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Meeting for the first time

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The waiting is over, the months of chatting on Lush have come to an end.
This is my first story, so please be nice: feedback is welcome, though.

You have finally come to visit me, after months of chatting to each other online. You arrive at the house and knock on the door. I open it and there you are, finally. We just smile and you come in the house. I take your bag and show you to the spare room. I do not want any pressure to sleep with you. You just smile at me, a knowing smile. We chat about inane things - weather, your journey here. I suggest going for a walk for coffee, so we do. We are like teenagers, shy to touch each other, but our hands just find each other. We stroll down the town and sit outside with our drinks, talking as if we have known each other for years.

We slowly walk home, both beginning to feel some anticipation. I open the door of the house and we enter into the kitchen. I want to flirt with you, but there is no need. You just come close to me, cup my face in your hand and stroke my cheek with the flat of your thumb. I open my mouth a little in response. You dip your head towards mine and our lips meet. My hand goes to the back of your head to pull you closer. My mouth opens automatically for your tongue, which slips through my lips. Our tongues start to do their own little dance, exploring each others' mouths. My hand is flat on your chest, gently rubbing. Your hands move to my breasts and you can feel my smile. I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom. I stand there, watching you.

I slip my top off, showing you my bra- black lace, pushing my breasts upward. Your eyes are glazed. I rub the crotch of my jeans, just a little, trying to let you know that I want more, want this. I kick my shoes and socks off as you do the same. You quickly remove your shirt and unbutton the fly of your trousers. Then you walk toward me and unzip my trousers and pull them down, making sure that your hands rub my legs. I am now standing in my underwear.

"Take your trousers off", I whisper to you.

You nod and remove them. Your shorts are quickly gone, too, and I am on my knees, holding your cock, lovingly stroking it. I look up at you. You nod and I open my mouth and my lips engulf your throbbing cock.

"I want it all, fuck my mouth, please," I say quietly and you let me have my way for now.

I cup your balls as my mouth goes up and down on your cock. I lick the pre-cum as your hand goes onto my shoulders, holding me into your thighs, your crotch, your cock. Your cock feels incredible in my mouth - thick and hard. I use the flat of my tongue to lick your cock from the root to the tip. My hand is holding your cock out to me. I use the tip of my tongue to swirl round your cock head, side to side, teasing you.

Your hands are on my shoulders and I can feel you squeeze as I hit the right spots. I suck my cheeks together, to give your cock a tighter feeling. I pull away so your cock pops out of my mouth, making an obscene noise - POP. I quickly put you back in my mouth again and let my head bob up and down on your cock. I try to make you cum in my mouth, but you are having none of that. You always said that the first time we were together, we would both cum. Then you would lay claim to my ass..

You pull me up. You want my breasts. You do not take my bra off. Instead you put your hand inside the cup and take them out, caressing the nipples with your thumbs. Your head goes down and you start to suck at my nipples, pulling them with your teeth. It is sore, but not in a bad way. Your fingers gently rub the sensitive undersides of my breasts as your mouth sucks and kisses. I feel as if you are worshiping these orbs. I can feel my pussy getting heavy, my clit is throbbing with need. You do not stop. Your mouth stays on my nipples, your tongue circling each one as you tease me.

Your hand reaches for my belly and you caress me there. It then moves lower and lower. You lift the elastic of my panties and start to palm at my pussy. I am no longer bald. I have a smattering of hair. I am not going to have a full bush again, rather a landing strip or something trimmed. I am embarrassed to be caught out like this, but you keep going, cupping my pussy. I fit into your hand perfectly. You can feel my wetness on your hands. You lift your hand to your nose and inhale deeply.

"I love your smell," you tell me.

You offer your hand to me. I can smell my wantonness, too. Your hand plunges back down, but this time you open my pussy lips for your fingers. You use your middle finger to gently rub at my nub, up and down. You circle my clit, using my own juices to lubricate your fingers. This is no problem as I am so wet.

My nipples are so sensitive, your mouth is making them burn. I can see trails of your saliva on them as you continue your exploration of my body.

You push me onto the bed and ask me, "How do you want this?"

"My pussy," I reply, "Please, for our first time".

I have told myself all along that you will wear a condom. But now that you are here, all I want is to feel your cock bareback inside me and to feel your cum as it drips out of me. There will be so much cum.

You pull my panties off me, as I lift my ass to help you remove them. Your mouth goes to my pussy as you take them off. You use your nose to open me up and lick on big long lick with the flat of your tongue, tip of the lips to my ass. I move away, not wanting your mouth near my ass, having never done that. You smile at my reaction and remind me that we have done so much more, intimate things through our conversations of the past few months.

"Fuck me," is all I can say in response, "Please".

You move your body above mine and I rejoice in the weight of your body, the feel of your skin on mine. You kiss my neck,caress it. Your knees are between mine. My legs are open. My body is open. You use your elbows to support your weight and look at me deep in the eye as you begin to sink your cock into me. My cock, the cock I have wanted for months. It is thick, stretching me. It has been so long since I have been with a man physically, it takes me by surprise how good it feels, how much my body can take, how it adapts to your body. You push your cock in as we gaze at each other till I can feel your balls resting on me.

""Fuuuk" is all I can say.

I can see the sweat on you now and know that you are about to take me. You lift yourself up and then plunge yourself down into me again.hard. I gasp. You do it again, this time with more determination. Your lip is curling as you start to concentrate on what you are doing, fucking me. My hips rise to meet you and we can hear our bodies as they slap against each other. The noise is ridiculous but it is the sound of people fucking and it turns us on more. My legs wrap themselves around you, holding you in. My body is bucking against yours. My hands are on your back, rubbing it, caressing it.

You are gasping into my ears, "So tight, so hot, so wet."

You feel as if you are getting harder inside me.

"Cum inside me, I want it," I gasp, "I need it."

But you are having none of it. You want us to cum together. My hand slips between our bodies and I go for my clit. I can feel your cock sliding into me and that, combined with my frigging my clit, pushes me over. I start to cum.

My head goes back, my toes stretch out hard. I am no screamer but I yell loudly "Fuuuuck!"

My pussy is clenching against your throbbing cock and I cum, shuddering, gasping, crying. You pound harder into my pussy, your balls filled with cum. Your mouth opens and you sound like a train as you cum, flooding my pussy with your cum, cock still pounding me. Your roar is like music in my ears.

I can feel your cum drip out of me as we let our hearts still.

Your hand caresses my back, going down to my ass. You open my ass cheeks and you use our juices to lube up your finger to get it moist, ready. You gently push against that little star. You have never fucked a woman's ass before and my ass is the lucky one.I am going to have you fuck my ass next.

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