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Meet the folks...

Some weekend this was turning out to be. Jenny had decided it was high time I met her folks.
We had been going out for just over two months now and she thought it time to introduce us.

It should have been an hour’s drive to their costal home, but thanks to an incident on the motorway it was just over three by the time we made it.

Mr and Mrs Davison were perfectly pleasant people, a little staid and prudish were my initial thoughts. I don’t think they thought too much of me, not laughing at any of my little jokes or stories.

Dinner had been a long winded affair with many long torturous silences, I was glad when we left the table and retired for the evening.

Lying in her parents spare room, Jenny’s naked body pressed against mine, I began to feel the need. Tracing my hand down her back and resting it on her sweet arse, god I love her arse, it’s perfect. Not too skinny and not too fleshy. Feeling her soft skin raises my cock instantly. I push myself closer to her body and tenderly kiss her neck, which drives her wild.

“I need you, Jen.”

“We can’t, Carl. Not with Mom and Dad next door, the walls are paper thin. I’d never be able to face them tomorrow over breakfast.”

I resign myself to a sexless night, since getting together we’ve made love nearly every day, so it’s going to be a struggle. Jen soon drops off to sleep but I’m not tired at all, my mind is still on sex and I need satisfaction.

Eventually I drift into a light sleep, but it’s soon broken, I squint at the clock 1.54am. I can’t get comfortable in a strange bed, not even in a plush hotel, let alone here. I’m sure I can hear something next door. It’s Jen’s Mom and Dad.

“No Derek, we’ve got guests, we can’t.”

Derek didn’t take no for an answer and the familiar sound of lovemaking soon filtered though. It shouldn’t be a turn on, but my cock is rising. I’m listening to Jen’s Mom and Dad fucking. For an older couple they seem to be pretty physical, her mom’s gasps of pleasure are really getting to me, I know now where her daughter’s healthy sexual appetite comes from. It shouldn’t be erotic, but I’m now rock hard. I take myself in hand and start tugging myself, imagining it’s me plugging Jen’s mother.

“What are you doing ?”

Jen is awake and aware of the noise next door. She looks at me and suppresses a giggle “dirty bastards.”

“Well if you can’t beat ‘em Jen.”

“Too bloody right, I want you inside me now.” Well who was I to argue.

She straddles me and guides my length into her moist pussy and slowly starts riding me, my dick swallowed by her velvety tunnel. Jen is loving it, her face screwed up in pure pleasure. She speeds up her action and the bed is really creaking now and her whimpers of delight are now very audible. I push a finger to her lips shushing her, but she is having none of it. Bucking her hips and getting every last centimetre of me into her sex, I can’t hear any noise next door now, so they must be done, and probably listening to their Princess riding me like a whore.

She is really getting into this now and grasps the headboard to support herself. And is now lifting herself off my dick and thrusting down hard. “Oooh yeah Carl, your fucking dick feels so good.”

Any chance of her folks not guessing what was going on are well and truly blown.

“Oh god babe, you love me fucking you, don’t you ?”

I don’t think the bed is going to take much more, her bucking is frighteningly heavy and the feeling of my cock enveloped in her wetness means I can’t take anymore either and I shoot a copious load inside her. She collapses onto me, sweat pouring from her brow.

When she pushes herself off me, a huge trail of come oozes onto the bed linen.

“Oh shit, what will they think, the sheets are gonna stain.”

“Baby, after the noise you were making, that’s the least of your worries. Don’t think you’ll be their innocent little princess anymore.”

Breakfast is going to be a quiet affair in the morning.

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