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Met Through a Swing Club I

another slow start and sexy ending. How we met
Met Through a Swing Club I

Folks meet in the strangest of ways. Nowadays it's facebook, My Space, and the myriad pairings sites on the web. I happened to meet my significant other through the owners of a swing club I was a member of. We have now been together 20+ years and though in our 60's, still have our naked fun with others.

I had been a member of the club for about 6 months. As a rare single male member, I understood not all couples that attended were looking for a separate male. After having attend many times with a female partner, the owners knew I was single and respected the wishes of any member not wanting to get with me. Any time I wished to attend the club on my own, without my 'partner', I would always call first and ask permission. This alone impressed the owners. I wasn't just showing up at the door expecting to be allowed in unescorted.

Being there by myself I always volunteered to help behind the bar, showing new couples around, helping where I could. Attending bar, I met many of the couples. It was a great way to learn all the members. What with 50-70 couples attending, every weekend, there were always new faces in the crowd. With so many people there were always little things that needed done. getting more ice, connecting another pop container to the fountain, helping to get the deli dishes out, more towels for the shower, and so forth.

One Sunday morning Phyllis (the owner) asked how far I lived from a small city in Michigan's 'Thumb' region. She told me they had a female friend that lived there and had told them in advance that if they met a male near her, they had permission to give them her contact info. That evening I drove home with Mary's name in my wallet and a promise to look her up.

So, middle of the week came and I decided to take a short 40 mile drive to the appointed community. Mary, not having a phone, might be surprised meeting someone for the first time. I followed the directions and pulled up to the address given. As I did, the local bus stopped beside my car and a woman climbed out the bus and approached the house. "Mary?", I asked. She turned and looked at me, not knowing me, with a questioning look on her face.

"Jim & Phyllis said I should come and introduce myself." With the mention of Jim & Phyllis, Mary's face brightened up. She smiled and invited me in. We sat for about an hour gabbing and becoming familiar with each other. I told her that I was planning on attending the club the upcoming weekend and asked if she'd care to join me. We agreed that I'd pick her up on Friday and we'd drive down that evening and help get the place ready for Saturdays party. Being that it'd been awhile since Mary had attended the club, I knew this would be a surprise to Jim & Phyllis.

As I stood to leave, Mary approached me to give me a hug. The hug became a hug and kiss, the hug and kiss became caressing. next thing I knew she was leading me towards her bedroom. I hadn't thought this would happen, but I wasn't about to refuse either. As we arrived in her bedroom she turned, sat on the bed and slowly started unbuttoning my shirt. I bent, kissed her, our tongues swirling in a dance, as we both struggled with each others clothes.

Mary was petite, 5' 2", at most 105 lbs. A slender 32B-24-35 figure. Her bra was a front closure which made it easy to remove. As I spread it from her breasts her hard dark nipples came to view. As I removed her blouse and bra she was pulling my shirt from my body. I caressed her nipples and watched as a gasp escaped her mouth. As I was removing her top she'd kicked her shoes from her feet. We both reached to unclasp her jeans at the same time, sort of giggled that we'd both had the same idea and her pants came quickly off.

There she was laying back on the bed in but her socks and panties. She wasn't shaved, but a nicely trimmed patch of fur adorned her Mons.. I quickly shed the rest of my clothes, pants and shorts together and climbed into the bed beside her. Like a starved animal Mary was all over me. Her hands didn't seem to know where to go. My head, my face, across my body, down and down they went until they found my hardening cock. Pre cum seeping from it's head.

Now, I'm not the longest cock in the woods. Maybe 7-71/2" fully extended. But, I am thick, almost 4" around when hard. Large balls hung low in their sack, full of cum wanting release. I laid Mary back on her bed and hooked my hands in the waist of her panties. She rose her small ass off the bed, making it easier to remove these from her body.

Once they were off I found a sexy pussy staring at me from between her open legs. The inner labia already swollen and pushing the outer lips apart, both wet with desire. I couldn't hold back, I dove directly between her legs, face first and attacked her pussy! Mary yelped at the rapid attack on her pussy, but thrust her hips forward driving her cunt harder into my face. Pussy cream was pouring for her vagina, telling me she was wet and wanted to feel my cock. I first wanted to eny the taste of her. Lying prone between her legs, face buried in her juncture, I slid my hands up her sides and found her tits. As I started teasing, tweaking her nipples she came the first time. It seemed her nipples were attached to her clit.

Her body convulsing, her groin being pushed against my face, she screamed out. Not wanting to stop, I dove my tongue deep inside, scooping her juices from the core. I withdrew my tongue and drew it up over her hardened, distended clit. Again she screamed out. Her head flailing about, her hands on the back of my head...."Give me your cock dammit!" she cried out.

I rolled over onto my back and scooted up on the bed. As soon as I did Mary went straight to my cock and balls. One hand wrapped firmly around the shaft of my cock, stroking me up and down, the other caressing my nuts which by now had tightened up against me as my cock had hardened. Her mouth over the crown of my cock, slurping the pre cum from it's gaping slit. Then, sliding her tongue and lips down the underside of my cock, suckling each nut, paying them homage. Then, like a child with a lollipop, bringing her mouth slowly back up the underside of my cock, only to feast on the head again.

All this time I was rubbing her round ass cheek, sliding my fingers up and down between her legs, feeling her wet crack against my fingers. Each time my fingers slipped across her clit, her mouth would try and take more of me deeply towards her throat.

Next thing I knew Mary was moving her body away from me, but only to straddle my body. One leg on either side of me, facing me, she slid the shaft of my cock up and down along the steaming lips of her pussy. Unable to take it any longer, she pushed the head of my cock at the entrance of her vagina and squatted back on me. My cock head slipped inside, relishing in the wet hot moisture within. Up and down, allowing only the at first Mary was in control now. I laid back enjoying the sight of her. Her eyes rolled, mouth partially open, sweat on her brow. She became adjusted to my cock and finally slid back and allowed the whole shaft entrance. back, back, back, until I felt her ass settling against my balls. Rocking her hips back and forth, without rising, my cock was able to slide back and forth within her.

Reaching up, I took hold of her nipples, tweaking each, raising my head to take one after the other in my mouth. When I did this she shook in her second hard orgasm, I could feel her cunt cream pouring from around the shaft of my cock, further lubricating her for out actions. I took her hips in my hands, raised her about six inches from my body and drove my cock hard and deep inside. A gasp escaped Mary's lips as she attempted to force herself downward against my thrust

I raised her from me and set her on the bed on her knees. Quickly I climbed around behind her and bent her forward until her ass was sticking up facing me and her head was on the pillow. Parting her ass I didn't hesitate but drove smoothly into her cunt. I could hear her moans and shouts muffled in the pillow. her ass wavered and pushed back to me, meeting each thrust of my cock. After the head I'd gotten, the fucking of her riding me, I didn't last much longer. feeling my nuts tighten, her narrow pussy milking me I knew it wasn't going to be but a few more strokes. When her fingers reached my ball sack and started rubbing it, that was it. Blast after blast of cock juice was emptied deep inside Mary.

Sweat pouring down my body, cum spurting from the sides of her pussy, my hand kneading her ass cheeks, Mary felt my explosion and came for yet a 3rd time hard. As our bodies, spent from our fucking, relaxed, I rolled from her and laid back on the bed. We cuddled what seemed forever, but in actuality lasted maybe 15 minutes. In less than three hours I'm met this woman, and at the end was naked in bed, spent from our coupling.

When we arose from the bed, you could see the sweaty outlines of our bodies. You could also see the stains of our mutual orgasm littering the sheets. Both going into the bathroom we had fun washing each other. Sadly I had things to attend to back at home or I'm certain I'd of stayed the night, naked, both of us fucking like teenagers in heat. This was Wednesday and as I left, I knew the weekend was going to be memorable.

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