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Medi Care

Medi Care

It had been a tough day at work and Jack was not looking forward to the long drive to his place in the hills.

He sighed as he got to the door and noticed all of the white powdery snow that had fallen the previous three hours. He shook his head, thinking, I need to pay more attention to the world around me rather than the new Peterson project that he had taken on.

Thank goodness he had his four wheel drive Land Rover full of gas and already idling from the remote start he had pushed from his smart phone. It was an hour drive home in good weather, no telling how long this night would take.

He flipped up his parka hood, and made his way to the now warm and ready to go Land Rover. Living an hour outside the city allowed him the luxury of twenty acres and the quiet stillness that comes with being that close to nature.

Jack was only about fifteen minutes from home, on a back road that most people didn’t use, and certainly wasn’t going to be plowed any day soon. Semi tractor trailers hauling lumber used it when they were working the forest north of them.

It was on one of the blind curves of that back road when Jack, through a white out of snow, saw the emergency flashers of a car against the guard rail of the bridge over the old Niles River.

A woman, hysterically waving her arm, the other holding a cell phone against her ear, appeared out of the white blinding snow, and Jake did everything he could with the Land Rover to miss her and stopped just past the wrecked car.

He jumped out, and the woman screamed that her son was still trapped in the wrecked car and she couldn’t get him out. Jack wiped the fallen snow off the back window and could see the young boy slumped over in his car seat. The seat belt was still fastened, but the impact of the crash had damaged one door, and the other door was pinned against the guard rail.

It was at that instant that Jack heard through the stillness of the nature he so enjoyed the downshifting of a one of those huge lumber hauling trucks.

He yelled at the woman to get in his Land Rover up the road, and as he crawled through the broken driver’s window, he saw the headlights of the truck approaching. He freed the boy and as he got out the same window, he realized the truck would not know they were there, the blind curve, the white out snow, and the hill, would only make for a bad situation.

The truck’s air horn’ blared, the frantic downshift of gears, the brakes locked, and Jack knew this was not going to be good. He jumped with the boy over the edge of bridge…

Jack opened his eyes expecting the worse, but the unmistaken smell of a clean warm hospital room caused him to try and get up, but his body wouldn’t allow it. The nurse appeared at his side, an attractive brunette woman, mid thirties, with lovely brown eyes. She smiled, advised him to relax and said that he had some pretty serious injuries.

Jack immediately asked about the boy, and she smiled again and said thanks to his efforts the boy was already home with just minor scratches and bruises. Jack looked at her name tag, Debi, and asked how soon he could go home. Debi smiled a gorgeous grin and said unfortunately as you jumped; the truck hit your body breaking both ankles, cracking a bone in your shoulder, and broke your other arm. Jack realized then both of his arms were in slings and not able to move them.

Over the next few days he and Debi got to know each other very well. She was a divorced mother of one son, and Jack learned through some flirting, that she hadn’t had sexual relations in quite a few months. She acknowledged that he was probably a lot better looking without all the bruising, cuts, and swelling.

Debi soon found out that Jack was a deep sleeper, or so he told her. She would come in at night, turn lights on, run equipment tests, and even took some vitals from Jack, to see if he really was in a deep sleep. Jack always pretended to be asleep. He would watch her thru slightly closed eyes as she moved about doing her work. One night as she started to leave, she stopped at the door, slowly turned around and came back to the bed.

She coughed, to see if Jack was awake, and when he didn’t respond, she slowly lifted the sheets off his legs. As Jack watched, Debi lifted his hospital gown enough to see his manhood.

She liked the sight of it limp, resting against his upper thigh. It had been a long time since she had last seen a handsome naked man in bed. It was average in size, soft silky mushroom head, and a thick veined shaft. She smiled, licked her lips, and felt herself getting excited at that thought of having this hardened cock plunging into her, his balls smacking against her. It had been too long she acknowledged to herself.

She was lost in wonderful sexual thoughts of Jack’s cock, when her pager sounded, snapping her out of that last thought of being in Jack’s arms as she came. Damn pager she said under her breath. She quickly arranged all the gowns and sheets, so no one would know.

The next day Jack told Debi that he had slept very well. He said he hadn’t heard thing, and that you could have set off a fire alarm and that wouldn’t have waked him. Debi grinned shyly and said that it was good he was sleeping well, and that it would only help speed his recovery. Jack did say though that he had a wonderful dream about a gorgeous woman, he couldn’t make out her face, who had performed oral sex on him and helped release lot of sexual tension for him since he couldn’t even jerk off in the condition he was in.

Debi blushed and said that he was a very lucky guy, and the woman was even luckier. As she left, she looked back over her shoulder and noticed that Jack was watching her ass as she left. Jack was indeed staring as she left, imaging her in just a sexy lace bra and panties set.

Later that night again Jake faked his deep sleep and soon there after Debi entered the room. Jack heard her quietly lock the door, and slowly make her way toward his bed. She called out his name loudly, but he didn’t respond. She tried again louder, but still no response.

She lifted the sheets, and then slowly Jack’s gown. Knowing what he had said earlier in the day about being out cold, Debi was more brazen than the night before. She reached out and touched the limp cock softly. Watching Jack’s face for some sign of awakening, she saw nothing but a deep sleep.

She then placed her soft hands around the thick shaft of his cock, lifting it slowly off his thigh. She remembered how nice it felt to feel a man’s cock grow in her hand. Her husband had left her years ago, and she had had only had a few sexual encounters. Even before her husband left, their sex life had been on the downhill.

Debi began to move her hand slowly up and down the now hardening shaft. She could feel the veins expanding under her hands, the ripples of them as she moved the soft skin of the cock up and down.

She also felt she was helping this hero of sorts. Surely he need some help, some relief, both arms locked in those slings. He wasn’t going to be picking up any ladies for a little while and why shouldn’t she enjoy a bit of fun too. They did seem to be hitting it off, flirting, and talking.

Jack watched thru the slits of his eyes as Debi continued to stroke his now hardened cock. He liked the feel of her hand jacking him off, his breath increasing, and the muscles in his aching legs tightening.

Debi leaned over the bed and with her other hand took his testicles in her palm and began massaging them. She continued to stroke the hard cock, slipping the skin almost over the mushroomed head.

As she continued she noticed the glistening of a drop a precum appearing at the slit of the soft head. She took a finger and touched it lightly, lifting her finger, the sticky precum forming a long string from her fingertip to the slit of his cock.

She placed her finger against her soft full lips and tasted him. She could feel her own panties being soaked by her sex starved pussy. Just then she realized fueled by her own wanton sexual drive, she had begun stroking Jack’s cock harder and faster.

Debi felt Jack’s cock twitch and almost gasped out loud as it ejected a long thick string of cum up into the air. She watched, mouth agape, as the first spurt landed on Jack’s belly. She had stopped stroking his hard member by that time, but it was too late as each pulse of his cock she felt ejected another thick string of cum. She watch helplessly as each load landed on another part of his body.

Jack watched thru the slit of his closed eyes, while biting down hard on the inside of his lip to keep from groaning out loud as she made him cum. He watched as she lightly cleaned him up, but not before wiping her finger thru his cum, and bringing it to her lips to taste, before quickly leaving.

When Debi returned later that day, Jack again relayed the “dream” he experienced the night before, and told her only wished that he could see the gorgeous women that so excited him.

He did mention that he was able to get a better view of her lovely mature body, and that he thought she looked very erotic in her lace bra and panties. Debi blushed and asked if he was sure he was able to see her. Jack said yes and even described how full her breasts were, how her hips looked, and her lovely ass. Of course he described Debi exactly. He also said that he hoped that he would be able to treat her to the same lovely experiences he was having.

Debi made sure that the staff kept Jack active during the rest of the day, so he was be exhausted and would be out to the world. Jack was able to get thru the day and again fake his deep sleep.

Debi slipped back into his room again that night, locking the door behind her. As in her previous visits she made sure that Jack was asleep.

Jack watched as Debi slipped out of her scrubs, and a small grin creased his lips. Debi had her lovely full breasts cupped in a black lace bra. Jack could make out the dark circles of her areoles and nipples thru the lace. Her large hard nipples pushed against the material.

Debi shyly stood there for a moment, biting her lower lip. She could barely remember the last time she had stood in front of a man in lingerie. She had tried to stay in shape, she was only a few pounds over her desired weight, but nature and gravity has started to pull things this way and that.

She touched her breasts thru her lace bra. God, she couldn’t imagine what had gotten into her. She had never done anything like this. But it was something about this man, his rugged looks, his saving a child not much older than hers. The wetness between her legs only gave her more confidence, as she absent mindedly pinched her already hard nipples.

She then slowly slid her scrubs off her hips and let them fall to the floor. Jack’s heart stepped a beat faster. Debi had on sheer lace black panties and looked wonderful in them. It took all Jack had to keep his now aroused cock from growing under the sheet.

Debi walked slowly, deliberately, and confidently to the bed. After all she thought Jack was deep in sleep. She slowly pulled back the sheet exposing his semi hard cock. Debi smiled as the thick member twitched under the touch of her fingers.

Her hands lightly massaged the sack hanging, feeling the hard testicles move around her fingers. In short order, she watched as Jack’s cock grew hard and erect under her hands. She bent over and softly kissed the tip of mushroomed head, tasting the small amount of precum that had oozed out the slit.

Jack was feeling her soft hands bringing his cock to life, he so wanted to reach out and take her in his arms, but he was still unable to because of the restraints.

Jack was sure that Debi was going to take him in her mouth, when she stood, and her hands went to her hips. In one quick motion, her fingers slipped inside the waist band of those lovely sexy black lace panties, and she pulled them of her hips.

Jack smiled lightly, Debi stood naked at his bedside, her full breasts, nipples large and protruding, her soft round belly and thighs. He watched as her hand slipped between her spread thighs, touching herself, rubbing lightly. Jack could hear her breathing deepen, her soft moans, her head tilted back.

Debi felt how wet she was, her fingers rubbing against her pussy lips. She reached out with her left hand and taking Jack’s throbbing cock, began stroking it up and down. Her right hand fingers plunged deeper into her pussy, causing her to spread her legs even more.

Jack was biting the inside of his lip again to prevent Debi from hearing his groans of pleasure, when suddenly he felt her stop stroking him, and watched as she began to climb on to the bed.

Debi wanted this hard throbbing cock deep inside her, and as she straddled Jack, she stopped. Her heart skipped a beat. Did his eyes just move? Was there a change in his breathing? She paused for a moment over, what feel like hours to Jack, watching his face.

Not seeing a change she slowly lowered herself on to Jack’s hard cock. She gasped as she felt his large head push past her wet and swollen pussy lips. It had been so long to feel a real man’s cock inside her; she wanted to just plunge it fully inside her. It took all her self control to just enjoy it slowly entering her. Her hand over her mouth stifled her moans. She bit her lip as she lowered herself down on him fully, his cock deep inside her.

She paused for a moment to enjoy and feel her pussy grasping the thick manhood. She then slowly raised herself up, the now wet and slippery cock sliding back out past her lips. Debi’s hands reached up to pinch and play with her hard nipples as she left herself down faster on the shaft.

Jack was enjoying the feel of Debi’s pussy working up and down his cock, when he felt her hand rubbing between her legs. He was just able to make out the small hard knob of her clit that she was feverishly working in a circle.

Debi felt herself at the edge, and also the tightness of Jack’s cock, and she knew they were both cumming. Steadying herself with one hand on his hard hairy chest, she plunged down on his cock hard and screamed out as she felt her orgasm shake her body. At that same time, Jack’s cock exploded with those thick streams of cum deep inside her pussy. The cum mixed with her juices and covered his cock.

Before Jack knew it, Debi was off the bed, he was cleaned up, and she was dressed.

The next morning, Jack joked with Debi about how she was moving slowly, and the wonderful glow of her skin. He wanted to know who the lucky guy was that she had fucked the night before. She blushed and said it wasn’t any of his business. Debi then asked Jack if he had had another dream the night before, and Jack went into great detail about what had exactly happened.

Jack looked for some sign from Debi that she might be worried about being discovered, but he only saw her blush and smile.

Debi then told Jack that she would be off his floor for a couple of nights, but would be back before the weekend.

It was during those couple of nights that Maria, the mother of the boy he has saved, came to see Jack. She was very grateful to him for saving their lives, and wondered if there was anything she could do to repay him. Jack was glad that they were both safe, and thankful that he was in the right spot at the right time.

During their talk, Maria mentioned how uncomfortable traction must be, and how such a handsome, sexy man must be so sexually frustrated. At first Jack laughed and they flirted, not really thinking Maria was serious. She was becoming more comfortable and would touch Jack’s hands and face.

It was during one of their flirtatious moments, that Maria let her hand slip across his cock. They both immediately felt it move against her hands. Before Jack could protest, Maria had the sheet and hospital gown open, and her lips were softly kissing his belly and lower.

Her hands and lips worked his cock into a hard throbbing member, and soon Jack was watching as his cock slide slowly into her mouth. Maria worked his balls in her hands, while feel her lips moving up and down his shaft, her lips feeling his swollen veins in her mouth. It didn’t take long for Jack ejaculate hard and long into her mouth.

Maria took it all in, and continued to suck and lick the tip of his pulsating cock. It was then that Jack thought he heard the door to the room shut. Maria didn’t look up as she finished him off, so Jack didn’t think about it again.

Maria thanked him again and promised to stay in touch. Jack was pleased to hear that and watched as her sexy body left the room.

It was the next day and Debi was back on duty. She questioned him about the nights before, and Jack told her not much had happened. He did notice that Debi was not quite as flirtatious, and was very business like. Debi said she had been told that Jack had a visitor, a female visitor, and that she was in the room with him, alone, for a long time.

Jack laughed it off, explaining who it was, and lying that nothing had happened. He could sense that Debi knew more than she was letting on. Debi did tell him that the doctor would like him to try this mask on that covered his mouth, for some new test they were doing. As she placed it on his face, Jack smiled underneath the mask, wondering what she was going to do that night.

Debi entered the room that night and Jack again pretend to be asleep. The mask did prevent him from making any kind of sound. He did notice that the sound of the door shutting was the same sound he had heard when Maria was performing oral sex on him.

He watched thru the slits in his eyes as Debi approached the bed. She was still in scrubs and she reached out to pull the sheet and Jack’s hospital gown back exposing Jack’s thick limp cock.

It was right then that a bright reflection of light off a shining stainless steel scalpel hit his eyes. Jack’s eyes flew wide open, but the mask prevented any kind of sound from leaving his lips. He gasped, unable to move, when he then saw the shape of someone else in the room.

It was the doctor who had been treating him. His name was Mark, a handsome man in his mid 30’s, well built and well liked.

Jack’s mind was racing; his heart beating like crazy, what was going to happen? He couldn’t move, make a sound, and the only person that would have responded to his emergency bell was at his bedside with a scalpel.

It was then he realized that the doctor had the scalpel, and he was using it to slice Debi’s scrubs off. Quickly, efficiently, almost surgical like, the doctor had her scrubs off, and Debi was standing there in a sexy set of bra and panties.

Debi looked into Jack’s eyes, smiled, and proceeded to let the doctor bend her over Jack’s bed. She face, those gorgeous lips were just inches from Jack’s limp cock. Mark used the scalpel to quickly cut Debi’s panties off, and let them fall to the floor.

Jack watched helplessly, as Mark opened his doctor’s coat; his cock already hardened and thick. Pushing Debi’s head down even closer to Jack’s cock, Mark proceed to slip his cock into Debi’s wet throbbing pussy.

Debi turned her face and smiled at Jack as Mark pounded her pussy hard and fast. Jack could hear their groans and moans, the slap of Mark’s balls against her ass, the slurp of a cock in and out of a pussy.

Debi loved the feel of the young doctor’s cock inside her, filling her, taking her, and even more the feeling that she was getting back at Jack for what he had done.

Yes, it was she that had come to surprise him that night, that night that when she opened the hospital door she saw Maria taking her beloved cock in her mouth, pleasing her Jack. She had left, letting the door slam on her way out.

As Jack watched Debi being taken, and the fact that she was not doing anything sexually to Jack, he realized she knew what had happened. Yes, the door. It had to have been her. She was getting back at him for cheating on her.

Jack closed his eyes…

To be continued

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