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Miami Surprise

It started innocently. We emailed and IM'd little messages here and there. It was nice having a female friend again. She brightened my day, every day. I found my self more and more interested in her emails. When I would get one, my heart would beat a little faster and I'd drop everything to read it. Things continued this way for a little while and we progressively got closer and closer. Not physically, but just emotionally, spiritually, and yes, sexually. We never "did" anything, but the flirting got more and more. We even started expressing our desires to each other.

As the months past we keep doing more and more. We'd sent "risky" pictures to each other. We'd share porn clips on the Internet with each other expressing what we like and what we'd like to do to the other person. This type of behavior, although bad, would excite me to no end. Some days, it's all I'd think about.

Our relationship had gone on for months now. We'd tried to stop and be "friends", we'd try and stop and not talk, nothing worked. We were drawn back to like 2 kids in high school experiencing their sexuality for the first time. We were passionate, yet we were never physical. Then, one day, Alexis told me she was going to Miami with a friend for a few days to get away, have some fun, just kind of let lose. Ugh! A week without talking to her! I was miserable. Then, I had an idea. There's a conference in Miami that week that I had passed up on going to. I quickly emailed my boss about it expressing how I thought it would be a good idea to attend. He got back to me and told me to make it work. I went online and found a round trip flight for cheap. Perfect! I'm going to Miami. I even knew she was staying at; the Hyatt Waterfront Suites. So I too, book my room there. She had no idea and I wasn't going to tell her.

I flew down to Miami and checked in. I didn't know what to do next, but I'd figure something out. After going to my room and getting situated, I went down to the front desk, pretended to be Alexis's husband and needed to drop off my bags at "our" room. After a little finagling with the very cute/perky concierges I got her room number. 1423! Top floor. I scoped it out, and saw that she had a balcony overlooking both the pool and the ocean.

I went to my room, changed into something for the pool, and went out to catch some rays. I didn't want to be noticed, so I brought my hat and shades. I ordered a drink, sat back, and pretended to read the paper. A few cute little women stopped by to chat with me. I had been working out lately. My arms were pretty defined. My chest had put on a bunch of muscle, and my abs, for the first time, were pretty ripped. I'll be honest, I felt pretty good and with the ladies stopping by, it made me even more confident. While I was talking up 2 sexy women, I spotted Alexis. She was just getting set up down by the ocean. She looked GREAT. White bikini, white sarong, white heals, and a great set of sun glasses. She not only fit in with these women, she was making a bunch of them very jealous.

I got up and went over to the bar. I ordered a glass of champagne and a side of strawberries and asked for the waitress to bring them to her. I instructed her to tell her that a gentleman name "Wes" had phoned in the order and they had been searching for her for quite sometime. I returned to my seat and watched this unfold. Alexis got the biggest smile on her face. She was ecstatic. I could tell that her heart was racing. She pulled out her phone and texted me: "OMG!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I SOOOO wish you were here to share them with me!".

I responded: "Glad you liked them. Wish I was too!". I then got up, and left the area. I returned up to my room, to get a few things I had packed. I went up the the 14th floor, and waited for the maids to start cleaning her room. After a few minutes, one of them opened her door. I gave them enough time to tidy up, then walked in as if it was my room. "Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were still cleaning" I said to them. "Oh no no no, sir. We're all set. We'll leave you alone." They left, and I was in Alexis's room by myself. I opened the closet and left a new silk nighty. It was low cut, fitted, and barely came low enough to cover her ass. God will she look good. I also left thigh high stockings and black heels. I then, left a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses, Hershey Kisses, Honey, and Chocolate syrup on her desk with a note that said: "I soooo, wish I could share these with you.... Wes".

I left her room and watched the pool/ocean from my balcony. I spotted her leaving after a little while and she looked like she was heading up to her room. I quickly changed. Nice khaki's, trendy short sleeve button down, flip flops. I waited with my cell phone in hand. About 10 minutes later, another text: "OMG!!!! Are you kidding me??? You are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! UGH!! I want you here so badly." I responded, "Go to your closet. Get changed please".

I quickly did 20 push ups and walked up the stairs to her floor. I went to her room, and knocked. Right then, I heard her giggle. She knew I was there. It took her a minute to finish changing, but it was well worth it. She came to the door, opened it, and kind of posed in the outfit, showing off her amazing legs, perky chest, and BEAUTIFUL face and smile. I felt myself go hard. She noticed as well. Without saying anything Alexis turned around and started to walk back in, motioning for me to follow. She did this so I could watch her ass the entire way. GOD I wanted her!!! I could see the bottom of her cheeks peaking out from under the outfit. I followed her in, closed the door behind me, and walked over to her. She turned, put a finger on my lips so I wouldn't talk, picked up a strawberry, took a small bite of it, and fed the rest into my mouth. She left her finger in my mouth with the strawberry so that I could suck it a little on the way out. By now, my bulge was throbbing!!!! She was everything I wanted and I wanted everything with her!!!! Next, she put a hand on my chest, and slowly backed me up to the bed and sat me down. Sitting there, she turned around, hiked up her nighty just a little bit more to show off her thong, and slowly/subtly started to give me the slightest of lap dances. This was quick. She obviously liked to tease.

Knowing I was hard as a rock, she turned, knelled between my legs, and started to rub my cock. GOD did this feel good. I wanted her SOOOO bad and she knew it. She unbuttoned my pants and slid off both my boxers and pants. My cock was fully erect and I noticed a sly little smirk come over her face. She wanted me too. She wanted to taste my cock. I pulled my shirt off over my head and leaned back on the bed. My abs were stretched and cut and my chest was tone as I lied there naked. She checked me out up and down. I grabbed my unit and slowly started to stroke it a little.

She told me to scoot up the bed and I did. She asked me "Honey or Chocolate?". "Chocolate" I replied. After getting the chocolate syrup, she started to crawl up the bed towards me. Slowly and methodically she moved up my body. He chest was hanging down showing her AMAZING tits. She rubbed them up my legs teasing me on the way. She licked my thighs as she worked her way up. Stopping at my crotch, she started to jerk me slowly while sucking on my nuts. She poured the chocolate syrup all over my abs and cock. Licking and rubbing it all over. GOD did she feel great!!! While she sucked the chocolate off my cock she reached both hands up my chest, dug her nails in ever so slightly and scratched all the way down to my grown!!!!

Once she cleaned me all off, she got off of me, stood next to the bed, lifted 1 leg up, and rested her heal right on my chest. She started to rub her leg all over while it was on me. I was dying. I rubbed her leg up and down as well and told her to leave on her thigh highs and heels. I have a thing for hot chicks in thigh highs and heels. To me, it makes them a little naughty and I love it. She climbed back on top of me, lifted her nightly up over her head and revealed an absolutely ROCKIN' body. Her stomach was flat as can be and her chest was AMAZING. She put her hands up behind her head holder her hair up and started to dry fuck me. I reached up and massaged her tits while I grinded into her. After a few minutes, she leaned down to my ear, kissed my neck and ear lobe, and said "Wes, I'm on vacation. Far away from my "reality" of ever day life. I want you so bad right now. I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me. And I mean fuck me. Harder than ever." I think I almost came right then. GOD was she driving me crazy.

She lifted her hips up, slid my cock into her pussy, and started to just tease the tip of the head. She grinded slowly on the top of the tip. The cool air between us on my cock combined with the warm, wet pussy on my tip was incredible!!! Then, she started going at it. She was grinding me so hard. All her!! I was just lying there and hips, ass, body was completely going to town on me!! She felt amazing. The way she worked her hips. The way she pounded my cock into her pussy. I had never felt anything like this before. She put her hands behind her head, held up her hair, and leaned back. Her stomach and tits were driving me nuts, all while she was grinding away at me.

I leaned her all the way back so she was lying down now, got on my knees between her legs, lifted her legs up on my shoulders, and jammed my cock into her. She reached her arms out to her sides as far as she could, grabbed 2 hand fulls of sheets, and each time I rammed myself into her, I could see her squeeze the sheets harder and hard. She moaned loader and loader each time I thrusted. I held her ankles out wide so she was spread eagle and started to slowly rub my cock up and down her pussy lips. After a few rubs, I would jam my cock into her again with all my force, then repeat. This was driving her nuts. After a few minutes of this, she started to shake and pull the sheets harder. I felt her juices flowing all over me. She was coming and I was loving it. I fucked her harder and harder and she screamed. She was yelling "YES! YES! MORE!" This drove me crazy. I was about to cum. I pulled out of her, grabbed my cock, and sprayed my cum all over her chest and stomach. I shot my load all the way up to her chin. She took a finger, rubbed the cum all around her nipples, and sucked the cum off of it.

I collapsed on top of her. Exhausted but in heaven. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight. Our bodies, for that moment in time, fit together like 2 puzzle pieces. We lied there. For 15 minutes. Panting, but not talking. I felt her pelvis move a little at one point. She wrapped her legs around me and hugged me again. God did she feel good. I suddenly felt my cock getting hard again. Are you kidding me? And she must have felt it too, cause our eyes met and I saw a big naughty grim come over her face. Round 2!!!!!!!
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