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Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 1

Swinging couple meets another through a website.
He watched as the large cock stretched his wife's pussy. It looked as it would split her in half. He never thought his wife would do this no matter how much he dared her. He smiled watching her act like a total slut as the huge cock pistoned in and out of her. Now he just had to get her to admit what she had done.

Jay and Sheila were both in their mid thirties and both were above average looking. Jay is about 6'1” with an average build. He has blue-gray eyes that seem to draw you in and mesmerize. He wears his hair a little longer than most men his age, almost a reflection to his young spirit.

Sheila has long brunette hair that comes down to the middle of her back. She is petite only standing 5'4” and weighing 120lbs. She has amazing 38 d breasts that always catch men's eyes. Her tight ass begs to be spanked and looks amazing in a tight pair of jeans.

Jay and Sheila have been married for 15 years and recently discovered swinging. Sheila had wanted to explore her curiosity in the same sex and the couple learned that finding single women in the midwest that wanted to enjoy a couple was a chore, however finding couples with a bi-female was much easier.

This led to meeting couple after couple until Sheila would find the ones that she found both the man and woman physically and intellectually attractive enough to have sex with. Once that happened it usually led to a few nights of amazing sexual escapades until one of the two couples moved on.

It was meeting one of these couples that ended up with Jay standing here watching his wife get fucked by this huge cock.

Sheila was on a swingers website which they were members, browsing profiles. She came across a profile of a couple that was local to them and new to the site. Derek and Jackie were a little younger than them, attractive, and from reading their profile they enjoyed a lot of the same things in life. Derek and Jackie were new to the lifestyle and were looking to meet people they could take things slow with and not just jump into bed with.

Usually Jay and Sheila would discuss which couples to contact, but she had a feeling about this one. She sent an email through the site and invited Derek and Jackie out for a drink. As she hit send she felt a twinge of guilt for not including Jay in the decision, but she figured she would just tell him while she was giving him a blow job and he would forgive her.

Two days had passed and there was no response from Derek and Jackie. Sheila was beginning to doubt her gut feeling towards this couple. She put the kids to bed and headed to her room. She looked at the clock, it was a little after nine. Jay was at a bar with some co-workers watching Monday Night Football, he wouldn't be home for a couple hours. She got into her bed and turned on the TV and flipped through the channels, but nothing held her attention.

Sheila turned off the TV and grabbed the laptop from the night stand. She opened her browser and clicked on the bookmark to the login page of the swingers site. She entered the username and password and began browsing the forums. After about a half hour of reading forums asking what would you do or not do, the new email indicator lit up. Sheila clicked the envelope icon and went into the inbox.

Although she couldn't see it, she was smiling from ear to ear. Jackie had answered her email! Apparently she was a nurse and part of the week she worked nights. She explained Derek didn't like answering emails because as he said, “I never know what to say.” She went on that didn't stop him from reading over her shoulder as she typed, constantly interjecting his opinion on what should be said.

Sheila laughed as she read through the email and saw the line that sent a tingle through her body, “we would love to meet for drinks, and we sent you a pass to our private pics.” She clicked the link to the private gallery and gasped as the first image appeared on the screen. It was obviously Derek taking the picture. Jackie was on her knees in front of him and in her hand was the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life that wasn't in a porn movie.

It was at least eleven inches long and as big around as her wrist! Jackie was licking the head and it was huge. Sheila didn't know how it would fit in anyone's mouth, but she made up her mind she wanted to try.

She looked through other pictures and she saw Derek's huge cock inside of Jackie in every imaginable position. She saw pictures of his tongue licking her sweet looking pussy and some of Jackie fucking herself with a variety of toys.

Sheila felt herself getting wet and she looked at the clock on the computer. It was 5 til 10. Jay still was probably an hour from being home. She set the laptop next to her on Jay's side of the bed and reached inside her pajama pants and began rubbing herself with her right hand as she repeatedly flipped through the pictures in Derek and Jackie's profile. She began to fantasize about Derek mounting her from behind and fucking her with deep strokes of his magnificent piece of manhood that hung between his legs.

Sheila erupted in a glorious orgasm that racked her body. She lay her head back on her pillow panting. She closed her eyes and basked in the after glow. Soon she dozed off to a deep and blissful sleep.

Jay walked in the door from the garage to a house that was completely dark. He flipped on the light to the stairway and walked up the stairs towards the main level of the house. Jay reached the main level and checked to make sure the doors were locked before heading up to his room. It was quiet and he surmised Sheila and the kids were asleep.

Jay walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife and noticed she had fallen asleep with the laptop in bed. He emptied his pockets and thought about the waitress at the bar. She was young, cute, and very flirtatious.

The game was a blowout as the Jets throttled the Dolphins and many of his co-workers left shortly after halftime. That just left Jay, and his co-workers Mike and Tom. The three flirted with the waitress and Jay even got her number. He thought of trying to set up a threesome with Molly, the waitress, and Sheila as he placed the napkin with her number on it into the change jar on his dresser.

Jay moved to the bed and went to move Sheila's laptop from his side of the bed. He inadvertently hit a couple of the keys on the computer as he picked it up, this brought it out of it's dormant state. The screen lit up and there was a picture of a cute woman on her knees sucking a huge cock.

Jay looked at the picture then glanced at his wife who was fast asleep. He began investigating and realized this picture was from a private gallery of the lifestyle website they were members of. He sat down on the bed with the laptop and began clicking through the pictures.

Jay thought about how big this guys cock was. It was huge. Jay always knew he himself was a little larger than average, but this made his eight inches look like a little kids!

Jay quickly thought about how Sheila got the pictures. Pictures containing genitalia were only allowed in the private section of galleries, this meant an invite email must have been sent. He quickly closed the gallery and clicked the email icon.

The site's email section opened and there was Sheila's original email, the response, and the private gallery invite. He read through them and thought about how they had always picked out potential couples together. At first he was a little angry, but thinking of watching his wife fuck that huge cock started to arouse him.

After setting the computer back up exactly as he had found it, he closed it and set it back on Sheila's nightstand. He stripped down to his boxers and slid under the covers and held his wife tight, his erection resting between her ass cheeks, and drifted to sleep.

The next day Sheila responded to Jackie's email and the two started exchanging emails about when and where to meet. Once the details were ironed out, Sheila decided it was time to tell Jay.

Jay walked into the house after work and noticed it was quiet. He went upstairs from the garage and saw a note on the fridge, “J – running errands with the kids. Be home about 7. Order a pizza.” He tossed the note in the trash and went upstairs to change into some shorts and a t-shirt.

He went downstairs and flipped on ESPN and called a pizza in. Soon his wife and kids were home. The kids looked exhausted and were complaining about walking all over the mall. He grinned realizing Sheila had taken them all clothes shopping and they were tired from walking up and down the mall.

The pizza arrived and they all ate. Sheila started getting all the kids into the bath and bed. By 9 o'clock it was just her and Jay. They went upstairs to their room and as Jay reached for the remote as he got into bed, Sheila stopped him. “Uh uh, I purposefully wore those kids out so they would go to bed early. I'm really horny and you are going to fuck me until we both pass out.”

Jay looked at Sheila with a mocking smile, “What if I'm also worn out?”

“Uh-uh buddy, it's been almost a week since I've felt you inside me and I can't wait any longer.”

Jay faked a yawn and stretched. He rested his head on his pillow and began to fake sleep. Sheila hit him with a pillow and said almost begging, “Wake up! I wanna ride you like a Harley on a bumpy road!”

Jay stifled a laugh at that one and kept playing as though he was asleep. He felt Sheila's hands pulling at the drawstring of his athletic shorts and soon she was lowering them. He could no longer fake sleep as he felt his wife's tongue lightly lapping at his semi erect tool. He moaned as her warm mouth engulfed the head and her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside of his rapidly growing member.

Sheila began to slowly bob her head as she stroked the shaft in rhythm to her mouth sliding up and down the now erect cock in her hand. It was wet and shiny with her saliva and she had her husband moaning and digging his hands into the sheets as she worked her charms on him.

When she was satisfied he could get no harder she rose and removed the t-shirt she was wearing. Her ample breasts spilled out and she moved over her husband's hardness. Reaching below her she gripped it as she slowly sank down onto his pole.

A moan escaped her lips and Jay bent at the waist and took her left nipple in his mouth. Sheila has extremely sensitive nipples and this caused her to begin bucking up and down faster as she started riding her husband. Jay took the right one between his fingers and began to lightly pinch and tug on it.

Sheila wrapped her arms around her husband's back and began to bounce like a woman possessed. Jay's dick was as deep as he could go. Suddenly she thought of Derek's huge cock and wondered how much deeper it would go inside of her than Jay's. The thought made her juices kick into overdrive and they spilled out coating Jay's balls as she rode him.

The thought of riding Derek just as she was riding her husband now, coupled with the attention Jay was giving to her hardened nipples pushed her over the edge. Sheila threw her head back and a low guttural moan escaped her lips as she orgasmed with so much force she nearly forced Jay's shaft from her pussy.

Jay didn't give her a chance to recover. He rolled her onto all fours and began to pound away at her still quivering love tunnel. This sent new waves of pleasure through Sheila's body as she began to peak again. Then Jay said the unexpected,”Is this how you want that guy with the giant cock to fuck you?”

Sheila groaned, “Yesssssss!” and another orgasm began to roll through her body.

Jay stuck his right index finger in his mouth and covered it with his saliva. He slid it between his wife's beautiful ass cheeks and began to rub her tight puckered hole. This sent new waves of pleasure through her body and intensified her orgasm. Slowly he inched his finger inside her sustaining the shockwaves that racked her body.

“You want to suck that monster cock until it's hard and then fuck it like the little slut you are, don't you?”

All Sheila could do was moan and nod her head.

“Want to feel it stretch your pussy wide and touch places no cock has ever been?,” he continued.

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Jay's thrusts were getting harder and faster. Sheila felt like she was having one long continuous cum that rolled through her like ocean waves pummeling the shoreline.

“Say it, tell me what you want,” Jay growled as he assaulted her womb with his hips pounding into hers.

“I want him to fuck my little slut pussy! I want him to fill me with that huge piece of meat. I want to cum all over his cock! I WANT HIM TO FILL ME WITH HIS CUM!”

Jay exploded inside of his wife with one last deep violent thrust that nearly knocked her off the bed. Rope after rope of his cum blasted the walls of her pussy and he cried out as the pleasure erupted through his body.

The couple fell to the bed panting. Their hearts were racing as they came down from the intense session of lovemaking they had just endured. Soon their pulses and and breathing returned to normal. Sheila cuddled up to her husband and looked at him almost apologetically.

“Obviously you know about the emails. Are you upset?”, she asked.

“Not upset. I just thought we would always look for couples together, that's all,” he responded, his breathing still ragged.

They talked about her gut instinct and how much they had in common with Derek and Jackie as they lay there in post coital bliss. Jay reassured his wife he wasn't mad and told her about flirting with the waitress at the bar thinking about the three of them together.

As Jay kissed his wife on the top of her head he asked, “So we're meeting them on Saturday then?” Sheila nodded. Sleep was starting to overtake her. “Well I guess we go into Saturday like usual, hope for the best and expect very little.”

They dozed off in each others arms knowing that in two days they would be meeting Derek and Jackie.

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