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Mindy and Me

(If you haven't already read my series of stories about Melba and Wanda you may want to read them be
Mindy and Me  
Mindy turned out to be very much like her mother Melba had been. Of course Mindy was much younger than Melba had been, but she was wonderful company and she was hungry for sex because she was divorced with no "friend with benefits" in her life at that time. So, we were compatible with one another from the very first day we were together when she took me to visit Melba's grave and then invited me to visit with her for a while at the lake home she had inherited from Melba in order for me to have a chance to recover from the state of grief I seemed to be in.

This house held many pleasant memories for me because of my many visits there with Melba and Wanda.

Mindy had twin daughters, Stacy and Lacy, who were then 17 years old. I thought that might make it difficult at times for Mindy and me to enjoy one another's bodies when her daughters were home or weren't distracted in some way such as being down the hill behind the house fishing or swimming in the lake or cavorting around somewhere with some of their friends.

I was wrong.

Mindy and her girls had a very open relationship with one another and those they considered to be their friends. All three of them enjoyed nudity as I learned when Mindy invited me out on their sundeck on the back side of the house facing the lake and I saw her girls sunbathing nude. Neither girl seemed to be bothered by my seeing them in all their glory......and they had glorious bodies just as I soon learned that Mindy did. Mindy suggested that Stacy and Lacy might be more comfortable if she and I removed our clothing and enjoyed sunbathing also.

I told Mindy that I would love being nude with her and her girls, but that I might embarrass them because my cock would become hard just from seeing everyone nude. Mindy and both of her girls said the had seen hard dicks before and that if mine got hard just from seeing them they would consider that a compliment.

I told Mindy that I would like to remove her clothing while she removed mine. She agreed, and soon all four of us were basking under the sun in our "birthday suits". We were all comfortable with that and with each other.

Mindy brought some intoxicating beverages out for everyone to enjoy. Stacy and Lacy preferred vodka in some sort of fruity cola while Mindy preferred a good red wine. I asked for, and received, sipping sour mash whiskey straight on rocks… …Jack Daniels Black, if you really want to know.

After several drinks one thing led to another, and soon all four of us began chatting about various types of sexual activities and positions in order to learn what it was that gave each individual the most pleasure.

Naturally, we all admitted that we loved to fuck. Who doesn’t? That’s universally human. Mindy and her girls also said they all loved to suck cock and swallow cum and to masturbate either solo or mutually with a male partner.

Later, whenever any one of them had given me heavenly and masterful blow jobs, each of them asked me for more of my cum whenever I could give it to them because they thought it was delicious. After they milked my dick of every drop of cum they would always let me enjoy tasting my cum through deep throat kisses, and I have to admit I loved the taste of it too.

Their favorite fucking position to be in was either "Cowgirl" or "Reverse Cowgirl" because that gave them a sense of being in control and allowed them to experience the most volcanic orgasms. I also liked those positions because it was less physically demanding on my part and I totally enjoy being mounted and ridden by a cowgirl gone wild.

All four of us enjoyed solo jacking and jilling as well as mutual masturbation with one another.

They all dearly loved both foreplay and "pillow-talk after-play" as much as they did "the main event" (as much as I did) so we enjoyed some very pleasurable times together with the four of us just cuddling, kissing, caressing, and exploring one another's bodies.

Any virile male who hasn't had the experience of being the only male in a foursome doesn't know what he's missed.

There may be more to cum……..I mean “come”, later.

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