I had Rick kissing me and caressing me from the front and Ned kissing the back of my neck and caressing me from the back.   Ned slowly unzipped my dress.   I was nervous but very excited at the same time.   I wondered if I was getting in over my head.   After unzipping my dress he slowly removed slowly first one arm and then the other following the cloth down my shoulder and arm with kisses.   As Ned worked my dress down and off following it with kisses, Rick undid my bra and let my full bountiful breasts escape the confines of the bra.   I felt Ned slide his fingers in the waist band of my panties and slowly sliding them down following them with kisses over my ass and down my legs,   This whole time Rick was kissing my and caressing my breasts.   I was standing there with only my garter and stockings on but Ned was going to fix that as well by removing them the same as my panties.  

            After stripping me naked they lead me to the table and told me just to lay back and relax.   I was getting very excited and wet there were no worries in my head now I was to hot and horny I just wanted to find out what they were going to do.   I lay down on the tablecloth and waited with great anticipation.  

            Rick and Ned went to the counter and brought the containers over; they started by pouring chocolate and Carmel sauce on my body.   Fruit was added on top including bananas, cherries, pineapple and strawberries then it was all topped off with whipped cream.   After they had created their “Sunday” they explained it was going to be dessert time and I of course was going to be the dessert.

            They each started at a shoulder licking, nibbling, kissing and eating their way down towards my breasts where both of them took a nipple in their mouths then worked their way down one side of my breast and around the edge and back up the other side.   Each breast was completely cleaned off with the use of their tongues and mouths.   By this time I was wiggling and squirming around the table with pure pleasure, I knew Rick was a good lover but I never suspected that Ned could equal him, I was finding out fast Ned was just as great.  

            They continued down my body by licking my rib cage, arms then fingers and removed all the fruit and sauces off my stomach as well.   Every once in awhile one of them would work his way back up my body with kisses and then kiss me deeply and passionately usually I would find a piece of fruit that they had just removed from my body in their mouth. Rick and Ned worked their way over my hips and down my legs, including running their lips and tongues up and down the inside of my thighs.   This was driving me right around the bend because by this time my pussy was hot and almost ached to be touched but neither of them was touching me except with their lips.

            Down my legs and around my ankles they licked and kissed cleaning the dessert off my feet I was almost clean but also very horny and wanting touches more than by lips and tongues.   Ned and Rick finally both worked their way back up my body and gave me passionate kisses.   One would kiss my breasts while the other kissed my lips then they would switch.   Soon Ned kissed his way down my body to my other set of lips that were hot and swollen from being so aroused.   Once he had kissed his way down to my pussy he slid his tongue in just enough to barely touch my clit, it felt like an electric current was running through me.  

            Rick continued to kiss me, my breasts and my nipples as well as playing with my nipples with his fingers.   Ned slowly separated my pussy lips and slowly ran his tongue up and down across my clit.   He then licked one finger and slowly inserted it into my pussy, I could feel every inch of his finger my pussy was so swollen.   He slowly and carefully probed around my inner treasure while licking and sucking on my clit it sure didn’t take me long to have one, then two and finally a third orgasm.  

            I felt like my whole body was on fire and all pins and needles, every nerve tingled I wanted to do something for them and even tried to talk to them, but they hushed me and continued till I came I don’t know how many times I was tired and drained.   They helped me to the bathroom and drew a warm bath and settled me in for a little while, then they sandwiched me on the bed between them.   In the morning I thanked them but that will be another story.