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Midnight Surprise

Tags: anal, oralsex
It was about midnight when I got home, I sighed as I turned the key to unlock my door. I walked into the apartment and threw my keys onto the coffee table. The room was quiet and the only light was coming from the uncovered window across the room.

I kicked off my heels and my feet were greeted by the soft touch of my blue carpet. Yawning, I walked to my room and began to reach behind myself to unzip my dress, when I felt myself being pulled against another body by warm hands.

"Not so fast baby," he said, his hot breath lingering against my neck.

"Not tonight, Todd," I said, slightly annoyed but still aroused by his spontaneity.

He chuckled lightly and pulled me tighter against him, I could feel his erect growing beneath his pants.

"I'm serious," I said, trying to pull away from his grasp. He began to kiss my neck and I struggled to suppress a moan. He pulled up my dress and slid his hand down my underwear.

"If you don't want it, why are you so wet?" He smirked and teased my pussy with two of his fingers. I felt his tongue along the side of my neck. I let out a small moan as I began to give into him.

"Mmm, you want me baby?" he said, turning me around slowly and pushing me into a wall. I looked into his green eyes and smiled. "Say you want me," he said.

"I want you," I said, smirking seductively.

He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them. "How bad?" he said. "Tell me exactly what you want." He pressed his lips against mine and I felt his tongue circling around mine. He pulled down my dress, exposing my white lace bra. Reaching behind me he unhooked it and pulled it off. I moaned against his lips, feeling his hands all over my body got me hot and horny. I wanted him so bad and he knew it.

He lowered his mouth to my breast and licked my erect nipple. I felt the dampness of my panties growing. "I want you to fuck me." I moaned.

He smiled at me and pulled my hands to his pants zipper. I pulled it down slowly, as his erection sprung out into my hands. He licked his lips. "Suck me baby," he said.

I smiled and lowered myself to my knees. I began stroking him back and forth, I knew he wanted my mouth around him; he wanted to feel my tongue and watch me swallow his cum. I knew how to tease him. I let my hot breath rest on his penis. He let out a grunt and urged himself closer to me. I circled my tongue around the tip of his dick. He moaned and thrust himself deep into my mouth. I suppressed myself from gagging and took in his cock. While I was used to his ten inch hardness, it still took me by surprise how aggressive he was beginning to be.

“Oh yes baby, suck my cock nice and hard,” he said, bunching my long black hair in his fist. I sucked him deep into my throat and moved my head back and forth onto his cock. He moaned and I felt him becoming harder between my lips. I moaned onto his cock and licked him slowly, then quickly. “Ahh, oh fuck,” he said as he pushed himself deep into my throat and released his cum into my mouth. I began to choke and gag on it.

“Swallow it, baby,” he said, pulling my hair. After a bit I swallowed his salty cum and he pulled me up and pushed me into the wall. “Mmm,” he said grabbing my arms. “I want your ass,” he said.

“What?” I tried to pull my arms away from him, he only smirked and edged himself closer to me. He had never fucked me in the ass before, simply because I was afraid of how bad it would hurt. “You can't,” I said, biting my lip.

He pulled me from the wall and pushed me onto the bed. “Spread your legs,” he said.

I hesitated but then opened myself to him. He pulled down my panties and rubbed my pussy with his fingers, teasing my wet lips. “Fuck me,” I said, annoyed with how horny I was.

“Tonight isn't about you,” he said and pressed the tip of his cock into my pussy. “But I'll be nice.” He teased me even more. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

“I want your cock deep inside me,” I said. “Please baby, fuck me, I want you to slam me into the bed.”

He chuckled and as I asked he plunged himself deep inside my pussy, I screamed in ecstasy as he began to rapidly thrust himself into me. It felt so good I moaned and pushed my ass against him, inviting him to thrust harder. “Come for me, baby,” he said licking my neck as he fucked me harder. Before I knew it my body was trembling with an orgasm.

“Oh fuck yes,” he said pushing himself deep into my tightening pussy and pulling it out and cumming onto my asshole.

Suddenly before I could even think, he began to press himself into my tight little star.

“Ah, don't,” I said, still recovering from my orgasm.

“No, like I said, tonight isn't about you.” He pressed harder and the tip of his penis was inside my ass. It already hurt and I was pulling away from him, but he pressed me into the bed and before I knew it it his entire ten inch length was fully engulfed in my tight little star.

“Fuuuck,” I moaned.

“Feels good doesn't it?” he said and slowly moved himself in and out of my ass.

“Fuck me!” I screamed.

He thrust himself into my asshole harder and harder, I couldn't breathe, it felt so fucking good. He reached around me and rubbed my pussy with his fingers and slowly began fingering me as he fucked me. “Cum for me baby,” he said, pressing his two fingers deep into my wet lips.

I felt an orgasm approaching me and as I let out an aggressive moan, my body trembled beneath his. “Oh yes baby,” he said moaning and cumming deep into my ass.

Finally he pulled out of me and picked me up in his arms. He kissed me and laid me gently on the bed and slipped beside me.

“I love you, Angela,” he said, wrapping his arms around me. They were warm and comforting.

“I love you too, baby.” We drifted into sleep together.

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