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Midnight Dreams And Filthy Little Secrets

Midnight dreams are often the filthiest.
I lay in my marriage bed last night. My beloved breathing deeply beside me; his slow, even breaths a constant reminder of his trust, and I dreamt of you.

Dreamt of your fingertips owning my soul.

Dreamt of your hands; hard and rough, digging into the softness of my flesh. Controlling, demanding...

My body aches, and my small breasts heave; the tips swollen and hard, desperately awaiting your touch. My hips left to writhe and twist, lifting ever upward in a never-ending, futile search… for you.

I dreamt of the moist delta between my twitching thighs, hot and wet, being plundered and filled with your seed.

I awoke, panting. Hips thrusting and cunt clenching.

Desperate. Empty and crying out for the hard thrust of your body into mine.

Frantic, with need for what only you can give.

I dreamt of you... again. Of our filthy, little secret.

Do I dare to share?

Do you even want to hear?


I dream of you again.

I’m surrounded by throngs of city dwellers, and yet, I’m all alone.

Sitting, I wait on the empty park bench. The wooden seats are old, splintered, and I feel the sharp edges pressing into the pale flesh of my thighs as I settle myself.

Behind me is an eternal stretch of darkness. The edges of my dream are torn; a mass of swirling tendrils that reach out of the darkest recesses of my mind.

My hidden needs, my greatest desires and my lustful cravings. These are the dreams that I do not share; my dreams of you.

My midnight dreams.

It’s spring, so the air is warm and tinged with the humid scent of lust. Small birds gather at my feet and scatter, only to gather once more as office workers move like wraiths from here to nowhere.

Across from me sits a man. He is a blur, a shadow. Unimportant.

And yet… I’m aroused.

I’m well aware that he is looking at me, his eyes drawn to the shadowed valley between my breasts and then even lower, between my thighs.

It’s not for this shadowed figure that I burn. It’s for you.

I gain pleasure in his need, but only because I know that this is what you desire.

You appear out of the dark maw behind me, not a single word spoken, but I can feel your passion and I yearn for the heat of your body.

The hard press of your cock rests heavily between my shoulder blades and I shudder, my body arching in helpless surrender at your simplest touch.

Calloused palms rest upon my shoulders, heavy and hot as your long fingers caress the fragile bones of my neck.

Your hands!

They slip firmly around my throat and I can hear the rumble of desire echo from deep within your chest.

Oh, fuck. What you do to me with a single touch.


A river of need courses between my thighs, and I ache for you. My pussy pulsates and throbs, melting.

I am lost in a swirling haze of need.


I tremble like a leaf in a storm, my body swaying into the invisible pull of yours, and as your fingers stroke the soft skin of my jaw, I turn my head and gently suck your finger between my lips. My tongue swirling and wrapping around it, imitating what I would do to your cock given half the chance.

The flash of pain that comes from your fist pulling my hair is electrifying and scorches a path to my centre; illuminating all my sins in its wake.

Across the path the man sits in shadows and watches. His posture is tense as if he is afraid that any movement on his behalf will end this fragile dance between us.

The sky darkens as clouds roll in, thunder claps and all is silent for a moment.

The birds incessant singing no longer echoes around me and the wraiths have all but disappeared. A wind swirls, lifting the leaves at my feet and sending them soaring around me, a mini cyclone. And I, at its core, silent and waiting, with my breath held and heart pounding in anticipation.

Only we remain now in this shadowy world.

You, the stranger and I.

Your voice is but a whisper, unheard, but felt deep in the marrow of my bones.

I shudder, feigning reluctance as I slowly part my thighs. The pulsating deep in my core explodes as your hand thrusts between my breasts, rough fingers pinching and twisting my nipples beneath my white cotton shirt. Your lips land on my neck, teeth nipping and marking my flesh. I arch wantonly, thrusting the supple white globes of my breast into the firm grip of your fist.

A small pearl button, straining under the thrust of your palms, disappears amongst swirling leaves, another follows shortly thereafter. I can hear your grunt of satisfaction as my shirt gapes wide, the pale flesh of mauled breasts exposed.

The shadow shifts under the trees, his long leg twitches and jerks.

The tumble of thunder battles across the sky, my heart beat matching its rumbling power.

A single drop of rain becomes two, then three. Heavy, pregnant clouds hang low, black and ominous and my world goes dark as rain thunders form the sky. In seconds I’m drenched, my skin chilled and my once modest, white shirt transparent and plastered to my flesh.

Goose bumps prickle, and my nipples ruche to become bullets under your palms. The chill rain runs in rivulets between my breasts, tracking its way down my belly and further, soaking into the white cotton covering my steaming slit. My sex throbs.

I shiver.

I moan.

You tear my shirt wide, the remaining buttons disappearing into the roiling blackness that shifts uneasily around us.

Panting, I arch my back and thrust my breast at the shadows. Your laughter rakes along my spine and I smile. My wanton display has pleased you and you reward me by softly teasing the aching buds, rolling and pulling them softly between thumb and forefinger until I gasp in pleasure. You lean over my shoulder and kiss the corner of my smile before wrapping my nipple in the scorching heat of your mouth. Spasms of pleasure ricochet through my system as your teeth rake across the sensitive peaks. I am lost in the pleasure you create.

My hips begin a slow dance of temptation, grinding and rolling slowly as the pelting rain eases and becomes a misty haze. Everything smells wild and free, as if ripe for the plucking.

Your hands drop between my thighs, finger tips caressing softly the pale flesh just beneath the hem of my black skirt. I can feel your mouth lift from my breast and your gaze searches the gloom. The stranger is sat upright, his legs spread wide. A shadowed fist grips his stalk and he works himself roughly.

My thighs can go no wider, and yet as I watch your thick fingers dig into the tender flesh I strive to bare my core further. Split like a ripe and succulent peach, I hover on-edge. It takes little guidance from you to expose myself and I eagerly lift the firm globes of my bottom to allow you to pull the hem of my skirt around my waist. My panties go the way of my shirt, the cotton torn from my flesh and shredded to expose the heart of my sex.

Moist and creamy, the swollen folds part as my thighs stretch wide. A stinging slap lands on my inner thigh and wrenches a moan from my lips. Another lands slightly higher, teasing me as your fingers barely touch my swollen mound. I thrust my hips, begging for more.

Pain merges to pleasure as your hand connects with my sex. The wet sound of your fingers slipping between my folds adds to my pleasure.

My dream shimmers, falters and fog surrounds us and I am lost; grounded only by the press of your flesh to mine. The mist eddies and swirls, and I feel you leave me. Your last touch, the scrape of your fingernails across my hip.

I spin, lost. Arms flung wide as I search for you.

My clothes disappear and I am left standing alone. Abandoned. A throbbing mass of need and desire.

Heavy fingers grip the back of my neck and warm lips nestle behind my ear.

Hot breath scorches my shimmering nerves and I inhale your scent. Dark and alluring, it is my downfall.

My legs tremble helplessly as you grip my hips and press your cock between my cream covered thighs. The blunt head nudges my opening and as my legs give way, we collapse to the rain soaked earth. My fingers curl into the waterlogged turf, trying to find purchase as your thigh wedges between mine and you angle my hips to suit your need.

Frantically I search the mist, a shadow emerges. And sinks and rises once more to stand guard and witness my sins.

Your cock drives home, hard and deep, without mercy you pound your spear deep into my ravenous depths.

My body rides the waves, the crescendo of lust rising to an almost painful peak.

I am nothing.

I am everything.

Pulsating flesh, clenching muscles and screaming nerves.


I thrash on my bed, a half uttered cry of release as my hips thrust upwards uselessly.

My body freezes, but inside I’m pulsating, only a torturous instant from completion.

My heart thunders in my ears as I turn my head slowly on my pillow to watch my beloved stir in his sleep. A single tear streaks down the curve of my cheek as my hand reaches to stroke his shoulder, he murmurs something unintelligible in his sleep and I whisper, “I love you.”

What’s my filthy, little secret?


I crave you. I’m willing to lay myself bare at your feet in the hopes that you’ll unleash your river of filth into my soul.

That’s my filthy, little secret.

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