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Meet me in Boston

A dream turned into a story, a fantasy that longs to be a reality......
My emotions were running high and my stomach in knots knowing we were just moments from seeing one another. We had talked about this in detail before but only as a fantasy. Now that it was becoming a reality the thoughts that were running through my mind already had my pussy pulsating. I could feel the heat radiating from between my legs and my French silk panties were now soaked and beginning to slide between my lips, trapping my swollen clit.

I could not stop looking at my watch; he was going to be picking me up in 15 minutes. Would he be on time? Would he be late? Would he show? I was trembling at the thought of what would happen. Would we carry on a normal conversation as usual or would we be all over each other within minutes?

My mind was filled with images of him and what he would shortly be doing to me and I was becoming hot at the very thought. I can think of nothing else except sliding my fingers into my ever so wet pussy and getting off, giving myself the pleasure of a lovely hot cum to get my pussy ready for Mike.

Ok, 10 minutes to go I can't take it! I quickly run into the restaurant that I'm waiting in front of and into the ladies room. I stand against the wall, the cold tiles against my backless sundress; it feels so good after the hot August sun. I slip my panties off and lift my leg up onto the sink. I'm open and ready and so eager to touch myself. A place a finger into my mouth and work it with my own saliva and at the fist touch to my swollen clit I know it will not take me long to get off.

I'm rubbing my clit feverishly and aching with delight, all the while wishing it was Mike's fingers stroking me. I'm moaning softly, careful for no one else to hear me and thankful I'm in a private bathroom. I quickly slide two fingers from my other hand to spread my lips and slide them into my already soaked pussy working them in and out, faster and faster. My climax rocks my body and sends spasms down my spine. Unable to stop, I have lost all control and squirt into oblivion, crying out as I do.

I may have just had the best orgasm of my life! With the anticipation of Mike waiting for me outside, masturbating in a public place and ready to be fucked by the man I have had endless dreams of, I was satisfied beyond expectations. I quickly pulled it together, stuffed my soaked panties into my bag cleaned myself up and went outside.

There he was, just like his photos, just like I imagined. Instantly my thoughts escaped me. He was real, he existed and he was here for me. He was looking around confused, maybe wondering what I had wondered just ten minutes earlier, is she going to show? He turned to face me and the chemistry and sexual electricity were instant! He grabbed me and kissed me with such force and passion, I thought he was going to take all of my breath away. I was light headed and turned on and ready for anything that came next. I would deny him nothing and give him everything.

He asked were I had been and I said, "Getting ready for you love," and slipped my damp panties into his hand.

He looked down as did I and I could see that he had an instant erection. All I wanted at that moment was to take him then and there, to straddle my body over his and lower myself onto his erect cock. We talked in the car about this moment and what we had envisioned it would be like and then the conversation quickly turned to me masturbating in the ladies room and fucking myself with my own two fingers in preparation of seeing him.

Reaching over Mike slipped his right hand beneath my sundress and started to rub my pussy. A moan escaped me as his fingers slid through my wet lips, I could have cum for him right then.

I asked him to unzip his pants, told him it was a Boston tradition to be blown in the car your first time to the city! I slid over closer and pulled his hard cock out of his boxer briefs and was taken, amazed at how big he was, just perfect in size. I took all of him in at once, he gasped at the feel of my wet lips around his shaft, sliding over his thick cock and taking him all the way down into my throat. I began to fondle his balls, sucking on the head of his dick while lapping up his precum with the tip of my tongue.

He could not withstand it any longer and pulled into a lot nearby that's normally filled at night with cars for those going out to the clubs. Quickly he pushed me away; I was shocked at first not understanding his intention.

He got out and came over to my side opened the door grabbed me by both arms and hauled my body outside. He slammed me against the hood of the car and forced me over, one hand heavy on my back as the other raised my sundress, my bare ass now exposed to the hot sun. Mike kicked my legs apart and used his fingers to help line up the head of his perfect cock with my tight tiny hole. I felt a thrust so hard and painful I thought my cunt would split into two!

“Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, you are so hot inside,” he grunted as he slid his big hard tool in and out of my drenched and soaked pussy.

His fingers digging into my hips as he pounded deeper and deeper into me, as I'm yelling, "Fuck me Mikey, fuck me hard, give it to me baby!" needless of where we were or who might see. He was heated with such a sexual desire he needed me as much as I needed him.

Over and over again he thrust himself so hard, so deep into my wanting, begging pussy that I begged him for more, begged him to give it to me to make me cum, he loved nothing more than the sound a woman cumming for him.

He grabs at the straps of my sundress breaking them, pulling out my full C breasts and taking them into his hands pinching at my hard nipples all the time maintaining a powerful control over my body as he fucked me just like he had so many times over in my dreams.

Reaching around my waist he pulls me up in order to penetrate that much further into my already sore cunt. His dick is inside me as far as it will go...balls buried deep. I cum so hard for him every sound of pleasure I could possibly make escapes me and now I'm in a daze. He is so hot, so turned on, he pleads for me to squirt for him.

He is relentless in his fucking but his breathing becomes ragged and his strokes uneven and with a great cry and one last deep painful thrust he empties himself into me, filling my sweet pussy so full I can feel all of him gushing back down my twitching thighs. He collapses over my back and my body is trembling uncontrollably.

“Oh girl,” he rasps, "you’re incredible, that was amazing, I love this city!"
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