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Megan, Tina And Her Boyfriend Tim

21 year old Megan had been dump by her boyfriend but enjoys her friends boyfriend instead
“Wow Megan, I can’t believe what a jerk your boyfriend is for leaving you. You are such a nice person,” Tina said.

As Megan sat down sobbing, she said, ”I just don’t get it. He thought we needed more space and that we should see other people.”

“You are better off without him. I know you can do a lot better than him anyhow. You are a beautiful looking 21 year old. You are still young so just forget about him. I got an idea Megan. Why don’t you come with my boyfriend Tim and I tonight? I really want you to meet him. He is just a great guy," Tina replied.

“Well, I really don’t want to be alone tonight and I had been promising you that I would meet Tim. Why not! Thanks Tina you are the only friend I can count on,” Megan said back.

Megan and Tina had been friends for the last two years. Tina is 4 years older than Megan but they are very close friends. Tina and Megan then hugged each other and headed over to Tim’s place to pick him up.

"Megan, this is Tim!” Tina said.

Tim was a very good looking guy who was 27 years old. “Hi Tim, I had heard a lot about you,“ Megan said.

“I am so sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. I can‘t believe a guy would do this to such a beautiful looking woman,” Tim replied back.

All three of them agreed to go to dinner at a popular Mexican restaurant. It was very crowded so they went into the bar area to buy a margarita. They found a small table in the corner and shot the bull as they sat there drinking their margaritas. They talked about Megan and her boyfriend until Megan piped up, ”Let's not talked about him anymore. I am going to just forget about him tonight.”

They finally had gotten a table as they each ordered the same kind of entrée. The meal was great as they chatted about all kinds of different subjects. All three of them each had a few more margaritas. Tina had the most to drink and she was definitely a little buzzed as they headed out of the restaurant. Megan thanked each of them for a great night and asked them to just drop her off at her place.

Tina then said, “Megan why don’t you come back to Tim’s place with us. He has this great hot tub in the back. You really need to see it. You are going to love it.”

“Well I guess I can. I certainly don’t have any other place to go,” Megan said.

They all went back to Tim’s place. As soon as they arrived Tim decided to go ahead and make his own margaritas. They sat and talked for a while as each of them had another margarita. Tina then piped up with, ”Why don’t we all go out in the hot tub now?”

Tim said, “That is a great idea! What are you girls going to wear?”

Tina replied, “Well I don’t know, Tim? Maybe nothing! I bet you would like that.”

Tina led the way out to the hot tub. Tim had a pair of shorts on as he climb on in. Tina looked over towards Megan and said, "Should we go for it Megan?” Tina then proceeded to strip off all of her clothing. Tina was a few pounds over weight, but that didn’t stop her from going nude into the hot tub. Tina and Tim then looked over towards Megan and they told her, “Come on, Megan, get undressed and jump in!”

Megan slowly began to remove her clothes until she got down to her bra and panties. Megan had a very nice set of breasts to go along with a great looking ass. Tim noticed it right away as Megan peeled off her bra and panties, exposing her nice firm breasts and ass. Megan quickly jumped in to the hot tub, trying to hide herself under the water. All three of them were now in the hot tub.

Tina looked over to Tim and said, “Come on, Tim, it is your turn to remove your shorts.” Tina then reached down under the water and pulled Tim’s shorts right off him.

A very buzzed Tina then said, "Tim, why don’t you show Megan how big your cock is?"

Tim then stood up out of the water. His cock was semi erect as Tina began to stroke it hard. It only took a few strokes of his cock for it to be rock hard. Tina then said, “Megan I told you that Tim had a big cock didn’t I?”

Megan was stunned by the size of Tim’s hard cock. A minute later Tina was now down on her knees in the hot tub sucking on Tim’s huge cock. Megan watched, somewhat embarrassed, as Tina worked over Tim’s cock. A few minutes later Tim made the suggestion, “Why don’t we all go inside?” All three of them got out of the hot tub and went back inside.

Tim’s cock was extremely hard as he got a good view of Megan’s great looking ass leaving the hot tub. As soon as they got inside, Tina, who was very horny, suggested to Tim that they should head for the bedroom and for Megan to follow. Tina grabbed a hold of Tim and pulled him on top of her as they fell onto the bed together. Megan was a few steps behind and felt somewhat out of place as she began to watch Tim stuff his big cock into Tina‘s pussy.

Tina moaned out to Tim, “Fuck me hard, Tim! I want you to fuck me hard tonight!”

Tim began to fuck Tina very hard. Tina cried out, "Fuck Me!” Tim fucked Tina hard for several minutes as she cried and moaned out loudly. She finally screamed out in with a huge orgasm on Tim’s cock. Tim then pulled his hard cock out of Tina as she looked over towards Megan. “Tim why don’t you fuck Megan now?”

Tim looked over to a very embarrassed Megan who stood near the door way. Tim said, “What do you think, Megan?"

Megan at first stumbled with an excuse that she didn’t think it would be a good idea. Megan's eyes were glued to Tim’s huge hard cock though and quickly reversed what she just had said. Megan then moved herself onto the bed as she stared at Tim’s hard cock. Tim moved over right in front of her as he had wanted to fuck Megan since the minute he had first seen her. Her gorgeous tits and ass were all it took for Tim to be excited.

Megan softly told Tim, “Please go easy on me. I've never had a cock that size inside me before.”

Tim took his time as he positioned his huge cock right up against Megan’s pussy. Megan’s body jerked as the head of Tim’s cock slowly entered into her wet pussy. As soon as Tim had pushed his cock into Megan she cried out, “Your cock feels so good!”

Tim slowly began to moved his big cock in and out of Megan’s pussy. She had never felt anything like this before as Tim began to work her over good. Tim now had a good rhythm going as Megan felt a huge orgasm coming on. Megan cried out, "Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Megan then screamed out with one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Her body shook uncontrollably for several minutes.

Tim then asked her, “Did you like that, Megan?”

“Yesssss! It was so great!” Megan replied back.

Tina was now on all fours and pushed her nice round ass towards Tim. “Tim fuck me from behind now!”

Tim then grabbed Tina hips and proceeded to fuck her very hard from behind. As Tim was fucking Tina he couldn’t take his eyes off of Megan who was still laying right next to Tina. Megan was still very horny as she caressed her body with her hands. Tim started to go crazy as Megan slowly inserted a finger into her very wet pussy.

It only took Tim about 5 minutes as he was ready to cum. He then began to shoot his cum very hard all over Tina’s nice round ass. Megan was now fingering her pussy very feverishly. Megan then cried out, “I am going to cum!” Megan then came very hard as she pushed her two fingers deep into her pussy.

It was about 10 minutes later when all three of them went back to the living room. Tim had put on a pair of shorts while Tina and Megan had put on one of Tim’s t-shirts. Megan’s shirt just barely covered her ass and pussy as she walked out of the room. Megan’s t shirt was so tight on her on top that her hard nipples easily were protruding through it.

They all had another drink as they chatted over the next hour. Tina was now drunk as she fell a sleep on a chair in the corner of the room. It was just now Tim and Megan left alone to chat. Tim couldn’t help but to look as many times possible at Megan as she sat on the couch. He had a good look at her pussy every time she would move around on the couch. His cock was growing by the minute as Megan teased him by moving into different positions on the couch.

Megan got a good look how horny Tim was when he got up to go into the kitchen. He had a massive hard on in his shorts and Megan smiled at him as he walked by. She really wanted Tim to fuck her again. Tim saw by the expression on Megan’s face that she was very horny again. Tim then walked over to Megan and asked her, “How about we go back into the bedroom?”

Megan said, “What about Tina?”

“Don’t worry she is out for a while,” Tim shot back.

Megan was too horny to even argue with Tim at that point. She quickly got up and followed him into the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and walked right to Tim and told him, “I want you to take me now!”

Tim began to caress Megan’s tits right through her t-shirt. He then quickly ripped the t-shirt off her as she yanked his shorts down. They had fallen together onto the bed. Tim quickly inserted his huge cock back into Megan’s very wet pussy. Megan immediately cried out, “Fuck me, Tim, with that monster cock!”

Tim laid on top of Megan and began to fuck her very hard. Megan began to scream out loudly as her body went into convulsions. She screamed out, “Tim, you are going to make me cum again!” Megan then screamed out with another very powerful orgasm on Tim’s huge cock. Tim continued to fuck Megan hard for a few more minutes when he then rolled over, pulling her on top of him.

Megan began to slide her nice tight ass up and down on his big rod. Megan screamed out, “Oh, fuck!” every time she would come down on Tim’s hard cock. Tim had Megan reverse herself around on his cock. Her face now looked out a way from Tim’s face. Tim then proceeded to fuck Megan very hard as he teased her clit with his finger at the same time he fucked her.

This went on for several minutes as Megan cried out the whole time. Megan again had a huge orgasm on Tim’s big hard cock. She felt Tim was very close to cumming so she quickly slid off his huge cock and moved her mouth onto his hard rod. She began to suck his cock very hard until Tim began to erupt inside her mouth. Megan slowly let Tim’s cum slide back down the shaft of his cock as she kept his cock inside her mouth.

They both laid their exhausted as they had fucked each other very hard. It was about 20 minutes later when Tim’s cock began to come alive again. Megan reached over and began to stroke Tim’s cock. Tim was going nuts as Megan slowly teased his huge cock with her hands. Megan had the softest hands as she massaged his cock. Megan would slowly bring Tim close to orgasm and then would stop. She did this several times to Tim. Tim was so horny now as he told Megan, “Please let me fuck you from behind? I really want to fuck you doggie style.”

Megan moved onto all fours and began to tease Tim with her ass. She slowly moved her ass up against Tim’s cock. Tim grabbed a hold of Megan hips and rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. Megan was loving it as Tim fucked her very hard. Tim moaned out, “Damn, Megan, your ass is fantastic!”

Tim fucked Megan hard until Megan began to scream out, “Harder! Harder! Don’t stop!”

Tim began to push his cock very deep into Megan’s pussy. Megan cried out a few minutes later with another huge orgasm on Tim’s big cock. Tim continued to fuck Megan for another 20 minutes until they both were ready to cum together. Megan’s legs were so weak she couldn’t keep her legs up anymore. She crashed flat onto the bed as Tim fell right on top of her.

His cock never left her hot pussy. Tim slammed his huge cock into Megan’s pussy with several more hard thrusts. This pushed Megan over the edge. As she cried out with loud moans, Megan began to cum very hard as Tim also began to fill Megan’s pussy up with his cum. They both ended up with huge orgasms.

Tim was so tired now he laid on top of Megan for several minutes. They then both got dressed and went back into the living room. They were in the bedroom for over an hour and a half but luckily Tina was still sound a sleep.

Megan will never forget that night and to this day she claims they had never fucked each other again. I think we all know that she isn’t telling the truth.

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