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Memories of Greece

Serendipitous Sex in Greece Provides Good Memories
I had recently gotten out of the Army, where I was stationed in Munich. The German girls were great, but the most memorable sexual experience of all my life was while I was on temporary duty on the Greek island of Crete. For several days I lived in a seaside hotel overlooking the ancient harbor of Khania. I was drinking some tequila at the bar when a luscious little blond came in and sat on the stool next to mine. Soon we began to talk. Her name was Ann, she was 20, and was from British Columbia. She said she was on a backpacking trip around Europe, and was doing the beach scene in Crete. She was beautiful, with a great tan, athletic body, and the kind of legs that drive men crazy. At closing time I asked her if she wanted to come up to my room for a drink. To my surprise, she said yes.

We carried up a few beers to sip on my balcony, but before we opened the first one, she put her arms around me and began exploring my mouth with her tongue. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as I found out when I moved my hands down to fondle her perky breasts--they were the finest, firmest tits I ever felt. Obviously, she wanted more than a drink, because she quickly pulled off her T-shirt to let me suck them. “I’m so horny, and I need some good sex. Do you mind if we do it doggie-style?”

Did I mind? I told her that it was my favorite position. I went to lock the door, and when I got back to her, she had peeled off her jeans and was standing there wearing white silk panties. What a tremendous sight! I started kissing her some more and eased one hand down to finger her furry pussy. It was already slippery and hot.

She undid my belt and knelt down to remove my jeans. Then she pulled my bikini shorts down, and my cock sprang loose in front of her face. She wasted no time in getting her mouth around it, caressing my balls with one hand and stroking my thighs with the other. I was in heaven. I hadn’t had sex in a week, and as she hungrily sucked my cock, I almost came in her mouth. “Not yet,” she said, looking up at me with her big blue eyes. “I want to keep you really hard.”

I helped Ann slip out of her bikini and we lay down on the bed. We were both totally naked. Her cunt looked delicious and I had to taste it. We slipped into the 69 position, and as she sucked my cock, I slipped my tongue in and out of her love hole and sucked her clit. That really turned me on. Her pussy was salty and tangy, and I feasted on it until she bucked around on bed and gushed in a dripping orgasm. I wanted to make the most of her great body, so I moved up and sucked her tits for a while. She moved her hands and massaged my cock and balls. She moaned a little and then whispered, “Your cock is the biggest one I’ve seen. It’s going to feel so good. I want you to do it real slow.”

She rolled over and lay flat on the bed. Her ass was small and very cute, and as I fondled it she spread her legs to let me get my hand on her pussy. It was practically steaming with heat as I finger-fucked her. That drove her wild with desire; I wanted to get my cock into her.

She moved her ass up in the air and I positioned myself behind her for the main event, taking a few seconds to slip on a condom. I teased her a little by rubbing my cockhead up and down her slit. She kept wiggling around to try to get it inside her. Her cunt was very tight as I slid my cock in. She whimpered and pushed her ass back to take all of it. I grabbed on to her hips for the ride, and we started rocking back and forth.

She was saying, “Yes, yes. Oh, your cock feels so good. I love it.” I moved my arms around her to fondle her tits and she threw her blond hair back, sighing with pleasure. With the condom on, I was able to last as long as I wanted.

Finally, I could tell she was ready to come. “Faster, faster,” she said, so I started pumping my cock deep into her as hard as I could. A minute later she was thrashing her ass back with all her might.

Then she cried out, “Oh, God! Fuck yeah, fuck"and came in a great shuddering orgasm. I still hadn’t come, but then she reached back and gently stroked my tight balls. That felt incredible! I couldn’t take it any longer. With one mighty thrust, I buried my cock within her . . .and ground my cock deep inside her twisting it around and around until my cock erupted its hot, creamy load . . . spurt by spurt, filling the condom. I collapsed on the bed with her.

Thank god, I had more condoms in my backpack because we made love 4 more times that night.

The next morning when I awoke she had gone. “I’m off to Athens,” she wrote in a little note, “and I’ve left these for you as a souvenir.”

As soon as it was possible I went to British Columbia to return those panties. But that’s another story.

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