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Melba and Wanda - Part 3

(You may want to read Parts 1 and 2 of my Melba and Wanda series before you read this true story.)
A few years before I met Melba and Wanda, Melba's second husband had died, leaving her with their house on the lake not far from my home, but very little else.

It was shortly after that when Melba took Wanda into her home and adopted her.

In order to make ends meet and provide for them, Melba applied for and secured a position as the treasurer at a retail furniture store. Wanda wasn't qualified or able to work in any capacity, but she essentially was Melba's housekeeper and companion.

A couple of years after my escapades with Melba and Wanda began, a man, Frank, who lived in a nearby town and whose wife had died, began to court Melba, hoping to make her his housekeeper "with benefits". In other words, he wanted to fuck her when he got horny.

After a few months Melba agreed to marry Frank so she wouldn't have to continue working and would still be financially secure.

That severely limited the times Melba and I, or Melba, Wanda, and I, could get together and have some steamy sexual encounters.

That situation troubled Melba as much as it did me.

So, after several months, Melba came up with an idea that she told me about in a phone call.

She said she would tell Frank that Wanda and I were lovers and needed to get together, and that she would let Wanda in on her scheme. Then she would tell Frank that Wanda had invited me over to spend some time with her......"some time" meaning a night in bed with Wanda.

Frank fell for her plot and agreed to let me come and spend the night with Wanda.

I went over to Melba's house and we all chatted and watched TV for a while, with Wanda and me holding hands and sharing a few quick kisses. After a while Wanda said she was tired, feigned a yawn, stood up, and said that she was going to take a shower and then go to bed. I said I would help her with her shower, if that was agreeable with everyone. Wanda said she would appreciate my help because she wasn't able to raise her arms high enough to shampoo her hair. Neither Frank nor Melba objected, so off to the shower Wanda and I went.

Wanda and I did everything other than fuck in the shower. We cuddled, kissed, caressed one another, and masturbated one another.

The space in the shower stall was limited, so once Wanda and I had removed our clothing and got in the stall we were “body to body". I told Wanda to face away from me so I could shampoo her hair for her. She grinned at me and turned around. I applied shampoo to her hair and then massaged it in, cleaning her hair better than it had been cleaned in a long time. I then adjusted the shower head so the stream of water would rinse her hair thoroughly. Wanda giggled and said the spray of water was tickling her tits and making her nipples hard. She had rather large tits that sagged a bit, but they were lovely and mouth-watering to me.

I told Wanda to turn and face me so I could see her nipples. When she turned around my mouth immediately went to her tits, one after the other, and I hungrily sucked on one nipple and then the other while my tongue massaged them and my cock became hard, pressing against her and beginning to leak precum on her abdomen. I reached down and began to stroke her pussy and then inserted first one, then two fingers into her glory hole while my thumb massaged her, by then, engorged clit. Soon, Wanda gasped, her knees buckled as she humped my hand. I had to put my other hand over her mouth to stifle her scream of ecstasy while she enjoyed a volcanic orgasm. I had to hold her up to keep her from falling to the floor.

When she had recovered a bit from her orgasm, Wanda hugged me, gave me a deep-throat kiss, and thanked me for making her feel so good.

Then she noticed that my cock was rigid and pointed toward her. She reached down and grasped it with one hand, while fondling my hot balls with her other hand. She began stroking my cock, slowly at first, then gradually increasing the tempo.

At the same time I inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into her wet pussy while my thumb was massaging her rigid clit again. Wanda enjoyed another great orgasm, and I was getting close to shooting my load.

I gaspingly whispered to Wanda that I was going to cum. Then she got on her knees and shoved my hot rod into her mouth, deep throating it and sucking my dick like it had never been sucked before.

BANG!!!! Just like that I shot load after load of my warm cum down Wanda's throat and she managed to swallow all of it without gagging.

I was totally satisfied and at least temporarily spent, as was Wanda who could only manage to say that she loved my cum and wanted more of it whenever I could give it to her.

We toweled each other off and then Wanda and I went to her bedroom and crawled into her bed where we continued doing what we had just done in the shower, PLUS, Wanda sucked on my limber cock until it got hard again and then swallowed my ejaculate when I shot it down her throat. She told me again that she loved the taste of my cum and wanted more of it any time my cock could shoot more of it for her to enjoy.

The one thing Wanda wouldn't allow me to do was to fuck her......she was always strange that way. She loved to suck and be masturbated, but she wouldn't fuck.

Not long after that I could hear that the TV sound had been shut off, and I heard footsteps going down the hallway to Melba's bedroom.....and then silence.

I guess Frank went to sleep right away without getting into Melba's pussy, because in about 30 minutes Melba came into Wanda's bedroom and got into bed with us.

I thought I had died and gone to my great reward with a woman on each side of of them wanting to fuck me and the other wanting to suck my cock again.

Much to my joy, they both did what they wanted to do and then Melba gave me a good-night kiss and left to go back to her bedroom.

I went back to "see Wanda" every week or so after that for several months.

Frank never figured out what Melba, Wanda, and I were doing after he fell asleep.

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