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Military Man

There's something about a man in uniform...
I walked out of the train station, the bag at my shoulder beginning to weigh me down. I was over 2 hours away from home and had been travelling far too long for my liking. I shifted my heavy overnight bag higher up on my shoulder and steadily made my way down the concrete steps, careful not to topple over due to my sore feet. As I cautiously stepped onto the pavement, my phone began to ring in my pocket. Grumbling, I once again shifted the weight of my bag in order to dig around in the pocket of my shorts. Ah! It was him!

"Christian! Where the bloody hell are you?"

"Haha sorry about that. I'm by the car, parked just outside the station. I think I can see you, white shorts, blue vest and a grumpy expression?"

I laughed, "Yes that's me, be there in a sec. "

I ended the call and shoved the phone awkwardly back into my pocket while making my way over to the smiling man I'd travelled all this way to see. At 6ft 2 he was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Tanned skin from his time abroad in the forces, he really had changed from our days at school. It was nice to see him again after a couple of years out of contact, and after a catch-up drink a week before he persuaded me to stay with him on his base for a couple of days. I was to be his date to the annual summer ball the RAF Base held, and I was both apprehensive and excited - I was more of a jeans and t-shirt girl than a glamourous ball-goer! I especially didn't feel very glamourous after the long journey I just had.

"So, how was your journey?" Christian started the car and manoeuvred it around the parked vehicles. I snorted in derision and he responded with a chuckle.

"Yeah I guessed as much, don't worry, you can freshen yourself up when we get back to my room. I hope you don't mind but you'll be bunking with me tonight, all the Officer's wives have claimed the other spare rooms. "

"Ahh like I care about that, I just want somewhere comfy to sleep, " I said.

I felt utterly comfortable around Christian, we'd been on a couple of dates which had gone remarkably well, especially seeing as my stomach fluttered as I quickly glanced over at him as he drove. The thought of sleeping in the same bed as him tonight just sent a pleasurable shiver through my body as my mind began to wander. His lips on my neck, hands roaming all over my body, his teeth gently grazing my skin as he pulled me into his hips... I shook myself out of my reverie. Just keep a level head and everything will be fine.

In no time at all I was unpacking my things and being introduced to the other guys on his Flight team and their girlfriends. Immediately I felt welcome and the anxious knot in my stomach began to relax. After the introductions the others left to get ready and without thinking I pulled my vest top over my shoulders and slipped my shorts down my legs. As I leaned over for my dress I saw Christian looking at me out of the corner of my eye, and I suddenly felt exposed, standing there in my black lace bra and matching thong.

Cursing myself, I quickly slipped on my floor length dress and fumbled with the zip. Suddenly warm hands were at my back, softly helping me pull up the zip on my dress. My heart thudded as I felt Christian's breath on my neck as his fingers gently traced up my spine with the zip until the dress was secure. I turned to face him and he was incredibly close, standing tall above me and already in his official uniform - he looked so handsome. I could smell his warm, tantalising aftershave and see the freckles dotted on his cheeks from his time out in the sun. I'd never stood this close to him before.

His eyes slowly travelled up my dress, it was black with silver sequins and beads trailing upwards in graceful swirls, where they framed the halterneck design and highlighted my cleavage. This dress was tailored to my shape, and good job too as the back was far too low to wear a bra underneath. As his brown eyes met my blue I blushed and turned away, remembering I was still wearing the bra I had on all day. I tried to discretely remove it but once again the expert fingers were at my back and in one swift movement he had undone it, his hands gently tracing down my ribs towards my waist, following the patterns of the sequins. This man was going to make me melt if he didn't stop this soon. Once again our eyes met and he flashed me a cheeky grin.

"You look stunning," he breathed, his voice husky, "though I do believe you look even better with that dress off. "

Before I could respond, his friends re-entered the room and soon I was whisked away down the stairs towards the ball. Inwardly I groaned, just a few more minutes and perhaps my earlier fantasy would have become a reality.

We stood outside in the magnificent gardens with glasses of Gin and Tonic. I felt far too uncomfortable surrounded by a sea of gorgeous women in beautiful dresses and men looking handsome in their full uniforms. Nervous, I grabbed Christian's hand for support. Smiling, he squeezed it gently and led me towards the main hall for our dinner.

The food was amazing, a 3 course meal and I felt thoroughly spoiled. With good company and a glass of Cosmopolitan in my hand I felt myself starting to relax and I laughed and joked along with the girlfriends and Christian's Flight team.

With Christian at my side I felt comfortable and safe, but seeing him in his uniform and the reminder of his hands tracing slowly up my back I began to get distracted, especially as he had protectively draped his arm around the back of my chair and was tracing small circles on my shoulder with his fingers. My breath quickened as they travelled upwards towards my neck. I glanced over to see him watching me intently with a small smile on his lips, his eyes seemed to be burning into me as they focused at first on my eyes then to my lips. Without thinking I softly bit my bottom lip which made him inhale sharply and lightly grip my neck with his once delicately moving fingers. In that split second time seemed to stand still until loud laughter snapped us back to reality. Smiling, I picked up my glass and took a sip, turning away. As I did, I felt Christian's lips at my neck as he softly kissed me. Oh, he knew how to play me alright.

After our dinner and a couple of glasses of wine we all decided to go towards the dance floor. The girlfriends were whisked off with a giggle as their partners twirled them around under the flashing lights. Accepting this as a challenge, Christian gestured towards them and grabbed my hand, pulling me along until I was on the dance floor with him. One hand snaked around my waist and the other gently tucked a curl of my blonde hair behind my ear. Smiling, I began to sway along with him to the music, feeling the pulse of the bassline moving through my body.

The alcohol was starting to take effect as we moved, laughing and spinning with the music. The lights and loud music were disorientating but our eyes were locked on each other. Filled with wine-induced confidence I pressed myself up against him, and immediately felt how hard he was as my hips moved with his. Suddenly his lips were crushed against mine as we continued to sway with the music, his hands gently caressing me as I wrapped mine around his neck, softly running my fingers through his dark hair.

I gently opened my mouth as his tongue met mine, and I felt a twinge of delight deep inside me as the kiss became more passionate and our hands more desperate. The song ended and there was a brief moment of silence as we broke apart, breathing heavily and staring at each other. I have never been so turned on just by one kiss, and by the look on his face the feeling was mutual. A new song began to play and I guided him gently off the dance floor.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked, his voice low and oddly strained.

"Yes please," I smiled, "I'll just go and freshen up first. "

He nodded, then kissed my lips again before walking over towards the bar. I watched him leave then turned towards the bathroom down the hall. As I walked I heard my phone go off in my purse. Curious, I took it out of the bag and slid my finger across the screen. A text from Christian:

'You really are one hell of a distraction. I can't wait to get you up into my room and my bed. ' 

I giggled and quickly typed out a reply:

'Right back at you, I'll have to hold you to that. I'm looking forward to it. ' 

I opened the door to the bathroom and set down my phone next to the sink. I was alone in there, everyone else was still on the dance floor. My phone beeped again indicating a new message.

'You can hold me to it all you like. I can't wait to have you lying under me, with your body wrapped around me. ' 

I blushed pleasantly as a warmth spread through my body. What an image that was. Fingers trembling slightly, I typed another message:

'Oh that's one hell of a tease, especially as we can't leave for a while yet! You've been teasing me since I got here, hardly fair. ' 

I set the phone back down and slowly reapplied my lipstick, tracing the red colour around my lips. I paused, his reply seemed to be taking a while. The beep sounded again and I grabbed my phone to read his message.

'Oh it's going to be so much fun torturing you, I'm gonna have you begging me to touch you, reaching to pull my head between your legs and clawing my back to keep me there. ' 

I inhaled sharply at that one. It's like he knew exactly what to say to me to get me in the mood - not that he had to try that hard by now. The phone went off again before I could reply.

'I can't wait to taste you and look up to see you arching your back and moaning. ' 

Oh god! I giggled, a fter spending most of the day fantasising about this man, here he was sending me these texts. Looking at my reflection I noticed the faint blush upon my cheeks, but there wasn't much I could do about that now. The wine had given me a new found confidence and I was ready to take on the world.

'Take me upstairs then?' I typed quickly into my phone before hitting send.

There was a slight pause as I waited for his text.

'Take off your thong and put it in my jacket pocket. Only when you've done that will I take you to bed. ' 

I gasped, not expecting that reply. A rush of sexual tension washed over me like a wave as I went into a cubicle and slipped my panties down my legs. Once in my hand, I felt how damp they were and my eyes widened. I had to somehow get these into his pocket without anyone seeing, and I knew immediately he wouldn't make this easy. Opening the bathroom door I walked back down the corridor and into the ballroom, once at the bar I practically walked into Christian standing there. His eyes were lit up and he grinned at me mischievously, in his hands he carried a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Well?" he asked.

Carefully I pulled him into an embrace, and slyly pulled the thong from where I had stuffed them down the front of my dress. Christian's lips parted slightly as I kissed his cheek, slipping the panties into the inside pocket of his jacket. He coughed slightly and composed himself.

"Shall we?" He winked as we parted, offered his arm and I took it, both of us smiling to ourselves at the thought of the text messages and what was about to happen. My heart began to pound as our footsteps echoed on the wooden floors, getting closer and closer to our room. Adrenaline was seeping through my body as I took the bottle of wine and glasses while he opened the bedroom door. Before pushing it open, one of his strong arms hooked around my body as he pulled me close, his lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss. We stumbled in through the door, I set the bottle and glasses down then turned, my hands pulling off his jacket and his fingers at my zip, never once breaking the kiss. I felt the cool night air caress my body as the dress tumbled to the floor, leaving me completely naked.

I started to undo his shirt, fumbling with the buttons when his hands started to trace my breasts, his thumbs twirling around my sensitive and hardening nipples. I breathed in sharply and took off his shirt and pulled his hips into mine, craving his body and the hard on I could feel growing underneath his trousers.

My hands slipped into the waistband of his trousers and I unbuttoned them, my fingers grazing against his cock which made him gasp. Suddenly I felt his warm mouth on my left nipple, sucking and flicking it gently with his tongue while his left hand continued to pinch the other. I moaned, the sensation sending a tingling sensation down my body and making me want more. I quickly pulled down his boxers and I felt his cock push up against my stomach, its tip already wet from his pre-cum. His lips once again met mine and we kissed aggressively, not holding back, hungry for more.

My hands gripped the hair at the back of his head as he easily lifted me before throwing me onto the bed. I pulled him down on top of me as our bodies began to writhe against each other, my smooth skin gliding against his firm muscles. His cock moved against my clit over and over and I moaned into his mouth, unable to stop myself. My nails raked along his back and he groaned in pleasure.

He broke the kiss by flipping me over so I was on top of him, and before I could react he lifted me up so I was above his head. Startled, I grabbed the headboard for support and he pushed me onto his face - suddenly his mouth was on me, his tongue seeking out places that made me bite my lip, I gasped with a mixture of surprise and pleasure as he sucked on my clit, making the juices from my pussy run over his tongue. Fuck this felt good, I gripped tightly onto the headboard until my knuckles turned white, my back arching as his tongue found its way into my pussy.

As I began to gasp his name over and over I couldn't help but grind myself onto his face, feeling close to an orgasm. I felt him moan into my pussy as he started to jack himself off, which made me want to put that hard cock of his into my mouth. Pushing myself off him, I moved until my face was just above his cock. I looked up at Christian to see him watching me intently, and I slowly ran my tongue from the base to the very tip, making him throw his head back and groan, running his hands through his hair. Grinning to myself, I quickly took his entire cock into my mouth in one go, sucking him in and out.

"Fuck!" he growled, grabbing the back of my blonde hair, encouraging me to keep going. I wasn't stopping for anything, he had been teasing me ever since I got here and I wanted to swallow his cum. Now his dick was wet I began to use my hand to keep pace with my mouth so it was completely covered. His moans began to get louder and faster as I quickened, desperate to make him cum. I looked back up at him as I kept sucking him off and his eyes seemed to darken. The hand in my hair tightened and I knew he wanted me to stop, and I glared at him as I pulled my mouth away, making him laugh.

"Kiss me. " he said, the rumble in his voice demanding rather than asking. I moved up until I was laying across him again and we kissed deeply, I could still taste myself on his tongue. His hand moved down and massaged my ass while the other circled my hard nipple.

"I've been thinking about having my way with you all week. I intend to keep you turned on for the rest of the time you're here," he breathed into my ear. A small sound escaped my throat as his fingers pinched my sensitive nipple, "I'm going to have you begging me to fuck you for the next couple of days, starting now. "

His words seemed to reverberate through my body, and I could feel the wetness from my pussy trickling down my thighs.

"Two can play at that game. " I whispered, then knelt right above his hard and erect cock, just so it was almost touching my pussy. He breathed out slowly, taking in my naked body in the moonlight. He met my eyes as I sucked on my bottom lip, one hand curling around his cock and the other tracing around my breasts. I groaned slightly as I pinched a nipple between my fingers and his dick twitched, responding to my moans. I then moved my hand from my breasts and ran it through my hair so he had a full view of my body, while my other hand began to slowly rub his cock up and down my slit, teasing him.

"Beg. " I said.

"No. " he breathed, hardly able to take it.

"Beg. " I repeated, pushing the tip into my pussy, making him gasp.

"Please... " he moaned, trying to thrust his hips. Smiling, I bit my lip again. He was far too easy to tease. Leaning forward, I whispered in his ear.

"Fuck me. " 

He then moved so fast it caught me off guard, his strong hands grabbed my waist and flipped me over with such force it made me cry out. He seized my ankles and wrapped them around his neck as he pushed himself into me so hard my eyes rolled back and I thought I was going to cum right there.

"I'm going to fuck you til you scream. " he growled, pinning me down by forcing my hands above my head. I couldn't even answer, he was thrusting into me with so much force I just cried out in pure ecstasy. His fingers left my wrists as they dug into my thighs for support, using them to plunge into me deeper and harder than before. All I could feel was his cock filling me up completely as he fucked me, showing me no mercy, spreading my legs wider so I could feel his body slamming into me and repeatedly hitting my clit and g-spot at the same time.

"Oh my god! Please, please don't stop!" I moaned, my voice straining as I tried to keep myself from crying out.

"Tell me what you want. " he said, grabbing my hips and pounding his cock into me over and over.

"I want you to fuck me!" I cried out as he started to circle his thumb around my clit.

"And?" he growled.

"I want you to fuck me hard! Please!"


"I want you to make me cum, please make me cum!"

Christian grinned, "Good girl, that's more like it. "

He lifted my hips even higher and fucked me so hard I had to grab the headboard to stop myself being pushed into it, his cock going deeper into my pussy and making me scream. His eyes narrowed and I met each thrust, needing more of his hard cock, craving it, wanting so badly to cum.

"Don't stop, oh my God, Christian don't stop!" I could feel my orgasm coming like a wave and I grabbed onto his arms as he pushed into me faster and faster.

"Yeah you like that? You like it when I fuck you?" his nails dug into me and he began to let out short, sharp moans with each thrust, "You're going to make me cum so fucking hard! Come on baby, cum for me. "

He suddenly thrusted deep inside me and I felt myself go over the edge, arching my back and pushing my hips up to meet his, spreading my legs wide as he fucked me. I screamed as he kept going harder and faster until I felt him cum inside me, my pussy clenching his cock as he came.

Both of us breathing deeply, he slowed down and smiled at me. He kissed me softly as my legs trembled underneath him, and he gently rolled off me to lay by my side, offering his arms. I giggled and sighed, then shuffled until I was pressed into his muscular body. His fingers traced up and down my back and through my hair as I breathed in the sweet scent of his aftershave.

"So we're going to be doing that for the rest of the week, huh?" I mumbled, smiling into his shoulder.

He chuckled, "Oh yeah, definitely. "

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