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Mile High

The continuing adventures of Julia
My flight back from Rome to New York was going to be a long one. It wasabout 9:00 p.m. Rome time but, luckily, I make so much money for my law firm, they are glad to fly me first class. I’m 34 years old, a petite redhead with curves and perky 34 B breasts and I’m one of the best up and coming Intellectual Property attorneys around. I barely made this flight out so I didn’t even have time to change out of my tight grey pinstriped pencil skirt that shows off my ass. I wore conservative heels, a white button up blouse and a jacket to match the skirt. I like attending meetings looking intimidating and confident so my hair was still wound up in a knot at the back of my head.

The plan was to have a glass of scotch on the rocks or two and gently drift off to sleep for the rest of the flight. I buzzed for the flight attendant, expecting the typical pretty female to walk up. Not this time. He walked up behind me and in a deep masculine voice asked, “How may I be of service Miss?” I felt a tingle down below just from the sound of his voice. I turned my head from looking out the window and blinked staring at a gorgeous specimen of a male. He was older than me, early 40’s I’d guess. The first thing I noticed was his smile. He had adorable dimples that almost made me giggle. His head was shaved bald and he had nice eyes that seemed to twinkle a bit in the ambient light from the plane.

“How may I be of service Miss?” He repeated. I realized that I hadn’t said a word while looking him up and down. He didn’t have a Captain America build, but he exuded a confidence that I could almost feel in the small space between us.

“Ummm, ahhh, oh yes, Scotch, on the rocks please.” I finally remembered.

“Of course,” He quirked a smile and walked up the aisle to get my drink. As he walked I had a nice view of his very nice tight ass. I leaned my head back against the seat, closed my eyes, and sighed. I could see the vision of his smile on the back of my eyelids. I could feel my nipples harden as I become aroused picturing more and more of him. My left hand traveled to my right breast to lightly rub that protruding nipple over my shirt.

“Eh hemm.” I heard a throat clear. My big brown eyes sprung open and I saw his hand extended towards me, over the empty aisle seat; my drink in his very soft looking, but large hand. (And you know what they say about the size of a man’s hand.) I could feel my cheeks blushing bright red through the sprinkle of freckles on my cheeks.

“Oh yes, thank you.” I sputtered out.

“My name is Tim. Please don’t hesitate to buzz me if you need anything… anything at all.” He quirked that dimpled smile once more and left to take care of other duties.

Ok, why am I short of breath. What kind of spell does this stranger have over me? I took a long swig of my drink and set it on the tray and took a deep breath. “Ok, Julia,” I told myself. “He’s a stranger; and nothing he has done indicates any interest in you. Just relax and drift off to sleep and forget about him.” I took another sip of the Scotch and tried to execute my plan. I really did try, but every time I closed my eyes I could picture that soft hand, reaching out, setting my drink down, but instead of him walking away, he grabs me by the back of my neck, pulls me to him and kisses me hard with his full and soft lips. I can feel that tingling again as my hand unwittingly returns to my perky nipples. Unable to resist, I open my eyes and hit the call button again. This time I’ve turned off the light above me.

“How may I be of service Miss?” He once again states.

“It’s a bit chilly in here. May I have a blanket please?” And once again he quirks his dimpled smile, but this time more knowingly. Did he just wink at me? No, I must be seeing things. He was back promptly and unfolded the blanket for me. But instead of just handing it to me, he leaned in and draped it over me. I distinctly felt his hand brush against my hip and the outside of my leg as he proceeded to tuck me in. His head was so close to mine. If I had leaned in just a bit, our lips would have touched. He knew it too because he looked me right in the eyes. A bolt of electricity hit me and traveled to my naughty parts. Yes, just that made me cream my panties. I was suddenly aware, and very glad, that I had worn the white lacy ones that match my bra. He brushed his lips every so slightly over mine, and rose, walking away once more.

My heart was threatening to beat right out of my chest. This guy was a total stranger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no virgin, but never, ever had sex with a guy I didn’t know. Now I was seriously considering it. I’d been a bit of a dry spell lately, focusing on my career. And the ones that I had hooked up had only been interested in satisfying themselves. Maybe that was why this guy had my engines so revved up. I do know that he was feeling the chemistry too though. Why else would he brush my lips that way? I needed an excuse for him to come back. I downed my drink and pressed the call button once more.

He appeared and this time the smile was already crossing his lips.

“How may I be of service Miss?”

“I’m ready…” His eyebrow quirked up, “for another drink.” I finally finished. He defiantly winked this time as he fetched my drink. While he was away I took my hair down from the knot and fluffed it out a bit. It flowed nicely down my shoulders. I also undid the top button of my blouse to show a bit more cleavage. I guess the liquid courage was getting to me!

He arrived back at my aisle, but this time had two drinks in hand. “Do you mind if I join you for a bit? We do get breaks on long flights like this.” I have no idea if this was true, but I certainly wasn’t going to question it.

“Yes, please.” I managed to get out. He set both drinks on the tray and sat. Unexpectedly he lifted his side of the blanket over himself so that we were both covered. He also lifted the arm rest between us. His right leg now rested right up against my left. He wasn’t shy about pressing it against me. All I could do was stare at him. He was so damn sexy. He took a long draw on his own drink and then turned to me. With out hesitation he grabbed the back of my neck, just how I had pictured it, and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue ran along my lips and I parted mine to allow him in. I moaned slightly and melted into him.

He pulled away and when I looked at him he looked a bit ashamed. This shocked me. “I’m so sorry!” He said. “I never should have assumed you’d want to be kissed, or even touched for that matter.” Now it was my turn. I grabbed the back of his neck and once again pressed our lips together. It didn’t take long at all for him to read my acceptance from the touch of my lips. That was all the signal he needed. His arm reached around to my back and pulled me closer to him. His other hand wandered down to brush the backs of his fingers over my protruding nipple. It felt so good. I involuntarily moaned against his mouth.

It was then that it hit me that I was on an airplane. There were people everywhere! Holy crap what was I thinking? I pulled my mouth away having to tug a bit to get my bottom lip out of his mouth. I stood slightly and looked around. Thankfully this was a pretty empty flight. I could only see one elderly gentleman in the back of first class with head phones on, but snoring loudly.

Tim chuckled, obviously aware of my concern, and pulled me back down. We immediately resumed our kissing. This time though his hand unbuttoned my shirt a bit. He slid his soft fingers under my shirt and cupped my breast over the bra. He applied just the right amount of pressure to once again make me moan. I placed my hand on his knee and slowly moved my fingers up his thigh needing to feel if he was as turned on as I was. I gently raked my nails up and down his leg, avoiding his special parts, wanted to tease him. It must have worked because each time my hand moved up his hips flexed out begging for my touch. Finally I obliged and started by cupping his balls, giving a gentle squeeze and the trailing my hand up his sizable shaft. (The old wives tale is true, his dick size matched his hand size.) It was his turn to moan, and that he did, while pressing himself more into my hand.

While I had been distracted his hand had released the few remaining buttons to expose my breasts. I had expected him to remove my bra, but he didn’t. Instead he unhooked my seat belt and whispered, “Follow me.” He hastily re-hooked a few buttons and grabbed my hand and led me up some stairs. This was one of those huge transcontinental aircraft. The stairs led to a lounge area with plush red sofas like you’d see at a hotel in Vegas. In the center of the sofas was an unoccupied bar.

Tim led me to one of the cushioned sofas but signaled me to continue standing. He knelt in front of me and looked up into my eyes. I knew what he wanted and I nodded my consent. Painstakingly, he undressed me. First, completely removing my blouse. Next came the skirt, his hands squeezed my hips and then slid behind me to pull the zipper down. Every touch was so gentle, so soft. He hooked his thumbs under the rim of my skirt and shimmied it down my legs. I lifted my feet one by one out of the skirt. I now stood in my bra, panties and heels before a total stranger.

Tim grasped my ankles and slid his hands slowly up my legs, all the way to where my panties hugged my hips. He wrapped his fingers around the sides, but did not pull them down. He placed his nose close to my now dripping wet pussy and inhaled deeply. He groaned and his tongue licked me from hole to clit, over my still covered mound. It was my turn to groan. I rubbed my hands over his bald head, encouraging him to lick more. Finally he removed my panties, but left my ankles trapped in them. I looked down and him and saw him lick his lips in hunger as he dove on to my pussy. My knees would have buckled, but he had a tight grip on my ass, holding me upright. His tongue toyed with my lower lips. Licking, sucking, flicking his tongue across my hard little hood. One of his hands crept up my leg, his long fingers entering my needy hole. I tilted my pelvis to allow his magic tongue as much access as possible. I was on the verge of losing control when suddenly all I felt was cool air and no more warm tongue. I looked down and Tim smiled up at me, my juices all over his mouth. I took the opportunity to take back a bit of control.

I pulled Tim to his feet. He must have been a good 6’ to my 5’1”. Pulling his head down to mine I kissed him deeply, tasting myself on his soft lips. I turned us around and placed my hands on his chest giving him a slight shove. Since the move was unexpected, he flopped easily to the sofa. I stepped out of my confining ankle trap and knelt between his legs and this time I was the one looking to him for consent. He nodded, a dreamy look in his eyes. I unhooked his belt and opened his zipper. I wriggled his pants and boxer briefs over that tight ass and down to his ankles.

Oh it looked tasty. A good 7 or 7 ½ inches jutted straight up from a well trimmed nest of dark brown curls. Unable to resist, I immediately licked the bead of pre-cum at the very tip. While doing this I looked up at Tim. He groaned and laid his head back on the sofa, eyes closed. I continued to lick up and down all 7.5 inches not leaving a single spot neglected. I trailed my tongue down the front of his shaft and all the way to his balls, sucking each gently into my mouth. Then back up again this time on the back side. When I reached the tip I puckered my lips to make my mouth tight and pushed him into me. I took this opportunity to look up at him. His big eyes stared at me with a look of pure lust glazed over them. Taking this as a sign he was enjoying what I was doing, I continued to bob my head up and down on his cock. Tim tangled his hands in my long red hair, gently encouraging each up and down motion.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” He suddenly said. Then he pulled me up and onto his lap. In one motion he smoothly entered my slick sheath. But instead of pumping my hips he kissed me again and then finally, expertly removed my bra with one hand. My breast popped out and he didn’t waste any time giving my fully erect nipples attention. Just that action sent me reeling. I bucked my pussy hard and wildly on his cock. His thumb massaged my clit in circles and in moments my walls clinched and began milking his cock. Seconds after my orgasm began, his did. I continued to rock on him, squeezing every last drop out of him. I finally collapsed onto his chest, panting. Tim wrapped his arms around me and sounded a bit out of breath himself.

“Just so you know, I don’t do this.” He said.

“What?” I asked a bit confused.

“I don’t sleep with women on my flights.” He clarified.

“Good to know.” I laughed. Until he brought it up, I hadn’t thought about it at all. We helped each other dress and he walked me back to my seat. After I sat and buckled back up, he kissed me tenderly. “Thank you.” Was all he said before he went back to work. I slept like a baby the rest of the flight. I awoke as the plane descended to J.F.K in New York. I looked, but didn’t see any sign of Tim as I walked off the plane. I must have had a disappointed look on my face as I walked through the airport. “Tough flight honey?” My husband asked as he kissed my cheek in greeting. Quickly recovering, I replied. “Actually best flight yet.” And we headed home.

I now fly from New York, to Rome about once a month. Sometimes Tim is on the flight, sometimes he isn’t. But when he is, he is always at my service. 

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