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Midnight Rendezvous Part 1

Tags: bar, sex
The first of many Middle of the night fuck sessions

It was 10:07 p.m when I texted him from my seat at the bar telling him to come up.

"I'll be up after I drop the kids off to their mom."

Instantly butterflies fluttered down my stomach and heat rose from my core. I was blushing.

It seemed like an eternity. I was checking the time on my phone every 5 minutes, watching the door as I drank two more bottles of Platinum. 37 minutes after I texted him, I watched as he walked in.

As he came toward me I couldn't help but notice how incredibly sexy he looked in his tight blue jeans and dark blue t-shirt, adorned by a gold belt buckle and a blue Budweiser hat. At 32, his 6'4 frame was muscular and perfect. I wanted him.

I smiled as he made his way to me, embracing me in a hug and giving me a peck on the cheek. He commented on how I looked and asked to buy me another beer.

We talked and drank beer until the bar closed at midnight. Neither one of us wanted to leave each others company so he invited me back to his place. We decided that I would leave with him and he would drop me off to my truck in the morning.

It was a pretty good drive back to his house and I teased him the whole way there. I have a collection of my nude pictures on my phone and one-by-one I showed them to him as he drove. He would look at a picture then rub his hand on my leg or cup my left breast. We were both unmistakably turned on.

We finally made it back to his place around a quarter 'til 1. He climbed out of the driver's side and walked around to my door. Opening it for me, he grabbed my hand and helped me out. I stumbled and landed against his rock hard chest, my right thigh brushed against his erection. I giggled at my clumsiness.

We made it to his front door and after he unlocked it, he led me to the couch and asked me to sit down. He sat down next to me, grabbed the remote and began flipping through the channels. I rubbed my hand over his left leg, gently caressing his thigh with my womanly touch.

Out of no where he spun his body toward me, aggressively pushed me back and attacked my lips. He was hungry and I knew I could satisfy his sexual appetite. His wild mouth pulled my tongue toward his and he sucked it so hard that I yelped.

His fingers raked over my chest, pulling my shirt and bra down in one swift motion. He pinched my nipple hard and squeezed my breast, kneading them with his palms. I moaned against his lips.

His teeth caught my bottom lip and bit down on it slightly. My left breast still in his hand, he pushed it up and his mouth fell on my nipple. Alternating between Flicking it with his tongue and sucking hard caused my breast to swell and my nipples were so erect I was positive they could cut glass.

He never did remove my shirt, he kept it pushed down so my perky breast were lifted even higher. I pulled his shirt over his head and scraped my nails down his back. He loved that.

He grabbed my face forcefully, squeezing my jaws as his hungry mouth once more fell on to my mouth. My pussy grew wetter by the second.

Trying to catch my breath, I gasped for air in between each word. "!" 

His greedy smile told me everything. I was in for it.

He lifted my skirt up, caressing my thighs and eventually up to my saturated pussy. He rubbed me through my panties. I was so sensitive at this point that every small movement caused my back to arch and my legs to shake.

He pulled my panties down, spread my legs open wide and dove in with his tongue. His mouth felt amazing on my deprived cunt and I was ready to cum right then. Flicking my engorged clit with his tongue, he didn't hesitate to shove 2 fingers into my wanting pussy. My hips bucked widely against his face, as I used my hands to push his head into my harder. I came in his mouth and I heard him slurp up my sweet juices.

He reached up and pulled my face close to his and kissed me so I could taste the yummy treat he just received. I grabbed his hand and stuck each one of the fingers that had just been in my tight hole, into my mouth. Sucking on them hard.

I yanked his pants down around his ankles and his cock sprung up. I quickly flicked my tongue over the head before he pushed me back down and forcefully shoved his beautiful cock into me. He fucked me like a mad man. It was hard and fast. His cock bumped against my cervix repeatedly. "Faster," I moaned.

He somehow managed to fuck me faster, I'm not quite sure how but he did.

He licked his thumb and pressed it against my tight asshole. Pushing it in as he wildly fucked my cunt.

I had a cock in my pussy and a finger in my ass. My climax quickly rose. I yelled out and clawed his back until he bled, causing him to yell in pain.

This time my cum squirted all over his cock. My orgasm seems like it lasted an hour.

He started moaning and stiffening up, I knew he was close. I pushed him back and let his dick fall out, sadly, leaving my pussy to feel empty.

I put my lips over his cum-soaked cock and sucked hard, jacking him off with my thumb and forefinger. He pushed down on my head and smacked my ass as his

Salty Cum splashed down my throat. I had never had so much cum in my mouth, I couldn't catch it all and some dribbled back down his dick. I quickly licked it up and planted a kiss right on the tip of his member...his head bent down and kissed my lips softly. We were both satisfied...

For now.

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