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Melba and Wanda - Part 2

(This is the second part of Melba and Wanda)
Melba and Wanda - Part 2 

After Melba and Wanda had spent most of the day Saturday with me at the flea market pavilion they left, much to my disappointment. I had enjoyed the moments we all spent together inside my camper with both of them fondling and admiring my cock and balls, and I had certainly enjoyed smooching with them, playing with their tits and sucking on their delicious nipples.

When darkness descended and most of the customers had left I bought a plate of barbecued chicken that one of the vendors cooked over charcoal and sold. With every bite I took I imagined that it was Melba's or Wanda's nipples that I was devouring and I developed an enormous erection.

After a hot day of peddling my wares I was dirty and sweaty and I needed to go to the rest room/shower room that was provided at the far end of the pavilion for our comfort to enjoy a shower, but I couldn't walk by other vendors to get there with my dick making an obviously rather large tent in my pants......and it didn't seem to want to relax. I took matters into my hands and stroked my tool until I enjoyed a massive, volcanic ejaculation, after which my dick relaxed.

I gathered some clean clothing, my soap, shampoo, and a towel and was just about ready to go shower when Melba popped into my camper with a smile on her face and lust in her eyes. She hugged me and kissed me and I responded in kind. I looked beyond her expecting to see Wanda, and when I didn't see her I asked Melba where she was.

"I made her stay at home", Melba replied.

"Why?” I asked.

"Because I want you tonight just for myself, and besides, your camper bed is too narrow for 3 people to really enjoy wild sex on", was her reply.

"So you're going to spend the night with me and we're going to fuck? Are you going to screw me or am I going to ravage your pussy?” I asked.

Melba smiled wickedly and said, "All of the above, you studly bastard. No quickie for me. This is going to be an all-nighter if you're up to it, and if you aren't, I'll get you up to it. I'm hornier than a Texas horned toad and I need to be satisfied.....and you're going to satisfy me one way or another".

I grinned, leaned over and kissed her while tweaking her VERY ERECT THROBBING nipples through her clothing. I could smell her lust....her hot wet sex.

"I'll do my damndest to satisfy you Darlin', because my pleasure is derived by providing pleasure to my partner", I said. "But first I need to take a shower and be clean for you before we get down and dirty. I was just ready to go to the men's shower room when you got here".

"I'm going with you and we can shower together for an appetizer" Melba said as she smiled wickedly.

"To the men's shower room?” I asked.

"Why not?” she replied.

"What if a man comes in while you're in there with me, Precious?”

"If he has a good looking cock I'll ask him if he wants me to give him a hand job. If he doesn't get a hard prick after that I'll just ignore him and concentrate on you".

That settled matters. Melba and I would shower together come what may.

I gave Melba another clean towel and we strolled by several other vendors on our way to the shower room. By this time, and after the conversation we just had, I had another hard hot rod but I hid it behind my towel. The owner of the pavilion looked at us as we walked by, each carrying a towel. He winked at us and gave us a “thumbs up”.

Once inside the shower room Melba and I casually undressed ourselves as if it were something normal that we did in front of the other every day. Once totally naked, we stood for a moment just admiring each other’s bodies. She, of course, couldn’t miss seeing my throbbing boner, nor I her rigid nipples and a bit of her love juice seeping through the lips of her pussy and running down her thighs. We both knew that the other was more than ready and hot to trot.

I turned on a showerhead and adjusted the temperature of the water to be pleasurably warm. Then we walked into the streaming water, began making lather from my cake of soap, and smearing it on one another. I lathered her tits first, while Melba chose to lather my cock and begin stroking it.

I was enjoying her pumping my dick and fondling my nuts when the outer door opened and a man walked in. When he saw us he stopped dead in his tracks, perhaps thinking he was in the ladies’ shower room because I was behind Melba and mostly hidden from his view. I guess when he saw me also he knew he was in the right room because he went into one of the toilet stalls.

Melba and I chuckled and continued bathing, lathering, and playing with one another.

The guy seemed to stay in the toilet stall longer than necessary to conduct his business and leave. Melba said, “What could he be doing in there all this time unless he’s constipated or jacking off?” We both laughed at that and continued our shower.

When we finished showering and had toweled ourselves dry and put on enough clothing to be half way decent Melba and I left the shower room and went back to my camper. The guy was still in the stall when we left. He must have been having either a terrible or a wonderful time in there.

Once inside my camper with the door closed we made ourselves more comfortable by getting totally naked. Not wearing clothing is very liberating.

Then the fun began.

We caressed one another, cuddled, and kissed. Melba said she enjoyed doing that even more than fucking, as much as she loved to fuck and be fucked. Her nipples were as hard as a rock (as was my cock) and I enjoyed feasting on them as I softly stroked her cunt until it became sopping wet and its outer lips opened as if inviting me in. I inserted a finger, then two, then three into her honey hole and used my thumb to circle her engorged clit until she cried out in pleasure and soaked my hand and the sheet on the mattress with her love nectar. Melba was momentarily physically spent so we both relaxed for a while.

When Melba had recovered from her orgasm she confided that she preferred to be the one doing the fucking rather than the one being fucked. I told her that all I wanted to do was to provide the most pleasure possible for her and that she could do with me as she wished.

My dick was still standing stiffly at attention like a flag pole. Melba kissed it, gave it a few loving strokes, and then mounted it like a cowgirl mounting a raging bull. Then she began to ride my tool…..slowly at first, but eventually riding it like a cowgirl gone wild until, not being able to hold back any longer, I exploded my copious cum deep in her love hole. When Melba felt my cock rock as I shot my load and she felt my cum fill her honey hole she had squealed with delight as she had her own dynamic orgasm.

After being momentarily spent we recovered and engaged in some small talk which soon turned into pillow talk and “after-play”, and then into foreplay that led to more sex. It was a cycle that we repeated over and over again until daylight with us assuming various fucking positions, but always the one that Melba chose for that time. My camper bed mattress was so swamped with our juices that we could slide around in it.

While engaged in some of our small talk Melba confided further in me, telling me that while she loved to fuck, at times, she enjoyed foreplay even more, and that she never sucked cocks. Giving head was what Wanda enjoyed doing, so if I liked to have my dick sucked she would arrange for the three of us to get together so all of us could enjoy doing what we liked best.

In the coming months and years that’s exactly what we did.

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