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So Michael, the guy I was dancing with in the last story, called me the day after we met in the club. He asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie. I said yes of course! He is not the sort of person I would ever say no to, and the date was organised. I decided to wear a dress that was sexy, without being too revealing to go for the: “You might get it, if you try hard enough,” look.

We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant, one of the nicest I have ever been to, and saw a very funny movie afterward! All throughout the date there was quite a bit of sexual tension. Every now and then, throughout dinner, he would touch my arm, my leg, run his hand up and down in between my shoulder blades, always very lightly and always in the right spot to make the gooseflesh raise on my skin. During the movie he put his arm around my shoulder and drew small figure eights on my shoulder. He felt really comfortable to be with, so I didn’t mind.

After the movie, he walked me up to my room, like the perfect gentleman he is, outside of the bedroom, and gave me a goodnight kiss. About half an hour later, he rang me and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner again, and then out to a bar or club for some dancing. He said that he wanted this date to be a bit more fun rather than a serious date like the one we had just had. I love dancing and having fun, so I said yes!

This time, after another very lengthy conversation with a friend about what to wear, I wore an outfit that said, “I know you want it, and you just might get it”. Before I knew it, and before I was completely ready, it was time for the date. I got myself ready in a bit of a rush and fortunately had a little plan to make Michael really pay attention organised a few days in advance. During dinner I would excuse myself to the bathroom and upon my return, I would slip a pair of panties onto Michael’s lap. I put a pair of panties very strategically into my bag so that they couldn’t be seen when the bag was opened. (I wasn’t wearing any panties, so if he did happen to feel my butt he wouldn’t get suspicious if there were panty lines.) I was getting very excited about the whole evening, and Michael knocks on the door. I had literally just finished getting ready and hadn’t even looked in a mirror yet. I opened the door and asked if he liked my outfit, a short black skirt, a cream coloured low-cut blouse and my favourite pair of 4” heels. He said that it was perfect and we left.

We arrived at the restaurant and sat down for our dinner. This restaurant was much more relaxed than the last one and I was relieved a little! Before our dinner arrived, I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. I was getting very excited about the little plan. I walked back to the table, and noticed that the whole time Michael was watching my legs and hips. As I sat down next to him, I slipped my panties under the table and onto his lap. I smiled at him and suggested with my eyes that he look down. He looked down and quickly looked back up at me again. His beautiful green eyes were wide with shock until a grin crept across his face, then a little laugh, and finally he sat there looking at me with slight astonishment (in a good way). All through our meal, he kept looking up at me and grinning. After we had finished our dinner, we left the restaurant and made our way to a bar not very far away.

We sat down on two bar stools away from everyone else and had a few drinks. I don’t think the smile ever left his face. After a while, we made our way to a nearby club. We got a drink from the bar and then started dancing. While we were on the floor, I noticed Michael getting quite aroused when he was holding my hips and dancing. We continued to dance for quite a while. We moved to the bar and had a few more drinks. We went back to dancing. After what I felt was enough torture for the poor guy, I moved myself closer to Michael and asked if he wanted to leave. He said yes, grabbed my hand and lead me out of the club before I could even say ‘OK’. He led me out of the club and onto the street. I asked where we were going and he said that we were going back to his place, it wasn’t very far from the club.

When we arrived at Michael’s apartment and I was amazed. It was the most amazing apartment I have seen for someone who is 21 years old! As soon as we were inside the door Michael’s hands were all over me. He reached under my skirt and felt my wet pussy as if to make sure I really wasn’t wearing any panties. It seemed to arouse him even more when his question was finally answered. He reached up and grabbed onto my hair and gently pulled me head back. He kissed down my neck and onto my chest. As he kissed between my breasts, I felt the stubble on his cheeks and chin graze the sensitive skin in the middle of my breasts and I couldn’t help but moan. He grabbed onto my waist and pushed me towards what I presumed was his bedroom, while still kissing my neck and chest. When we reached his bedroom, he untied my blouse and slowly removed the soft material from my body.

As the blouse skimmed over my nipples, I shivered with excitement. After my blouse was off and thrown to the other side of the room, Michael kissed and sucked on my nipples. While he was doing this, he was also reaching behind my body and he unzipping my skirt. I shimmied out of my rather tight skirt and let it drop to the floor. I was standing in front of Michael in nothing more than my shoes. I walked over to Michael and removed his shirt. His body was amazing. Strong muscled arms and toned abs. I ran my hands down his stomach and began to remove his belt and pants. After his pants were off, I took a step back to look at his body. He could be a model or a super athlete! (If you want a better idea, look at the picture of Buz in his image gallery)

He grabbed me on the waist and pulled me to his bed. He relaxed onto his back and I sat on top of him. He reached up and grabbed at my nipples gently, while I ran my fingers lightly up and down his stomach. He shivered as my fingers ran along the top of his boxers. I leaned down and kissed the very centre of his chest. I kissed down to his boxers and asked him very kindly to remove them. He removed his boxers and I was surprised. His cock was bigger than what I had anticipated. I stroked it for a little while before I began licking. On the first lick up the length of his shaft, Michael sighed and I smiled up at him. He noted that he had never expected me to be the cock sucking type, and I giggled. He asked what was funny and I noted that it is one of my favourite things to do because it means I am in control of what he is feeling.

I went back to sucking and licking his cock. I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. He told me to move so I was in the 69 position with my pussy on his face. I moved as asked and as soon as I was in position Michael began licking my pussy. I began sucking his cock again and made sure that I kept pace with his licking. When he licked faster, I sucked faster. Every time his tongue flicked over my clit I moaned. As he ate my pussy, I couldn’t help but notice that he really seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot! He knew when and where to flick his tongue. I could feel my pussy getting really wet as he reached down and grabbed my breasts while he was flicking my clit with his tongue. I was getting very close to orgasm when Michael lifted my pussy off of his face and threw me (quite literally) gently to the side. He wiped his face and pulled my body towards him. He told me to kneel, so I did. He Kneeled behind me and pulled me to him. He lifted me up against his body.

I spread my legs and put them on either side of his. He slid my body down his and rested my pussy on the end of his cock. He slowly pushed his cock into my pussy and I moaned. His cock filled my pussy completely. I felt my pussy adjusting to the size of his cock as he slowly began to move my pussy up and down the length of his shaft. I looked back at Michael and noticed he was looking at something straight ahead. I followed his gaze and realised he had placed us directly in front of the door through to his bathroom. On his bathroom wall was a floor to ceiling mirror. I could see his cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Every time his cock slid out of my pussy, I could see my pussy juices glistening on his shaft and this made me even wetter.

We stayed like that for a while and when he noticed that I was enjoying the view and was going to cum, he decided to change the position. He pushed me forward, with his cock still in my pussy, so I was on my hands and knees in front of him. He grabbed onto my hair and pulled my head back so I could see everything in the mirror. He pulled gently on my hair, encouraging me to push back onto his cock. I pushed back and he moaned. He told me that he was going to stay still for a while and let me do the work. I was more than happy to. I pushed my pussy back and forward on his cock while he gently pulled my hair. He was moaning and I could feel my wetness on his shaft with every push. I could see I the mirror that he was getting close to orgasm and I increased the pace. I moaned as I moved back and forward on his cock as fast as I could.

Michael obviously thought it wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed onto my hips tightly and dug his fingers in around my hip bones. He buried his cock deep into my pussy over and over again, getting faster than I ever thought possible. His cock was filling all of my pussy and I couldn’t stop moaning. Just before I came, he grabbed my hair again and pulled gently. The feeling of his cock filling my pussy, his hand firmly grasped onto my hip and the pulling on my hair pushed me to the edge. I came and I felt my pussy tighten on his cock as he kept pulling and pushing my pussy on and off of his cock. He let go of my hair and grabbed onto my hip again with that hand. I felt him cum as he pushed into my pussy again. He lifted me up by the arms so I was kneeling in front of him again and he kissed my neck and just under my ear while running his hands over my front. He suggested that we have a shower before going to sleep. We had a shower and he gave me one of his shirts to wear to bed. I fell asleep with Michael’s arm wrapped around my waist and his other hand playing with my hair near my ear. He kissed my forehead and cuddled me to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to find Michael cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He makes the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten!

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