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Meeting Again for the First Time

Tags: passionate, sex, anal, oral,
A couple explores each other after time apart
As our eyes meet the message of lust is the message which is being reciprocated. I take your hand and pull you closer to me. I can feel your breath quicken from my touch. I take you in my arms and place my arms around you.

Instinctively my hands go to your ass which I palm ever so softly. Once again your breathing comes in short rapid bursts. I lift up that short dress of yours and to my surprise fabric does not meet my touch. Instead I am met by smooth cool skin.

"No obstacles," you whisper.

"Just the way I like it," I reply.

My dick immediately hardens with your comment and you begin to move your hips to my utter satisfaction. You push me away playfully and and unzip my jeans as you seductively pull out my semi hard dick. You playfully look into my eyes as you stoop down to take me in your mouth.

You slowly tickle my dick with the tip of your tongue as you try to insert your tongue into the tip of my dick. My dick begins to throb as your cute little mouth takes all of me in. Your saliva is the perfect lubrication as you allow your mouth to do what I'm sure your pussy will do later.

Your left hand then moves down to your pussy as you begin to massage your own wetness. You insert a finger into your pussy and moan ever so slightly. The sound of you sucking my dick mixed with my groans and your groans are the only sounds in the apartment.

You stand to your full height and place that finger from your pussy into my mouth. I gladly lick the wetness from your finger. It tastes like the sweetness from a nectarine, your favourite fruit.

The desire to be inside you increases a million fold. I push you up against the wall of the apartment and pull down the straps of your dress. Your now free breasts look like that toy that one sees in the toy store window for the first time. I grab them in my hands and roughly caress them.

You moan again as your brown nipples harden underneath my touch. I take your breast in my mouth and flick your now hardened nipples with my tongue. I feel your hand on the back of my head forcing your breast further into my mouth.

When I come up for air I lift up your skirt to your waist and admire your treasure. A thin strip of hair guides my eyes to my goal. I stoop down and bury my head between your legs. Your legs open wider. I don't know if it's for you to gain your balance or for me to get a better angle at your moist pussy. I could care less as I part your pussy lips with my finger so my tongue can get at your clit.

Your moans become louder as I grow more intense at my task. I feel your hands on the top of my head as you urge me on. Your hands then move from my head to your own breasts as you caress them violently and tug playfully at your nipples.

"God this feels so good," I hear you moan.My tongue stiffens as my tongue moves in and out of your pussy."Oh oh my fucking god," you whisper. "This tongue is heavenly."

I continue on for awhile before I pull you to the dining room table. I bend you over the table and insert the head of my dick into your awaiting pussy. I can feel your body spasm as I enter you and you reach back and spread your ass cheeks inviting me in.

I begin to fuck you slowly at first but the sight of that perfect round ass excites me and I quicken the pace. You moan with excitement as you move your ass back to meet my thrusts of pleasure. The sound of your breasts clapping together and my balls hitting your ass are music to my ears. I see you reach in front of you and fondle your breasts again.

"Oh fuck, you're making me cum," you whisper as your breath comes in hurried spurts.

I look down at my dick as it emerges from your pussy after each thrust. I can see a velvety film covering my dick dripping down to my balls.I remove my dick from your pussy, remove your cum from my dick and slide it back in without missing a stroke. I wipe your cum on your asshole and insert my finger in your ass as I continue to fuck you from behind.

I can feel your pussy walls contract as your body spasms again.

"Jesus Christ," you shout, as your hand shoots up from your breasts to your mouth. Even though your hand is covering your mouth your muffled moans excite me even further.

"Don't fight the moans," I whisper.

You turn your head to face me as a smile forms on your face."Fuck me," you reply. "Take this fucking pussy."

Your words are the encouragement I need as I begin to fuck you harder. I can feel the beads of sweat forming on my brow and the dinning room table which you are bent over is inching closer and closer to the wall at the far end of the apartment.

My finger continues to slide in and out of your ass in perfect rhythm with the dick that is sliding in and out of your dripping wet pussy.

"I want to feel your dick in my ass," you moan.

I don't wait for any more encouragement as I pull out of your pussy and rub my hard dick around your ass. Your pussy juice provides the necessary lubrication as I slowly enter your ass. Your hands automatically grab your cheeks to attempt to widen your opening.

You moan in ecstasy as I enter you completely and your fingers instinctively head to your pussy as you rub your clit.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," I screech.

"Cum," you scream, your voice is delirious with excitement.

I put my hands on your shoulders for better leverage and pump my dick in your ass even faster. The spasm begins in my toes and works its way up to my balls and I explode inside you. As if on cue your body spasms again and we both drop to the table. Our breathing is sporadic to say the least as we struggle to catch our breath. As my hardness dissipates I pull you up to face me.

"Absolutely incredible," you whisper as you tiptoe to plant a kiss on my lips.

"I must concur," I reply in my best James Bond accent as we fall to the floor in each others arms.

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