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A couple meet for the first time after cybering and have an intense sexual encounter.
Thrilled to be alone at last, the door is scarcely closed before we are kissing furiously, pulling at each other's clothes, getting to skin as quickly as we can.

Falling together onto the bed, I press one knee into you and feel your warmth, hear you moan through our kiss.

Still energetic, moving quickly, I kick my pants off my feet as you reach down and wiggle out of your panties.

I am all over your breasts, kissing licking sucking your brown nipples. "Oh god!" you whisper.

Your hands touch every part of my head, neck and shoulders.
I take your fingers in my mouth, biting sucking licking, then you fuck my mouth with your middle finger.
I suck it and groan.

You put your hands on my chest and push me to raise up.
You get up on your knees as well so you can grab my underwear and pull it down, then struggle to get it all the way off my legs and feet.

My cock is as hard as it can possibly be, oozing fine strings of silvery pre-cum.

Naked.  Unable to look away from each other's eyes.  The door is locked.  No one knows we are here.

Two seconds later our bodies are pressed together. Warm skin on skin.
We can't get close enough, hugging so tightly, hands moving constantly over each other's back, sides, face, bottom, shoulders, chest.

My fingers lace your hair and I guide your face to mine.

My heart is pounding in my chest--we are together for real. For REAL!
After all the dreaming and fantasizing, after all the make-believe, we are here!

I ease you down onto the soft bed, into the pillows.
We are slowing...not so frenzied.

You stroke my head with your hands (the sight of your gorgeous red nails makes my chest ache).
I kiss your cheeks, your eyes, your neck so lovely.
How could the gentle line of your nose arouse such fiery animal desires in me?
You close your eyes and sigh deeply.

My kisses travel down between your breasts, over your stomach. I kiss your navel, licking it, then slow my pace, pressing each kiss into your flesh.


You stop breathing, frozen, waiting.

Then you feel it---my warm kiss directly on your pleasure spot. Lingering. You feel my tongue and inhale sharply.

Your entire body is electrified.

Slowly, gently at first, I begin to make love to you with my mouth.
Then more firmly, eating you.

Finally a rhythm.
My lips pressing and pulling at your shaven pink softness, my tongue in and out of you--you are so wet!-- then massaging your clit.
Over and over and over and over and over.

Your quietest voice, breathless, "....oh my god, oh my god...."
The experience you have dreamed about countless times is now a reality. The sensations between your soft thighs are not a fantasy this time. You raise your eyes to look and my head is really down there.
Still finding it hard to breathe, you let your head fall back as you whisper, "Oh fuck...."

Your lips swell quickly, your body is ready.
Too much excitement has built up over all these months. Your hips grind into the bed, you push against my mouth.

You feel it beginning.
Your muscles tense, I hear you moaning and whining.
My tongue is so fast on you!

"Shit!" and you are cumming, spilling onto my face, onto the bed.

Your whole body is shaking, and you sound as if you might cry.
Your hips jerk with spasms. You squeeze my head with your thighs and push your pussy into my face, bucking and rocking.

I climb up onto you.
I love your body, still trembling, shaking, from your first oral orgasm.

My erection is hard as stone, wet as a fountain, and easily gets up into the mucous kiss between your legs.

I am in you.
You are so warm.

Once again we are taken over by our long-built up passion and our fucking is immediately intense, hard, fast, and climaxes quickly in a burning heat.

We gasp and moan again and again as I fill your pussy with my warm white cum.

Groaning together, mouths so close, breath so warm, we stare into each other's eyes.
Our faces look pained and confused but it is only the unbearable intensity of our first union.

Together. For real.
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