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Memory Lane

Jane was on her way. She was going to miss John's visit this week, but was anticipating their nightly calls. No one ever made her feel so full, so complete. So loved, so needed. She had made sure to leave him a special something on his pillow before leaving. Waiting for him to get off work, return home to find it, and call her. Looking at the clock, she smiled. "Very soon now", she whispered to herself as she cruised along the interstate. Her mind began to drift, still focusing on the highway, but recalling the trip she and John had made just a few weeks ago. They had been driving through the countryside, talking, teasing, and sharing.

John had been driving, the conversation had turned steamy. Jane sat in the passenger seat. Her blouse unbuttoned about halfway. Her beige and pink bra peeked out between the flaps. Her skirt riding high over her hips, barely covering the treasure trove at the top of her legs. The silky stockings showed a slight sign of how the conversation had been affecting her. The bulge evident in John’s pants showed his obvious arousal as well.

Reaching over to him, Jane slowly stroked and caressed the mound of manhood, feeling it twitching under her touch. Grasping the zipper, she slowly tugged it down. Looking over at her lover, she watched his face react. She recalled seeing his eyes widening, the smile forming, the light perspiration forming. Lowering the zipper completely, the dark blue of his briefs now fully exposed. The swell of his manhood created more moisture between her legs, squirming on the seat beside him. The conversation had fallen silent; there was no need for words now. Actions, in this case, most certainly were speaking volumes.

Leaning over, her mouth and lips pressed to his neck, kissing her man gently. Giving his strong neck a lick as her fingers expertly popped the button on his pants, releasing the pressure some from between his legs. John spread his legs apart, setting the cruise control, feeling her touch on his bulge. Her fingers teased the length, dragging along the thickening cock. His breathing coming quicker. Reaching down, turning on the signal, he pulled off the highway. Her fingers laying over his manhood, squeezing as she rested her head on his shoulder, gazing out the windshield with him. Smiling, anticipating.

John pulled off the road, and onto a side street, smiling when he saw the name - Memory Lane. John exited the car, his pants barely held in place. Walking around to her side, opening her door, he saw his sexy lover leaned back. Legs opened. Stocking tops drenched. Panties soaked through, outlining her delicate petals. Skirt lifted. A devilish smile on her face, while her fingers delicately caressed the thin material. Looking down he saw the subtle hint of her mischievous actions in the ladies room at the last stop. His hand reached down and rubbed the front of his briefs.

Jane sat forward, and placed her lips against his bulge. Kissing him through his briefs, she slid across the seat, and stood up against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his arms pull her in close and tight. Their lips met. Embracing one another with hands roaming, he pulled her blouse open the rest of the way, the last couple of buttons popping off and flying away, lost forever. Her hands pushed his pants off his hips, letting them drop to his ankles. Hooking his briefs and pushing them down, she felt his hardness spring up against her bare stomach.

Turning Jane around, he pushed her against the hood of the car. Lifting her skirt, he exposed her pink and beige lace panties, darker with her wetness. Gripping them, he firmly pulled, snapping them and removing the garment from her. Hearing the sudden intake of air as she inhaled from the force of his desire, feeling her own desire growing rapidly inside, feeling it leaking out along her thighs. She reached down between her legs, touching her swollen lips, parting them, dragging her finger along her wet slit. John stepped up behind her, grasping his hardness, pressing it against her soft quivering bottom. Both of them moaning loudly at the heated touch of their bodies.

John reached down between her legs, stroking Jane’s lips, slipping his fingers inside. Finding his goal, he pulled out the pair of pleasure balls that had been driving his sweet Jane through a journey of desire and lust. As the balls slid out, he slammed his thick hard cock into her. His hips slapping hard against her sweet hot ass. Pounding into her hard and deep. The head of his engorged cock slamming into her cervix, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. Pulling out, then slamming up into her again, driving her hard against the car. His hands gripped her breasts, still in her sheer lace bra, squeezing, pulling her back against him. He drove into her hard and fast and deep, again.

Focusing back on the current moment, Jane continued driving along the highway, she felt her growing wetness as her memories kept flooding her mind.

John pulled her bra cups down, freeing her breasts, pushing her body forward and down onto the warm hood. He reached up and grabbed her hair. Pulling back, lifting her head up. With his other hand, he reached down and slapped her ass. His cock still buried deep, twitching and pulsing inside her hotness. John leaned over her, whispered in her ear how hot and tight and wet her pussy was. Expressing how he will forever love her, treasure her. How he worships her and will forever keep her. Value her and devote himself to her. Hearing her moan of acceptance, love, pleasure. Thrusting into his stunning, sexy lover. She felt her nipples pressing and rubbing on the warmth of the car’s hood. She felt herself begin to quiver and shake under him, feeling her orgasm building, nearing.

Again, John began thrusting, slapping his hips against her ass. Driving her hard against the car, her nipples dragging across the hood, her tits pressing on the hot hood. John’s mouth was on her neck, kissing. Moving down and giving her shoulder a nip, gentle then firmer. Nibbling, and then biting. John's manhood pulsing inside her. As his orgasm reached the crest, Jane’s body reacted, trembling. Her breathing fast and shallow. Barely able to speak, she begs him to cum, begged her dear lover to take her, to claim her. To make her his, as she always had been and always intended to be.

John knew her feelings; he has much the same ones. This woman before him so incredible, so full of passion, intelligence and beauty. His angel. His orgasm had become uncontrollable. Jane was cresting. His touch was making her body tremble, there was no stopping it. John’s testicles swollen and full, slapped against her. Finally, reaching the point of climax, together, moaning. Theirs was a union of lust, of need and desire. Both shaking. John exploded inside her. Jane’s body exploded from within, erupting on his manhood, pulsing, milking his cock. Soaking them both. Panting, heavy and hard, in unison. Their bodies slowly relaxed, spent. Turning to face each other, they embraced. Nakedness still exposed to the world. Their love forever joined, entwined.

As her exit approached, Jane signaled. She could feel her body on the verge. Her phone buzzed, signaling his message. Reading it, she smiled and hit the voice mail button. As soon as he answered, his voice sent the shock through her that she needed his deep husky drawl. Her pussy contracted on the vibrating bullet between her legs, sending her into an orgasm. Her moaning uncontrollable. Pulling to a stop at a traffic light, shaking in her seat, her juices rushed out of her, soaking her jeans.

She smiled when she heard what he had to say next. “Sounds like you are off to as good a start as I am. Mmmmm. And by the look of your panties here on my pillow, it appears you had just as much fun before you left. Call me when you get there my dear. Love you angel. Drive safely.”

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